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Transformers - New Horizon

Transformers - New Horizon


The war between the Autobots and Decepticons has begun again. It is time for new Autobots to step up and fight their enemies, The Decepticons.

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"In any war, there are calms between the storms. There will be days when we lose faith,days when our allies turn against us. But the day will never come, that we forsake this planet and its people." - Optimus Prime

After Megatron's defeat at the hands of Optimus Prime. The Autobots had a sense of peace. The earth was saved and the remaining Decepticons went into hiding. The Autobots began helping humans solve their problems, but they were also hunting down the remaining Decepticons. During this time new Cybertronians began to arrive on Earth, most of them were young and slightly trained, they had escaped Cybertron towards the end of the war. They were all welcomed into the ranks of the Autobots, Two of these new Autobots, Skyfire and Silverbolt, were trained by Optimus Prime. They both showed promise, but Silverbolt was the better of the two. It was clear to Silverbolt that he had the skill to take over after Optimus' time was done. However Optimus didn't see it that way, He saw the young Autobots skill and prowess. However he had a hint of arrogance within him. He was an excellent soldier, but not one yet deserving of the title Prime. Silverbolt over heard Optimus say this to some of the other Autobots, he later approached Optimus directly to confirm what he had over heard. As the months went on the thought of his skill not being enough ate away at Silverbolt, until he couldn't take it anymore and defected from the Autobots. The Autobots searched for him, but he was gone as if he had never existed.

Almost a year later Silverbolt reappeared, during a human/Autobot mission in China. He was not alone, he attacked the humans and Autobots with a group of Decepticons. It was a devastating blow to the morale of the Autobots and Humans, dozens of human lives were lost and Several Autobots were severely wounded. Silverbolt did this as a message, to show Optimus that he could destroy and to show that he was now the Decepticon leader. This was the beginning of the new war and a new horizon.

Plot: This story is a Transformers rp, I would like this to be about the New Autobots and Decepticons, So coming in and playing Optimus isn't going to happen. Humans will play a part in this rp, but not a big one like in the movies. Also the basic setting and style will be based off of the movies, but some references to the cartoons will be made.

Character list (I will only list player characters not npcs)



Max Harrow(Human)



Xander Hen(Human)


Character Sheet


Nickname(s): (optional)

Race: (Transformer or Human)

Appearance: (a picture is worth a thousand words, but descriptions work as well.)

Transformation(s): (Not all transformers have multiple forms, but some do. So i will only allow a few with multiple transformations.) (adding pictures or descriptions would help)

Side: (Autobot or Decepticon- this also goes for humans.)

Specialty: (weapons specialist, medic, etc)



History: ( here is all I'm looking for- Life during the war on Cybertron, first arrival on earth, and current events. That should get you about a paragraph.)

Other: (Anything you want to want to add.)



No Godmodding

No one liners, please

Don't join and then leave in the middle, or even worse in the beginning

Romance is perfectly fine, but keep it clean

Have Fun, that's what roleplay are for.

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Skyfire was circling high above a large warehouse below, NEST had received orders that a small group of Decepticons had taken over a warehouse in Tokyo, Japan. Skyfire was the first to arrive, he was hopeful that Silverbolt would be there. He wanted to talk to his brother, but he was ordered not to land until the rest of NEST arrived. He watched at the large plane came into view. The plane was slowing down, the pilot was trying to find a place to land. The plane went pass Skyfire and landed in a large open area.

Skyfire watched as a transformed Optimus drove out of the back of the plane with his trailer and the rest of the Autobots behind him. Skyfire flew over to them and transformed, he stood beside Optimus who was still a truck and said "What is the plan ?" Optimus transformed and then said "You and Wildstrike will take the left side of the factory, Bumblebee and I will take the right, while Ratchet ,Mirage, and Sideswipe will take the center. We will cut them off from escaping." Skyfire nodded and made his way to the left side of the warehouse.

While the Autobots and NEST were setting up their trap, A Decepticon was watching them from far away. He was watching them through his large sniper rifle, He then said "Outloud and Bullseye. The Autobots have you surrounded, get out while you can." He then fired a shot at Skyfire, who blocked it with his shield and started to charge towards him when a Porsche Cayman S crashed through the warehouse window and drove off. Skyfire snarled a bit and then said to Wildstrike "lets go get him!" Skyfire transformed to his Chevy Shift form and drove after the Porsche, he was not going to let this Decepticon escape. He followed him onto the highway, it was late at night, but their were still a few cars on the road. The Porsche weaved between the cars hoping to lose Skyfire. He was fast and skilled, but Skyfire wasn't going to give up. He eventually got on the side of the Decepticon and rammed into him. When the Decepticon was going to ram him back Skyfire slowed down and watched the Decepticon slam into the wall of the highway and break through it. Skyfire transformed and followed behind the Decepticon. They were in a deserted area, it had very little light. The perfect place to sneak up on someone. Skyfire was then shot in the back, he rolled and then turned to where the shot came from, He took the shield off of his back and then grabbed his sword. He heard a second shot fire and he put his shield up and blocked it.

He was watching carefully, he then saw movement and he charged. He managed to hit this unknown Decepticon, he was small compared to Skyfire. He was about sixteen feet high, However he was quick. He managed to slip away from Skyfire and started to run. Skyfire turned around and began chasing after him. He then looked to the sky wondering if Wildstrike was going to give him a little assistance.

While The Autobots were dealing with with the Decepticons that were in the warehouse, the sniper Decepticon managed to escape. He stood miles away watching the battle unfold, suddenly a mechanical hornet that stood about three feet high landed on his shoulder. it then buzzed and said "What is your message." The Decepticon then said to it "tell Vortex that I have found the target." The hornet then buzzed and flew into the air, it then connected with Blitz, the new communications officer. It gave Blitz the message, who quickly gave the message to Vortex, who was sitting on his throne. When Vortex received the news, he nodded and then said to Blitz "tell sniperhshot he did well and he can come back to the base." Blitz nodded and went back to his station. Vortex looked around at his base, it was a research facility in Germany, he had overtaken it after his victory over the Autobots in China. He had killed a majority of the humans in the surrounding area to make sure no one said anything to NEST, but he allowed a few of them to survive as pets and for minor labor. Vortex's plan was coming together perfectly. He hadn't thought out every detail, but he knew enough to keep his plan going. And if everything went as planned the Autobots would all be dead and he would rule this planet.


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Xander walked down the crowded streets doging the many people. A large bad hung over her shoulder filled with her weapons and additional things. She turned into an alley and walked a few minutes farther until she came face to face with a large facility building. She stopped and took a few breaths then pushed through the heavy doors. She had entered Vortex's base. She rolled her shoulder back and strolled through the building. A few turns later she walked through another pair of doors and stopped a few feet from Vortex's throne. She kneeled down. "Do you need anything My Lord?" she asked her voice icy calm and smooth as she bowed her head and closed her eyes.

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Character Portrait: Misfire

"idiots, your all idiots, I'm surrounded with stupidity like no other!" -Irritated Misfire.

Character Portrait: Wildstrike

"Hope for the best, but expect the worst."

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Character Portrait: Misfire

"idiots, your all idiots, I'm surrounded with stupidity like no other!" -Irritated Misfire.

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Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Alright, the first post is up

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Hey, My friend Jakal wants to join. She said she would get her character up soon.

EDIT: yeah so....Jakal said she cant get a sheet in because she is loosing connection on her computer. So yeah, never mind about that.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Next time, put it PM format.

Was in a hurry to get to work, didn't have time to research. Noticed, will be changing soon as my headache goes away.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Hey Legion, don't take this the wrong way, but I have to call u on somethings;
1) The weapons located on the side of the wings aren't gatling gun, but rocket pods.
2) That Helicopter is the exact same one that my character is.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

alright, all the characters were accepted. I think we will start tomorrow, I just want to see if more people are joining.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

and Wildstrike has been submitted

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Haha, yeah! I cant wait for this to get started.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

well with ur char being a cycle and mine being a heli that'll finally change. :)

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

XD yeah I did notice that. Kinda weird, lol.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Your welcome. You notice that there was never a motorcycle on the Decepticons, (I don't count Sideways since in reality he wasn't on either side in the first place) Or a Helicopter on the Autobots?

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Oh wow, thanks Lazer. I actually was actually going to use Arcee (Who is the second picture) Since Misfire is actually a former Auto bot.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Then i'll be a Autobot.

PS: Because of my bad habit of looking for pictures for those profiles who don't have them, I've found 2 picture that could be used for Misfire.
2- (yes I saw the Autobot symbol, but i can edit that out if needed)

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

Just wanted to say, I am most likely going to sen a Decepticon as well.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

count me in too. and who wouldn't love something with giant fighting robot cars, right?

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

sure, but there isn't a need to reserve, plenty of space open.

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

wow that was fast, well can't wait to see your character

Re: [OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

I'm in. I love Transformers.

[OOC] Transformers - New Horizon

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