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Ezra Hawke

"Let's have some fun, shall we?"

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a character in “Transpire”, as played by Fetch




❝We all want to be a little glamorous, a little playful and a little mischievous at times.❞

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Ezra Hawke

He claims to be around 23

While he has none that he’s aware of, many tend to make jokes about him being a klutz.


Waiter of the café

❝Judging someone based on looks is just scratching the surface.❞




The color of Ezra’s hair could be described as a bright golden color, the locks seeming to glimmer in certain lighting though it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Many people will describe his eyes as a light and gentle purple. He’s been told they remind others of lavenders, and they are the most noticeable feature of this young vampire.


Despite being what appears to be an adult, Ezra has very childlike complex. Though he isn’t very short, the fact that he isn’t tall tends to cater to said complex. He’s a newborn deer when it comes to balance and he’s known to fall over quite a bit, though he manages not to trip himself when he’s working, thank whoever. Ezra can be seen always having some sort of happy expression, most of the time a cheeky grin from joking with others. In all Ezra is rather normal other than his odd eye color, which happen to be a light violet rather than the typical red of a vampire.

♙ “It may seem like it but I’m no child.”♙




PlayfulObservativeClumsyTalkativeSecretiveCheerful Loyal

___Ezra is more complex than his clumsy, playful attitude gives off. He’s extremely observant and while it seems like he tells a great deal about himself, many people don’t actually know much about him. He pulls quite a lot of jokes and smiles and overall childish antics. He’s seemingly human in personality. Ezra is quick to start a conversation and tends to try to lighten another’s mood. When close to someone, he is an extremely loyal person and will help his friends to the end of the earth. He’s normally seen tripping over his feet or picking at someone in a friendly manner. Many people describe him as a “Playful puppy” as he’s always moving and can hardly sit still.

While many believe he is naïve due to his personality, he’s been alive long enough to know not to be foolish. Extremely impulsive, he stumbles with not messing up and getting himself in any harm. When he was younger, he was a bit too honest, and he’s had several years to learn how to effortlessly dodge suspicions of others and turn around conversations if he doesn’t find it appealing. But overall, Ezra is a genuine and optimistic guy, he's eager to please and uplift others.

❝I try to keep an open mind. But hey, I’m only human,right?❞



❥ Dogs Ezra has an extreme love for his canine companions and has been notorious for trying to smuggle in a dog or two into the hotel. He could be in a deep conversation but will stop it if it means he could pet his cuddly friends. When he was younger he constantly was around canines, which probably explains his love for the fleabags.
❥ Thunderstorms Big, dark storms with lots of thunder and lightning is one of Ezra’s favorite things to be had. He’s known to stand outside in the downpour just watching the sky and the rain.
❥ Conversations If he can only do one thing than that would be to hold a conversation. He loves talking about anything and everything, and can keep people over for hours with his ramblings. Always in good fun.
❥ Stars He loves stars and space, and can be seen staring at the sky for hours during the night.



⌦ Nosy people He really dislikes people who constantly try to get into another’s business.
⌦ Hunters After all they want to kill him simply for existing.
⌦ Spiders Despite being practically immortal, those tiny eight legged arachnids terrify him.



Evasion He hates to fight, he hates violence and if possible he will evade all attacks. It's something he's quite good at.
Being underestimated Due to his childish complex, most don't see him as much of a threat, which is great for him.
Charisma He's extremely friendly and that tends to help him in his endeavors.
Observation He's very keen on noticing things in his surroundings, though he's dense on picking up others attitudes.


Close quarters Being backed into a corner isn’t good for anyone, but it’s worse for Ezra. He’s defensive, and has no set plan for if he’s up against the wall. It’s an easy way to get him hurt.
Short attention span Don’t be surprised if Ezra drops what he’s doing because he sees something else. He’s got a child’s curiosity, and tends to wander like one.
Low Self Confidence Ezra is quick to doubt himself and tends to take a lot of things to heart. While he’s normally very bubbly, it’s easy to ruin his day .
Dense While he’s extremely observant with his surroundings, he tends to be slow on picking up things if they’re directed towards him. Flirting goes right over his head and don’t bother trying to be passive aggressive towards him, he won’t pick up what you’re trying to say.


Handsy Ezra is a very “touchy-feely” kind of guy, always doing something with his hands. When talking he’s very animated with using his hands to help explain what he’s trying to say.
Animated As said above he’s very animated, but not just with using his hands. His body language is every comical, if you will. Always moving about and making odd expressions, he can be quite the handful. He also is normally seen with a straw in his mouth, as he has a habit of needing to chew on something.
Speaks before thinking While he’s not rude, he does say a lot before thinking about it, then goes to correct himself. He speaks rather quickly when excited and doesn’t really know what he’s saying. Not until later in the evening.


Past Self Not many people know this but Ezra wasn’t always who he is today. Due to an incident, he became who he is, and now fears he might revert back.
*See the history for a better explanation.
Small Spaces Something about being stuck in a small space is extremely undesirable for him. He hates the idea of being stuck
Spiders Why should something have so many eyes? Many people think it’s absurd that he has such a mundane fear, but he absolutely despises his eight legged fiends.

" Time in dreams is frozen. You can never get away from where you've been."


Ezra is able to turn himself ‘invisible’ so to speak. If someone attention isn’t directly on him, he can advert their attention and cause himself to ‘disappear’ or be out of their line of sight. This is mainly an escape tactic but he uses it quite a bit to fool with others.

His power is very limited because it’s basically just turning someone’s attention elsewhere. If he uses it a few times on the same person the effect wears off and he can no longer disappear from their line of vision. Also if they’re focused directly onto him and not anyone else, he cannot use it, as there is nothing to advert their attention to.

❧ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Keris Hawke|| Deceased || Brother
Amias Hawke || Deceased || Father
Caroline Hawke||Deceased|| Mother

___He was born into a small cult; one only known as rumors spread by hushed whispers and quiet glances. His father constructed this cult from his own flesh and blood, the followers slowly becoming hungry. Only a few within the ranks were actual vampires, those high up with authority. The rest, they hunted and chased their families - their friends - simply to please the Hawke family. Ezra was the youngest boy, adopted by his father when he was a simple orphaned child. He was taught that when he came of a good age, he would be a god walking on earth. At least, that is what his father said. He was a dark kid that had the idea of eating humans beaten into his brain since he was a young, young human child. The cult raised monsters, many who bowed to Amias as if he were a Vampire King. Living in his father's sick world, Ezra became what he believed he was destined to be, a Vampire. The young boy, who was long missing any sense of morality, finally became a monster. He had been raised, had been trained to be the perfect mix of aggression and entitlement. At the time, he simply went as Hawke, using his last name as an Alias, as many people said the name fit how he was.

He lived with the cult for several years after, until one night when a group of hunters ambushed the place, burning the old sanctuary to embers. Had he been there at the time, he would have died as well. Void of any remorse or guilt for his family's death, he set off, traveling the world for score or two. As his body toll rose, many people didn't know anything about him other than he was called Hawke, only a few knew his face. Most hadn't a chance to speak about him after their encounter. He killed without thought, fed as if blood were opium. He was addicted to it all. The hunting, the killing, the blood.

When he was in a small town, he encountered a hunter. He was overconfident, believed in himself that he could kill the man without moving a finger. So he challenged the old man, believing he was too brittle to do anything. He killed the poor man, but nearly died himself in the process. He laid in the back alley for hours bleeding out before someone found him and took him to where they resided. This person nursed them back to health, until he was able to get back onto his feet. And while he was better, he never recovered. The fight with the hunter had caused major head trauma, killing his old self and turning him into who he is now. The change was drastic and for the longest time he felt lost.

After a few years, Ezra stopped using the alias Hawke, wanting to forget who he used to be, and he remembered it all. He became who he is today, the loveable and genuine Ezra, the one who can seem to stand straight without tripping over himself. Despite the fact he's been himself for a long time, he's always afraid something might trigger him to revert back into a monster. After doing a bit of research, Ezra found the one who had helped him when he needed it, and decided to work under him as a way to say thanks. It's the least he could do.

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Yogi (Karneval)

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So begins...

Ezra Hawke's Story