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At Junyo there is an abnormally high amount of traps. Many of the male students dont know how to deal with this. Especially on field trips. But somehow it will work out.

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The Junyo High School is a prestigious but small boarding school. It only has about 180 students grades 10th - 12th. Its dorms are actually old fashioned houses of a former village, so its a village only inhabited by students and a couple staff workers. The special thing about the Junyo high school is its high number of traps (boys who look, act and dress like girls). Out of the 180 students there are about 10 or 20 traps. The worst part is they like to mess with new students and act like its a harem and all until the student finds out that they are guys. It is time again and a new school year awaits, with fun class trips and sometimes even to a bath house in the mountains.

Junyo High: Junyo high school is a boarding school for wealthy students. Exceptions are students who have grants. The school is a two floor building with ten classrooms, a kitchen for students to cook in, a lab, an auditorium, a gym, a cafeteria and a cafe. The schoolyard is large and there is a hangout spot on the roof. Behind the school is the school garden and behind that is a sports track. The school also has various club rooms in a separate building next to the school.

Uniforms: Boys - Gakuran

Girls Image
Exceptions: Suits and kimonos (yes waloli is also allowed as long as its school colors (yellow and blue with black visible undershirt (turtleneck or collared shirt)). There are no rules about jewelry.

Dorm village: The schools dorm is actually a former village made of traditional houses. Each house has room for 4 students and has a kitchen, a bedroom (sometimes two bedrooms) with enough comfy beds for everyone living in the house, a bathroom and 4 extra rooms which are left for other purposes. Each house is built rectangular with a open space in the middle for a garden. The total number of houses is 55, 45 for students and the rest for teachers, staff workers and facilities. The dorm village has a swimming pool, a music club, a bakery, a maid cafe, a dojo, a recreation club, a small police station and a small fire department. New buildings were built in case students want to open up a store or something else.

The pool: The dorms swimming pool is made up of three pools: a small one with a diving board, a medium one for competition and a large two hectar pool with three water slides. There are changing stalls, lockers and an ice cream stand at the pool.

The music club: The music club is a place for students to meet at night. It has six floors with different music styles: Fridays - Floor 1: Pop n Rock; Floor 2: Black Music; Floor 3: House n Trance; Floor 4: DnB, Breakcore, Idm; Floor 5: Metal; Floor 6: Jumpstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Hardtechno
Saturdays - Depending on working DJ (Students can sign up as Saturdays djs or Play as a band on Floor 5)
Drinks: Non-alcoholic, wine and beer available all ages (16 and up), hard alcohol is 18 and up

The bakery: The bakery opens everyday at 6 am. Students can get up to a loaf of bread per household per day and can get two pastries of their choice per person per day. Cake can be ordered the day before pick up.

Maid cafe: The maid cafe can employ up to 15 maids and has room for 50 customers.

Extra facility buildings: The extra buildings can be used for ideas students have, but the students will have to show their idea to the principal or supervising teacher for approval.

Rules: No godmodding
You can be a student or teacher
Traps have to look female
School is Mon thru Fri 8 am to 1 pm
Please fulfill minimum character requirements

Character sheet:

Role (Student, trap or teacher)
Class (1-3. A-C)
Clubs (optional)

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#, as written by Aniihya
It was the first day of school. Well today was the opening ceremony for the new students of the school. Himebane drove his moped all the way from Tokyo to Junyo. It was a two hour trip from the outskirts of Tokyo here. He finally arrived at his designated dorm house and grabbed his stuff. Soon a van should come to bring the rest of his stuff. He settled down in the house. Its number was 39. Himebane had heard that new students will be moving in with him. It made him happy to have housemates again and he hoped it wasnt a bunch of big mouthed weaklings like last year. Himebane took his motorcycling outfit off and put on a frilly waloli outfit. Now he really looked like a girl. It would fool any boy.

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Leya sighed as he sat in the limosuine that drove from southern Tokyo to his new school. The tenth-grader sat alone in the back, looking around the spacious vehicle. His mind wandered aimlessly, asking itself questions before answering them... in the most negitive way possible. This was the thrid time that he had had to change schools. This year. Schools just didn't really seem to work out for him... he was in the out of every crowd except for the popular kids. And they only liked him because they could borrow his clothing. He wanted to have friends in every circle...but he guessed that it wouldn't happen.

It wasn't long before the black vehicle pulled up to the school, and pulled to a stop. Leya let out yet another sigh, as he heard the driver side door open, before her door opened far to the back. A tall, older looking chinese man smiled at him as he got out. "We're here, Leya. You must be excited." The chinese man said as Leya stepped from the car. "Yeah right. More like about to wet myself." The exchanged a few short chuckles, before the man went around back with Leya, and opened the trunk. Four suitcases stood, looking as if they had been cram packed with items. "Your mother helped you pack again, did she?" The chinese man asked. Again the two laughed. "Right, Zei-Fong. I've probably got a whole century's worth of clothing in there." Leya said, laughing. Leya got along well with all of her family's maids and butlers...but Zei-Fong was sort of like a father figure to him. They were actually friends.

Leya took too bags in her hands, and so did Zei-Fong, before the old man closed the trunk. The walked towards the designated dorm house, looking it over. "Let's see, Leya.... This is it! Right here, Class 1 dorms." Zei-Fong said, smirking down at the trap. Leya looked down nervously. "Oh, brighten up, little Leya. I'm sure you will like this school. Besides. Their uniform looks good on you!" He said with a laugh. Leya elbowed him, and the walked up the stairs to the dorm rooms. It didn't take long for Leya to find her empty dorm, looking around. It was a nice set up, and wasn't taken. They set Leya's luggage down next to her bed, before he turned around, and wrapped her arms around the suited chinese man.
"Take care of mother for me, Zei-Fong."
"And you take care of yourself, Young Master. Or should I say, Mistress."
"Oh stop it, you rice farmer, you."
They again shared laughter, before Leya stood on her tiptoes, and kissed the man's cheek quickly. "Thanks, Zei-Fong."

Soon, the man and his limsuine left, leaving Leya to set up his room. It wouldn't take too terribly long...but it might take a good hour. He sighed, but started to work on putting his things away.

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Character Portrait: Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku
Character Portrait: Leya Lesari
Character Portrait: Aya Ohayashi


Character Portrait: Aya Ohayashi
Aya Ohayashi

Lolita Royality

Character Portrait: Leya Lesari
Leya Lesari

A tenth-grade trap, new to the Junyo school. He's shy around other students, and even male teachers sometimes, afraid he'll be made fun of and bullied here too.

Character Portrait: Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku
Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku

Himebane is a senior trap at the school


Character Portrait: Aya Ohayashi
Aya Ohayashi

Lolita Royality

Character Portrait: Leya Lesari
Leya Lesari

A tenth-grade trap, new to the Junyo school. He's shy around other students, and even male teachers sometimes, afraid he'll be made fun of and bullied here too.

Character Portrait: Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku
Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku

Himebane is a senior trap at the school

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku
Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku

Himebane is a senior trap at the school

Character Portrait: Leya Lesari
Leya Lesari

A tenth-grade trap, new to the Junyo school. He's shy around other students, and even male teachers sometimes, afraid he'll be made fun of and bullied here too.

Character Portrait: Aya Ohayashi
Aya Ohayashi

Lolita Royality

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