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Trapped Forever

Research Facility: Unknown location


a part of Trapped Forever, by Haas33.


Haas33 holds sovereignty over Research Facility: Unknown location, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Research Facility: Unknown location is a part of Trapped Forever.

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Angel [36] I am not a weird little kid who lies! And why is your boss portly and an imbecile? What does imbecile mean?
Simon Benson [34] I would do it but it is too troublesome. You do it first
Aileen [31] "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."
Tara [27] ''Wait? What? Why? I don't understand!''
Carlisle Valois [21] 'So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.'
Maxx [18] Is this over yet?
Áine 'Anna' Clark [16] "Ow, that hurt.. I'm hungry."
Zachary Plight [4] I'm big, you're little. I'm right, you're wrong. NOW SHUT UP!
Thompson Morton [4] "Burn, baby, burn."

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Maxx watched the chaos unfold in front of her and she heard a scream, "EVERYONE FREEZE OR I SHOOT! FREEZE OR I SHOOT THE EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL!"

Maxx stalked up behind the man and smiled a bit, her bright purple eyes suddenly blasting two perfectly good laser beams and hitting the man right in the back of the neck. He slumps down onto the ground and she grabs the gun from his hand, "Looked like you dimwits needed a little help." She places her foot steadily on the man's skull and gives it a decent smash into the ground, and a loud crack is heard from his nose breaking.

She smiles up at the rest of the mutants and laugh, "Y'all look like a bunch of loonies, let's get the hell out of here." She nods towards the door.

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Character Portrait: Angel Character Portrait: Maxx Character Portrait: Simon Benson Character Portrait: Tara Character Portrait: Aileen Character Portrait: Jacob Smith Character Portrait: Carlisle Valois Character Portrait: Thompson Morton Character Portrait: Áine 'Anna' Clark Character Portrait: Zachary Plight
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#, as written by Haas33
"The hell-?" Zach mused, feeling a sharp pain on the back of his neck. it made him dizzy and hurt like crap. He collapsed to the ground with an oomf! A few seconds later someone kicked at his head and he winced as his nose cracked and it filled with blood. He groaned and blacked out, pain overtaking him.
Angel frowned, freezing at the man's yells. Why couldn't she read his thoughts? She was practically useless! She bit her lip nervously, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She couldn't be shot. She couldn't! But she felt so useless right now, like a little girl. You have to be strong, though. She sniffled and blinked away the tears that filled her eyes. She wasn't a little girl anymore. Suddenly, the man fell over, collapsed to the ground. She scrambled back so he wouldn't fall on her. Then she stood up, watching as Maxx smashes his head down. She smiled to her. Maxx was nice. "Y'all look like a bunch of loonies, let's get the hell out of here."

Angel scrambled up, looking around for the bag of food she had collected from the kitchen and swung it over her back. Following the rest of the group towards the exit.
"Damn..." Zach mumbles, rubbing the back of his neck and finding two sizable welts. He groaned inwardly and went to pick up his gun, which of course wasn't there. Snarling, he jumps up, dusting himself off ad dabbing at his bloody nose. He turns to Jacob. "Looks like we've got some mutants to catch." he says, before heading towards the weapons room.

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Character Portrait: Tara
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Tara lay curled up in a corner, and no one had seemingly noticed her, not that she cared. She watched the group intently, and when it left she slowly started crawling back to the cage she always was in, trying not to get noticed by any guard or any other person, even though she was a huge wolf.

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Character Portrait: Angel Character Portrait: Maxx Character Portrait: Simon Benson Character Portrait: Tara Character Portrait: Aileen Character Portrait: Carlisle Valois Character Portrait: Thompson Morton Character Portrait: Áine 'Anna' Clark
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Simon, was one of the first to move as he dashed towards the guard near Aileen and the other girl, he threw a baton towards his face aiming for the eyes and as he dodged the first Simon was already much closer and threw the second. He went for a a back kick to the gut as he quickly snatched up the unconcious girl (Áine) and grabbed Aileen helping her stay on her feet. He pushed past the guard and made a run to the door letting the purple eyed girl cover him with those eye beam thingies.

As he passed he placed his hand on her shoulder.
"Thanks for the backup," he said as he took the girls through the doors. He knew exactly how long he had been running, since his mind was able to multitask quite well.

312...313...314 he counted in his head. He finally reached a door marked exit and when he jump kicked it as best he could, still supporting Aileen and holding Áine. It opened far easier than he expected.

If he didn't have a problem with tiredness he probably would have had an open mouth and eyes wide open as he looked at the sight before him. There were endless possibilities of where they had been kept but, the sight still surprised Simon as he let out a big yawn.