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Luna Delengo

"That place hasn't changed me, it just made it more apparent than before..."

0 · 425 views · located in Almadarin

a character in “Trapped in Almadarin”, as played by phoenix_lynx




{"I don't want you to understand me.โ€ }

|{Full Name}|
Luna Delengo
"My mother always told me how I was as bright as the moon.!"

"My friends sometimes tease me with silly names but nothing stuck really."

24th May, 1994
"Birthdays are really not that special to be honest."

Nineteen {19}
"Pretty much an adult I suppose."

|| 25% Italian || 50% Spanish || 25% British ||
"A mix of this and that..."


|{Sexual Orientation}|

"I don't believe in love."

{"Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it appears to be.โ€ }
-Jeffrey Fry


Luna is someone who doesn't like putting effort in her looks as she finds them simply tedious and troublesome. Although those around her find her naturally quite pretty she herself doesn't acknowledge the compliment mostly due to the fact that she doesn't care for other individuals opinion. Her light brown hair is always kept short as she frequently cuts it to ensure it won't reach any further than her shoulders. Long hair would require more effort and attention and as someone who actually had very long hair as a child and grew up with the opinion that she'd never cut it short, Luna found that after the incident cutting her hair somewhat released a tiny burden on her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes are a thin almond shape and as they are so very dark as a teen Luna remembers when her fellow peers exclaimed how her eyes were more like black to which she replied to 'like my soul' scaring of a few people.

Her nose which is fairly on the large side is something her mother found unique as her face in comparison is somewhat small, especially when she had her long hair. Luna found that having her hair short made her face bigger which was something she preferred. Her pale lips her thin though her bottom lip has become slightly more thicker due to her constant biting and tearing of the skin. A lot of the time her pale face which in closer inspection can show fair freckles makes her pale lips look in her eyes like a ghost due to her lack of colour.

|{Height & Weight}|
5' 2" & 48kg

|{Distinctive markings}|
Luna has a few scars mostly due to accidents, a few noticeable ones would be one on her {right} shoulder blade which is a long jagged line and on her {left} forearm where she got burned quite badly.

Just a small roughly shaped triangle on her middle finger knuckle {right hand}.


{"Sometimes it seems safer to hold it all in, where the only person who can judge is yourself.โ€ }
-Sarah Dessen



{|| Quiet || Pessimistic || Blunt || Secretive || Sarcastic || Intelligent || Cold ||}

Luna likes quiet surroundings and prefers to keep herself to herself excluding her closest friends who have stuck around long enough for her to get comfortable around. Normally isolation seems fitting for her as human interaction causes her more annoyance as well as finding small talk tedious and somewhat unnecessary. She likes to draw a fine line between herself and the outside world which she usually gets away with. Of course like mentioned her closest friends have gotten past her quiet nature to the point where her sarcasm and bluntness comes out without any hurt feelings.

Although she would call herself more of a realistic individual rather than a pessimistic individual, Luna has a way of looking at life in a glass half empty sort of way which others find depressing. However Luna finds that having high expectations causes more harm than good so at least if you do fail then you were ready for it. Her everyday life shows her to be withdrawn but secretly she does have a few goals and ambitions she would like to achieve though she wouldn't mention it to anyone who wasn't important to her.

Regardless of her quiet nature Luna has the tendency to ignore that filter in her mind and speak quite harshly, even to kind unsuspecting strangers looking for a nice chat. Luna finds being honest necessary in life as betrayal from those close to her is something she fear strongly about. She would rather her friend tell her the truth than lie to spare her feelings so with that mindset she is quite sharp tongued.

Everyone has those things they wouldn't share with others even those who are absolutely close with you like friends or family. Luna is somewhat on the extreme scale where talking about herself and especially her past is never mentioned in any conversations. It is quite rare for anyone to know her inner most thoughts or information about her because if you tie in her quiet nature with her withdrawn tendencies, it isn't a surprise why many people don't know much about her.

Once someone has gotten past her walls and are actually friends with her they'll find her to be extremely sarcastic. Sometimes Luna doesn't realize it herself and even when speaking seriously her friends can mistake her for being yet again sarcastic. It usually ties with her weird sense of humor which is very much like marmite, you either hate it or you love it.

Her hobbies include reading and learning especially gaining knowledge regarding anything. From history to world politics, classic literature to modern day poets Luna likes going into her little zone in a quiet place to find out more information about any topic. It keeps her from going insane she'd tell her mother who would forever pester her about being too into 'studying' when other individuals her age are out partying and socializing
With apathetic type of traits Luna can be very cold, often opting to not show her emotions and keeping a solid poker face. No one can truly know what she is thinking about or how she may feel in a certain situation because she acts similar to a robot. Where in social situations many find it easy to adjust, Luna in the other hand does not but after a while as chosen not to care. Her childhood gave her many problems in dealing with emotions so she found it better to regress and shut them away.

{"I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.โ€ }
-Frederick Douglass


|| Classic Literature || Mozart || Vincent Van Gogh || Canvas paintings || Nightly walks || Star gazing || Astronomy || Poetry || Haiku || Cigarette Smoking || Cold beer || Monotone colors || Cats || Tattoos || Skateboards || Tree climbing || Deep water || Naps || Rings || Tea {especially fruity tea} || Video games {in particular indie games like Ib} || Horror movies || Musicals || Theater || Writing in a journal || Tofu || Seaweed snacks || Yoga || Running || Swimming || Origami ||

|| Birds chirping || Bright lights || Sunshine || Hangovers || Loud music || Crowds || Clubs || Having long hair || Small talk || Those who call her shy || Being placed in new social situations || Anything related to the supernatural || Romance || Dogs || Long nails || Coffee || Iced tea || Fast food || Arguments || Violence || Those who comment on her smoking || Make up || Working in teams || Seafood || Meat {is a vegetarian} || Applying nail polish {finds it tedious} || Talking on the phone || Her father || Clowns || Paper cuts ||

|| Losing the only friends she has || Living with her father and his family || Having to go back to that world ||

{"People prefer to believe prettier, neatley wrapped lies.โ€ }
- Jodi Picoult


So begins...

Luna Delengo's Story