Trapped in Equestria

Trapped in Equestria


we have been thrown into a world with magic talking ponies, dragons, griffons, magical things, adventure, and many weird things that shouldn't be happening I do not own Hasbro or My Little Pony

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Well Fuck! Or, alternately, Fuck yes! You and a group of your friends, or just some pricks who sit around and eat all your food, have stumbled across and fell into a portal to another world. While you and your other friends or "Friends" are being flung through space-time, a spirit of friendship appears before all of you. The spirit tells you that you are all going to be flung into the land of Equestria! You will all be striped of all your memories of Earth (except for basic cognizant functioning and education) and transformed into an Earth Pony, but all is not lost! The spirit has 50 mana for each of you with which it can assist you and gives you a list of options ( ... c7cd954548 ), choose wisely!

Accomplished feats or adventures, whether good or bad, earns from 5 to 10 mana, bits, or things with value that can be sold
A drawback will be chosen by a vote and with it comes the mana

Toggle Rules

No alicorns
No solitude drawback
No trolling
Be reasonable with what you choose

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