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James Monroe

I'm not saying the place is haunted but...well, okay maybe I am saying that.

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a character in “Trapped Souls”, as played by TheBallonGirl




James Monroe




Jim, but he isn't very fond of it.

  • Internet
  • Writing
  • Friends
  • Being Able To Relax
  • Living As He Wishes
  • Superstitions

  • Having To Abide By Rules
  • Wasting Money
  • Sports
  • Jokes That Are Mean
  • Being Called Out
  • Fighting Over Stupid Things

Adaptable to most situations, unless faced with a moral dilemma that goes against his values. Laid-back when with friends, known for being a the 'silent protector' and always has advice to share with anyone who asks for it. Quick on his feet but usually thinks too far ahead of the situation. He is action-oriented and more interested in going out there and doing it himself than letting anyone else do it for him. Lives a fast-paced lifestyle. Best known for how stubborn he is and how much he can get away with from being this way. He would do anything for his friends and family. He knows what he has to do to get things done and takes responsibility for his own actions. He is determined when it comes to taking action and won't fall easily to the will of others. He is not good however at taking orders from others and does not often find it easy to boss people around. It is almost funny how he gets scared rather easily, and how quickly his mind jumps to conclusions about things. He may seem rational to some but most of the time he is more superstitious than anything. He has a lot of respect for others as well, and is known for being quite happy most of the time. Though he has points where he does get moody.


James is 6'0" with thick black hair and dark brown eyes. He is fair skinned, with barely any blemishes anywhere. He does have facial hair. Usually he dresses nicely, with slacks and a nice shirt and very rarely wears jeans and t-shirts. See picture.


James grew up in poverty, though his life did not continue on that way. His mother had him out of wedlock at age 15 and his religious (and wealthy) grandmother refused to help her out. His mother was kicked out of her home when they found out about her being pregnant. His mother cut off all ties with his grandmother and refused to take any hand outs even after his grandmother admitted that what she did was wrong. So up until his fifth birthday James and his mother practically lived on the streets. Sometimes they could afford motel rooms, or apartments if she found a particularly good job for that month, and sometimes they simply live with his mothers numerous boyfriends. At some point his mother became addicted to opiates, and that is when his grandmother stepped in. Being as his grandmother was so old she made sure to secure a future for him by putting away as much of her wealth as she could to send him to a good college. Which is where he met his best friend Landon. Later after his grandmothers money ran out he decided to go half with Landon on a place to live. Though he was a bit iffy about the fact that people had died there.

So begins...

James Monroe's Story


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It had been some time since she'd allowed herself to come out of hiding in one of the closets in the large home. Anneliese allowed herself to fully materialize as she walked across the floor of what had once been her bedroom. There were boxes and brand new furniture placed within, much like the rest of the home. She could not believe that after all this time someone had bought the place. Anne looked down at herself. The outfit that she was currently wearing was one that she'd come to like quite a bit and for once she had her hair down. She allowed her slim fingers to slid over the frame of the bed that would soon be put together. It was obvious that those that now owned the property had money..or did. She was unsure.

Slowly, she made her way towards one of the windows. She made sure that non could see from outside. As she looked down, she couldn't help but wish that she could find the courage to leave the house. It had been so long since she'd set foot outside of the gloomy home. She saw the two men that had been staying in the house the past few nights. They both looked to be nice men though she could not be sure. As far as she was concerned, most men were nothing more than cruel.

Suddenly, she turned. Her gaze fell to the form of her sister. She said nothing at first, simply turning back to the window. "We need to make them leave." She said softly. "He'll not take kindly to them being here. He never does. I was thinking..I take one and you can take one." They discussed which man they would take. Anneliese then moved from the window, approaching her sister. "I will find you later. Hopefully, this will be as easy as those in the past." She disappeared.

Landon had spent most of the day working out on the property. By the time it was late afternoon, he was ready to call it a day. He smiled upon seeing his friend. "I'm about done out here for the day. Want to head in and fix something to eat? I think that we have enough leftovers that we shouldn't have to spend too long cooking." He smiled before leading the way inside. He made his way to the kitchen and to the fridge. He began pulling things out and sitting them upon the counter. He asked James to get them a few plates and silverware. He didn't notice the figure that had appeared in the same room as them. Suddenly, one of the cabinets flew open and the plates flew out. They missed both men, though shattered as they hit the hard surfaces of the kitchen.

Landon turned quickly, looking to James as if he'd done it. "What happened?" He asked suddenly. He had an odd look of surprise and slight fear upon his face. "Did you do that?" He took a steadying breath before shaking his head. Together, they cleaned up the mess, throwing the broken glass away. Landon heated up the food and handed his friend one of the bowls. "I guess we'll have to get some more plates." He said, eating. "Did I tell you..I did some reading at the library in town yesterday. I found out a little more about the deaths that happened in the house. Apparently, some rich family used to own this place. They had two daughters. The oldest blew her brains out because she'd lost not only her son but her husband as well in a span of a year. The other slit her throat because of her sister's death and stuff like that. Crazy. Apparently, the parents left pretty quickly after that." He looked up to his friend, to see his reaction of what he'd just told him.

Anneliese had quickly reappeared in her room. Since the men were eating, it was safe for her to be visible still. She leaned against the far wall, near the closet, and slid down. She bowed her head as she began crying. How could they speak of what had happened to them with no care? She did not understand. She had not killed herself. Though the loss of her son, Jacob, had been quite hard on her..she never would have killed herself. They would forever be thought of as having killed themselves because they'd been too weak to carry on living. She knew that at some point her sister would join her and she would have to explain why she was upset. She still had not confided in Beth about how Mark had treated her so long ago. She was unsure if she could.


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Elizabetha could not believe there were people moving in. She could practically feel the anger bubbling up inside of her. How could anyone be so stupid as to move into a place like this? A place that has caused her and her family so much misery. Her throat aches where the feint mark of her death still exists. Every now and again she would remember the feeling of her own blood rushing from the wound and the pain would sprout anew in that area. She had been so afraid when it happened that she barely realized what had happened until she found out she was dead. By then there was little she could do other than despair and mope about her home.

She discussed with her sister who would try and drive which away. Once her sister left she allowed her fear to show. He would be angry that they were here, so angry. She wanted those men to leave, to spare them. But she knew she would have to go about it in a way that was smarter than loosing control. She made herself invisible to the human eye, not wishing to be seen as she began moving boxes around, and furniture. Slightly changing the position of things and breaking any mirrors or pictures that had been hung up. Even going so far as to tear apart the boxes themselves once her mood worsened. Afterwards she went to check the position of the men, seeing that they were eating in the kitchen.

Still invisible to the naked eye she got as close as she dared to the man she was to work on driving away. She let out a low chuckle right by his ear, something he would hear and couldn't mistake for anything besides human. Then she decided she had done enough.

Surely the men could not be so oblivious once they saw the state of things in the other rooms of the house. She had heard the crash earlier, but had not seen the reactions. Elizabetha began to head for her sisters room, happy to let her elder sister know of the things she has done. "Anne are yo-" She stopped mid sentence, staring at her distressed sister. What could possibly be wrong? Her sister had not been in this kind of mood before.

Quietly, Elizabetha moved to her sisters side, sinking to her knees in front of her. She reached forward to place her hands on her sisters shoulders. An almost innocent look of confusion on her face. "Whats wrong Anneliese? Has something upset you?" Her worry is genuine, she loves her sister greatly and does not want to see her cry. It makes her feel as if she should be crying as well, but Elizabetha does not have that kind of emotion within her. "You don't have to answer if its too upsetting." She says quickly, still gripping her sister, as if holding her like so would keep her there.

James was tired, but still managed an exhausted smile when Landon proposed getting something to eat. His stomach was grumbling in discontent all the while he had been arranging things within and outside of the house. He was going to grab some plates and silverware as Landon had asked until suddenly the dishes flew out and broke. He jumped, visibly startled. The scare had made his heart beat faster and caused a startled shriek to escape his lips. He would not admit this out loud but the first thought that came to his mind was that someone was in the room with him. But he doubted his thoughts moments later. That couldn't be possible. "I don't know what happened, but I didn't do it!" James says, throwing his hands up in defense. His mouth set in a slight grimace for the broken dishes. They quickly cleaned up and set down to eat.

"Wow, that's insane." James mumbled around a mouthful of food as they discussed the deaths of the two sisters that had lived in this house. He couldn't believe something so tragic could happen. He was particularly appalled at the fact that both deaths were suicides. He couldn't imagine going in such a way. "It must have been horrible for the family, loosing two daughters like that."

"Hopefully we don't have any ghosts running around here because of it," he says.

James looks down to his empty bowl just as he hears the sound of a low chuckle. Assuming it came from his friend he doesn't question it, just looks up at Landon with an odd expression. He expected Landon to tell him how ghosts didn't exist rather than laughing.

"Is something funny?" He asks.


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Anne had not heard her sister enter the room. She slowly turned her gaze to her sister's face as a few tears continued to fall silently down her face. Slowly, she moved one of her small hands to her face, brushing the tears away best she could. "When I was downstairs, one of the men began speaking of our deaths." She paused, taking a breath almost as if she was trying to calm herself. "About how we..killed ourselves. He spoke of it with no care. I never would have killed myself, Beth. Never. I was finally free." She did not elaborate on how she was free. She suddenly rose from her seat, allowing her sister's hands to fall from her. "I want them gone."

She moved slowly through the room, turning her back on her sister. She took up her spot at the window, leaning against the curtain, looking outside. "I will forever be known as the insane widow that lost everything and couldn't take the sadness." Suddenly, she turned her gaze to her sister. "I'm sorry. Ignore my ramblings. Tell me, how did it go while you were downstairs?" She fell silent, allowing the younger woman to speak. When her sister finished speaking, she spoke. "I'm sure you heard what I did. It did little to scare them. The curly headed fellow..thinks there is a normal reason for what happened. Perhaps we need to try harder. I just..don't want someone so uncaring to remain in our house. If they die here..they could remain as well."

"Hopefully not. That's all we need..a haunted house. Especially since all our money in in this place." He went silent when suddenly James asked him what was funny. Landon eyed his friend with confusion. "Nothing. Why?" He asked. He waited long enough for his friend to speak before he continued. "I didn't laugh. You've lost your mind, letting the tales of the dead get to you." Landon laughed then as he stood, clearing his dishes. He returned to his friend's side. "Look, maybe we should get our minds off of the pain and death that surrounds this house. I was able to get the tv hooked up this morning. I bet we can find a good movie on!"

He left the kitchen and slowly made his way to the large living room. As he made his way to the couch, he began noticing the damage that had been done to their pictures and boxes. "James?!" He yelled. "Did you do this?" He turned, confusion written upon his face. "I mean, was there something that you were looking for? Jesus, man." He turned back to the couch and sat down, throwing his feet up. He picked up the remote and began scanning through the channels until he found a movie that they both would like. "Come on man. Join me. We'll worry about the mess later or tomorrow morning. I'm sure that there is a reasonable explanation for what has been happening."


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"Neither of us would have killed ourselves Anne," Elizabetha moves to stand alongside her sister. "He made us do it and we have to make sure it doesn't happen to these people no matter how....insensitive they are." She tries to keep from feeling anger towards the men. But to think that they had upset her sister so much. She tries to quell her rising feelings, the bubbling of anger in her gut. She looks at her sister. "We have to do something drastic, we have to make sure they understand that they cannot be here!" She nearly shouts. Her voice echoing around her skull. She feels explosive, like at any moment she could simply explode. She knows she's letting her emotions take over and that she shouldn't do that. It never ends well. Not even for herself. Even when she was alive these episodes would always leave her feeling drained afterwards, as if there was only emptiness inside of her.

"I don't wish of them to remain here either, and it will surely happen if he were to get to them." She sighs, rubbing her temples to calm herself down. "We need a plan, an a sure way to make them go away."

James thought about all the money they had put into this place. Of course, they couldn't just abandon it now that they had gotten here. So much money was spent simply getting to this point and James would hate to see it go to waste.

"But I know what, never mind." James rolls his eyes. Even if Landon thought this was a joke James truly did feel a slight bit of fear at the thought of the place being haunted. He was all up for hearing stories or writing about such a thing but to actually experience it - to even think about experiencing it sends a chill up his spine. He clears his bowl of the last of his food and stands to put it away, only half listening to Landon talk about hooking up the TV this morning. "Thats great, ill be in there in a moment." He wanted to take a second to calm his irrational mind, and stop the crazy train of thoughts running around in his head.

Before he could even get his head around trying to calm his irrational fears he heard Landon shout from the living room. James rushes to his friends side, completely confused as to what he could have done. James couldn't believe the state the boxes and pictures were in. Everything was a mess, and he swore he hadn't left it that way. At Landon's inquiry he shrugs his shoulders, "I swear I didn't do this either, something strange is going." First the breaking dishes, then the mysterious laugh and now this?

"Yeah, I'm sure." He lets out a long sigh as he sits down, "There's always a reasonable explanation."


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"Yes." She said, pausing for a moment. "These two are rather thick. I believe that we should split. You take one of the men and I'll take the other. We can wait until they've gone to bed. However, we will have to make sure to be done before he comes around. They will way or another." Anneliese suddenly looked to her sister. "We can meet up after he's left. We can then discuss what the next step is if they've still not left the house." She hesitated as she gazed at her sister. "Be careful. Don't let him find you. Stay safe." And then she was gone.

They spent a good while simply watching the movie with no more interruptions. Landon was uncertain as to why these odd happenings were starting up. He hoped that it was just the house settling, that nothing was truly wrong with their new home. He ran a hand through his hair as the film came to an end. "Well, I don't know about you..but I think I'm going to turn in. I plan on getting up pretty early to work out in the barn. The stalls need some work and the ceiling is beginning to fall in." He rose from his seat and stretched. He bid his friend a good night before he slowly began making his way up the stairs.

As he climbed his way up, he wondered how the night would turn out. He hoped that nothing would happen while they slept. Considering how their day had been, he almost expected something to happen. He shook his head as he entered into his bedroom. He changed into something more comfortable to sleep in before he slowly crawled into the bed. He pulled the blankets up around him, closing his eyes. It did not take long for him to fall asleep.

He awoke only a hour later. Groggily, he rose slightly, looking around. He had no idea what had awoken him but he would find out. A few of his things were out of place and he found that odd. He turned the light on, looking around. He rarely woke in the middle of the night.

Anneliese had stayed hidden until both men had gone to bed. She then locked onto the darker haired man, allowing her self to appear in the bedroom he was sleeping in. She made sure he was truly asleep before she began moving things around the room. When she'd finished with that, she moved closer to the bed. She stood near him, looking down at his sleeping form for a moment before she quickly pulled the blankets off of him. She was still invisible, yet instead of hiding..she watched him. Anne then placed a hand upon his arm, taking hold. She then pulled on him, making sure that he felt what she was doing. She wished more than anything that they would leave. Otherwise, they would end up in the same situation as her and Beth were in.