Lu Carson

Your Average Shy Guy....Or, So He Appears.

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a character in “-Trapped- With No Way Out”, as played by A Very Complex Story


Lu is considered to be, the awkward kid within his group of friends. He's not one to open up, and isn't like many other guys from their school. He often spends his time, noise buried into a book, or doing something such as learning how to cook a new recipe he found on the web. Lu's your stereotypical shy guy, except for one thing. He's got the habit of having agitated outbursts, as he doesn't take teasing very well. There was some talk between the schools principal and Lu's mother back when he first arrived at the school, everyone seems to know about it, but no one knows what it was about, only that Lu has to take a certain medication once everyday around lunch.

Lu hadn't been at his new school for very long, this being his second year now. He didn't know very many people, but was quick to make friends with a small group of kids. From there, he became close to them, finding his time either spent alone, or with them. He'd often talk more with the girls of the group, personally finding it easier to get along with them. He'd be asked by a few of them sometimes about why he had switched schools, and he'd just simply shrug, and smile shyly, always, without change, would say "It just didn't work out at my old school."

So begins...

Lu Carson's Story