No soul is truly white, though some are blacker than others.

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Age: 20
Gender: Male

Description: Black hair, Blue eyes. He always wears a black leather jacket, with a scarf and hood he can use to mask his face. He stands a 6'0 and is 140 lbs. He also always has a sheathed katana at his side. The sheath is dark black, and the sword shimmers unnaturally. On both sides of the sword are a series of runic glyphs that glow with a purple light when the sword's powers are used.

Personality: The loss and pain Devanoc has experienced have made him into a very unsociable person. He only speaks when spoken to, and tries to avoid unnecessary conversation all together. His experiences, having nearly driven him to the brink of insanity, have also rendered him emotionally unstable. He is afraid of social interaction, as he is afraid he might loose control of his pent up pain and anger.

Equipment: The enchanted katana, Takkat, which grants him certain magic powers. He also carries throwing knives, though he will never use them to kill.

Magic Powers: The blade, Takkat, has granted Devanoc certain dark powers. These include blink, enhanced speed, agility, and reflexes, a telekinetic grab that can lift a full grown man, and the ability to return his blade to his hand from a distance.

Likes: Cats, Stars, Darkness, Food
Dislikes: Death, Killing, Emotion, Demons, Takkat

History: Devanoc was born to a wealthy family in a far off town. Its only notable features were a deserted shrine, and a group of bandits known as the Red Hand. One day, Devanoc was confronted by a group from the bandit camp who attempted to mug him. They returned to camp bleeding from most of the natural holes of their bodies. Enraged, the bandit leader sent his entire group to murder Devanoc's family while he was away. Enraged when he returned, Devonac ran to the shrine to pray for his family's revenge. His plea was answered, though not by a god. The demon who still frequented this shrine, whose name had been lost to the ages, offered Devanoc a deal. He gave Devanoc the katana, Takkat, a dark blade of his own design, capable of powerful magic and destruction. In exchange, Devanoc would have to kill one thousand evil souls with this blade. Devanoc, more the fool, hastily accepted. He ran to the bandit camp, and left no man or woman there alive. When the fight ended, the demon appeared to him and revealed a hidden term in the deal. For every day that Takkat did not destroy a wicked soul, Devanoc would lose one year from his lifespan. It has now been 5 months since he acquired the blade. In that time, he has missed fourteen days. This is his story.

So begins...

Devanoc's Story

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Devanoc approached the village from the trees, hoping for any work. Having destroyed most of the bandit camps for supplies and his count on the way, he had caused the remaining bandits nearby had wizened up and left to pillage elsewhere. He noticed out of the corner of his eye some young fool talking to a kitox; not worth his time. However, hearing some commotion in the village, Devonac quietly approached the wall of a nearby house. Gripping Takkat with his left hand, and focusing its powers with his right, Devonac teleported to the top of the house, and hid behind its chimney. He flipped up his scarf and hood, and peered around the corner.

What he saw surprised him. A crowd had gathered around some hotshot knight, who was guarding, of all things, a demoness. Devonac quietly calmed his rage, focusing on the task at hand. Demons did not count towards breaking the curse, only evil humans did. He tapped into the energies of the sword, sniffing out who had the blackest hearts in the group. Though most of the group appeared to be sheep, their leader had the blackest heart of all. It consisted of hate, anger, bigotry, and, worst of all, violence. It looked like he had his target of the day.

Not wanting to jump the gun and turn the entire crowd against him with a quick, bold kill, Devonac stayed on the rooftop, concocting a plan to kill this fool out of eyesight.

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Devanoc watched the scene play out before him in the street below. It looked as though it would escalate towards a riot. By this point, Devanoc had concocted two plans. One was, if a riot broke out, he could kill the man in the confusion. Of course, there was a risk that someone would kill him first. A second plan, and more favorable to him, was to wait for the crowd to leave if things ended peacefully, pretend to be a demon hunter, and kill the man while discussing terms in private.

When the demon darted into the shadows, Devanoc silently swore under his scarf. The way this had gone, a riot would spring out with the knight be called a heretic and such. In this manner, killing the man without being noticed would be nearly impossible. With the crowd going out of control, Devanoc had to move fast. He had one shot.

Planning his next move as he went, Devanoc teleported behind the crowd, just out of sight. He gently pushed his way in, masquerading as one of them. He quickly, but calmly approached the man, who was now surrounded by the crowd. What Devanoc was about to do was difficult, and something he only learned he could do recently.

Closing his eyes and desperately focusing on the rooftop he had just come from, Devanoc moved like a spring, grabbing the man and releasing his pent up energies, teleported them both back to the rooftop. Opening his eyes, he watched the man in front of him stumble from the teleportation. He was about to open his mouth and scream, when Devanoc kicked his legs so he fell to his knees, then slit the man's throat. Along with the blood pouring out of the man's body, a stream of dark energy poured out of him and into the sword, which pulsated with a dark gleam. Devanoc tossed the body down the other side of the house, so no one would see it.

Devanoc slipped away, further into town, where he removed his scarf and hood while out of sight. He didn't think anyone had seen his little stunt, but if someone did, he hoped the hood and scarf protected his identity. He headed off towards the deserted market, hoping someone would be there to sell him food. Recent kill or no, he still needed supplies.

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#, as written by Kobra
With the demon leaving into the shadows, the crowd became angrier and angrier. Some villagers started to yell and scream at them for allowing the girl to leave. A few of them drew small weapons like knives and hammers. Demoness or not, she had not done anything wrong to deserve what the villagers had done. He was worried about the other's safety. He knew that the leader of this village would be the one to strike first so he kept a close eye on him. He saw a man in a hood and scarf grab him, but then the crowd shifted and he lost sight of the leader. When the crowd shifted again, they were gone. He didn't understand it, they were only out of sight for a few seconds. Levint scanned the crowd looking for the village leader and he couldn't find him again. He had more pressing issues at the moment though. The crowd was advancing slowly, and they didn't seem to disband. "Hey guys, you should get in the church quickly." Levint said.