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In the dream world Saevalia, the royals must protect the most important thing in the universe. Travesty.

660 readers have visited Travesty since Secute created it.



In the world Saevalia, many creatures reside and coexists. In this alternate universe, people control and give humans the dreams they have whenever they fall asleep. Dreams are what keep the human world running for many reasons, and the more happiness the humans feel, the better off people who live in Saevalia are. Nothing matters in this world besides happiness. Greed does not exist in any of the kingdoms that lie within Saevalia, but this does not stop corruption from happening. Different creatures all work to keep their world running, for without the dreams of humans, Saevalia would not exist. Simply stated every good dream humans have, it is translated to Saevalia. If someone dreams about being able to fly, then someone in Saevalia would be able to fly as well. There is a direct connection between both worlds that is vital. If broken then both worlds would suffer and reach ultimate their demise.

Nightmares are creatures who seek just that. The fall of the human world and the kingdoms in Saevalia. Nightmares seek human dreams and want to posses all dreams on earth so they can control both universes. Starting from centuries ago three kingdoms, that rule Saevalia, have constantly fought the Nightmares trying to protect both the human world and their own from destruction. In the latest battle against Nightmares, the royals came together and put all of their energy into a single human being. They met the regular person in one of their dreams and placed some of their power into the human, so if they were ever killed, then someone could come and save Saevalia from Nightmares. They made sure to seal the human's memory so they wouldn't be able to access the powers on earth, only if they ever died would the powers and the human's memory return to them.

Due to unknown reasons the original royals died and their heirs took over their kingdoms. The human known as Travesty has awakened and there is a race to find the mortal and hone their power so they can fight properly. Nightmares want Travesty to turn them into a weapon while the royals want the human so they can access their families powers in the mortal and finally get rid of all Nightmares for good. However, no one knew that Travesty's father created Saevalia and Nightmares. A dark secret may make Travesty become evil, leaving the royals with a problem that may not be fixable. The human world and Saevalia are both subject to destruction, so what will happen when a web of lies, deceit, and love may enable that destruction?

╟Nightmares posses a wide range of powers. They can enter human dreams and corrupt the human mind that way, or even have physical power such a increased strength and flying.

╟The royals mainly posses mental powers such as telekinesis, hemokinesis, or shadowmancy. They can also enter into human dreams.

╟Travesty's father was known as Grandfather Time. He created Saevalia so human dreams could be manifested. The original royals knew this which was why they chose Travesty to posses their power.

╟Grandfather Time was killed by the royals because his mind started becoming corrupt by the Nightmares. For this reason travesty has a difficult time with choosing sides.

╟Travesty carries a pocket watch that belonged to their father, and this is what allows them to enter into Saevalia. When the clock strikes 1 A.M. they get transported. The only other way for Travesty to enter into Saevalia is if a royal takes them while they are dreaming.

╟Travesty has been to Saevalia many times, but doesn't remember any of the times because the royals wipe Travesty's mind.

╟Main creatures in Altavia are Sirens, for Lynteria Vampires, Kaeryst Shapeshifters, and Nightmares are mainly Demons


Queen of Altavia:
She is the first female to be apart of the Royals, since her father passed and he had no male children. From her child years, whenever her father would have diplomatic meetings with the original king of Nightmares, she would be forced to have meetings with the Nightmares prince. They both however got closer throughout the years. Dangerously close. In their teenage years she began a love affair with the prince. When both of their parents died, they were forced to take their positions and their relationship ended. The new king of Nightmares, her ex-lover, is now married to another Nightmare but her feelings for him never faded. [Taken by me! Secute]

Prince of Altavia:
The prince is the queen's younger brother by three years. He has been in love with Travesty since they first met when they were younger. It upsets him Travesty doesn't remember him at all, but every time he sees her, he can always manage to make her remember she shares the same feelings as him. He knows about his sister's feelings for the king of Nightmares, but has yet to tell her this.

King of Lynteria:
The king of Lynteria is boring a very dark secret. He is assisting the Nightmares. In fact his father is the reason the original royals died. He is carrying on his father's legacy and made a deal with the current king of Nightmares to help him. If the plan is successful, then he will rule over the combine worlds along with the king of Nightmares. Also the king is hiding his secret affair from his wife. He has been dating his guardian for years now.

Guardian for King of Lynteria:
He has been watching out for the king since he was a young teenager. Though they are the same age, their families made it clear where their future paths would be taking them. This did not stop love from blossoming between the two. The guardian could face death for his transgressions. [Reserved by Kawaii-ish}

King of Kaeryst:
The king has kept his eye on the princess of nightmares for a while. Why? Because she is giving him secrets on what is going on with Nightmares. She is his special spy. Somewhere along the line they started mixing business with pleasure. While he still gets the secrets from her, he also gets the love he has so desperately been looking for.

Travesty doesn't remember much of her childhood, for her memory was wiped clean. She never remembers any of her trips to Saevalia, nor the love of her life the prince of Altavia. Travesty has a difficult time with being able to trust either sides once she gets her memory back and is in Saevalia. Despite her loving the prince, she still can't trust the Royals.

King of Nightmares:
He was in a love affair with the now queen of Altavia, but they broke up once he took the crown. He is incredibly evil, but seems to have a soft spot for the queen. He is now married, but he will never love his wife like he does the queen of Altavia. Despite his love for the queen, he still plans to carry out his father's last wishes of taking over all of Saevalia and the human world. He is determined to achieve his goals.

Princess of Nightmares:
She has been in love with the king of Kaeryst. It isn't easy being a spy for him though. Every time she tells him a new secret she faces death by the hand of her own brother. This doesn't stop her from doing what she believes to be right though.

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~I Secute am the GM and should be treated as such
~The minimum word count for each post is 350 words
~Reserve your character through the OOC forum attached to the RP
~Cursing is allowed, but please make sure it makes sense
~Violence is also allowed but let's try and not make it too gruesome. I don't want to see spines hanging out
~Sex is encouraged, I'm a pervert, but for others who are not comfortable with it please take it to PMs.
~Romance is clearly in the RP just make sure you and your partner understand there are romantic feelings between the characters
~No godmodding at anytime. No one can lift mountains in this story
~Be nice to each other in the OOC
~No talking in OOC in the actual RP
~All spots are reserved for 24 hours and if no character sheet is posted in that timeframe then the spot will be given away
~If you need to leave the RP for personal reasons please notify me so we can figure out what to do with our character

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Character Portrait: Astrael Pride
Astrael Pride

"I may be the Queen of Altavia, but I have to focus on my own needs sometimes."


Character Portrait: Astrael Pride
Astrael Pride

"I may be the Queen of Altavia, but I have to focus on my own needs sometimes."

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Character Portrait: Astrael Pride
Astrael Pride

"I may be the Queen of Altavia, but I have to focus on my own needs sometimes."

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