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Travesty Winter

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a character in “Travesty”, as played by SizzlerZ



Travesty Winter
Real name - Travesty Heantres, she changed her name as she did not want to keep any ties with her father.

178cm (approximately)

Travesty has dark brown hair, layered coming just 15cms below her shoulders. She has brownish, hazel eye colour (she has been told she has a lot of different colour shades within her eyes). Travesty usually wears much make-up but when she does the colour shades are dark. She is very concious about who she is presented to people, that is why she always matches her clothing with the accessories and jewellery she is wearing. The 19 year really likes to theme herself.
Travesty very commonly wears stylish boots, she has a wide range of styles and colours to match her clothing. The cares for her boots more than any of her clothing, a little damage to the boot leaves her tipped off for the day.

Personality: [at least 300 words]
Travesty has a split personality, when she first meets people she shows them her sweet side; she shows them the Travesty that is she and never swears, never even thinks of doing something wrong. During this 'first meet' she likes to observes their reaction to such a quite and shy Travesty.
The reason for this act is that she wishes to find out if the person is interested in taking advantage of her innocent and shy personality or if they are going to accept her for who she is.
If Travesty feels the opposite person is planning to take advantage of her, she will act as the shy and innocent Travesty until the defying moment and then show her real self.
The real Travesty is a strong, courageous and enthusiastic person, she is also very humorous, outgoing and adventurous, She doesn't show it to others often but it does exist. She shows them that she is no less than anyone else and insults them in many different ways i.e. Comebacks, public humiliation, pranks e.c.t .Travesty is very intelligent when it comes to her imagination and creativity, she truly feels that the real world is just too bland and her ideas and thoughts are the missing 'spice' that will spice up the story of the world. All that she has ever wanted is to express her imaginations and ambitions and to be outgoing and filled with spirit. Often in the real world when she stops and thinks of becoming these things, she feels as if she has been all these things in her childhood but just can't remember them.
Travesty's real self is very, very strong. If pushed to the boundary, she would be able to fight, whatever the condition she would never be able to lose her spirit. In the time to fight, she would be the kind that would have the capability to take any decision, no matter how hard. Her willpower can take her to any height.
Travesty mostly shows her real self in the Saevalia, she expresses it more than she ever could in the real world, it is not something she tries to express, but it is actually something that comes very naturally.

The reason for such behaviour is the fact that at a young age she was used a lot, her innocence was often taken advantage of. So she decided to stand up but there was nothing she could do as everyone would just turn her down knowing she was very soft inside. To prove that she was not that innocent, she did some pretty bad things, i.e insult teachers, ruin people's equipment. These acts resulted in her moving schools, within this new school she decided to act like her classic old self and if anyone was to take advantage of her, she would stand up and reveal her real self.


  • Cooking: childhood activity.
  • Romance: Travesty is deeply interested in romance. Film's and books are the one place where she fulfils her craving for romance. She never tells anyone her interest in romance but the one true quality that she looks for within her 'perfect partner' is their ability to be romantic.
  • Her footwear: It is something she concious about, she spends a decent amount of thought and time on her shoes, whether that's choosing to wear or buying.
  • Ego: Travesty dislikes ego, but it is because she dislikes it, she likes to find someone that is filled with ego so she can enjoy hurting their ego.
  • Hypocrites
  • Food not cooked to best standards: As Travesty has been cooking from a young age making her an expert cook, she doesn't enjoy eating 'unproper food' --- her terms
  • Night in forests: She feels extremely insecure at night in forests or the woods, she stays very close to someone if she can find someone, if not than she is too scared to fall asleep all night.
  • Reference to her father: Growing up, she felt her father abandoned her, so she thought never to keep any ties to his father.


Travesty has great knife handling skills, her experience with knives makes her aim her handling skills better than others.
The 19 year old is a very skilled athlete, she is a great runner with long distance and short distance. Her flexibility level is very high as well. She likes to practice these skills with regular yoga.
The girl has little knowledge of combat, she tried learning it from a book but felt it wasn't her best area, but she has gained a lot of knowledge in this area just hasn't recognised it.
Travesty keeps a small knife in her boot, it is hidden very well and most people aren't able to detect it.
The reason for such protection is the fact that she was attacked by a gang of unknown men once but luckily survived without any damage. After that incident she thought it was vital to keep some sort of protection.
Thoughts of Other Characters:[can be done later]

So begins...

Travesty Winter's Story