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Tri-Blood Chronicles

Tri-Blood Chronicles


In a world of misappropriated technology and sinister intentions, there are few who stand to connect the fabric of peace that may soon cease to exist.

562 readers have visited Tri-Blood Chronicles since Youptour created it.



The Vatican
The Vatican stands in Rome as the center of human existence after the Armageddon. In light of the devastation, people sought refuge and protection in the Church, giving the Vatican responsibility and leadership over the humans. Despite its once supreme authority, humans have begun to put their faith in local leaders and nobles, taking authority from the Vatican. Despite its weakening hold over the nations, the Vatican still stands as the greatest form of human leadership, after the Armageddon. They lead an anti-vampire crusade with very little acceptance of the Methuselah(Vampires).

The New Human Empire
The New Human Empire, also known either as the Methuselah Empire or the Empire of the True Race, was founded around years related to the events of the Mars Incident. Fleeing from the persecution of the Terrans(Humans), the Methuselah were guided to these lands by Empress Vradica. The Empress brought nature back to the lands damaged by the Armageddon, and founded a new Kingdom, which would exist separately from the outside world. The Empire itself, is a vast land surrounded by airborne particles that filter out the ultraviolet radiation so that the Methuselah may move about by day. It is because of this that the Empire appears to be bathed in the evening dusk, even during the day. The capital city of the Empire is Byzantium, which is the home to both the Empress and a large number of Methuselah Aristocracy who serve in the Empress' court. The Empire lies in Far Eastern Europe and stretches to where Turkey once was and the outer Middle East (Israel,Syria and a small part of northwestern Iraq),It also Borders the continent of Asia that is now uninhabitable, Possibly due to extensive use of Biological and Nuclear Weapons by human forces during the war.
The Empire is home to both humans and vampires who live in peace together, under the rule of the Empress and her imperial aristocracy. Having existed separate from the outer world, the people of the Empire have developed a culture of their own. Before the Empress, both races are equal, and it is said that she alone may keep the peace. The nobles of the New Human Empire act as feudal lords, and rule over the various lands in the empire. The mortals who live in the Empire may rank anywhere from the servant class to the nobility, and are each given an equal chance to rise to the noble class. They are considered the property of the Empress, and the Methuselah who pledge their loyalty to the Empress are not allowed to harm them.
The Empire is the most technologically advanced nation on earth, with weapons and machines that surpass both the Vatican arsenal and Albion, a nation which manufactures the hardware necessary for the production of technologically advanced machines. In part because of this, the Vatican attempts to remain on good terms with the Empire, which eventually lead to peace talks between the two nations. Because of the current world situation, the end of the Empress' reign would result in chaos which could potentially lead to war with the outside world if not quickly contained.

The Rosenkreuz Orden
The vampires terrorist organization Rosenkreuz and its members are the primary antagonists . The Orden is led by tactical and technological genius Issak Von Kamper and crusnik Cain D'Hybane, who is also referred to as "Contra Mundi." Preferring to work in the background and keeping their activities secret, they often manipulate unsuspecting humans and vampires into doing their dirty work for them. The organization also protects Cain(Youptour) from the reapers, who are in search of his soul for debts owed to the Grim Reaper.
The Orden claims to want to make a "new world order," and many of their activities center on triggering a new apocalyptic war between the Vatican, the New Human Empire, and Albion. Given Cain's desire to destroy the world, however, he may be manipulating the entire organization to suit his own personal vendetta.

The Kingdom of Albion
A prominent Kingdom that has existed long before the Armageddon, Albion is the name for England, or Great Britain. As with history, it is one of the few countries not under control or influence of the Vatican. Known for its large production of Lost Technology, Albion is second only to the Empire in terms of technological advances. Under the streets of the Capital City of Londinium lies the underground city of the Methusulah, more commonly known as the Ghetto. It is here that Albion's vampires live in isolation, away from the humans. They also are the secret behind Albion's technology, and work to produce it. The Kingdom of Albion is lead by a tetrarch. King Henry XXI, a terran who was once a paladin. Henry was the first persecutor of the Lycan clan, and is the reason that they have been forced underground. Counselor Peter XIV, a cunning tactician and yellow journalism mastermind. General Erik Tivruskii, a Russian born Lycan who has hidden his true nature through military achievements. Lady Elizabeth The Elegant, the mind behind the Kingdom's politics and the tyrant who forced the methuselah into the Ghetto.



The humans once attempted to colonize Mars after a massive population explosion. While on Mars, they discovered the Viscus barilium or simply Bacillus and Crusnik nanomachines. When the Bacillus nanomachines were embedded in humans, they were infected with a virus that changed them into vampires who had to feed on blood to survive. The vampires-who now call themselves Methuselahs-and the humans ended up in a war against each other that resulted in the Armageddon. 900 years later the surviving humans are still trying to recover from the war's devastating effects while trying to find ways to co-exist with the Methuselah despite the distrust and hatred still evident on both sides. The Vatican serves as the primary leader for the people in the on-going struggle for peace with the Methuselah, and in dealing with rogue factions from both sides that would like the war to continue. The Methuselah refer to humans as "Terrans", the Short-Lived Race. It has been found that the blood of the Methuselah works as a wonder drug for humans, though it has addictive properties, and can cause long-term damage to both the central nervous system, and the failure of major organs. There is a high black market demand for the blood.


The Methuselah, or "Long-Lived Race" are vampire-like creatures that feed on human blood and have supernatural strength. Methuselah have a prolonged lifespan, superior strength, and enhanced speed. They also have healing and regeneration abilities.
In addition to their athleticism and stamina, Methuselah also possess varying individual powers. Most frequently, this power manifests itself in the form of a blade that comes out of the arms, claws, or even as sharp, prehensile hair. Some Methuselah have displayed an ability to control some elemental powers such as fire and ice. All Methuselah are capable of going into "haste mode" in which they can achieve incredible levels of speed for short durations by stimulating their nervous systems. If used too long, they can become severely fatigued. , some Methuselah are shown to have the ability to fly.
Methuselah are created in two ways: from being born from Methuselah parents or from a human being infected with the Bacillus virus that causes the vampire-like conditions. Methuselah must regularly drink human blood because the virus is constantly destroying their red blood cells. Most of the Methuselah can have children and they can eat and enjoy normal food. However, they must avoid sunlight, as it will cause the Bacillus to over heat the Methuselah's skin cells instead of just their red blood cells and cause a rapid cell degeneration. Also, silver can cause them serious injury and death as it has counteractive properties to the virus.


Crusniks are vampires who feed on the blood of other vampires. They possess immense power and destructive potential. Whereas the Methuselahs are either born or infected, the Crusniks are unique beings created as a result of an experiment during the Mars Colonization Project. The four remaining Crusniks, Cain , Seth, Abel, and Lilith, were decendents of the test tube babies created for the Mars Colonization Project by the UNASF with genetically enhanced bodies. They were infused with the Crusnik nanomachines that were found on Mars as their enhanced bodies were the only ones capable of surviving the procedure. The exact circumstances behind the infusions of Seth, Abel, and Lilith are unknown, while Cain's infusion was done by Seth to save his life after a fatal accident. (More may be infected along the story-line.)
Crusniks possess unique attributes that separate them from Methuselahs. For instance, both Abel and Cain may produce wings and can fly quite easily. Crusniks can transmute their blood into weapons and often possess psychokinetic powers. Abel can generate powerful bio-electric fields while Cain can use psychokinetic waves to pulverize objects and enemies and to generate barriers. Seth can reduce people and objects to dust using sound waves.
In order to activate his Crusnik powers, Abel usually issues a verbal or mental command to the nanomachines in his body.
Each Crusnik or as they are more commonly known as "day walkers" are uneffected by silver unlike Methuselahs. By consuming the blood of methuselah, they are granted with greater destructive potential, however, consumption of human blood usually results in the opposite effect, or more seldom, death.This weakness is well known lore. Their existence is thought to be rumored and they are often forced to act as humans to avoid any possible persecution.


Lycanthrope are the product of a time parodox started by Seth D'Hybane. After Seth’s grandson was born, the lycanthropic victim count had risen tremendously and so had the number of lycans. Most of the victims die shortly after being infected however some do survive as lycans themselves. They are stronger and faster than most average Methuselah and have a strong sense of smell. Though they don’t all share many features, including an opposing alergy to human blood and red eyes are the most common features of werewolves. They have been hunted to the point of having to live underground, and while they exhibit more individual power then both humans and vampires, their numbers have lead them to masquerade as humans by order of the Alpha-Wolf. Their transformations are specifically triggered by increased heart-rate, which many have learned to control. Because of their universal persecution, they have adopted the spiral, a symbol of vengeance, as their emblem.

=These are not a necessity but do allow for more in depth story-lines If you wish to follow these specific classes. Please add more if desired.

-Lead by the Grand-Master, this clan enlists Squires to established Swordsmen. The training begins as the Squires arm is severed by the Grand-Master and rebound with a branded seal whilst the bone is hollowed and filled with molten Iridium, which through training, allows the user to morph the individual limb into a blade. After the Squire has received his master's recommendation, he then competes against other worthy squires in a tournament to the death once every year. The last remaining squire must then face their master in a duel to the death to take their position and may take a squire within a maximum of 15 years. To challenge the Grand-Master a master must survive council for 5 years and challenge the Grand-Master. The Grand-Master is unique as his seal is broken which allows free flow of the liquid metal throughout his or her body. Before the challenge the Master must have their seal broken and survive the flow of molten metal throughout their body for a duration of three days before they may compete against the Grand-Master. The current GM uses a plasma edged cleaver as his signature single-blade. Survival of broken seal Paladins is on average 13%. The Squires may also take various other alternative roles in the society, as it acts more like a guild than a combat breeding ground.
-Lead by the Grim Reaper, this clan kidnaps students at the GR's discretion. The are then tortured and trained as assassins without light for 6 months. After the first 6 month period they are tattooed by a resident necromancer and become assassins. Each assassin is assigned a reaper from their initiation and are taught to feed on souls of their targets. They must make a certain quota to fill the Grim Reaper's request or they are black-listed and their souls are burned.
AX Agents
-AX, short for Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei (Latin for Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section), serves as the special division of the Ministry of Holy Affairs. The agents are all elite priests and nuns, trained in different arts of combat, many of whom have special abilities granted to them by lost technologies. The members of the AX unit serve under Cardinal Caterina Sforza, and are often referred to as deputy enforcers. While they are often sent to investigate issues relating to or involving vampires.
The Department of Inquisition
-The Inquisitorial Department is composed of a group of elite fighters who see themselves as soldiers of God. They carry out the Vatican's will under the orders of Cardinal Francesco. Their first mandate is the elimination of all vampires. The members of the Inquisition are known to resort to extreme methods to carry out their orders, and have clashed with Cardinal Caterina's Deputy Enforcers. It is said that many of the Inquisitors are singled out by the church at a young age, and conditioned to despise anything that goes against the authority and beliefs of the Catholic Church. Because of these violent tendencies, they are also known as the "Fangs of the Church" as mentioned by the AX.
-This is an elite group of individuals who utilize lost technology to reanimate corpses to be used like puppets.


• 1 The Vatican
o 1.1 Leaders
• 1.1.1 Alessandro XVIII
• 1.1.2 Francesco di Medici
• 1.1.3 Caterina Sforza
• 1.1.4 Alfonso d'Este
• 1.1.5 Antonio Borgia
o 1.2 AX Agents
• 1.2.1 Abel Knight d’ Hybane
• 1.2.2 Esther Blanchett
• 1.2.3 Tress Iqus
• 1.2.4 Kate Augusta Scott
• 1.2.5 Hugue de Watteau
• 1.2.6 Vaclav Havel
• 1.2.7 William Walter Wordsworth
• 1.2.8 Leon Garcia de Asturias
• 1.2.9 Sister Noélle Bor
• 1.2.10 Monica Argento
• 1.2.11 Kaya Syokka
• 1.2.12 Roman Treyus Riddik
o 1.3 The Department of Inquisition
• 1.3.1 Brother Petro Orcini
• 1.3.2 Sister Paula Souwauski
• 1.3.3 Brother Matthaios
• 1.3.4 Brother Bartholomaios
• 1.3.5 Brother Phillipo
• 2 The New Human Empire
o 2.1 5.1 Lilith Krito Adol d' Hybane aka Cherish Sahl
o 2.2 Mirka Fortuna
o 2.3 Ion Fortuna
o 2.4 Astharoshe Asran
o 2.5 Süleyman
o 2.6 Baibars
o 2.7 Endre Kourza
o 2.8 Shahrzad Al-Rahman
• 3 The Rosenkreuz Orden
o 3.1 Cain Jòn Reìd d’ Hybane[[Youptour]]
o 3.2 Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer
o 3.3 Dietrich von Lohengrin
o 3.4 Radu Barvon
o 3.5 Helga von Vogelweide
o 3.6 Balthasar von Neumann
o 3.7 Melchior von Neumann
o 3.8 Kaspar von Neumann
o 3.9 Guderian
o 3.10 Susanne von Skorzeny
• 4 The Kingdom of Albion
o 4.1 Mary Spencer
o 4.2 Virgil Walsh
o 4.3 Vanessa Walsh
o 4.4 Brigitte II
[b]• 5 Supporting characters
o 5.1 Elizabeth Lyre Kaidin
o 5.2 Gyula Kadar
• 5.3 Seth Dania Vizious d' Hybane[[Mr.Grinch]]


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Character Portrait: Cain D'Hybane


Character Portrait: Cain D'Hybane
Cain D'Hybane

Past Leader of The Rosen Cruz Orden and a Novice Reaper


Character Portrait: Cain D'Hybane
Cain D'Hybane

Past Leader of The Rosen Cruz Orden and a Novice Reaper

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Character Portrait: Cain D'Hybane
Cain D'Hybane

Past Leader of The Rosen Cruz Orden and a Novice Reaper

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