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Taya Annet

"Blood on the sands, blood on the streets. Isn't it exciting?"

0 · 263 views · located in Pelanious

a character in “Trial Of Champions”, as played by Hyperewok



Name: Taya Annet

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Elf

Racial or Special Abilities (optional): Between her own training and natural affinity, Tira is incredibly agile and dexterous. In a fight she is constantly moving, more akin to a dancer then a warrior, with her blades as an extension of her arms. She is also very perceptive, carefully observing her opponent until they falter and she can strike precisely where their defense is weakest.

Appearance: Lean and elegant, Tira moves with a fluid grace, ever light on her feet and rarely sitting still. Her skin has become tanned from her time in the ring, while her long brown hair is tied up with numerous pins to keep it manageable in a fight. In the ring she prefers to move lightly, armored only in a simple steel breastplate over a leather vest and loose skirt.

Weapon Specialties: Tira has been trained in the use of blades for many years, primarily swords and daggers. She uses her agility to her advantage, usually with a sword in one hand and dagger in the other in, spinning about in a whirlwind of steel.

Personality: Tira is surprisingly content with the life of a gladiator, or perhaps she is merely a consistent calm from years of intense training. It can be difficult to tell. She goes through life with an easygoing and confident smile, despite the fairly dismal life and conditions of a gladiator. Above all she relishes a challenge, holding that as her priority in life, and the arena certainly delivers. However, her drive for excitement does not go so far as to cloud her judgement or impede her desire to live, and thus she has yet to seek an escape from her current status. She is quite aware of her relatively powerless place in life, and accepts that rather than pointlessly raging against her fate.

Personal History: Born to a lord of moderate influence and his elven maid, Tira was fortunate enough to be raised in her father’s household, even if she was only a servant. Perhaps less fortunate was her father’s penchant for underhanded dealings, his wealth often spent on the employment of assassins and thieves to acquire rare items and deal with political rivals. He soon realized that his particularly deft young daughter would make a capable, and more importantly loyal agent. Therefore he hired numerous teachers to instruct Tira in the art of swordplay, knife throwing, stealth, and agility. She excelled at the training, ecstatic for a life beyond that of a simple servant. However, she had little chance to do much good for her father. When his assorted plottings gained the ire of the emperor, he was arrested and imprisoned, and his holdings and servants parceled away. One brawl and shanking of a slave dealer later, and Tira found herself shipped to the gladiatorial arena. She has accepted this card fate has played her with a surprising contentedness, as the arena provides her all of the adrenaline pumping thrill she could ever seek, from the roar of the crowds to the spray of blood and swirling of steel.

So begins...

Taya Annet's Story