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Tom Barrow

A half-plant with powerful telepathic abilities

0 · 58 views · located in Inepril City

a character in “Trigun: The Search For Eden”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Tom Barrow
Age: Unknown (appears to be 34)
Race: Plant
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green

Tom is a bit taller than average, but otherwise doesn't stand out. He dresses in plain clothing and travels light. Tom appears to be friendly and often smiles, but this is just a facade: he is actually the most heartless killer that planet Gunsmoke has ever seen.

(Note: nothing Tom does is ever blatant. He plays with people's minds, so in order for this to work I'll need people to allow me to play mind games with their characters. See Tom's telepathy ability for a description of how he uses his power)


Tom takes zealous glee in manipulating people; there is nothing in the world he enjoys more than ruining a life by planting the tiniest seed of doubt in an otherwise happy person's mind. His goal is to protect humanity by wiping it off the face of planet Gunsmoke (see history for details) and he enjoys his work. He has an obsessive personality, so changing his mind is incredibly difficult. Although Tom is usually a heartless killer, he has been known to spare the lives of those he deems "pure".

Tom is very meticulous in everything he does; his motto is "If you're going to do something, you better do it right". This creed is reflected in his work; he has killed hundreds of people, but no one knows that he's responsible. He technically has a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head, but the face on the wanted posters (known as "The Mute Gunman") is merely a telepathic projection that he uses to scare people. He dislikes simply forcing people to kill themselves/each other, preferring instead to plant seeds of doubt, anger, and fear in his victims instead. As a result, Tom works slowly: tormenting the minds of those around him over the course of weeks, sometimes even months.

Tom recently learned that Millions Knives was responsible for crashing the ships into Gunsmoke, making Knives the current largest threat to humanity. He has spent the past year tracking Knives down, and he has finally traced him back to the orphanage.


-Telepathy: Tom's telepathy is abnormally strong, even though he is only half-plant. This is quite a feat considering that Knives was able to force the entire human fleet to crash into Gunsmoke and Legato Bluesummers was able to force entire towns to slaughter themselves (and that was only with the power he got from Vash's arm). He is very subtle with his power, making it difficult for anyone, even other plants, to notice when he's manipulating them. Tom's favorite ways to use his power include invading people's dreams, making them think they are being followed, making them see things that aren't really there (such as The Mute Gunman), and warping their senses in order to make them injure themselves.

-Plant Traits: Besides his freakish telepathic abilities, the rest of Tom's plant traits are only about half as potent as those of a full plant. He is faster than the average human, but only about half as fast as an average plant. His lifespan is much longer than that of a human, but he will die of old age long before Vash or Knives do. He can take about half as much damage as a human before dying, but he has never tested the limits of his endurance.

-Miscellanea: Other than the clothes on his back, Tom only carries a canteen and a small haversack containing a bit of food and a change of clothes.


Tom was developed on a ship in the human fleet before it crashed on Gunsmoke. He was "born" when scientists crossed his "mother's" DNA with a plant's DNA. The scientists soon learned of his prodigious telepathic ability and decided to use him as a weapon to protect humanity against whatever threats space held for them. Tom was a happy child who got along well with humans and everyone had high hopes for him. Then Knives forced the ships to crash into Gunsmoke. Tom was lucky enough to get on an escape pod and land safely on the planet's surface. Soon after the crash landing, Tom noticed a change in his caretakers; they began to ask him to use his abilities to procure excessive amounts of food and water, leaving others to die of thirst and starvation. He also noticed that most humans were more than willing to kill each other for scraps of food. It was then that he came to a realization: humanity's largest threat was itself. Tom then did what he had been trained to do: he set about eliminating any and all threats to humanity, starting with his caretakers.

Tom was behind the mysterious disappearances of several of the early colonies on Gunsmoke, and he would have continued to kill more of them had he not met a woman named Amelia. Amelia was the kindest and most selfless person Tom had ever seen. He scanned the very depths of her mind, but the most violent though he could find was the memory of her slapping a man for making unwanted advances on her. Tom was fascinated by Amelia and decided to stop his killing spree in order to figure out how such a human could exist. The two of them grew close and were almost married, but Amelia died of sickness a month before the wedding. Tom spent the next twenty years contemplating his view of humanity in isolation.

After twenty years as a hermit, Tom decided to give humanity another chance. He went into the nearest town and lived there for the better part of a year. Everything went well until the day that a group of slavers came through. It turned out that the town had an agreement with the slavers: the slavers would come through once every year and would take five people. If the town refused to hand over five people, the slavers would destroy the town and enslave all of the survivors. Tom tried to rally the town against the slavers, but was instead chosen as on of the five. Enraged at this betrayal, Tom forced the townsfolk to kill each other and did the same thing to the slavers. He has been wiping out entire towns ever since.

Tom's method is very simple: he started by wiping out all of the small towns and is currently working his way up to the bigger ones until nothing remains. Every now and then he will meet someone who reminds him of Amelia and will spare their life, but only theirs. Regardless, no one knows that he is responsible for the carnage he leaves in his wake. When people began to get curious as to who was wiping out towns, Tom created The Mute Gunman.

The Mute Gunman is an image that Tom telepathically projects into the minds of those around him. Tom makes it appear that the Gunman is killing people by warping their senses so that they think they're firing at the Gunman, when they are in fact shooting each other.

Tom had heard of the Gung Ho Guns and had made it his project to eliminate them, but always found them after their demise. Shortly before Vash's fight with Knives, Tom learned that Knives was behind the entire scheme. He took it upon himself to kill Knives, but Knives fell into a coma before Tom could reach him. Tom recently felt Knives' presence again and is quickly closing in on the orphanage where he is currently staying.

So begins...

Tom Barrow's Story