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LuHan Xi

0 · 1,078 views · located in Los Angeles,California

a character in “Triple Dog Dare”, as played by Neon.lynxie


Luhan Zhou Xi


Lulu, Hannie

16 Sophmore

Gender and Role
New Boy MALE

Got A Crush?

has an amazing voice, great dancers, very artistic and smart *he can solve a rubix cube in under two minutes*.


Luhans Father Huang Xiao(who died a few years after his mother)
Luhans Mother Liu Yifei (Who died when he was 10 of cancer)
Wu Fan, Known as Kris is LuHans oldest brother Who takes the role of the father when their parents die *6 year diffrence*
Zhang Yixing Known as Lay is the 2nd oldest male *4 year diffrence*
Amber oldest female *3 year diffrence*
Mei known as Sohee is the youngest of the famil *a year younger than Luhan

Huang Zitao, known as Tao-Kris' best friend and lover. he is like the mother of the family since their parents died*5 year diffrence*
XiuMin Ambers best friend who secretly loves her. *4 year diffrence
Chen Sohee's boyfriend*4 year diffrence*

Luhan is shy boy who hates meeting new people. He does not trust people easily; and when he dose he trust that person with his whole heart. He's pretty shy, but once out of his shell he's real outgoing. He is very passionate when it comes to music, art, singing, reading and writing. He truly loves to make his close friends and family smile- and is very childlike, don’t believe me? Try waking him up…No one likes waking Lulu up because he is exactly like a child when woken up. He’ll start tearing up and once you finally get him to shut up he clings to you for attention. He loves clinging to the people he is close with because it makes him feel secure. He seems to think little of himself and lets people use him easily without noticing it, he learned to become a quiet ‘doll’ who didn’t cause trouble and just did things he was told. He is actually very innocent when it comes to love. To be truthful he’s never dated anyone. Most people get upset with him because he won’t smile for someone when doesn’t trust, because he feels that a smile is only to be shown to the ones he loves.’Emotional and sensitive, he has a great tact and are tolerant of others... He is naturally idealistic and certainly likes everybody around him to be happy. His affective lives are very important to him, and if he feels disappointed, misunderstood or unloved he loses a great deal of his energy, and possibly even their capacities. Rather curious, he is into and amused by everything, which leads him meet with many spheres of knowledge some of which they only touch upon. Luhan has an incredibly beautiful voice. He flexible, adaptable, bright and cunning; very likeable characters all round. He can immediately sense any bad feeling within the family and friends and is deeply affected or troubled by such a disruption to domestic harmony; to the extent where they can become completely withdrawn or seek escape in one form or another (writing, rapping, dancing, singing, ect).’

Pocky, Reading, Writing, Traveling, Singing, Music, Rapping, Fashion, Animals, Plushies, Making people smile, Cooking, Water, Piano, Water, Drawing, Boys & Girls, Friends, Family, Sleeping, Foreign Languages, Watching people, Friends, Video Games, Rain,Snow [/list] [/size]

Small spaces, Heights, Drowning, Being teased, people hurting him, Fire.Image
People asking him to do aegyo or ask him about it * He feels uncomfortable doing it*, Math, Being blamed for something.

Appearance is Description
Lu han is very skinny but has slight curves on him at the same time He has a very slight muscular build on him that can be seen or noticed when he is naked of shirtless. *LOL*. Lu Han stands around about 5’5” and weighs 108 pounds. He has natural dark brown hair but he dyes it the brown-ish blonde color it is now. He has cute almond shaped eyes that are a deep brown that makes him look innocent. His lips are soft and pink- and some would say very kissable. The boys cheeks are a bit round that makes him appear like a child. He has his ear priced on the lobes but usually never wears ear rings on them

Theme Song
EXO- Baby Don't Cry


Who Is Your Face Claim?
EXO M’s LuHan!

So begins...

LuHan Xi's Story