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Clover MacRoss

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but some things take a while to"

0 · 506 views · located in Hogwarts

a character in “Triwizard Tournament: Hogwarts School”, as played by Missie


Clover Georgia MacRoss


~General Info~

Clover Georgia MacRoss

Cece, Clove, Love, CG



Hogwarts girl 2


Type Of Witch/Wizard



Shoulder-length wavy light brown hair

Light blue large eyes.

Round-ish face with a slightly pointed chin and large cheeks

Skin Tone

Marks or Tattoos[b]
A random freckle on her back


She is around 5’2 tall. She is very small for her age.




- Dancing- She does ballet.
- Sunsets and Sunrises- She thinks they’re beautiful.
- Waking up early- It makes her feel prepared in some sense.
- Adventures- She needs adventure.
- Books- She likes to imagine.


- Being Bored
- Pigs- one bit her at a farm when she was little.
- Thunder and lightning - She hates it’s noise
- Divination- she finds it boring and fake.
- Lies

- Being cooped up
- Werewolves

- Speaking Gaelic at random times(Language the highlanders use)
- biting her lip

Clover gets her hair braided by animals in the morning. At least, that’s what people speculate, what with her personality being parallel to that of a Disney princess. When her parents named her, they were imagining a sweet little girl that ran around in enchanted gardens, with flowers in her hair and a cheerful tune whistling out of her rosy red lips. Instead they got Clover. Granted, all of the above actually do apply to her, but she has another side to her.
She loves breaking the rules every once in a while. She loves being free. That’s partly why she is claustrophobic. Clover is the kind of girl who would go hunt dragons with you. She’s obsessed with animals and always keeps a copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ with her. She’s also pretty brave in that sense and that’s maybe why she was put in Gryffindor. She has a pet long-eared owl called Smidge who she got when she was 9 from a weird guy selling old wizarding artifacts. It was basically free. Smidge is very loyal and kind. He only bites when he feels threatened and when you steal his food (he adores food)



[*]Isla MacRoss / 41 years old / Mother

[*]Kevin MacRoss / 45 years old / Father

[*]Stirling MacRoss / 20 years old / Brother

[*]Madison MacRoss / 17 years old / Sister

[*]Sophie MacRoss / 11 years old/ Sister


Clover grew up in the highlands with an English parent and a Scottish parent.(this explains her accent) She learned about magic from when she could actually understand what her parents were saying/doing. She got her first ‘broom’ at age seven. A toy broom, but a broom nonetheless, It could only hover a foot or two off the ground. As the MacRoss clan kind of are ‘Sister clans’ with the MacFusty clan, she has seen many a hebridean dragon and touched one on a rare occasion.

When Clover was eleven she got the letter of acceptance and went off to Hogwarts. Clover is kind to everyone she can (some people are too evil to be kind to) and is always searching for adventure. Her older sister Addison is a kind of rebel and her little sister Sophie is just staring Hogwarts this year. This year Clover hopes to get better results on her exams. Clover’s father is a Dragonologist therefore he sometimes travels. Clover’s mother used to work in the ministry of magic but left to go to Scotland with Kevin. Now She’s a housewife. The family come from a long line of animals lovers- so she’s told. Her great uncle Angus went missing on a hunt for a new species of



PasswordLong Live Hogwarts


[*]She is in the Gryffindor house
[*]Her wand is a ten inch oak wand with a phoenix tail feather core and a swirl pattern.
[*]Due to her small build she is a seeker on the team.
[*]Long-eared owl called Smidge-


So begins...

Clover MacRoss's Story