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Junko Mizukawa

You belong somewhere you feel free, you belong among all the wildflowers.

0 · 329 views · located in Ilvermorny School For Witchcraft And Wizardry

a character in “Triwizard Tournament”, originally authored by συιʝα, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Junko Mizukawa's Story

#, as written by la.lune


Ilvermorny's halls were flushed with excitement. It seemed as if the entirety of the student body had crowded into the great hall, restlessly awaiting the arrival of the other wizarding schools. The sound began softly, but quickly the melodious tune of the Japanese Shakuhachi rose and filled the great hall with a aura of calmness. As the Mahoutokoro students filed into the hall, each year with a designated Shakuhachi player, flowers began to spill from the ends of them. Along came the drums, and with every hit of the beat, lights shot from the sticks in the students' hands. The cobbled ground Mahoutokoro walked on seemed to come to life and between the cracks in the stones rose beautiful flowers. Most Ilvermorny students sat in awe; they had never seem any magic such as this before.

As soon as the Mahoutokoro students and their array of flowers had arrived, they vanished. Falling back to the sides so to let the next school enter with just as much grandeur. On cue, Castelobruxo make their entrance.

The halls is filled with sounds of nature, snakes hissing and monkeys calling to their troop. Students dressed in a variation of masks come rushing in, one young students run ahead of the others and performs acrobatics as the rest follow suit. It's truly a sight to be seen and if the Mahoutokoro display hadn't already wowed Ilvermorny's students, this certainly would. Despite being two very different schools, Mahoutokoro and Castelobruxo's performances seemed to melt beautifully into each other as again, the students of the latter school faded into the background and stood on the opposite side of the hall to the Japanese students.

Although both performances called for a high level of respect, nothing quite matched Agilbert Fontaine (Ilvermorny's headmaster) when it came to commanding a room. Silencing the hall with one hush, all students eyes were glued to the tall man.

"Thank you all for coming to join us in the annual celebration of the Triwizard Tournament," Agilbert began, his voice soft and yet loud enough to fill the room. "And a special thank you goes out to headmistress Dourado, and headmaster Saito, without whom there wouldn't even be a triwizard tournament." Sending the two heads a gracious nod, headmistress Dourado sends Agilbert a roll of the eyes and flicks her wrist as to say 'think nothing of it', whilst stately headmaster Saito sends Ilvermorny's headmaster a stern nod back, a smile never once gracing his face.

Once Agilbert's speech has finished and the students are settled into their seats, the man calls for the food to be served and quickly, the once quiet hall becomes rife with noise and chatter as each student tries to get to know those from other schools.