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Kori Tatian or Ian Kattiro

"Take a guess any guess but I'm not telling you what gender I am."

0 · 76 views · located in Sanderson

a character in “Trouble in Albion”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Name: Well I can be called Kori Tatian or I can be called Ian Kattiro
Gender: (added this just to bring in some confusion: I am either a boy that is dressed up like a girl, a girl dressed up like a boy, a boy dressed up as a boy, or a girl dressed up as a girl. However, I am not telling.
Age: Che, 17 of course what better?
Nickname: 'It' however I happen to have a deep dislike for it.
Role: Eh? A role let's see um, um, um, um...oooh definately a warrior! Though I don't look it. Don't fret over it however, I don't and do look like alot of things.
Personality: Heh, why don't you tell me? *nudge nudge* Anyways, I have two due to the fact I like to play the part of a Schizo, che. No I am not schizophrenic I just like making people think I am.
Anyhoo, when I appear as a guy I am extremely playful and flirtatious towards boys and girls alike, I have no preference quite honestly. That doesn't mean I am bi actually I am straight, che che che. Anyhoo, I don't really crack jokes I just laugh at everything as though they were jokes. Ironically, I don't really like jokes. I find them to be a bore. I find entertainment in confusing people when it comes to my gender simply because I can. On that same note I am constantly making people confused when it comes to their own gender and/or orientation just for the heck of it. On a different note, I am very slow to anger but when I do get mad I react in ways that seriously damages you mentally and on occasion, if I am seriously pissed off physically. This happens to be a favorite version of myself and the one I am usually dressed as.
As one of the female species (since you know the two can't be a singular species since they are so different) I am socially awkward and very reserved. Because of that my face is usually one shade too red and I am constantly reacting to things in violence instead of peace. Unless I don't like you in the least or I am pissed off with you. At that moment in time you don't exist. If I am not reacting violently or blushing I am a very serious person and an excellent strategist, I don't laugh at jokes, and I don't joke around. I mean what I say, so if I say I am going to kill you then I am. This many times leads to confusion since as a guy I am constantly joking around and you can't take half of what I say seriously. You would be among the lucky few that actual still lives to see me like this, so congrats otherwise you are probably thinking I have never met this version of me. Which would be for the best in consideration this version isn't very entertaining.
Element: Transformation, heh. You wouldn't by chance see that mimicked in my personality, gender, orientation, and looks would ya?

Male mode: Image

Female mode: Image

Apperance: Because of my element I can take on the shape of many different animals and people so don't be surprised if you see some random person just kind of show up and say that they happen to be me otherwise I will look like my normal selves. PS: in the two pictures above my element/ability is inactive so they are both are what I actually look like I just am dressed different and wearing different make-up. Heh.
Likes: ...well that kind of depends on who I am at the moment
-as a guy: food, men, women, flirting, messing with people's head, dancing, playing dress up, tattoos, long hair, pretty things, flowers.
-as a girl: chores, being clean, being ignored, being ignorant, simplicity, change, silence, being alone.
-as a guy: chores, anything dirty, other men or women hitting on me, being called 'It', having to repeat myself, talking in first person.
-as a girl: men, women, flirting, being hit on, messing with people's head, dancing, playing dress up, pretty things, flowers.
Weapons: two fans made of metal with sharp edges, (you can see them in my two pictures, aren't they pretty things. Could never tell they are deadly)
History: Ah yes, fortunately my history is the same no matter which gender I happened to be dressed as. Well, I grew up under normal circumstances as a normal *gasp* child with only one *bigger gasp* gender that I do not care to mention. Of course that was in a much different now destroyed area so you couldn't go there and ask. I also only had one *huge gasp* name. I can honestly say that this whole deal with my gender started the day I moved away. I constantly was asked what gender I was when growing up because apparently I looked like both. One day I lied, and confused the whole town, and then I kept doing it. I guess I had so much fun it stuck and then just to kick things up a notch I dressed as both and gave myself multiple names. I guess you could say it is now a habit/ given thing. Can't stop now I would completely destroy the psyche of everyone around me if I did Ha. I was trained in the art of battle my whole life however I can honestly say I have never been in a single full scale one, mainly by choice. No I am not a coward I just avoid confrontation so I can save my pretty clothes.

P.S.: currently I (Machubi) am on the Tennis team at my school so I may be a little slow as a poster but afterwards I will be fine promise.

So begins...

Kori Tatian or Ian Kattiro's Story