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Liam Baxter

"Books are more important to me than people."

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a character in “Trouble in Paradise”, as played by Zitacamron95





||Childhood Photo||

||Full Name||
Liam Oliver Baxter

Leelee (given by his sister)
Bax (given by classmates)
L. O. Bastian (Pen name)






||High School Photo||


X5' 10''XXXXXXXXXXXX155 lbs.X

||Hair Color||XXXXXXX||Eye Color||

He's extremely pale due to not going outside often, and when he does it's usually at night. The only sunlight he gets is usually when he keeps his curtains open to light up his house to conserve electricity. He's known to not do a whole lot when it comes to looking presentable. He doesn't comb out his hair unless it's really needed. His clothes are usually wrinkled as if he'd just grabbed them from a pile rather than neatly folded. When he stands, or sits he usually slouches making him look smaller than he actually is. He doesn't have much muscle mass anywhere, but he does keep himself healthy at the very least by running on a treadmill in his house. He prefers to wear his black, square framed glasses rather than contacts due to not really enjoying having to put his fingers anywhere near his eyes. There is usually dark bags under his eyes since his sleep schedule is very sporadic and he's been known to stay up for more than 24 hours when given the chance.


||Young Adult Photo||


Books: If he isn't writing, he's reading. He loves a good book.
Being Read To: For some reason, he enjoys it when other people read to him. It doesn't even have to be fancy with character voices and such.
Cartoons: He enjoys watching anything animated, usually kid's cartoons. He finds them more interesting than television shows aimed at adults.
Sweets: He'll do anything to get his hands on anything sweet. If he could, he'd eat cake and whipped cream every day.
Long Car Rides: He's relaxed by car rides, as long as it's on long stretched of country road. He gets anxious in traffic jams, or even being on a highway.

Thunderstorms: They make him incredibly anxious, and he has no control over it.
Crowds: They're noisy, he has no control over the environment, and he very easily gets panic attacks being in one.
Loud People: He doesn't like a whole lot of noise to begin with, but people being loud just gives him a headache.
Being Cold: He hates it when he shakes uncontrollably or his teeth chattering.
Sour Foods: He'll avoid sour things at all costs, it can make him gag just thinking about eating something sour.

Liam is a quiet person, he's never really been anything but quiet. He doesn't talk to people if he doesn't have to, and chooses to keep himself as far away from everyone as possible. He knows that his anxiety is hard for some people to understand or even deal with, so he just decides it's best for people not to have to deal with him at all. He absolutely adores kids, and teaching them. If he didn't have his anxiety, he probably would have become a teacher for little kids. When he's actually knows a person very well, his personality comes out a lot more. He'll be more playful, teasing his friends or being a little weird. He doesn't generally have a personal boundary with the people he knows well, being very open to leaning on them or hugging them, or falling asleep on them when he's been up for too long.


||Most Recent Photo||


As a child, he was raised in a fairly decent environment. His family made enough money to support him and his sister, and be able to put money aside for gifts on birthdays and holidays. At school, Liam was quiet and nobody was quite sure why when he acted so differently at home. Teachers would always say that Liam was really shy and just would not talk to anyone, but his parents just ignored the teachers, thinking that there couldn't possibly be something wrong with their child. Liam later met his best friend and just latched onto him. He didn't care what was going on, he always stayed by his best friend's side, because it just made things easier to handle. Later on, it started to become very obvious that Liam had an anxiety disorder he would start to panic over some of the smallest things, like losing homework assignments, or being told that his answer to a question was incorrect. But, once again, his parents refused to believe it.

In middle school, Liam had found that a good solution to getting people to stay away from him was to just read books. If he was doing something, it was more likely that people would leave him alone. He'd read any book he could get his hands onto, no matter what it was. He just avoided any conversations by simply keeping his face in a book. Teachers had learned to just never call on him during class, he would never speak up even when asked a question. There was one time that a teacher had pushed him and refused to let him get away with just being silent, so Liam walked out of the class. Most people thought it had something to do with rebelling against the teacher, but it was just because Liam had been on the verge of a panic attack and had to excuse himself. He was transferred out of that classroom after that day.

High school was a little harder for Liam, especially with the huge crowds of people between class periods that he'd have to walk through just to get to his next class. He'd always prefer to walk outside to get to his next class, just because there were barely any people outside. His school had started to become really strict about attending assemblies, so Liam couldn't just skip them like he had in the past. He could barely stand being at any of them, and finally during the tenth grade homecoming assembly, something pushed him over the edge. Teachers thought he was having a heart attack, and sent the kid to the hospital. The entire assembly was cancelled early, due to this event. After that, Liam refused to go back to school, so his parents set him up on online classes, just so he could at the very least have a full high school diploma. During this time, Liam had found himself with a lot of free time, and started taking up writing just to fill it. He found that he wasn't too bad at it, or at least that's what he was told by his family, so he continued to develop the skill as best he could.

He published his first book when he turned nineteen. His father had set it up for him, getting Liam a good contact with the publishing company and pushing him to do something. His book became very popular, and it gave Liam the chance to move out of his parent's home and into his own home. He now has made a successful book series, that he's still continuing. He's gotten many offers to make the series into a movie, but always declines due to having to deal with people outside of his home or meeting people face to face rather than talking to them over the phone.

So begins...

Liam Baxter's Story