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Troubled Oceans

Troubled Oceans


The right crew is like a family, together on the ocean through trails and adventures alike; however, there is a storm brewing on the ocean and trouble ahead.

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Out on the ocean a pirates crew is their family, they have no one left on the mainlands, abandoned by their families or abandoning their families, they seek a new life and turn to the ocean. The best of the crews are the closest at working together to hunt for treasure, seek adventures and steal what they want and need. The world is a giant playground, travelling port to port, discovering uncharted lands and seeking fortunes from stories and legends.

George Scar had wanted a life of adventure on the high seas since he could walk, dreaming of having his own ship, a crew, treasure and adventures to places people only dreamed of seeing. Unfortunately as he grew life changed, George's father died when he was only one and his mother remarried a few years later, bringing George a new father and a new baby brother, Edward. As they got older things got rougher and their father got drunker, George tried to protect both his mother and half brother from his step-fathers anger and it brought with it a lot of pain; it was that anger and pain that fuelled George's desire to flee to the oceans, a life he would be in charge of, adventures and freedom. When he was twelve and Edward nine their mother passed away and their father grew meaner. When George was thirteen their father came back, stumbling through the door with a bottle in hand, Edwards temper got the better of him and the ten year old boy lashed out in anger, which needless to say did not go down well with the drunken fool; George walked in just in time as the man pulled a knife on his own son, George quickly threw himself in the way. From that night Edward earned a small scar on his right cheek under his eye but George defended his little brother to the end, by the end of the night George had managed to knock the drunk unconscious but in his effort he'd earned his own wound, from chest to hip. That night George took Edward from that home and never looked back...

From that night on George promised to look after Edward, he found them shelter, provided them with food, mainly through theft and cons, kept them safe, all with the dream of getting that ship one day and being somewhere free together. At eighteen George had been exploring the newest port town he'd brought them to when he came across the most beautiful ship he'd ever seen, the ship maker was adding the finishing touches to the figurehead a front the ship. George had never seen anything like it and he intended it to be his; complimenting the ship maker on his craftsmanship George quickly set about learning about the man who crafted this beauty, learning him to be an avid gambler, and not a very good one. After some careful planning and the perfect plan George and Edward worked together to con the ship maker out of his ship. From that day forward George was Captain Scar and that ship was his pride and joy, Esmeralda, with his brother he set about pulling together the perfect crew.

Three years on and George had his new family in his crew, his first mate in his old childhood friend Duke, his brother Edward with him and a loyal crew, always in search of the next adventure. George was a kind Captain, honourable and understanding, his one rule was no killing, they had their cons of course but they got in and out without trouble, ghosts of the ocean, plus he much preferred hunting down new leads and maps, discovering islands not on maps and chasing legends. George never saw it but Edward was changing, a power hungry darkness growing inside him as he tried to lead George down a more violent path, trying to convince him that he could be a great Captain, if he would just take more control, a more ruthless approach to things. It was subtle and George didn't notice but slowly Edward's greed grew and he began plotting to overturn his brother from his position.

After leaving port Kalu, where George had won a treasure map in a game of cards and this was to be the newest adventure, they had set sail and were out on the ocean when they discovered a stowaway in the ships hold. Arcelia was a young adventure seeker who was quite a magpie at times, if it was shiny she wanted to play with it and was easily excited at the thought of adventure and treasure. She'd heard of the great Captain Scar and his adventures for the greatest treasures and it was too great an opportunity to pass up, so she'd sneaked onto the Esmeralda and stowed away in the hold, among the sparkling treasures. When discovered Edward argued with George, trying to convince the Captain that this girl was a spy intent on stealing their treasures and that she should be put to death as a sign to whoever it was that dared plant a spy against them. George denied, offering the girl a chance aboard his ship but Edward was not so fond of her, that started become obvious. On the ship Arcelia was quite sneaky and often enjoyed hiding around the ship on her own little adventures and it is because of this that she starts to overhear Edward as he was trying to convince some of the crew of George's weakness, and inability to lead them as a Captain. Arcelia is grateful for the chance the Captain has given her but she also knows that he doesn't know her and he'd never believe her if she tried to tell him his brother was plotting against him; Arcelia knows her only option is to try and keep the Captain safe and turns to his first mate, and best friend to help.

This is a story about the life aboard the Esmeralda, starting in Kalu before they depart, a story of adventure that leads to deceit and betrayal.


Main Characters

Captain - George Scar
Played by user: Culpa

George Scar
George is a good hearted soul, he wants nothing more then to protect those in his charge and provide for his family. Always seeking adventure the young captain is charming and eager, a smile always on his face.
Years of running and hard labour meant that George was in great shape physically, his body toned and defined; his features strong and flawless, marred only on his body by the thick puckered scar that ran from his left shoulder down to his right hip. As Captains went he was often teased for his young appearance and flawless looks, the baby faced Captain but it was all in good fun to George, he was younger then most of the successful Captains and he didn't have the same weathered appearance that Captain's were known for. With odd greened hair cropped in a short spiked mop George's eyes matched a sparkling emerald.

See story setting for bio.

The Captain's Brother - Edward
Played by user:

Edward Scar
Quiet and brooding Edward thinks himself above the rest of the crew, seperating himself from his brothers more casual approach to the pirate life.
Edward's appearance varied greatly to his brother's, his physic less defined to his brother's chiselled body, he was skinny and shorter then the tall Captain; his hair was silver as the nights moon, a long shaggy mop, and his eyes were a bright aqua. Edward's features were sharp and angular, his pale skin marked only with the crescent scar under his left eye.

See story setting for bio.

Stowaway - Arcelia
Played by user: SailorTitan

Addicted to anything shiny Arcelia is easily excited, chasing after anything that glistens. The young girl is overly hyper, full of energy and dreams of adventure.
Arcelia was small in stature, thin and short, a trait she used to her advantage when it came to hiding and adventuring. Her reddish brown hair was long and fell down her back, often tied back in a rough ponytail; Arcelia's features were soft and rounded, her skin smooth and flawless and her eyes a interesting brown that seemed to gleam with a purple colour deep within.
George / Edward

Arcelia was born into a noble family where she was expected to be a dutiful daughter, follow strict rules and be a silent, non-adventurous daughter and eventually wife to whoever her father wanted to give her to, but that wasn't Arcelia. Since she could walk Lia had wanted to run and play, see new things and going on exciting adventures! When she turned sixteen her father had found her a husband, the man had no personality whatsoever and the thought of being tied down to him grated at Lia and she knew that if she married him her life was over for sure, so she did the only thing she could think of and ran away, packing a bag and sneaking from her family home she left in search of adventure.

First Mate - Duke
Played by user:

Duke Finendeo
Loyal to the end Duke is the Captain's right hand man and takes his job very seriously, he can be a little too serious at times George is always teasing the first mate of his need to loosen up.
Duke is a slender young man, his appearance quite young considering his age, but his serious nature made up for that. With hair dark as night it struck against his paled skin; his eyes were such a dark blue they almost appeared black themselves at times. Duke was never seen without the modest wooden cross around his neck, a symbol of his home and life he came from.
First Mate
George / Edward

Duke was the youngest son of a merchant family, his family was comfortable in their life, neither rich nor poor and they lived a simple life but Duke always felt different, like there was more to see and do in the world then the selling other people's wares. When he was sixteen he met George when the boy was stealing some bread from a market stall, Duke chased the thief down intent on turning him in to the guards but when he followed George into the slums of the city and watched as the boy broke up the bread giving it out to poor huddled children with a gentleness Duke couldn't turn him in anymore. The merchant's son watched as the one loaf of bread was broken up into small morsels that could never be counted as a meal and so Duke ran back to his father's stall in the marketplace, asking his father for money for some food he went and bought up two more loafs of bread before hurrying back to slums where he had followed George, offering the young body the loaves he also gave him the remaining money he had. From that day on Duke spent the next year sneaking off and meeting up with George, learning more about the young boy and the adventures he found in the town Duke had found so boring. After a year George told Duke that he had to leave and take his brother to another town, explaining that the town guards were getting suspicious of them and so they parted ways. Years later when Duke was eighteen he left his families home in search of adventure of his own, unsure of what he wanted to do with his life, seeking a meaning to his life, he found himself stumbling upon George once more, the young boys energy and kindness was infectious and Duke spent the next few years moving between towns and adventures, bumping into George frequently until the boy got his ship and offered Duke a place on his crew. Since then Duke had never looked back.

Crew - Vic
Played by user: MerpyTheScareCrow

Vic Valkier
Quiet and secretive Vic is new on the Esmeralda and he keeps to himself, moving among the shadows of the ship.
With black hair and amber eyes Vic often blended in to the shadows around him, like a darkness clung to him; his left eye lost in a battle he wore a black eye patch over his face.
Crew Member
George / Edward

Vic was a mercenary, had been since he was fifteen, he'd grown up fighting and stealing, he trusted no one and was loyal to no one. Offering his services to the highest bidder Vic made quite a living off his skills. The only reason he ended up on Captain Scar's ship now was because he lost a game to the Captain's young brother and now owed the young corrupt Edward a debt, a debt Edward wanted claimed through help over throwing his brother, the promise of treasure was also alluring.

Other Crew Members

If you would like to play another character on the crew please complete the character sheet below.

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Full Name
Characters current age
Description of their personality
Quick description of the characters appearance
What position do they hold on the crew, if any?
Who are they loyal to Captain George or Edward in his plot to over throw

Short bio of the characters life before joining the crew. Maybe include why they wanted to become a pirate and how they ended up on the Esmeralda.

Toggle Rules

Most important rule of all is to follow the site's rules.

  • Let me know which character you'd like to play
  • Let's get some story into it, Edward is not going to actually try and overthrow the Captain for some time, let's have some plots and obsacles, twists and turns through their adventures.
  • Please no god modding or killing characters off without permission
  • The five main characters are needed before can start, these characters need to stay alive through the story and follow their personality and role as outlined.
  • If you wish to create another crew member you would like to play please complete the character sheet as requested in the introduction.
  • If you have any issues or suggestions please let me know (this is my first thread so I am going to be far from perfect >.<)

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Character Portrait: Edward Rupert Scar
0 sightings Edward Rupert Scar played by culpa
Captain Scar's younger brother
Character Portrait: Duke Finendeo
0 sightings Duke Finendeo played by culpa
Captain's First Mate

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Character Portrait: Captain George Scar


Character Portrait: Captain George Scar
Captain George Scar

Captain Scar of the Esmerald


Character Portrait: Captain George Scar
Captain George Scar

Captain Scar of the Esmerald

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Character Portrait: Captain George Scar
Captain George Scar

Captain Scar of the Esmerald

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