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Aurora Sanctus Grant

There are only two types of people in the world: losers and winners.

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a character in “True Cross Academy”, as played by Xunnamius


Aurora Sanctus Grant
"There's no such thing as natural talent. It's just the loser's excuse for failure."


Though she is of average weight, Aurora is quite tall for a woman, towering at height at a full six feet. The image pretty effectively communicates the rest.

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Role: Exorcist #10


Rank: Upper 2nd Class
Exorcist: Knight, Tamer, Dragoon (in that order)
Job: Secretly a Vatican assassin, though she teaches in her spare time



As a Knight, Aurora specializes in spear fighting. As such, her main weapon is the demon spear Ascalon (above). It is the same demonic spear of legend used by St. George to slay the child-eating dragon in Silene, Libya. The spear is useful due to the fact that it can disassemble and reassemble itself at will—even when shattered into thousands of pieces. As a demonic item, it may have extended capabilities, but Aurora has not explored them, focusing instead on training her body.

Her secondary specialization is with long range weaponry, i.e. sniper rifles and the like, earning her the tertiary meister class "Dragoon". Due to the phenomenally high long range shot/kill ratio she's managed to rack up—thanks in part to her Tamer-doppelganger strategy (below)—she has earned the title of "Red Death" among higher level Exorcists and some demons.



Aurora is a harsh, unrelenting, and unforgiving combat artist. "Mercy" is part of her personal lexicon, sure... next to "never going to happen" and "fucking pathetic". She does not recognize nor consider "honor" when she takes action, which is why some people refer to her as a "dirty" fighter. She believes any and every tactic to be within the realm of fairness in this world, be it biting your nose or ear off, head butting, ambushing, taking advantage of the male anatomy, throwing sand in your face, using sunlight to blind you, splashing her blood in your eyes, picking up a rock and braining you with it, anything. People who think otherwise are just complainers to her—a thought she'll point out, even to members of her own team.


"Cheating? No. This is called winning."

Aurora has a very forceful disposition, so much so that she'll unconsciously walk all over other more timid personalities. Further, she will not usually tolerate contempt or discourtesy from anyone, even those that rank higher than her. She has no qualms about starting a scene or instigating a fight if she feels even the least bit slighted. Moreover, she is known to speak her mind—though she is not without tact. She has a deep and intricate understanding of the politics of her position as an Upper 2nd Class Exorcist, and will take steps to restrain herself in cases where it could cause her undue trouble.

She may not be the most brilliant person in the room, but given her quick wits and gift for resourcefulness, she often times finds herself playing chess while her enemies are busy playing checkers.


  • Training. Her daily routine is insane.
  • Spears; other people that like or use spears.
  • Fighting; watching a good fight
  • Teaching others. She considers this another form of self-training.
  • Arguing
  • Drinking
  • Things she finds thrilling (motorcycles, guns, etc.)
  • People with tenacity/moxie
  • Others losing while she wins

  • Arrogance, overly self-confident people, and those she considers pseudo-intellectuals
  • Smoking and people that smoke
  • Crying, whining, and vivid displays of emotion
  • Timid and/or shy actions by others
  • Demons. She really doesn't like demons, or anything even remotely related to Satan.
  • People that she perceives to have slighted her (you've been warned)
  • People making comments about her family members that she considers rude, derogatory, or ill-conceived
  • People who give up (even her enemies)
  • Others winning while she loses

  • Does not take people's feelings into account as often as she should
  • May become so focused on a fight/training that she does not pay attention to other (possibly equally important) things
  • Only good at shooting sniper rifles, and then only in the prone position. She's not proficient with handguns or the like
  • Sometimes becomes subconsciously annoyed at students that, after several attempts, aren't "getting" the topic she's teaching
  • A bit too eager and willing to fight any one at any time... yeah

Hobbies (when she's not on mission or teaching)
  • Practicing; honing her skills—sometimes she'll spar with others if she considers them enough of a challenge
  • No really, practicing. She is religious about her training regiment. Eat, Practice, Work, Practice, Sleep, Practice, Repeat. Her whole life is centered around becoming better at what she does.
  • Thinking about different strategies and tactics she's used in her most recent fights
  • Pondering more efficient methods of honing her skills during practice
  • Binge drinking and generally procrastinating (drowning out her worries with training) when something comes up that she doesn't want to deal with. This could arguably be considered a flaw...


As stated, Aurora's specialty as a Knight is spear combat as well as general athleticism and dexterity. Her prowess with a spear is unrivaled, which is why she's been recommended to advance to the rank of Upper 1st Class—though she refused the offer because she didn't feel that she'd trained enough.

Her efficacy as a combat artist is, counter-intuitively, increased when she's fighting multiple opponents simultaneously—even without her spear. As such, she tends to go into the massive brawls solo, and does not do so well when placed on a team.

She's also a long-range Dragoon, using sniper rifles to pick off targets from afar—usually when on assignment for the Vatican, where discretion and secrecy is of the highest priority. Snipers are notoriously hard to locate, especially when they're acting as hitmen.


Along with the Knight and Dragoon designations comes her proficiency as a Tamer. Her primary familiar is the doppelganger demon Brunei, who has the ability to mimic the look, nature, voice, and mannerisms of anyone it sees. When acting as a Dragoon, Aurora uses Brunei to her advantage, especially when attempting to lure targets into her rifle's firing zone so she can assassinate them—be they Demon or Exorcist. She calls this the "Tamer-doppelganger" strategy, whereupon she summons her doppelganger and has it either mimic her form to lure her prey out into the open or it will mimic the form of the target itself, confusing and disorienting the prey and leaving it vulnerable to assault from a distance.

This strategy is has been wildly successful for her, though most higher level targets are privy to her tactics by now.


Though Brunei may seem to fully mimic its targets, it is only an imitation. Brunei cannot mimic the person's special powers or non-physical abilities. She is able to summon other demons as well, though she calls upon them nowhere near as often as she does Brunei.

Backstory (Bio)

Aurora was born to a family of Exorcists, though she didn't actually begin Exorcist training until she was sent to True Cross at 14 years old. It didn't take long for her to make her mark and move on, quickly climbing the ranks. One of her main motivations for becoming an Exorcist and climbing the ranks with the goal of Paladin is to be able to shield her younger brother, Garic, from the True Cross Order and its Grigori, who would undoubtedly object to Garic's "unnatural" existence, should they ever find out. Further, she hopes to unearth the cause of the infamous "Blue Night" of sixteen years prior, and make those responsible—especially Satan—pay dearly for the sacrifices made that night.

Her intentions are not all pure, however. Another of her motivations is to surpass her mother, a Knight/Aria who became an Upper 1st Class Exorcist before retiring due to injuries sustained during the Blue Night. Aurora also just likes to prove that she's generally better than other people, and the title of "Paladin" would pretty much cement that in stone.


Mother/Father: Retired Exorcists in their 50s, currently living somewhere True Cross Town. Father was an Upper 3rd Class Doctor/Tamer. Mother was an Upper 1st Class Aria/Knight, gunning for the position as one of the Arc Knights before the Blue Night incident.
Little brother: Garic Aguero Grant

Thoughts Towards Other Characters

Mavis Aria Jeska
While Aurora may be slightly annoyed that Mavis managed to attain Upper 2nd Class Exorcist status while being six years younger, she does respect her—though they've never really spoken. Contemplates sparring her.

Garic Aguero Grant
Thinks of her little brother as a timid little weakling that will bring down the Grant name and hurt her chances of becoming the next Paladin. Generally annoyed by his presence. Annoyed that he attends True Cross Academy. Annoyed that they're related. Annoyed that he doesn't train as much as she does. Pretends not to know him if she can get away with it.

However, she secretly hopes that his attending True Cross will bring him out of his shell and up to her level. She really does love him, in her own way, and won't tolerate anyone else being mean to him—though she has never "come to his rescue" directly. That for losers and bad anime plots. She'll wait around, perhaps observing from afar, and kick the crap out of the offender(s) in a back alley somewhere later in the day.

There was one time Garic did try to stand up to her. Once. It didn't turn out too good (he got smacked down—literally), thought she did respect the effort.


Theme Song
Ming Tran by Gob

Better run away. run away.
'cause you know I can't wait for the next time.
You better run away. run away.
for nothing's gonna save you the next time.

So begins...

Aurora Sanctus Grant's Story

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Mavis Jeska

Mavis always woke up early, which is why she was at her class so early. She looked upon the few students in front of her class, either slacking off, sleeping, or talking. Rarely any of them were studying, and the ones that were well... It wasn't surprising to her though. She wasn't given that much respect as a teacher because of her age and being a student also. The only respect she was given was for being serious and strict in some way, no one looked her beyond that.

It's not as if she really minded though. This was daily, this was life. As a teacher, she had to deal with these things, always being the calmest and most accepting one, no matter the circumstances, which was why she was so open to letting people sleep in her class, 'It'll affect their lives if they don't pay attention in class the next time we all go on a mission...' She thought with a sigh but shook off this unpleasant feeling and glanced at her papers she had to grade and sat up straight in her chair before grabbing a pen and beginning to write.

Yuen Tatabana

Yuen woke up early, and by accident because his alarm was on and he didn't turn it off the night before, seeing how he'd always do that, but just because he hated waking up early. Usually, he'd wake up late, leaving behind first, second, third, maybe even his fourth period if he felt like it. The first year, his teachers were always angry at him for skipping his classes, but after him staying for so long and constantly repeating all his mistakes, all the teachers got used to such habit.

Slowly, he rolled off his bed, hitting the ground with such force it probably woke up the other heavy sleepers the floor below him. And yet his hand missed the alarm clock, leaving it still to ring as he brought himself off the ground, the blankets along with him. He brought his hand forcefully down onto the clock and stood up with a wrathful look on his face before heading for the door, partially dressed and undressed. He went on a mission a day before, and got really tired while trying to change out of his school uniform. He didn't care about the weird looks he got from his dorm, so he just headed straight for class, not knowing what time it was and that school wasn't even about to begin just yet.

Xepher Dwei

Xepher lit a smoke before putting the lighter back into his pocket and looking up at the sky from outside the academy. He wasn't the type of principal to be lying around and doing nothing, so what he did in the mean time was talk to a few of the kids or just simply welcome the freshmen or newcomers, since there were people of many ages.

It wasn't creepy or anything. He was the principal, sure, but he was so young. Even a few students and teachers were older than him, but that didn't really matter to anyone apparently. Xepher was the type of man that was easy to talk to, the type of man who anyone could open up to, no matter the age or gender. It was the same both ways since he felt mutual.

He looked down at his watch to check the time and noticed that it was 7:45, "Seven forty-five kids! Make sure not to be late, alright?" He laughed and watched the few students he talked to walk off and run into the distance, 'Really... these kids are so interesting and funny to me...' Xepher told himself, taking a breath of fresh air for himself.

Jitsue Osaka

Jitsue was sitting underneath a tree, holding a book up to his eye level and scanning it quickly. To most people, it looked like a regular book, but he was studying human emotions, since he's a demon himself. Although people suspected him to be a human, he was most definitely not. He, along with three others, were the people causing so much trouble for the school, and yet no one knew, other than perhaps one; the principal.

He always had his eyes on him, being wary, but around the students, he knew they never suspected a thing, so he was able to read these books and be normal around them without any worries. Still, he acted normal, just in case.

There, underneath that tree, he waited for three other people who were just like him; demons. But they were demons who also caused trouble and stood undercover in the academy to learn weak spots so they could attack when needed. Instead of takling to the students who passed, he waited for the other three of his kind to talk to. He never liked humans. In fact, he hated them with all his life, 'Just to get rid of them would be a long life well spent...' He though with a small smile while his eyes switched from the book to the passing students, still searching for the three he was waiting for.

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The crosshair of the sniper rifle's scope sat overlaying the face of a shady-looking young woman through the window of a popular restaurant on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. She was seated toward the back of the establishment, nursing a glass of liquor, eyes staring off at nothing.

The shady woman sighed, finishing off her drink and slamming the glass down upon the table. Such a raucous wasn't a rarity around these parts it seemed, for not a single patron even glanced in her direction. A smirk touched her lips. Off towards the front of the building, near the only exit, a figure stood up from where she was sitting alongside a few others. This stranger was an exorcist—Middle 1st Class Ivanna Raskolnikov, assigned to respond to demonic threats within this sector. She was in full gear as well—dark blue exorcist's overcoat fully buttoned, red and black tie, white undershirt, jet black combat boots and matching pressed slacks.

The shady woman pretended not to notice her counterpart, Ivanna, stand. Looked the other way when the Exorcist conversed with other patrons by shouting across the room at them. Sighed when she fake-laughed at a particularly bad joke. Finally, after much ado, Ivanna stepped out of the building. Pulling a few paper rubles from her inner pocket and securing them on the table with her overturned glass cup, the shady woman got up to follow.

The pursuit didn't last long. In fact, it didn't even really begin. As the shady woman stepped outside the door and onto the street, Ivanna was there to greet her, standing a few meters away, an arrogant smirk ripe upon her face. It was raining outside, but neither woman seemed to mind. The street was relatively empty, since it was technically still "early in the morning". The shady woman had preferred to meet Ivanna on a crowded street or in some other low-profile manner, but this current series of events was not unexpected. In fact, it would do just fine.

"Aurora Sanctus Grant. Upper 2nd Class Exorcist. Ever eager to bark for your masters." Ivanna tilted her head slightly, eyes going wide. She had a heavy Russian accent. "Do you think me stupid? That I wouldn't recognize you? You stick out like a sore thumb around here, hun." Her sneer was so deep that it contorted her entire face. "Or did you just assume I would not be prepared for a Vatican assassin?!"

Before Aurora could respond, a spray of red exploded from her chest, to be washed down the storm drains by the rain from above. There would be no evidence. Slowly looking downward, Aurora, her life essence oozing every so slowly from her mouth in clumped globules, noted the massive hairy dark-green claw protruding from the center of her chest, half way through where her heart used to be. She began making choking noises, blood welling up in her throat and lungs. She leered over her shoulder at the creature who stood behind her. He was one of the patrons she had spotted Ivanna sitting with earlier. Obviously, he was a demon. She should have noticed something so apparent much earlier.

But it was too late. The mistake had already been made.

Still, the experience wasn't a complete failure. The Vatican's suspicions were true. Ivanna really had betray the order and lowered herself to conspiring with demons.

Ivanna's laughter pierced the air like a thunderbolt. "Fool! Ha ha HA! One day," she began, walking towards the incapacitated and dying Exorcist with measured steps, "the Vatican will learn to send its best if they want to impress me." She stopped within an arm's length of Aurora, staring her straight in the eyes. "I think I'll rend the liver from your cold dead corpse and send it to them, hun. You know, make my point." Ivanna was in complete command here. She was the superior. She was the winner, and Aurora the loser. It showed in her eyes, came out in her voice. As she poked out her chin and flashed Aurora a smile, it became apparent that she was beyond arrogant. "What do you think?" She mocked.

Slowly, weakly, Aurora raised her hands up in front of her...

And latched on to the hairy claw that protruded from her chest. The demon gasped in surprise, and Ivanna took a hesitant step backwards, doubt entering her expression. "TEAR HER APART!" She screeched, commanding the demon. With a roar, the beast abandoned its human form, mutating from humanoid to vicious beast over the course of a few seconds. He brought his claw up high above his head, aiming to finish Aurora in one swipe. With all of his might, he brought his mighty talons down upon—


Ivanna's face changed from unrivaled supremacy to unbridled dismay as the head of her demon companion exploded to bits, leaving a long red and white streak of blood, brains, and bone along the wall of the building behind them. After a moment, Aurora stood, breaking the dead demon's arm off at the wrist and slowly sliding the remainder of the limp appendage backwards and out of the egregious laceration. It was the same remedy for treating an arrow wound, except where there would be wood and metal to snap, there was flesh and bone. By now, Ivanna was holding the sides of her head with her hands. "What. The. Fuck?!"

Aurora stood, spitting some blood from her mouth, chest wound still gaping and onerous. She mirrored Ivanna's previous sneer and arrogant manner perfectly. Literally, perfectly. "Middle 1st Class Dragoon/Aria Ivanna Raskolnikov. Do you think me stupid?" Aurora's sneer was so deep that it contorted her entire face. "Or did you just assume I would not be prepared for a treacherous bitch?"

At those words, Aurora's face seemed to melt into a silvery liquid. Shaping. Changing. Molding. Ivanna's eyes went wide once more, though this time in anger. "Demon!" She hissed, pulling a gun with her right hand and aiming it at the thing's head. "I know of your name, most unclean!" As she began to chant what she hoped was the demon's fatal verse, the creature, its face still a storm of pulsating liquid, took a step closer. Ivanna took a step backward. "O God, the Creator of all things, by water and the Holy—"


One moment, the Exorcist was holding her gun at the ready, prepped to expel a hostile demon from this world. In the next, her entire arm was missing. There was simply nothing there from the the elbow down. The report from the sniper shot echoed down the empty street, reverberating off the walls of the nearby buildings, amplifying the sound. Ivanna screamed, her concentration broken, chant interrupted, grasping her stump of an arm for dear life. "No!"

The demon took another step closer, his face finally settling in its new form. The demon now looked exactly like Ivanna, except he—she? it?—still had an arm, of course.


Ivanna's leg disappeared out from under her. The only evidence of its prior existence, bits and pieces of flesh and bone, were strewn all over the nearby sidewalk. She fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

"Ivanna." When the demon spoke, it sounded exactly as the downed Exorcist did not five minutes ago. Arrogant. Self-confident. On top of the world. It walked with the same posture. Spoke with the same deep accent. Made the same facial expressions. Wore the same outfit. They were like perfect twins, except for the gaping hole in the middle of the doppelganger's chest. "You have been accused of consorting with the enemy. Further, you are suspected of creating counterfeit Infinity Keys to allow certain demons entry past True Cross Academy's anti-demon barrier."

"Mercy! Mercy, please!" Ivanna pleaded. The demon took another step closer. It was now towering over the bloodied floored Exorcist. As nearly perfect twins, the scene would probably seem odd to a bystander—even without the blood, echos of gunshots, or the burning demon carcass a few feet away.

The demon knelt down so that it was eye level with the other Exorcist. "My master believes there is a plot to destroy True Cross Academy from within. As one who consorts with the enemy, you wouldn't happen to have any information for us?" The demon mimicked her mannerisms, voice, inflections, demeanor, and manner of eye contact perfectly. The identity of Ivanna Raskolnikov, Middle 1st Class Exorcist, now belonged to this demon. It was Ivanna now, for all intents and purposes.

There was only one thing standing in the way of it assuming her full identity. With a cold crass stare, Ivanna stared down at Ivanna, ignoring her cries. "Please," she sputtered. "I don't know. It sounds feasible, but I just don't know. I just sold the keys, I wasn't involved with them like that. Please, don't kill me!"

Ivanna frowned down at Ivanna, standing. "I see. Well, Ivanna Raskolnikov." Ivanna turned her back on her counterpart and began walking away. "I have taken your name as my own."



And that was the end of Ivanna. Or, perhaps, the beginning. Depends on your perspective. Grinning, Ivana looked up towards the sky. "Did you get all that, my master?" She muttered, inflecting her tone sarcastically on master. "Wise choice, sending me in first. If it'd been you stabbed through the chest, perhaps it'd be your name I'd have taken this day." With a deep baritone chuckle out of character for the woman known as Ivanna Raskolnikov, the demon abruptly vanished, leaving behind an empty street and a scene of carnage not even the rain could wash away.

Half a mile up the road, atop a tall office building, lay a woman in the prone position, a large black and gray stainless-steel long-barreled sniper rifle to her front, and a particularly intricate summoning circle to her left. She had smudged the circle with her knee a few moments earlier, resulting in a reversal of the evocation.

With a sigh, Aurora Sanctus Grant rose from her position, quickly dismantling the sniper weapon and erasing any trace of the summoning circle from the rooftop. The rain certainly helped.

Things had taken a very interesting turn. She would surely report her findings to the Vatican, as per code, but this threat against True Cross... She pursed her lips, moving her mouth as if chewing, obviously mulling something over in her head. She had reported her theory of hostile demons masquerading as human exorcists to the Vatican before, but they said there was not enough evidence to warrant any drastic action. She growled to herself.

Even this most recent assassination wouldn't be enough to bring them over to her school of thought. She needed some definite proof.

"I guess it's decided then," she said out loud to no one. She was alone atop the roof. "Looks like I'll be paying a visit to the True Cross Academy." A smirk touched her lips. "In person."