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Rina Okumura

Gender-bend Rin XD

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a character in “True Cross Academy”, originally authored by Ever, as played by RolePlayGateway


Rina Okumura

Name: Rina Okumura but goes simply by Rina or Rin
Age: 16
Race: Demon (while mother was human, demonic side is more dominant)
Gender: Female
Role: Demon No. 1
Romantic Interest: None of as right now
Rank: Esquire
Exorcist: Knight and Tamer
Height: 5'5
Weight: 108 lb.
Weapon: Kurikara, a legendary demon-slaying sword, is Rina's main weapon. She holds it quite dear to her, seeing as it just wasn't a gift from her recently deceased adoptive father but also as the blade that is infused with her demonic powers. When she unsheathes it, the powers she was more-or-less cursed with at birth, come flooding back into her system. Other than her sword, Rina also uses her familiar, Kuro, as an attacking force but also a companion.
Job: None, she can never hold onto one XD

Rina is what some may label as a delinquent through a first-glance perspective. Not only does she seem not to follow the dress-code, but for a female, Rina is actually quite violent at times and readily gets into fights. So much for being lady-like, huh? Though she does have a good excuse. These violent feelings are, of course, caused by her demon blood coursing through her being from her father which makes Rina quick to act on this impulse of fighting rather than fleeing. Unfortunately, she doesn't always know her limits (such as her inhuman strength) which has caused many humans and demons alike to end up in the infirmary and herself in the principal's office.

Despite this violent nature of hers, Rina is surprisingly a supportive and protective friend. Her heart is quite large and, no matter who it is, when a person is in need; she can't turn them away. She'll go to extreme extents to make herself useful through various tasks (ei; supporting a friend's dream, protecting them from harassment, saving their behinds in the middle of battle, etc) and will always give to them without a second thought. Rina is quite the amazing friend to have around, in good or bad, and will always make you smile through her air-head-ish and headstrong actions.

As mentioned before, Rina is quite the airhead at times. She has never been the best at reading emotions and actions of others towards her, something of which has only worsened. I mean, this girl can't even tell if a guy is flirting with her! Because of this aloof personality (coupled with her habit to zone off into intense day-dreaming), you can imagine what her grades look like XD. Definitely not a person made for book-smarts. However severe she may be lacking in "school-related" knowledge, Rina possesses an extraordinary ability to see the world through the eyes of another which allows her to make personal connections with everyone she meets. Because of this ability, Rina is able to make friends with everyone and be as light-hearted and immature as she is now. After all, everyone needs a light in their life.

Much like other demons, Rina has a flipped side to her when she enters her demonic form. Unlike other demons, however, hers is much, much more terrifying. In her demon form, she's a cold and calculating individual that shows no mercy, not to even children. As if it were a fun game, Rina has a habit of toying with humans before killing them off, sometimes even entire small villages! Her demonic personality is not only just malicious but powerful and something to be feared. What else could you expect from the Daughter of Satan?
Likes: ~ Food (especially pastries and noodles) ~ Cooking ~Sleeping ~Dim lights ~Her familiar ~ Daydreaming
Dislikes: ~ Her demon side ~ Her father ~ Bright lights ~ School and studying ~ Iced coffee
Talents: ~ Superhuman strength (demon side) ~ Excellent swordsmanship (she doesn't like to use her blue flames or demonic trump cards) ~ Controlling her demon familiar, Kuro ~Pyrokinesis (blue flames from Satan) ~ Regenerative healing (thanks to demon blood, yay!) ~ Demon telepathy ~ Cooking
Flaws: ~ Constantly afraid of someone finding out who she is related to ~ Doesn't always have full control over demon powers ~ Doesn't realize her own strength at times ~ Immature ~ Not applying herself (she could easily surpass Esquire level if she wanted to but doesn't like to expend energy)
Hobbies: ~ Cooking ~ Drawing ~ Sleeping ~ Singing ~ Talking and taking care of Kuro ~ Daydreaming


Bio: During the event of the Blue Night, Satan murdered a massive amount of the world's greatest holy men in order to find someone who he could possess (without destroying their body) to his save lover, Ruri Taiga (who was going to be executed by the Vatican for being impregnated by him). It was around the escape of Ruri (thanks to Satan) that Rina's adoptive father and Satan's older son were ordered by Ruri's father (a holy men) to hunt her down and destroy not only his daughter but his grandchildren, the offspring of Satan . They soon found Ruri within a cave, protected by demons that Satan had sent from Gehenna, with her newborn twins, whom she named Rina and Toya. Rina was the only one who seemed to inherit the powers of her father, the newborn babe completely engulfed in bright blue fire. Due to the high amount of demonic power within her daughter, Ruri soon passed away from a depleted life force and her son, Rina's twin brother, Toya, soon followed. Instead of killing the Daughter of Satan, Rina's adoptive parent, Shiro Fujimoto, decided to seal her demonic powers within the demon-slaying blade, Kurikara, with the help of Mephisto (Satan's oldest son). Shiro had decided to raise Ruri's and Satan's child as his own and as a human. Mephisto then made a deal to keep quiet about this with Fujimoto that if the human man doesn't succeed in raising the daughter as a normal child or if Rina's Demon powers ever came out; she would be under his custody.

In her childhood, Rina lead a normal human life up until the age of 6 when her inhuman strength and temper caught up to her. This caused children and even teachers to fear Rina, thinking of her as a demon and throwing vicious words such as 'demon child' around. She would get into fights often, sometimes twice a day, and injured all of her classmates in the process. The only only one who could stop her mini-rampage was Shirō. Rina always admired Shirō and wanted to become like him when she grew up, so she followed his word to the T. And despite how angry she was with him at times, she'd never lay a finger on her father.

It wasn't until Rina's 16th birthday when her powers emerged. On that day, during a fight in which she was pinned down against, blue flames erupted from her. Her Satanic powers had finally surfaced. One thing led to another and before she knew it; her very world, Assiah, was filled with varying demons whom were trying to track her down. They all wanted to meet the new Princess of Gehenna, to bring her back to their world. Shiro defended his daughter to the best of his ability, but in a sudden heated exchange of words with her, he had let his guard down. In a blink of an eye, Satan was possessing the man closest to Rina, trying to drag her away to her "rightful home"; Gehenna. Unsheathing Kurikara, Rina managed to escape his grasp just as he had pushed her into the Gehenna Gate. The young teen managed to get out but not before seeing her adoptive father be consumed by the Gate, being lost forever.

Mephisto, now her rightful guardian, sent his younger sister to True Cross Academy, wanting her to train to become an Exorcist. There, Rina made a promise to herself and her brother that she would kill their father for his heinous crimes against humanity and her life, something of which Mephisto acknowledged in intrigued amusement. Now here she is; 16 years old and on her path to kill Satan.
Other: so freakin adorable!!
Relationships: (NPCs such as parents or siblings)
Thoughts towards Other Characters:
Theme Song: (Add in the lyrics too if possible/any! Doesn't matter what language or if no singing!)

So begins...

Rina Okumura's Story

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Mavis Jeska

Mavis always woke up early, which is why she was at her class so early. She looked upon the few students in front of her class, either slacking off, sleeping, or talking. Rarely any of them were studying, and the ones that were well... It wasn't surprising to her though. She wasn't given that much respect as a teacher because of her age and being a student also. The only respect she was given was for being serious and strict in some way, no one looked her beyond that.

It's not as if she really minded though. This was daily, this was life. As a teacher, she had to deal with these things, always being the calmest and most accepting one, no matter the circumstances, which was why she was so open to letting people sleep in her class, 'It'll affect their lives if they don't pay attention in class the next time we all go on a mission...' She thought with a sigh but shook off this unpleasant feeling and glanced at her papers she had to grade and sat up straight in her chair before grabbing a pen and beginning to write.

Yuen Tatabana

Yuen woke up early, and by accident because his alarm was on and he didn't turn it off the night before, seeing how he'd always do that, but just because he hated waking up early. Usually, he'd wake up late, leaving behind first, second, third, maybe even his fourth period if he felt like it. The first year, his teachers were always angry at him for skipping his classes, but after him staying for so long and constantly repeating all his mistakes, all the teachers got used to such habit.

Slowly, he rolled off his bed, hitting the ground with such force it probably woke up the other heavy sleepers the floor below him. And yet his hand missed the alarm clock, leaving it still to ring as he brought himself off the ground, the blankets along with him. He brought his hand forcefully down onto the clock and stood up with a wrathful look on his face before heading for the door, partially dressed and undressed. He went on a mission a day before, and got really tired while trying to change out of his school uniform. He didn't care about the weird looks he got from his dorm, so he just headed straight for class, not knowing what time it was and that school wasn't even about to begin just yet.

Xepher Dwei

Xepher lit a smoke before putting the lighter back into his pocket and looking up at the sky from outside the academy. He wasn't the type of principal to be lying around and doing nothing, so what he did in the mean time was talk to a few of the kids or just simply welcome the freshmen or newcomers, since there were people of many ages.

It wasn't creepy or anything. He was the principal, sure, but he was so young. Even a few students and teachers were older than him, but that didn't really matter to anyone apparently. Xepher was the type of man that was easy to talk to, the type of man who anyone could open up to, no matter the age or gender. It was the same both ways since he felt mutual.

He looked down at his watch to check the time and noticed that it was 7:45, "Seven forty-five kids! Make sure not to be late, alright?" He laughed and watched the few students he talked to walk off and run into the distance, 'Really... these kids are so interesting and funny to me...' Xepher told himself, taking a breath of fresh air for himself.

Jitsue Osaka

Jitsue was sitting underneath a tree, holding a book up to his eye level and scanning it quickly. To most people, it looked like a regular book, but he was studying human emotions, since he's a demon himself. Although people suspected him to be a human, he was most definitely not. He, along with three others, were the people causing so much trouble for the school, and yet no one knew, other than perhaps one; the principal.

He always had his eyes on him, being wary, but around the students, he knew they never suspected a thing, so he was able to read these books and be normal around them without any worries. Still, he acted normal, just in case.

There, underneath that tree, he waited for three other people who were just like him; demons. But they were demons who also caused trouble and stood undercover in the academy to learn weak spots so they could attack when needed. Instead of takling to the students who passed, he waited for the other three of his kind to talk to. He never liked humans. In fact, he hated them with all his life, 'Just to get rid of them would be a long life well spent...' He though with a small smile while his eyes switched from the book to the passing students, still searching for the three he was waiting for.

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#, as written by Ever
Rina rolled over in her twin bed, a moan escaping her lips at the annoying generic beep of her alarm clock. Trying to ignore the metallic sound, the slugabed of a girl desperately reached into the far reaches of her mind, trying to reclaim the bliss slumber . A few minutes of this struggle for ignorance stretches by before the poor demon girl couldn't handle it any longer. Reaching about blindly, a pale slender hand flops about, almost in a drunken manner, until it finally comes in contact with the little switch. The switch that would bring her peaceful silence. Hitting it with a tad bit more force than intended, the beep ceases which causes a small sigh to escape Rina.

Swinging her lithe body over the side of the bed, another yawn escapes the tired girl as she pulls herself up from the downy mattress with great reluctance. In the sunlight, a small ivory fang catches the sunlight, gleaming briefly before vanishing as the demon makes about her daily routine. After tugging on her uniform in a messy manner, not caring about dress codes, Rina stifles yet another tired yawn from escaping as she begrudgingly shuffles her way across the room to the manner. here, she stares at the reflection with a mix between intense hate and curiosity. Sure, Rina looked just like any other demon: pale, luminous skin, a lithe and toned body, delicate and inhumanely beautiful features, sharpened fangs. But there was one thing that separated her from the group: her eyes. While they were a shockingly brilliant shade of cerulean, they seemed to move the longer you stared at them. Almost as if they were on fire. "Tsk." she mutters, eyes narrow at the thought: blue flames. Just like her "father", Lord Satan.

Roughly tugging a brush through her wild mane of dark navy blue, Rina tried to banish such dark thoughts from her mind but only succeeded minimally. Without spending another time in the room, the lithe girl grabs her wrapped up blade in velvety red cloth, the Kurikara, slinging it over her shoulder loosely and making her way out the front door.

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#, as written by Ever
Rina had finally made it out of her front door, not even caring a single moment about how tardy she was. As she reaches the front door of the female dorm, Kurikara bumping against her back in a rhythmic motion before falling still, the demon-girl pulls out a box of chocolate pocky. In her eagerness to open the tiny cookie sticks, Rina had forgotten entirely about her familiar. That was until she heard the voice of Kuro, echoing rather annoyingly in her mind "Rina! You're going to be late again!"

Giving an exasperated sigh, Rina pauses her energetic attempts to open the packaging to cast an eye roll down at the demonic cat "Kuro.. I'll be fine! Its only 5 minutes.." came her mutter, trailing off as the bag popped open. With a small squeal of joy, she pops a stick into her mouth before pocketing the pack. Chewing thoughtfully on the cookie, Rina reaches forward to place her transportation key into the regular door's socket before twisting it. In a moment of trance, the demon girl had forgotten all about what she was previously doing as memories from her childhood flooded her mind, only to be snapped back to reality by the annoyed grunt from Kuro. "Come on, Rina.... we need to get going." Pulling the key from the lock, the girl sends her familiar yet another one of her famous eye rolls before yanking the door open "Yeah yeah.. you know me, I LOVE being on time" came her mutter, sarcasm dripping from each word.

She followed her familiar into the darkened hallway, wincing slightly at the rather booming sound of the door slamming. Rubbing one of her pointed ears, she mutters "I don't think I'll ever get use to that..." before walking down the hallway to her classroom, Kuro dutifully trailing at her side.

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#, as written by Ever
See? I told you I wouldn't be late, Kuro." came Rina's smug mutter as she reached the imposing wooden that served as the barrier of the hallway and her classroom. In fact..I'm early came an echoing thought as her fingers wrapped around the handle of the door before pulling it open with a creak. The black cat just uttered a small "hmph" of acknowledgment, feeling quite satisfied at their early arrival, before slinking inside to the empty classroom. A small frown of disappointment flits across the Daughter of Satan's face at Kuro's lack of displayed happiness and she follows after the cat, about to protest. You should be more ha- her words were cut short at the sight of another person in the room. Another demon: Yuen Tatabana.

Instinctively, Rina's eyes narrow at the presence of the male demon lounging in a seat, and she clamps her mouth shut. Kuro, being her familiar, felt something was wrong which caused him to look over at his master in a curious manner. Why are you acting so hostile suddenly? came Kuro's prying voice inside her mind, causing her not to answer. Something about male demons just made Rina feel.... violent. Sending him a cold glance, Rina clutches her sheathed Kurikara, her knuckles turning white from the pressure, before hastily walking past him. Without another word and a spiteful glare, the young female demon finds her seat in the back before rigidly sitting down in it. In an attempt to quell her negative feelings, Rina rests her head on her arms, trying to block Yuen out.

Kuro watched, curiously, Rina's reaction to the presence of a male demon and couldn't help but wonder why. A small frown stamps its way onto the his feline mouth as his master stalked over to a chair and immediately put her head down, ruining the happy mood he was in before. With a small sigh, he pads over to the desk Yuen was currently at before jumping onto it with his signature grace. Sitting down, Kuro wraps his tails around his paws before tilting his head and flashing the demon a broad smile. Hello, I'm Kuro, the familiar of Rina Okumura.. I apologize about her..well... Kuro's words trail off, confused on what to exactly described Rina's attitude.

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"A Knight? Oh, gosh, no. I'd be no good as a Knight..." Garic could help but grin at that. He liked knights; they seem really cool. "But, eh, I really wanna be a Doctor!" Walking beside her, Garic noticed her glance up at the ceiling, lost in thought but for a moment. "It'd be pretty neat to be a Tamer, too, come to think of it..." She blinked and looked back at Garic, head tilted in curiosity. "And what about you? What do you want to be?"

That was easy for Garic. The answer came out of his mouth without even thinking. "I'm a Tamer!" Want to be a Tamer. "Er—want to be a Tamer." He gave a little awkward chuckle, scratching the back of his head. "Though I guess being a Knight kinda runs in my family."

As they conversed while walking down the hall, Garic, from his peripheral vision, noticed a girl walk in through the classroom door a few yards in front of them. He only turned his head towards her because he felt K growl—literally growl, like a dog—in his head. The girl had lengthy brilliant blue hair and matching deep blue eyes, and was that... a tail? He could never tell, though whenever he saw her, K always had the same reaction.

Then again, she did kinda have the whole "delinquent" look going for her.

Cut it out, K. Rolling his eyes, Garic looked back towards Miki. "I guess we should hurry before we're late." And at that, they made their way through the classroom door.