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Yoru Sukishime

"Maybe now isn't the best time.." (WIP)

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a character in “True Cross Academy”, originally authored by FlutteringInsanity, as played by RolePlayGateway


Yoru Sukishime

Yoru Sukishime


Demon Five

Romantic Interest:




Being a dragoon, Yoru usually uses a particular pair of handguns specially given to her by her aunt who is half demon, half human. Both of the guns having names, the black one being Otohime and the white being Yukitori. To carry her ammo she has a black, leather belt strapped around each of her upper thighs(just below her skirt) which holds four cartridges each. She also wears two belts around her waist which overlap each other in the front and the back. Both belts carry five cartridges each. She really only wear these when training but carries them in a small black bag just in case she needs to use them unexpectedly. They snap together much like a seat belt, so their quick and easy to put on without wasting much time. She stores a few cartridges in other places as well and is usually carrying more with her in case her belts run out.

Her second weapon, of course, is her mouth. She's decided to take up being an Aria as well and although this was only a few months ago when she chose to do this, she's been studying verses every day and night, wanting to be rather good at it when she moves up from being an esquire. She also knows a few basic seals, but is still just learning how to use them. Though she prefers to use guns over words, she think it's best to have a backup plan if she were to run out of ammo and she often uses her skills as an Aria alongside her talent as a Dragoon.

Yoru works part-time as a convenient store cashier/clerk.


In all honesty Yoru isn't an entirely interesting individual. At least, that's what she thinks of herself personally. She's usually quite laid back, having a calm and elegant demeanor of a well-collected young woman. She's rather confident in the things she does, but not in a way to where she comes off as cocky and she's not one to judge someone before getting to know them. She's very level-headed and is the type of person who always thinks things over before speaking or making a decision. She's typically friendly(unless you get on her bad side) and she's quick to befriend practically anyone if she takes a liking to them. Although she's mostly a serious person, she doesn't mind letting her stubborn, somewhat lazy 'teenager' side show when she's around her closer friends. She's very protective of the things and people whom she cares about, never hesitating a second to risk her life to defend what she believes in. She'd probably even give her life to save a complete stranger if she's given no other choice. Because of the responsible and mature attitude that she bears, Yoru is actually quite popular with the teachers and even some of the students in the academy outside of the 'cram school'.

Still, let's remember that Yoru is a demon-- a creature whose very existence is scoffed at and feared by many. This doesn't necessarily make her a bad person, but even the calm, cool-headed Yoru has to make sure her demonic rage doesn't get the best of her. Despite the incredible amount of kindness that she possesses, it's not difficult in the slightest for her to be equally as cold and/or harsh. It's quite easy for her to dispose of anyone or anything that she feels is a threat and can do so without feeling much remorse afterwards. As for her demonic anger, she'd only risk losing control of herself if the lives of her friends were in danger. Actually, even then it would be too dangerous for her to expose her other side. After all, if anyone were to discover her true identity as a demon the results would most likely not be pretty and Yoru much prefers being considered 'the hunter' rather than 'the hunted'. Yet somehow she still feels guilt for having to lie to her friends about who...what she is. She may be a demon, but she's got a heart that feels stress and regret just like any other human, not that the council would even give a damn about any of that. Off with her head before the monster poses a threat, right?









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So begins...

Yoru Sukishime's Story

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Mavis Jeska

Mavis always woke up early, which is why she was at her class so early. She looked upon the few students in front of her class, either slacking off, sleeping, or talking. Rarely any of them were studying, and the ones that were well... It wasn't surprising to her though. She wasn't given that much respect as a teacher because of her age and being a student also. The only respect she was given was for being serious and strict in some way, no one looked her beyond that.

It's not as if she really minded though. This was daily, this was life. As a teacher, she had to deal with these things, always being the calmest and most accepting one, no matter the circumstances, which was why she was so open to letting people sleep in her class, 'It'll affect their lives if they don't pay attention in class the next time we all go on a mission...' She thought with a sigh but shook off this unpleasant feeling and glanced at her papers she had to grade and sat up straight in her chair before grabbing a pen and beginning to write.

Yuen Tatabana

Yuen woke up early, and by accident because his alarm was on and he didn't turn it off the night before, seeing how he'd always do that, but just because he hated waking up early. Usually, he'd wake up late, leaving behind first, second, third, maybe even his fourth period if he felt like it. The first year, his teachers were always angry at him for skipping his classes, but after him staying for so long and constantly repeating all his mistakes, all the teachers got used to such habit.

Slowly, he rolled off his bed, hitting the ground with such force it probably woke up the other heavy sleepers the floor below him. And yet his hand missed the alarm clock, leaving it still to ring as he brought himself off the ground, the blankets along with him. He brought his hand forcefully down onto the clock and stood up with a wrathful look on his face before heading for the door, partially dressed and undressed. He went on a mission a day before, and got really tired while trying to change out of his school uniform. He didn't care about the weird looks he got from his dorm, so he just headed straight for class, not knowing what time it was and that school wasn't even about to begin just yet.

Xepher Dwei

Xepher lit a smoke before putting the lighter back into his pocket and looking up at the sky from outside the academy. He wasn't the type of principal to be lying around and doing nothing, so what he did in the mean time was talk to a few of the kids or just simply welcome the freshmen or newcomers, since there were people of many ages.

It wasn't creepy or anything. He was the principal, sure, but he was so young. Even a few students and teachers were older than him, but that didn't really matter to anyone apparently. Xepher was the type of man that was easy to talk to, the type of man who anyone could open up to, no matter the age or gender. It was the same both ways since he felt mutual.

He looked down at his watch to check the time and noticed that it was 7:45, "Seven forty-five kids! Make sure not to be late, alright?" He laughed and watched the few students he talked to walk off and run into the distance, 'Really... these kids are so interesting and funny to me...' Xepher told himself, taking a breath of fresh air for himself.

Jitsue Osaka

Jitsue was sitting underneath a tree, holding a book up to his eye level and scanning it quickly. To most people, it looked like a regular book, but he was studying human emotions, since he's a demon himself. Although people suspected him to be a human, he was most definitely not. He, along with three others, were the people causing so much trouble for the school, and yet no one knew, other than perhaps one; the principal.

He always had his eyes on him, being wary, but around the students, he knew they never suspected a thing, so he was able to read these books and be normal around them without any worries. Still, he acted normal, just in case.

There, underneath that tree, he waited for three other people who were just like him; demons. But they were demons who also caused trouble and stood undercover in the academy to learn weak spots so they could attack when needed. Instead of takling to the students who passed, he waited for the other three of his kind to talk to. He never liked humans. In fact, he hated them with all his life, 'Just to get rid of them would be a long life well spent...' He though with a small smile while his eyes switched from the book to the passing students, still searching for the three he was waiting for.