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Miki Taniya [9] "Eh... Hello?"
Garic Aguero Grant [9] *mumble mumble* Wha? Me? No I was, uh... talking to my food...
Jitsue Osaka [5] "This academy has lived far too long. Don't you think it's about time someone tok out that silly headmaster and his students?" WIP
Rina Okumura [5] Gender-bend Rin XD
Mavis Aria Jeska [5] "This world is cruel, you shouldn't expect life to come at you any easier."
Makoto Taniya [5] "You just can't stop PISSING me off, can you?"
Eira Akane Ueda [4] "Let's ruin them."
Felix Thorn [4] Intellect can help you out, so can combat. if you combine those, you will create something beyond whatever you can reach with one of the components.
Yusaku Yanagisawa [4] "What are you looking at?"
Yuen Tatabana [3] "Leave me alone won't you? I'm trying to sleep."

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Mavis Jeska

Mavis always woke up early, which is why she was at her class so early. She looked upon the few students in front of her class, either slacking off, sleeping, or talking. Rarely any of them were studying, and the ones that were well... It wasn't surprising to her though. She wasn't given that much respect as a teacher because of her age and being a student also. The only respect she was given was for being serious and strict in some way, no one looked her beyond that.

It's not as if she really minded though. This was daily, this was life. As a teacher, she had to deal with these things, always being the calmest and most accepting one, no matter the circumstances, which was why she was so open to letting people sleep in her class, 'It'll affect their lives if they don't pay attention in class the next time we all go on a mission...' She thought with a sigh but shook off this unpleasant feeling and glanced at her papers she had to grade and sat up straight in her chair before grabbing a pen and beginning to write.

Yuen Tatabana

Yuen woke up early, and by accident because his alarm was on and he didn't turn it off the night before, seeing how he'd always do that, but just because he hated waking up early. Usually, he'd wake up late, leaving behind first, second, third, maybe even his fourth period if he felt like it. The first year, his teachers were always angry at him for skipping his classes, but after him staying for so long and constantly repeating all his mistakes, all the teachers got used to such habit.

Slowly, he rolled off his bed, hitting the ground with such force it probably woke up the other heavy sleepers the floor below him. And yet his hand missed the alarm clock, leaving it still to ring as he brought himself off the ground, the blankets along with him. He brought his hand forcefully down onto the clock and stood up with a wrathful look on his face before heading for the door, partially dressed and undressed. He went on a mission a day before, and got really tired while trying to change out of his school uniform. He didn't care about the weird looks he got from his dorm, so he just headed straight for class, not knowing what time it was and that school wasn't even about to begin just yet.

Xepher Dwei

Xepher lit a smoke before putting the lighter back into his pocket and looking up at the sky from outside the academy. He wasn't the type of principal to be lying around and doing nothing, so what he did in the mean time was talk to a few of the kids or just simply welcome the freshmen or newcomers, since there were people of many ages.

It wasn't creepy or anything. He was the principal, sure, but he was so young. Even a few students and teachers were older than him, but that didn't really matter to anyone apparently. Xepher was the type of man that was easy to talk to, the type of man who anyone could open up to, no matter the age or gender. It was the same both ways since he felt mutual.

He looked down at his watch to check the time and noticed that it was 7:45, "Seven forty-five kids! Make sure not to be late, alright?" He laughed and watched the few students he talked to walk off and run into the distance, 'Really... these kids are so interesting and funny to me...' Xepher told himself, taking a breath of fresh air for himself.

Jitsue Osaka

Jitsue was sitting underneath a tree, holding a book up to his eye level and scanning it quickly. To most people, it looked like a regular book, but he was studying human emotions, since he's a demon himself. Although people suspected him to be a human, he was most definitely not. He, along with three others, were the people causing so much trouble for the school, and yet no one knew, other than perhaps one; the principal.

He always had his eyes on him, being wary, but around the students, he knew they never suspected a thing, so he was able to read these books and be normal around them without any worries. Still, he acted normal, just in case.

There, underneath that tree, he waited for three other people who were just like him; demons. But they were demons who also caused trouble and stood undercover in the academy to learn weak spots so they could attack when needed. Instead of takling to the students who passed, he waited for the other three of his kind to talk to. He never liked humans. In fact, he hated them with all his life, 'Just to get rid of them would be a long life well spent...' He though with a small smile while his eyes switched from the book to the passing students, still searching for the three he was waiting for.

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#, as written by ____
Yusaku woke up early as always. He always attends the first period, but he was never seen paying attention, he always either just looking outside the window (normal class) or sleeping, but for who knows how, he never fails the tests given to him and always have an above average score, if he would only pay attention, he can definitely get even a perfect score, or maybe he is paying attention, just, nobody notice.

He gets up, fixed his bed, he dressed, eat, then goes off to school, he has his Ipod with him, as always, because he is annoyed with the chatting of the other students so early in the morning, so he always covers his ear with it, listening to the soft musics to relax. Paying no heed to any other sounds.

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#, as written by Ever
Rina rolled over in her twin bed, a moan escaping her lips at the annoying generic beep of her alarm clock. Trying to ignore the metallic sound, the slugabed of a girl desperately reached into the far reaches of her mind, trying to reclaim the bliss slumber . A few minutes of this struggle for ignorance stretches by before the poor demon girl couldn't handle it any longer. Reaching about blindly, a pale slender hand flops about, almost in a drunken manner, until it finally comes in contact with the little switch. The switch that would bring her peaceful silence. Hitting it with a tad bit more force than intended, the beep ceases which causes a small sigh to escape Rina.

Swinging her lithe body over the side of the bed, another yawn escapes the tired girl as she pulls herself up from the downy mattress with great reluctance. In the sunlight, a small ivory fang catches the sunlight, gleaming briefly before vanishing as the demon makes about her daily routine. After tugging on her uniform in a messy manner, not caring about dress codes, Rina stifles yet another tired yawn from escaping as she begrudgingly shuffles her way across the room to the manner. here, she stares at the reflection with a mix between intense hate and curiosity. Sure, Rina looked just like any other demon: pale, luminous skin, a lithe and toned body, delicate and inhumanely beautiful features, sharpened fangs. But there was one thing that separated her from the group: her eyes. While they were a shockingly brilliant shade of cerulean, they seemed to move the longer you stared at them. Almost as if they were on fire. "Tsk." she mutters, eyes narrow at the thought: blue flames. Just like her "father", Lord Satan.

Roughly tugging a brush through her wild mane of dark navy blue, Rina tried to banish such dark thoughts from her mind but only succeeded minimally. Without spending another time in the room, the lithe girl grabs her wrapped up blade in velvety red cloth, the Kurikara, slinging it over her shoulder loosely and making her way out the front door.

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Garic ripped the covers from his bed, tossing them unceremoniously to the floor. Not there. He got on his hands and knees, checking under the bed. He saw some lint and what could have been a dead spider—blehk—but what he was looking for wasn't there either. Most of the rest of his room lay barren, as his things had been moved into his dorm room at True Cross Academy at the start of the school year. His home was so close to the school that he could visit from time to time—usually the weekends, even spending the night when he felt like it. Today, he regretted that decision.

"Garic! If you don't hurry, you'll miss the train! I don't want you cutting first period!" A woman called from downstairs.
"Yeah, I'm almost done!" He shouted back.

He had been ready some fifteen minutes ago. He should have been gone by now... but he couldn't find his backpack!

Did you think of the answer yet, human?

Garic sighed, tearing through his pile of dirty laundry, articles of clothing flying across the room. Not funny, K. If you know where it is, just tell me. He stamped his foot in frustration. We don't have time for this!

"K" was the name Garic had given to his demon familiar whom lives in his head. A long time ago, his father told him that K had saved his and his mother's life, and that, in exchange, K got to live inside of Garic for a while. He remembered K filling his head with maniacal laughter at that explanation. As far as demons go, K probably wasn't one of the nice ones. Probably downright evil.

Which is why it made so much sense that he had taken it upon himself to hide Garic's backpack, and refused to tell him where. He'd probably controlled Garic during the night while he was sleeping, using the boy to place the bag somewhere. Sleepwalking. An unfortunate side effect of having a demon inside of you. Garic had all but torn his room apart looking for it. It was nowhere to be found.

Come on, it's an extremely easy one. What's the shortest of your human months?

Garic brought his hands to his head, letting out a moan of exasperation. K always played these little games with him. He couldn't believe it. He was going to be late to cram school for the first time! The shame. The embarrassment. He gulped, thinking of his sister. She'd probably kill him for "tarnishing the Grant name". No, not probably. She definitely would.

K, we're going to be late...
Then answer correctly. I won't associate myself with a stupid vessel that can't answer even the simplest of riddles.

Slumping his shoulders in defeat, Garic sat down upon his bed. The alarm on the adjacent dresser read 7:32. The next train would be arriving at 7:43. Maybe a little earlier. It was a 10 minute walk from his house to the station. 5 if he ran.

He took a breath, calming himself.

Are you sure it's not February?
It was K's turn to sound exasperated. No, human. You said that already. Try again.

Garic leaned back, thinking. Shortest month? Yes. Garic had been thinking to himself, and ignored K. Hrnn... February is the "shortest" month... it has 28 days and all the others have more than that... He chewed on his lower lip, eyeing his clock.


K interrupted his impending panic attack. Stop wasting time, human, or you're going to be late. February... is definitely not the shortest month.

Garic's eyes went wide. Shortest?! He began counting something on his fingers, muttering to himself. "January... February... March... April... May... AHA! MAY! THE SHORTEST MONTH IS MAY, BECAUSE IT ONLY HAS THREE LETTERS!" He exclaimed out loud, pumping his fists into the air.

For a moment, K was silent, and Garic began to doubt his answer. Your bag is downstairs, hanging on the door. It's 7:36. You'd better run.


Garic slapped his temples as hard as he could with the butts of his palms, giving himself a slight headache in the process. Doing that really annoyed K, as intended. "You jerk!" He muttered, jumping up from his bed and rushing down the stairs, taking them three and four at a time. When he reached the downstairs door, there his bag was, just as K promised. "You jerk!" he repeated, a little louder this time.

As he opened the door, he turned, shouting over his shoulder "I'm gone, Mom! Tell Dad when he gets back that I said bye!"
"Alright! Have a nice day, and pay attention in class!" She responded, a mother's worry thick in her voice.

"Okay," Garic responded, a grin upon his face, closing the door behind him. He donned his backpack and sprinted for dear life. Luckily, their home resided within True Cross Town, so it only took one stop to get to the academy. No way he was going to miss this train, bring shame upon the Grant name, and summarily get murdered by his sister. Not today.

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Eira tore down the path that ran through the school grounds, once again she was running late for her meeting with Jitsue - Her most favourite time, a time that she could share with him, without Jitsue telling her to leave him alone.
There was no way in Hell that she had a crush on Jitsue, no, she could never and would never allow herself to let that happen.
No, she felt something much stronger, like a completely and utterly devoted, um, 'companion'?
Yes that's right, she was looked up to everything he did and would do anything for him.

Ramming into many people along the way, Eira did little but laugh as they fell over or yelled at her - What did she care? They were scum to her, completely beneath her so quite frankly, they deserved it and she couldn't wait until their little world soon started to come crashing down around them, which she knew would happen in good time, Jitsue promised her that.

Turning a corner, she can to a stop by the tree he had chosen and sure enough, saw him sitting quite beautifully and patiently underneath.
"Oh Jitsue," Eira begins, feigning not to know that he would be waiting for her, "What a coincidence seeing you here.." She continues and then realises that they are, indeed, alone.

Finally, none of the others were here yet; She had Jitsue all to herself.

"Mind if I sit with you?" She purrs, letting the words drip off of her tongue, Eira rather liked to think of herself as the master of seduction - Despite her manic appearance.
Dumping her bag onto the ground, she lets her eyes wander around the expansive school, wondering what was taking the other so long, not that she minded being alone with Jitsue.

Sonny Koizumi

*Bzz Bzz*

Sonny let his hand slam hard - Well, as hard as a puny fourteen year old, that looked around nine - down on that annoying alarm clock of his.
Why had he let his mother coax him into thinking it was a good idea?
Rolling over and snuggling deeper into his covers, Sonny managed to yet again let himself fall into Dreamland, forgetting all about class.

Until he woke up half an hour later, panicking and bolted to get everything ready.
He still had yet to do his homework and now he was very late for class! He really was useless.
What was he thinking, going back to sleep like that: He'd put the alarm on much later than he should have anyway, but now, now he was well and truly 'screwed'.

"C'mon Sonny," He hisses to himself, "keep yourself together."
Before exiting his room and slinging his blue backpack with small ducks on, onto his back.

Rushing out the door, he quickly grabs a handful of candy from the small bowl he keeps hidden behind the hall table and runs all the way to class, bursting in tired and out of breath he manages to get out a small "Good morning Miss, sorry I'm late" before collapsing in his seat.

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#, as written by Robbhus
The sound of Felix' rubber soles could be heard throughout the corridor he was walking through. His phase was calm, not too strange considering he didn't really have anywhere he had to be. As long as he didn't interrupt any education that happened at the cram school, he was free to roam campus as he wanted and visit classes if the teacher of the corresponding teacher let him, or in the best cases, wanted him present. Not a too common thing, but it did happen. At least it had in the past when he visited other schools. he had yet to show up in any classes at True Cross. The reason for now was probably that the library was big.

When he reached the bottom of the hall he had been walking down, he realized something. He had been walking the wrong direction of what he originally intended. Not that it mattered too much as, once again, he was free to do whatever he wanted. For a brief moment, Felix considered to go visit a class instead. The library itself and the few people that either entered or left the library while he was there. Fine, he didn't talk much with the students, but it was interesting to listen to the short conversations that lasted before a librarian shushed on them. One part of him normally got disappointed when the librarians stopped them because things normally started to get interesting when the conversations were cut off. However, it let him return to his reading, something he was happy for.

With his hands in the pockets of his jackets and the chains tucked up his sleeves, Felix gently walked down the hallway with a light smile on his lips. It would be interesting and he hoped that the teacher would allow him to stay in the class so he wouldn't have to go around looking for another class with another teacher that hopefully would be more open for company.

As he could see one classroom with an open door, Felix sighed lightly, relieved he wouldn't have to look around more to find a classroom that was in use. He walked over to the room with a fast phase and looked into the classroom from the door without sticking his head in. He could see a few students sitting in the back of the classroom, which was more than enough to know that a class was probably about to be held there.

Felix knocked lightly on the wall besides the door. It was more or less just a polite gesture as he was rather sure he wasn't interrupting anything. Then he took a few steps into the classroom and started to walk up towards the desk in the front where a black-haired woman who appeared to be around the same age as himself was sitting behind a desk, writing on something. "Excuse me miss" He started. His tone was polite and he appeared as a confident person without being cocky about it. It seemed rather natural when I spoke. "I've been granted allowance to attend to classes as a spectator" Felix could of course just remain in the class regardless of what the woman said, but he was far too polite for that."So I was wondering if you would allow me to stay in the background for this class?"

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Analisia was late. She had woken up late as her alram wasn't set later for some reason. She had quickly got ready for classes and rushed down the halls. Analisia was still new to the school so she inevitably got lost within the large school. When she made it to class she didn't bother to pay attention to the students eyeing her and whispering about her tardiness. She was used to it so she didn't care about it. Analisia sat in the back as far away from the students as she could get. Analisia wasn't one to just up and interact with them especially as she didn't like most of them except some of the other exorcists. At least then it came easy to her to speak with them as they could easily relate to her.

During normal classes she tried to pay attention as much as possible but it bored her so after abit she stopped. Already she being new she already heard the snickers, the whispering, and the rumors about her but like usual she pain no mind to it all. Analisia saw it as petty and useles to spend her time focusing on what everyone said about her as they didn't know and never had the courage to say any of it directly to her. So she didn't care for it at all.

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Miki awoke that morning to the sweet, sweet sound of enraged shouting.


Her sister's screeches tore her from her slumber slower than they could have, the volume seeming to increase with each passing moment as she drew more and more into the world of the waking. Her senses gradually came to life, and she made a small noise of not-quite-protest in the back of her throat, half-heartedly attempting to inform her sister that she was awake and (somewhat) aware. When the hollering failed to cease, Miki groaned as loud as she dared and rolled over onto her back. She really was trying to sit up, afraid that if she remained inactive any longer her sister would just lose it. After about thirty seconds of her struggle, she succeeded in her small endeavor and sat up, hugging her knees to her chest to keep from falling back over. As she blinked sleep from her eyes, Miki was surprised to find that her sister wasn't in the room with her, as she had previously assumed. Just as she noticed this, the yelling ceased, and Miki decided that the noise had come from Makoto's own room instead, probably so that she could get ready and yell at Miki at the same time. Leave it to her sis to be efficient.

Slowly, the girl dragged herself from her bed, removed the outfit she'd selected the night before from her closet (a habit of hers), donned it, and set about brushing her hair. As she did so, she heard a voice whispering quietly from the opposite corner of her small room. Miki-tan... Miki-tan the high-pitched, breathy, feminine voice murmured. Good... morning, Miki-tan.

Delighted at the presence of her friend, Miki cracked a smile in the mirror, continuing to brush her hair. "Good morning, Chiyo-chan!" she chirped, fitting a clip into her dark locks, to keep them out of her eyes. "Today, Big Sis and I are going to cram school! Oh, you can come too, of course. It's going to be really, really fun!" The girl set the brush down and rose from her seat in front of the vanity. She whirled around to face the corner, beaming brightly. Her friend was curled up in her little niche, red dress in tatters and long, dark hair unruly. Chiyo-chan hardly ever seemed to change, and Miki liked that about her not-so-imaginary friend.

"I... I don't want you to... go there... Miki-ta-"

"MIKI!" Makoto's yelling cut off Chiyo-chan, and before Miki could do anything, her friend vanished into thin air. Dismayed, the girl grabbed her schoolbag from by the door, her sister's voice penetrating the thin walls. "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE, NOW! WE HAVE TO GO!"

"I'm coming, Sis!" she shouted, desperate to stave off her sister's frustration while she could. No sooner had she slipped out of her room and into the hallway of the small apartment than her sister appeared at the other end, bag slung over her shoulder and eyes narrowed in a terrifying scowl. Makoto's hair was in partial disarray, showing that she'd only woken up a little bit earlier than Miki herself, and had obviously taken much less care in getting ready. Miki held back a sigh. Her sister was not a morning person.

"Jesus, there you are! Let's go already." Makoto growled, hands on her hips, weight shifted to one leg. Miki did her best to smile in an attempt to spread some cheer to her angry older sister.

"Okay!" she agreed, and followed her sister out of the hallway. On her way out, she grabbed a leftover biscuit from the kitchen to eat on the way to school. The sisters left the building, Miki trailing a few feet behind Makoto (as specified prior to the start of the school year), munching on her biscuit as she went.

The walk to school took about fifteen minutes at most; the two girls lived rather close to True Cross. Their parents had found for them a living space close by for the very reason of convenience (provided that Makoto would be a suitable guardian and adult of the house in the absence of their parents). Once they'd arrived at the massive campus, much to Miki's dismay, she... she lost her sister, who had disappeared in the crowd of people. Once she realized that she could no longer see Makoto, she stopped in her tracks, looking around as though she were lost. Actually, she kind of was. Makoto was the one who knew where everything was, and she was gone now.

Slowly, she started walking again, brows raised in confusion, wishing more than ever than her friend was with her then.


Christ, she was glad to be rid of that little brat. For the time being, anyways. She had things to do. At least, she thought she did. Something told her that she had to be somewhere. She did have somewhere to be. She knew she did. Somewhere where her damned half-sister couldn't be following her to, which was why she deliberately and smoothly lost the girl in the crowd, weaving through the throng of students. It had been all too easy.

It was just sheer bad luck that she happened to (quite literally) run into her goddam cousin. They bumped into each other, and Makoto stumbled back a few steps before straightening up and glaring at him. He'd been reading his Bible instead of watching where the hell he was going. Stupid fucking Jesus-freak. God, she hated him. He regarded her evenly, which only pissed her off all the more.

"Good morning," he bid her, monotonous as ever. "Where is your sister?"

Makoto cracked a mischievous grin. Oh, she'd been waiting for him to ask that. She'd prepared a response that would piss off this Jesus-freak real good. "I don't know." She shrugged. "Am I my sister's keeper?" His reaction was all she had hoped for. He looked like he'd gotten bitten by something, it was priceless. He scowled at her and moved along, saying nothing more to her. Perfect. Adios, Jesus-freak. Good riddance to him.

Makoto walked for a time, not quite aimlessly. She had hoped that, if she walked through enough places, she'd remember where the hell she was supposed to be. It took her about five or so minutes to lay eyes on such a place: a tree. A tree with two figures sitting beneath it. She narrowed her eyes, getting a longer, better look. Yep. That was the place. She started for it, fingertips worrying the strap of her bag slung over her shoulder. It didn't take her long to reach the tree and the two sitting by it. There was that white-haired kid, whose name she really should have remembered but hadn't quite stuck, and then there was that other weird-looking chick.

She came to a stop by the two of them, eyes narrowed more out of unconscious habit than anything else. "Hey," she said, simply. She decided not to sit. Standing felt much more comfortable. "What's up?"


He really did not like his cousin. His older one, of course. Makoto. There was something wrong with that girl. It gave Haru a feeling of undying unease. He shook his head as he removed himself from her discomforting presence, clutching his Bible to his chest as he continued his search for Miki. It was ridiculous that the two were related; he'd never met two people whose personalities were at such contrast to each other. It didn't make any kind of sense. When he was younger, he used to fantasize that Makoto was adopted, and thus not related to him by blood at all. Alas, he'd long since put away such childish thoughts, and had resigned himself to the fact that he and Makoto were, for most intents and purposes, family.

That didn't mean he had to like her, though, and that was one thing that made him happy.

He wandered for a bit, keeping his eyes peeled for his younger cousin as he did so, but for the most part, he was letting his mind wander as much as his feet did. At last, he came to rest on some stairs that were less crowded than they could have been. Haru sat down over to one side, against the wall, sitting on the top step. He opened his bible to a random page and began to do a little reading before school began.


Jora had woken up no later than 3:52 that morning. He was a natural early riser. He was unsure if that was true for all demons, or just him in particular, but he had no problems with it. It gave him more time to make himself presentable to his adoring masses. Not that he needed that much time to begin with, though. A few extra hours never hurt, though.

At 7:50, he deigned to leave his dorm room, after he'd made sure that his hair was perfect, styled just the way he liked it, that his smile was striking, and his clothes were sharp and immaculate. He'd also dabbed a bit of cologne on before he'd departed, as well. Not only did it smell absolutely fabulous, but it also helped taint his demon scent. Not that he was worried about anything like being discovered or some such nonsense. But it was an indisputable perk.

He took a deep breath and exhaled soundly, starting an upbeat sort of saunter as he headed for class. He'd wink or raise a brow or even wave at any dames he caught the eye of (if she was cute enough, of course- he didn't want to attract any unwanted attention. Not that he could help how damn smoking he was). Jora tapped his pocket, and sighed in relief. His comb was in there. Just in case the need arose for some hair-adjustment. All was well. He never went anywhere without it.

When he arrived at the door of the appropriate class, he checked his watch. Damn. He was early. There was no such thing as "fashionably early", dammit. He had an image to keep. Rather than to show up awkwardly before class began, Jora strategically positioned himself across the hallway from the door, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets, one leg crossed over the other. He started whistling a tune, eyes scanning around for anyone whom he could take an interest in.

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I'm impressed. You have some pretty dirty thoughts for such a young human.

Garic stopped in his tracks, to the utter dismay of those walking behind him. He'd managed to catch his train just in time, and from there it was a straight shot to the Academy. He'd stepped off the train with a bunch of other students onto the main entry platform for the entirety of True Cross Academy's massive campus. The gaggles and roaming cliques seemed to ebb and flow around Garic, who stood still a midst the chaos of rushing bodies. Right, class was about to start soon.

What are you talking about?!
Summon my eye. You'll be able to see through these measly human fabrics that way.
Garic visibly recoiled, blood rushing to his face. You mean... like, see people n-naked?
In his head, K laughed maniacally. You truly are dirty enough to be my vessel. Come on, let's do it!

At that, Garic's right eye began to emit a faint glow. With a hiss, he clamped both hands down over the eye, hoping no one saw. What are you doing?! In an attempt to look less awkward, Garic started walking in the general direction of the cram school classrooms. It kind of worked.

Giving you what you want.
No, K, those are your wants. Stop!

In arguing with K, Garic didn't notice the person walking slowly in front of him until it was too late. He bumped into the stranger, nearly knocking him over. For his part, Garic half-way tripped over his own two feet, landing on the ground in front of this stranger. By the time he looked up at the face of the person standing above him, K had ceased his trickery, his eye returning to normal.

But not before he'd caught a glimpse of something he shouldn't have. This person wasn't a "he" at all. Garic had just confirmed, albeit accidentally: she is definitely a girl.

Nonplussed, Garic said the first word that came to mind before thinking better of it. "Pink?"

That probably wasn't wise.

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Yusaku got to his (normal) class without any trouble, he went to his seat, and just stared at the board while listening to music, the teacher didn't bother him anymore, since he never listened and even if the teacher confiscates it, he always returns with a new one the next day. The teacher can't complain either way, he doesn't listen to their warnings, he has good grades, what else could the teacher say?

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Mavis Jeska

"Good morning Miss, sorry I'm late"

Mavis looked up from her paper work to see little Sonny, one of her youngest students she has, and has ever had before. She found him a such a kind hearted little boy, but knew he was capable of many things. She judged people well, and she could tell such easy things with just a glance. But she was the teacher, of many classes actually, so she actually knew most of the students by that year. Most of them.

"It's fine." Mavis answered, turning back towards her paper and putting the whole stack to the side since class was just about starting. She didn't mind students coming late either. If they were late, then they were late. Unlike most teachers, whether they were in high school, or an adult, Mavis had little care if they came late. Perhaps it was because they were her age? Or maybe it was just because she left it up to them? She didn't really know herself, but that was fine leaving it that way.

Just as she was about to get up and tell the class what they were going to do for the day, she heard another voice, this one being a little less familiar.

"Excuse me miss"

Mavis turned from her desk and saw a white haired young man, someone she didn't recall seeing, "Yes?"

"I've been granted allowance to attend to classes as a spectator, So I was wondering if you would allow me to stay in the background for this class?"

The black-haired young woman stared at him for a while, wondering if he was a new student, or just someone passing by who could see demons. She didn't know, but wasn't exactly willing to ask any personal questions, so she simply nodded and nudged towards the classroom where students began to seat themselves, "Go ahead." Mavis got up to the front of the class room, but then said, "But I'm not exactly allowed to let any random person enter the room. May I ask your name?"

Yuen Tatabana

Yuen, while walking to his class, let out this loud and obnoxious yawn as he walked through the hallways. A bunch of students moved away from each other. One even ran away, pushing through the crowds and rushing into some classroom, most likely not his first period. Yuen was already used to this though, but he was quite angry at the thought of all the poverty in this school between demons and humans, despite some being alright and average, such as him.

Still, it was natural. He was probably the one and only demon who exclaimed his race out loud, without even caring about what other people thought. Well... maybe it did get to him once or twice... but it's not as if he really cared that much.

Finally, he made it to his class, walking to the door and seeming to glare at his teacher, even though she was talking to someone else at the moment. He knew her hatred for demons, and he was certain she, too, knew about him, so he growled and walked away to one of the back seats, since he barely tried at all anyways.

Yuen kicked back in his chair, feeling a slight pain from his past mission and twitching a bit because it was a bit painful, but ignored it. He wanted to push himself to the limit, so the only thing that would make him pay attention in class today would be the teacher announcing them getting out so they could go kill more demons, as always.

Jitsue Osaka

"Oh Jitsue. What a coincidence seeing you here... Mind if I sit with you?"

Jitsue didn't hear the girl in front of him at first, just reading on until he heard her ask to sit down next to him. He so lost in thought that he thought it was another one of those filthy exorcists again, about to shut the book and try his best to force a smile towards them until he looked up and saw it was Eira.

She wasn't 'normal' like any other exorcist, or even demon. They were close, perhaps you could say, but not in a sort of friendship. It was confusing, he'd think to himself. It's more like they shared a common goal, in some way. After all, the reason the two joined was to get rid of all the exorcists, every. single. last. one, "No problem, Eira. Glad to see you so early in the morning. That's some surprise."

But it wasn't just those two, there were two others as well, the other female who had just arrived, "Hey, What's up?"

Next came Makoto, another young woman who shared the same goal the other few people had. Unlike usual, when he needed to force a terrible smile and do some acting he always hated, he now put on a new smile, though it wasn't one that looked normal you could say. In some way, it sort of looked mischievous, or sadistic while he answered, "Nothing much. I'm just thinking about how much I've grown tired of seeing all these kids wander around with such high goals, like exterminating all demons or killing Satan. It's silly really. They can't even notice me in their school." He seemed to have chuckled a bit.

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Miki had just started to resign herself to the possibility that she was going to have to make it to the cram school on her own somehow. She really didn't like the idea. She really, really didn't like the idea. Not a bit. Now, Miki was completely okay with being by herself. Normally, in any case. But this was a completely different situation than normal. She was in a place she wasn't all that acquainted with, and her sister, the only one of the two who knew where anything was (and who, for the record, had the Key, so really, Miki couldn't get to the cram school without her regardless of whether or not she could find a secluded door). She sighed in her growing despondence, and continued walking only because the flow of the crowd demanded it, taking very small steps as she looked around for someone she knew. Like her cousin, for instance. She could always just enter with him. Her cousin was nice. She liked him. Not only was he one of her best (and only) friends, but he was good for sparring too, even if he did complain a lot about it being "inappropriate for a proper child of the Lord" and whatnot. He was kind of a nut sometimes. But that was okay, because it would've been weird if he wasn't.

If she couldn't find her cousin, she decided, then perhaps she would have to actually venture out of her comfort zone and find someone else in the cram school. But she didn't want to. Chiyo-chan had always warned her against strangers, and Miki was wont to take the advice of her close companion. What if she got weird looks? Or what about rude responses? She wasn't sure how she would handle those, and she didn't want to have to find out. People weren't her thing, and that was the way she liked it.

She continued her weird little shuffle-steps, both praying she didn't run into anyone (klutz problems) and thoroughly pondering her options at that point at the same time. Miki wrung her hands nervously and bit her lip. This was not going the way she had envisioned it at all. Not only that, but class was going to start any minute now. She had to get there, and fast. Along with her dejection, frustration was starting to rear its ugly head and add itself to the mix as well. Just what she needed: irked jitters to go along with her forlorn wandering. Perfect.

And, as if things couldn't have gotten any better, it was about a few seconds later when she was so shockingly run into from behind. The force would have been enough to knock her face-first into the ground, but she managed to reach out and steady herself on a nearby wall just in time to keep herself from doing just that. In her relief, she remained still for a good moment or two, breathing deeply, before she remembered that she'd been knocked into by someone. Wondering if they were even still there, Miki straightened herself up and turned around to check.

The person was still there, and on the ground no less; it appeared as if the collision had done them worse than it had her. He looked like he was around her age, she guessed. His face looked a tad blank for someone who'd just run into another person, not that she was judging or anything.


Her eyes widened a fraction when he actually spoke to her. Most people she ran into in public places didn't do that. However, it took her a moment or so to register what he'd actually said. Pink? she thought, wondering what he was referring to, or if she'd just misheard the boy. Pink? Pink what? Was he talking about her? Probably. But what about her? The trim and skirt of her uniform was pink. Was that it? But all the other girls had uniforms with the same trim and skirt, too, so that probably hadn't been it. Idly, she tugged at the hem of her skirt, pulling the edge closer to her kneecaps. Gee, what else am I wearing that's pink? I don't think I am- Oh.


Miki made a sound that appeared to be a mix of a yelp and a gasp and clamped her hands over her mouth at the same time, her face turning bright cherry as she did so. She was quiet for a few heartbeats afterwards, trying to collect her thoughts through her embarrassment. What was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to react? This had never really happened before!

Strike him, Miki-tan...

Without thinking, her hand flew out and slapped the boy right across the cheek. "Pervert!" she squealed, and hit him again, this time with the other hand. "Filthy filthy filthy filthy pervy creep!" She moved her hands to cover her face, which was glowing red as a tomato. "What's the matter with you? Oh my... Oh my gosh..." She'd not felt this ashamed in a very long time. From then on, she swore that she would start wearing shorts under these damned skirts. How indecent! Some strange boy had seen under her skirt! And... he'd deserved to get slapped! Yeah! He really had!

But maybe it had been a bit much?

She peeked down at the boy from between her fingers. She was very, very displeased with him at the moment, but she couldn't help but feel bad for hitting him. So, against her better judgement, and the voice in the back of her head telling her to high-tail it out of there pronto, she cautiously knelt down in front of him and took her hands from her face to get a better look. "Hey..." she said in that small voice of hers. "That didn't hurt, did it? You're alright, aren't you? Gosh, I'm sorry... Sorry for freaking out..." She trailed off, not really knowing what else to say.


Makoto leaned up against the base of the tree as the boy answered, crossing her arms as she looked down at the two of them. "Nothing much. I'm just thinking about how much I've grown tired of seeing all these kids wander around with such high goals, like exterminating all demons or killing Satan. It's silly really. They can't even notice me in their school." The young man's voice carried an edge of laughter to it, a dark sort of humor that Makoto found herself rather satisfied that she could relate to. Maybe these people weren't so bad after all. Maybe they weren't complete wastes of time. Maybe they had potential, and weren't completely useless to her.

She grinned right back at him, a tight, almost-smirk that conveyed in it only a fraction of the red-hot anger she was really feeling, as she always felt when she thought of damned exorcists. She couldn't wait to be rid of them. Closed-minded Jesusfreaks, the lot of them. Just like her damn cousin. He'd be one of the first to go, she decided. Makoto snickered quietly to herself, then replied to the white-haired potential cohort of hers before she could have stopped herself. "Ah, yeah. Ridiculous. Stupid little shits, the lot of 'em." Another chuckle. "Demons right under their goddam noses, jeez!" She gladly continued, something that she didn't get to do a lot with the people she normally surrounded herself with. "Don't even get me started on their stupid lifelong dreams. I'll bet you they'll all be horribly killed before they could do anything they really wanted to. Mortality's a bitch."

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#, as written by Ever
Rina had finally made it out of her front door, not even caring a single moment about how tardy she was. As she reaches the front door of the female dorm, Kurikara bumping against her back in a rhythmic motion before falling still, the demon-girl pulls out a box of chocolate pocky. In her eagerness to open the tiny cookie sticks, Rina had forgotten entirely about her familiar. That was until she heard the voice of Kuro, echoing rather annoyingly in her mind "Rina! You're going to be late again!"

Giving an exasperated sigh, Rina pauses her energetic attempts to open the packaging to cast an eye roll down at the demonic cat "Kuro.. I'll be fine! Its only 5 minutes.." came her mutter, trailing off as the bag popped open. With a small squeal of joy, she pops a stick into her mouth before pocketing the pack. Chewing thoughtfully on the cookie, Rina reaches forward to place her transportation key into the regular door's socket before twisting it. In a moment of trance, the demon girl had forgotten all about what she was previously doing as memories from her childhood flooded her mind, only to be snapped back to reality by the annoyed grunt from Kuro. "Come on, Rina.... we need to get going." Pulling the key from the lock, the girl sends her familiar yet another one of her famous eye rolls before yanking the door open "Yeah yeah.. you know me, I LOVE being on time" came her mutter, sarcasm dripping from each word.

She followed her familiar into the darkened hallway, wincing slightly at the rather booming sound of the door slamming. Rubbing one of her pointed ears, she mutters "I don't think I'll ever get use to that..." before walking down the hallway to her classroom, Kuro dutifully trailing at her side.

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#, as written by ____
Yusaku as expectedly slept in the middle of the session, the teacher didn't even bother him anymore, the teacher just continues with the class, wasting no time for the student who doesn't even listen to their discussions.

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From the left!

Slap! "Pervert!"

That first slap shook Garic like up an etch a sketch. Any semblance of conscious thought was erased from his mind, leaving him to gawk in amazement at the girl who had just hit him. Even K seemed stunned into temporary silence. Left cheek still stinging, she hit him again, this time from the other side.

The sound of the impact seemed to echo for miles in all directions. Some nearby students even stopped what they were doing to stare. Humiliated, Garic brought his hands up to either side of his face, screwing his eyes shut.

Inconceivable! How dare this bitch. Does she have any idea within whose presence she currently stands?!

It took everything in his power to stop tears from coming to his eyes. Just shut up, K. This is your fault.

Garic could feel K's wrath—his anger at this girl—simmering in his gut like a bad burrito, but it completely and utterly paled in comparison to his mortification, which had settled over his entire person like a heavy blanket. I'm a pervert now... The first thing that came to his mind: what would his mother think of him? A pervert that assaults girls at school. She'd be furious! And his sister... Oh god no. He'd have to run away from home, lest she find him. Wait, what if he got expelled? What if he got thrown in prison?! Executed?!

Images came to his mind of guillotines—

"Hey..." When the girl spoke, her voice was unexpectedly gentle and forgiving. Thought train interrupted, Garic opened his eyes to find that she had knelt down, bringing her face to the same level as his. She was kinda close, too. Unbeknownst to him, a pinkish-reddish blush had suffused across his nose and cheeks. "That didn't hurt, did it? You're alright, aren't you? Gosh, I'm sorry... Sorry for freaking out..."

As her voice trailed off, Garic's eyes widened. He swiftly removed his hands from his face, scratching idly at his hair with his index finger. "No no no. I'm the one who should be sorry. I was rushing to a door for the cram school and K was being a big jerk and I was telling him that when I..." K mentally slapped Garic upside the head, scoffing at him. I've told you this already. Even in the most informal of conversations, do not drop my name so cavalierly, human. After having visibly flinched in the middle of his own sentence, Garic noticed that the girl looked genuinely confused. "Uh... I'm just a big fat klutz sometimes. Sorry," he finished, offering her a smile in the hopes that she wouldn't engage in another smack down. He had brought his feet under him in preparation to stand quickly and run for his life if she did try to hit him again. Her slap really did hurt—almost as much as his sister's. The memory wasn't particularly pleasant.

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As she spoke to him, Miki noted that a sort of blush had crept across the boy's face, and a part of her wondered why this was, while another part of her wanted to giggle like the little schoolgirl that she was. She wasn't used to seeing guys blush. It was funnier than she'd thought it would be. Very comical, indeed. It was like he was a little kid, but he wasn't, so that was kind of what made it funny.

He seemed to calm down (a bit, anyway) when she ceased her voice. If anything, he looked more at ease than he had just moments before, which was definitely an improvement. He had looked really distressed, and now he looked, well... slightly less distressed. It was something. When he spoke to her again. A small part of her, for a fraction of a second, seized up, afraid he'd say something out of line again. But her worries were dispelled at once. He looked like a smart enough boy. He could learn from his mistakes, she assumed. "No no no. I'm the one who should be sorry. I was rushing to a door for the cram school and K was being a big jerk and I was telling him that when I..."

K? Miki tilted her head to one side and raised a brow curiously. Who was 'K'? She gasped inwardly and blinked as a though crossed her mind. Does he have an imaginary friend too?" Granted, Chiyo-chan was not imaginary (at least... Miki hoped she wasn't), but it wasn't like anyone else knew that. But she'd thought it was pretty neat that at least they had something of that sort in common. It was... something. And that was that. He'd also said he was heading to cram school himself. That made her smile a bit. She was in luck! She'd found someone going to cram school, too! Not only was it a commonality between them, but he also most likely had a key on him, too. She was going to make it to class after all! Miki sighed quietly in relief, the knot in her stomach dissipating. Talk about lucky break.

The boy oddly flinched right smack dab in the middle of his statement, and Miki went back to raising a single brow in a mix of puzzlement and concern. Was this kid going to be okay? Did he have some kind of tick? He went on, though, and Miki promptly disregarded the oddness of what had happened a second before. "Uh... I'm just a big fat klutz sometimes. Sorry," he said, and Miki went back to smiling again. At least he had apologized. Something else Miki could relate to: clumsiness. It had been a miracle that she hadn't run into someone before this whole situation had gotten started. This whole thing had just been an accident, and it made her feel a lot better to know that. All things considered, this guy actually seemed pretty nice.

Small smile still alight on her face, Miki stood up and held her hand down to the boy, an offer to assist him in standing (because, whether he needed it or not, it was just common courtesy). "It's alright," she said. "I can be really clumsy too! And, hey, accidents happen, you know?" She blinked, thinking again about the issue of getting to class on time. "Oh, if you're on your way to cram school too, then, ah, do you mind walking together? I don't... Eheh, my sister took my key..." She laughed a bit, cheeks adopting the slightest of pink tinges. "By the way, my name's Taniya. Miki Taniya. What's yours?"

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Garic frowned when the girl brought her hand to bear, thinking she had decided to attack again after all; however, she simply held it outstretched, an olive branch of peace. One Garic would accept gladly. Grabbing her hand, he found his way back to his feet, breathing a sigh of relief.

"By the way, my name's Taniya. Miki Taniya. What's yours?"
"Hi Miki! I'm Garic," he said, beaming. "Garic Grant." He began walking towards the nearest doorway to the cram school as he spoke, fingering the key in his pocket. She walked alongside him. "So, you're training to be an exorcist too?" Hmm. Garic thought back over his time in the cram school. Surely he would have noticed such a pretty face sooner if they were in the same class. Were they even in the same class? Hmm... then again, he didn't really go out of his way to make friends, always content to converse with K over real people.

Now that he thought about it, he knew very few of his classmates.

I've noticed her "pretty face" on countless occasions, along with many other interesting things. My vessel should be more observant... And hey! I am "real". Do you think I'm a figment of your imagination you whelp?! How rude!

Garic didn't like K's sarcastic tone, but he didn't have a comeback ready for him—so he simply ignored the rough grainy voice, returning his focus to the conversation with Miki. He'd gotten really good at shuffling his focus over the years, and was able to continue from where he left off without skipping a beat. "That's really cool if you are, cause I am too. In Ms. Jeska's class!"

After a moment, he brought his hand to his cheek, brushing the area with the tips of his fingers. It still stung a bit. Again, it made him think of his sister. "Hey, are you gonna be a Knight?"

As he asked her that latest question, they reached the door he was aiming for. It was pretty simple in its construction, all things considered—maybe even conspicuously so; however, it was located around a slight bend, somewhat out of sight, as if purposely hidden. Garic grinned to himself, hoping to impress his new friend. It was an entrance that not many people knew about. Listening for her response, he quickly removed the golden key from his pocket, slipping it into the keyhole and engaging the mechanism. With a satisfying click, the door opened for them.

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#, as written by Robbhus
Felix studied the woman casually. He wasn't making it too obvious, but he did no actions to hide that his eyes were skipping over her for a few seconds before he returned to her face. It was a bad habit that he had grown over the last few years. He met a lot people during his travels and normally had a hard time remembering names. However, it was far easier to remember body traits. However, he couldn't remember if he had seen the woman before, so he let it be for now and decided he would rather look at the class and how she acted personality-wise.

"Go Ahead"

Felix nodded lightly. The woman seemed alright, all though he had his doubts about her. She seemed like a very serious person, something he didn't mind. However, if she took everything too seriously and wasn't able to relax, he feared for that they would not get too well along. And besides that, she just let him in. Anyone could come inside and claim that they had an allowance like he did. It simply appeared as something an idiot would do. Yet, he wasn't planning on commenting it, not that he got time to do it either.

""But I'm not exactly allowed to let any random person enter the room. May I ask your name?"

Felix smiled a little as the woman asked about his name. It made him change his opinion on her in an instant. At first, she didn't appear to Felix as a too aware person, like if she was practically spacing out, but now, he found her a lot more mature. She seemed more aware of her surroundings and she appeared as a lot more down to earth to sum up his thoughts about her. "Ah, my bad. I apologize, how rude of me" With that said, Felix opened his jacket and opened an inner pocket. The jacket itself had a more silky material on the inside. He pulled out a wallet and opened it for then to pull out something reminding of a basic credit card. not too strange though, as it was a credit card. He put it back in one of the pockets before pulling out another card and held it out for the woman. It was the card proving he was an exorcist and all that. It reminded a lot about a standard credit card, having a passport-picture up in the left corner for then to have the rest of the information under that. "my name is Felix, Felix Thorn. It makes sense you don't know me though as I come from the North" the card confirmed what he said and mentioned his age in the form of his birthday, the fifth of January 1994 as his age. Under that again, it stood his rank as a 2nd upper class, and under that again, the stamp proving that it was a valid identification and that he was an exorcist. "Now, with you having my name, it would be rude of you not to tell me yours" Felix didn't seem to appear like he took any offence in that she hadn't mentioned her name. He appeared more so as curious.

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It was less awkward than Miki had thought it would be to help the boy off of the ground. He seemed pretty, well, not-terrified as he answered her question, which she took as a good sign. Nothing like starting off on the wrong foot and immediately switching to the right. First impressions weren't quite everything, thank God (she would have been in quite a bit of trouble on several occasions had that been the case).

"Hi Miki! I'm Garic," he answered, smiling brightly, and Miki couldn't help but do the same. "Garic Grant." Garic, huh? she thought as they started walking together, side by side. That was a pretty neat name. It sounded normal, but not at the same time. She liked it, she decided. "So, you're training to be an exorcist too? That's really cool if you are, cause I am too. In Ms. Jeska's class!"

She nodded emphatically in response. "Yup!" She laughed a bit. "Kinda funny how we're just now getting acquainted, if we're in the same class and all." What she didn't mention was that she never actively looked for people to get acquainted with in the first place; socialization wasn't her neck of the woods. That said, she didn't need it to be. Most of the time. As she walked, Miki's gaze started to wander about the surroundings, idly examining the school grounds. What he said next recaptured her attention, though.

"Hey, are you gonna be a Knight?" As they came to a halt in front of a door (one she never really noticed before), Miki couldn't help but giggle a bit. A Knight? Her? Ridiculous. She enjoyed fighting, yes, but she never thought she'd be very good with bladed weapons. She was just too uncoordinated, and had a feeling things just wouldn't work out. At best, she'd probably end up stabbing herself somehow. It was that bad.

"A Knight? Oh, gosh, no. I'd be no good as a Knight..." Miki trailed off as her new-found friend opened the door with his key. As the door opened, she stepped inside and started walking with him again. "But, eh, I really wanna be a Doctor!" She glanced up at the ceiling thoughtfully for a moment. "It'd be pretty neat to be a Tamer, too, come to think of it..." She blinked and looked back at Garic, head tilted in curiosity. "And what about you? What do you want to be?"

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The crosshair of the sniper rifle's scope sat overlaying the face of a shady-looking young woman through the window of a popular restaurant on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. She was seated toward the back of the establishment, nursing a glass of liquor, eyes staring off at nothing.

The shady woman sighed, finishing off her drink and slamming the glass down upon the table. Such a raucous wasn't a rarity around these parts it seemed, for not a single patron even glanced in her direction. A smirk touched her lips. Off towards the front of the building, near the only exit, a figure stood up from where she was sitting alongside a few others. This stranger was an exorcist—Middle 1st Class Ivanna Raskolnikov, assigned to respond to demonic threats within this sector. She was in full gear as well—dark blue exorcist's overcoat fully buttoned, red and black tie, white undershirt, jet black combat boots and matching pressed slacks.

The shady woman pretended not to notice her counterpart, Ivanna, stand. Looked the other way when the Exorcist conversed with other patrons by shouting across the room at them. Sighed when she fake-laughed at a particularly bad joke. Finally, after much ado, Ivanna stepped out of the building. Pulling a few paper rubles from her inner pocket and securing them on the table with her overturned glass cup, the shady woman got up to follow.

The pursuit didn't last long. In fact, it didn't even really begin. As the shady woman stepped outside the door and onto the street, Ivanna was there to greet her, standing a few meters away, an arrogant smirk ripe upon her face. It was raining outside, but neither woman seemed to mind. The street was relatively empty, since it was technically still "early in the morning". The shady woman had preferred to meet Ivanna on a crowded street or in some other low-profile manner, but this current series of events was not unexpected. In fact, it would do just fine.

"Aurora Sanctus Grant. Upper 2nd Class Exorcist. Ever eager to bark for your masters." Ivanna tilted her head slightly, eyes going wide. She had a heavy Russian accent. "Do you think me stupid? That I wouldn't recognize you? You stick out like a sore thumb around here, hun." Her sneer was so deep that it contorted her entire face. "Or did you just assume I would not be prepared for a Vatican assassin?!"

Before Aurora could respond, a spray of red exploded from her chest, to be washed down the storm drains by the rain from above. There would be no evidence. Slowly looking downward, Aurora, her life essence oozing every so slowly from her mouth in clumped globules, noted the massive hairy dark-green claw protruding from the center of her chest, half way through where her heart used to be. She began making choking noises, blood welling up in her throat and lungs. She leered over her shoulder at the creature who stood behind her. He was one of the patrons she had spotted Ivanna sitting with earlier. Obviously, he was a demon. She should have noticed something so apparent much earlier.

But it was too late. The mistake had already been made.

Still, the experience wasn't a complete failure. The Vatican's suspicions were true. Ivanna really had betray the order and lowered herself to conspiring with demons.

Ivanna's laughter pierced the air like a thunderbolt. "Fool! Ha ha HA! One day," she began, walking towards the incapacitated and dying Exorcist with measured steps, "the Vatican will learn to send its best if they want to impress me." She stopped within an arm's length of Aurora, staring her straight in the eyes. "I think I'll rend the liver from your cold dead corpse and send it to them, hun. You know, make my point." Ivanna was in complete command here. She was the superior. She was the winner, and Aurora the loser. It showed in her eyes, came out in her voice. As she poked out her chin and flashed Aurora a smile, it became apparent that she was beyond arrogant. "What do you think?" She mocked.

Slowly, weakly, Aurora raised her hands up in front of her...

And latched on to the hairy claw that protruded from her chest. The demon gasped in surprise, and Ivanna took a hesitant step backwards, doubt entering her expression. "TEAR HER APART!" She screeched, commanding the demon. With a roar, the beast abandoned its human form, mutating from humanoid to vicious beast over the course of a few seconds. He brought his claw up high above his head, aiming to finish Aurora in one swipe. With all of his might, he brought his mighty talons down upon—


Ivanna's face changed from unrivaled supremacy to unbridled dismay as the head of her demon companion exploded to bits, leaving a long red and white streak of blood, brains, and bone along the wall of the building behind them. After a moment, Aurora stood, breaking the dead demon's arm off at the wrist and slowly sliding the remainder of the limp appendage backwards and out of the egregious laceration. It was the same remedy for treating an arrow wound, except where there would be wood and metal to snap, there was flesh and bone. By now, Ivanna was holding the sides of her head with her hands. "What. The. Fuck?!"

Aurora stood, spitting some blood from her mouth, chest wound still gaping and onerous. She mirrored Ivanna's previous sneer and arrogant manner perfectly. Literally, perfectly. "Middle 1st Class Dragoon/Aria Ivanna Raskolnikov. Do you think me stupid?" Aurora's sneer was so deep that it contorted her entire face. "Or did you just assume I would not be prepared for a treacherous bitch?"

At those words, Aurora's face seemed to melt into a silvery liquid. Shaping. Changing. Molding. Ivanna's eyes went wide once more, though this time in anger. "Demon!" She hissed, pulling a gun with her right hand and aiming it at the thing's head. "I know of your name, most unclean!" As she began to chant what she hoped was the demon's fatal verse, the creature, its face still a storm of pulsating liquid, took a step closer. Ivanna took a step backward. "O God, the Creator of all things, by water and the Holy—"


One moment, the Exorcist was holding her gun at the ready, prepped to expel a hostile demon from this world. In the next, her entire arm was missing. There was simply nothing there from the the elbow down. The report from the sniper shot echoed down the empty street, reverberating off the walls of the nearby buildings, amplifying the sound. Ivanna screamed, her concentration broken, chant interrupted, grasping her stump of an arm for dear life. "No!"

The demon took another step closer, his face finally settling in its new form. The demon now looked exactly like Ivanna, except he—she? it?—still had an arm, of course.


Ivanna's leg disappeared out from under her. The only evidence of its prior existence, bits and pieces of flesh and bone, were strewn all over the nearby sidewalk. She fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

"Ivanna." When the demon spoke, it sounded exactly as the downed Exorcist did not five minutes ago. Arrogant. Self-confident. On top of the world. It walked with the same posture. Spoke with the same deep accent. Made the same facial expressions. Wore the same outfit. They were like perfect twins, except for the gaping hole in the middle of the doppelganger's chest. "You have been accused of consorting with the enemy. Further, you are suspected of creating counterfeit Infinity Keys to allow certain demons entry past True Cross Academy's anti-demon barrier."

"Mercy! Mercy, please!" Ivanna pleaded. The demon took another step closer. It was now towering over the bloodied floored Exorcist. As nearly perfect twins, the scene would probably seem odd to a bystander—even without the blood, echos of gunshots, or the burning demon carcass a few feet away.

The demon knelt down so that it was eye level with the other Exorcist. "My master believes there is a plot to destroy True Cross Academy from within. As one who consorts with the enemy, you wouldn't happen to have any information for us?" The demon mimicked her mannerisms, voice, inflections, demeanor, and manner of eye contact perfectly. The identity of Ivanna Raskolnikov, Middle 1st Class Exorcist, now belonged to this demon. It was Ivanna now, for all intents and purposes.

There was only one thing standing in the way of it assuming her full identity. With a cold crass stare, Ivanna stared down at Ivanna, ignoring her cries. "Please," she sputtered. "I don't know. It sounds feasible, but I just don't know. I just sold the keys, I wasn't involved with them like that. Please, don't kill me!"

Ivanna frowned down at Ivanna, standing. "I see. Well, Ivanna Raskolnikov." Ivanna turned her back on her counterpart and began walking away. "I have taken your name as my own."



And that was the end of Ivanna. Or, perhaps, the beginning. Depends on your perspective. Grinning, Ivana looked up towards the sky. "Did you get all that, my master?" She muttered, inflecting her tone sarcastically on master. "Wise choice, sending me in first. If it'd been you stabbed through the chest, perhaps it'd be your name I'd have taken this day." With a deep baritone chuckle out of character for the woman known as Ivanna Raskolnikov, the demon abruptly vanished, leaving behind an empty street and a scene of carnage not even the rain could wash away.

Half a mile up the road, atop a tall office building, lay a woman in the prone position, a large black and gray stainless-steel long-barreled sniper rifle to her front, and a particularly intricate summoning circle to her left. She had smudged the circle with her knee a few moments earlier, resulting in a reversal of the evocation.

With a sigh, Aurora Sanctus Grant rose from her position, quickly dismantling the sniper weapon and erasing any trace of the summoning circle from the rooftop. The rain certainly helped.

Things had taken a very interesting turn. She would surely report her findings to the Vatican, as per code, but this threat against True Cross... She pursed her lips, moving her mouth as if chewing, obviously mulling something over in her head. She had reported her theory of hostile demons masquerading as human exorcists to the Vatican before, but they said there was not enough evidence to warrant any drastic action. She growled to herself.

Even this most recent assassination wouldn't be enough to bring them over to her school of thought. She needed some definite proof.

"I guess it's decided then," she said out loud to no one. She was alone atop the roof. "Looks like I'll be paying a visit to the True Cross Academy." A smirk touched her lips. "In person."

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#, as written by Ever
See? I told you I wouldn't be late, Kuro." came Rina's smug mutter as she reached the imposing wooden that served as the barrier of the hallway and her classroom. In fact..I'm early came an echoing thought as her fingers wrapped around the handle of the door before pulling it open with a creak. The black cat just uttered a small "hmph" of acknowledgment, feeling quite satisfied at their early arrival, before slinking inside to the empty classroom. A small frown of disappointment flits across the Daughter of Satan's face at Kuro's lack of displayed happiness and she follows after the cat, about to protest. You should be more ha- her words were cut short at the sight of another person in the room. Another demon: Yuen Tatabana.

Instinctively, Rina's eyes narrow at the presence of the male demon lounging in a seat, and she clamps her mouth shut. Kuro, being her familiar, felt something was wrong which caused him to look over at his master in a curious manner. Why are you acting so hostile suddenly? came Kuro's prying voice inside her mind, causing her not to answer. Something about male demons just made Rina feel.... violent. Sending him a cold glance, Rina clutches her sheathed Kurikara, her knuckles turning white from the pressure, before hastily walking past him. Without another word and a spiteful glare, the young female demon finds her seat in the back before rigidly sitting down in it. In an attempt to quell her negative feelings, Rina rests her head on her arms, trying to block Yuen out.

Kuro watched, curiously, Rina's reaction to the presence of a male demon and couldn't help but wonder why. A small frown stamps its way onto the his feline mouth as his master stalked over to a chair and immediately put her head down, ruining the happy mood he was in before. With a small sigh, he pads over to the desk Yuen was currently at before jumping onto it with his signature grace. Sitting down, Kuro wraps his tails around his paws before tilting his head and flashing the demon a broad smile. Hello, I'm Kuro, the familiar of Rina Okumura.. I apologize about her..well... Kuro's words trail off, confused on what to exactly described Rina's attitude.

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"A Knight? Oh, gosh, no. I'd be no good as a Knight..." Garic could help but grin at that. He liked knights; they seem really cool. "But, eh, I really wanna be a Doctor!" Walking beside her, Garic noticed her glance up at the ceiling, lost in thought but for a moment. "It'd be pretty neat to be a Tamer, too, come to think of it..." She blinked and looked back at Garic, head tilted in curiosity. "And what about you? What do you want to be?"

That was easy for Garic. The answer came out of his mouth without even thinking. "I'm a Tamer!" Want to be a Tamer. "Er—want to be a Tamer." He gave a little awkward chuckle, scratching the back of his head. "Though I guess being a Knight kinda runs in my family."

As they conversed while walking down the hall, Garic, from his peripheral vision, noticed a girl walk in through the classroom door a few yards in front of them. He only turned his head towards her because he felt K growl—literally growl, like a dog—in his head. The girl had lengthy brilliant blue hair and matching deep blue eyes, and was that... a tail? He could never tell, though whenever he saw her, K always had the same reaction.

Then again, she did kinda have the whole "delinquent" look going for her.

Cut it out, K. Rolling his eyes, Garic looked back towards Miki. "I guess we should hurry before we're late." And at that, they made their way through the classroom door.