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A Fruits Basket inspired roleplay; in the Whipshire Estate, there resides a mysterious family renowned for its wealth, and also for its strangeness! Become a part of this strange (and somewhat dysfunctional) family!

582 readers have visited Truffles since zen_ink created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Note: This is only loosely based off Fruits Basket (in concept) and the roleplay will take place in its own universe. Also note that the Whipshire family is indeed British as opposed to Chinese. I cannot explain this properly, but perhaps a distant relative in the past was Chinese ^_^

In the small, quaint town of Sunset Oaks, a large mansion sits atop a hill overlooking the winding village streets below. In this mansion, there lives a very peculiar family and - despite having a reputation amongst the entirety of the townsfolk for their generosity and accomplishments - also have a reputation for being quite mysterious! It should come as no shock to you then to learn that this family has a huge secret: they're all members of the Chinese Zodiac!

It all started long ago, with a mythical legend popular amongst the youth of China. Needless to say, the family has been cursed. Whether or not they are going to fall victim to the curse or make the curse into their own blessing is completely up to each individual member of the family. Some of them you might find are more akin to the former, while others pursue the latter. As a member of the Whipshire Family, it is up to you to find your place in the mortal world and make your own destiny.

So, it's about time you met the Zodiac. Which one are you?

The Dog is charismatic, proud, charming, and fiercely loyal to his friends and family. Although his siblings are diverse and may sometimes get on his nerves, the Dog's unyielding faith in those he considers his allies is what allows him to be so successful in life. He can be proud to a fault, and his boastful behavior may sometimes get on the nerves of others, but in the end you just can't help but to love the Dog.
--Power: Lucky
The Dog of the zodiac has always had luck on his side. Others may observe and remark on how significantly lucky this individual may appear. This is not coincidence, but magic! The Dog's luck is always in extremely good favor. Never will the Dog have to worry about fortune not working in his favor, and sometimes, when the Dog is feeling lazy or not ambitious enough to work towards his goals, he may fall back on this ability and rely solely on luck to do all the work for him. This is a dangerous practice for the Dog because his immortality is lessened more and more each time he puts his luck to work. Small and natural occurrences of luck should not drain the Dog of any of his immortality. It is when he decides to let his luck steer him completely in life that he will have problems. So beware relying too much on that luck of yours, Dog!

The Pig is a naturally very lazy and indulgent character. A product of the creature comforts of life, the Pig too often falls victim to all of life's luxurious offerings and thus she tends to feel entitled to such decadence. Her lazy behavior can put off the other more hardworking types, and her difficult personality can be the icing on top of this unappealing cake. However, the Pig is a natural born genius, and when she decides the time for action has finally come, she will be able to move mountains with her spectacular intellect. Coincidentally, her intellect lends to her a naturally high tendency towards pragmatism and a simple-yet-practical outlook on life that typically cuts through much of the B.S. of daily life. It is for this reason that others will come to her for advice. There is no guarantee that she will take a moment from her sweets to advise you, though.
--Power: Empathy
While Empathy usually refers to ones' ability to sense and react to the emotions of others, Empathy in the sense of the Pig's supernatural ability refers to the silencing of others' emotions. What this means is that while the world is falling to pieces, the Pig can remain calm and detached from the drama of it all. More than this, the Pig can actually instill this feeling into others as well, and bring everyone back to a state of logical thinking even during their most heightened emotional state. A very powerful ability indeed, this allows the Pig to decide when and how events will often turn out. If only she would pay less attention to the latest flavour of cake to come out of the Sunset Oaks Bakery, and more attention to what's going on around her!

What else would you expect a rat to be? The Rat of the zodiac, true to his animal spirit, is quite the sneaky and mysterious fellow. An elusive character, the Rat is often found off somewhere secluded, plotting some sort of scheme known to nobody else but himself. Are these schemes for good, or for evil? Well, only the Rat knows. Sometimes they are helpful, but most of the time they are to help the Rat achieve his own personal gain. A master planner, the Rat can formulate a course of action for just about any obstacle that is placed in front of him.
--Power: Invisibility
And what power would be more appropriate for this schemer? The Rat seems to have a knack for "disappearing" at the most convenient times. When the going gets rough, the Rat gets to hiding! Perhaps one of the reasons why he's so rarely ever seen is because he spends most of his time invisible. Or is it just because he prefers to remain in places unseen? Either way, the Rat's invisibility allows him to slip into or out of any situation as he deems appropriate. Oh, it's also really good for spying!

The Horse is a force to be reckoned with. When putting her energy to good use, the Horse can accomplish just about anything. Unfortunately, most of the time the Horse is too consumed by her own intense emotions to pursue anything beyond petty matters such as vengeance or martyrdom. A violent and moody character, the slightest thing can set the Horse's temper off, and that is NOT something you want. When the Horse has a temper tantrum, bad things happen. Crazy things have been known to happen when she goes into a fit of rage, and once she is there it is almost impossible to calm her down; there is nothing you can do but wait out the storm.
--Power: Pyrokinesis
Probably the worst possible power for the Horse to have. And what's worse? It's completely controlled by emotion. This means that the more angry the Horse is, the more active her Pyrokinesis becomes. While this ability is not typically within the scope of the Horse's own control (minus minor acts such as lighting a candle or creating a small flame), she could learn to master it if she could only learn to master her emotions first. Picture the Horse's emotions like a steady burning fire: the more angry she gets, the more explosive and violent the flame. If her emotional state becomes fiery enough, you'd better beware of getting scorched!

This interesting fellow can usually be found in his room meditating or praying to some unknown entity. While his family may find him quite strange at times, the Sheep's quietness should not be mistaken for an acceptance of that label. The Sheep is an endless, untapped well of wisdom, and while he tries to share this wisdom with others, they are often too ignorant to listen. Often times the Sheep will find himself obtaining answers from an unknown source to the questions that others have been asking. He is happy to share this information, but rarely does he get the chance. The Sheep prefers solitude in familiar environments preferably of his own creation. That is his other talent; the ability to create marvelous and aesthetically pleasing things.
--Power: Psychic
The Sheep's vast bank of knowledge is no coincidence! This fellow has been gifted with the Sight of Mind. The Sheep is probably the member of the Whipshire family who is most in-tune with his supernatural ability. Through much spiritual practice and devoted introspection, he has learned to harness this ability and use it in a masterful way that rivals any of his family members. Included abilities are Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Dream Reading, Astral Presence, and Aura Manipulation (spiritual healing).

While the Sheep would eloquently describe the Snake as "cunning", the Horse would likely say he's just flat out scary. The Snake is very attractive and charming, which is what puts off his fellow family members. They know the Snake's true nature... what he is capable of, and what he truly desires. Outsiders are for the most part just helpless victims-in-waiting. The Snake is not all bad, though. He does care for his family, and when push comes to shove, the Snake will put his tremendous power to good use.
--Power: Hypnosis
This unique ability is one that the Snake is not entirely sure how to control, however he does tend to put it to use quite often. Let's just put it this way: if the Snake wants something out of someone, he is undoubtedly sure to get it.

While the Dragon is a natural born leader who's duty it is to inspire and direct others into the course of their full potential, he much prefers to spend the majority of his time wallowing in his own self-pity and lack of confidence. If in that rare golden moment you can manage to catch the Dragon at his peak of confidence, you will see a being of great majesty and authority rise above his peers and command a loyal army to a victory none knew could be achieved. But yea, like I said most of the time he's just off skulking somewhere. Nobody's sure why.
--Power: Dragon Breath
In his normal state, the Dragon can manage to breath smoke if he tries, and maybe a petite flame if he tries extra hard. In the uncommon moments where the Dragon can manage to embrace his inner fire and realize the true being of power that he is, that is when his mighty roar can spew flames hotter and brighter than the sun.

The Monkey is, well.... bizarre. Nobody would put it to you any other way. The Horse might say he's "a freak" and the Sheep might say he's "delightfully eccentric" but really he's just weird. An endless bundle of energy, the Monkey can go and go for hours on end with his psychotic antics, requiring little to no rest at all. Nobody is quite sure why he does the things he does, or the meaning behind any of it. The Monkey isn't quite sure himself, either. All he knows is that he has fun doing it, and that is what life is really about, isn't it? Having fun. At least, to the Monkey it is.
--Power: Energy
The Monkey is actually somewhat of mad genius. He tends to "accidentally" invent spectacular things which he then proceeds to sell for great sums of money. Nobody is really sure just how much he has stashed away in his personal funds, not that it really matters since the family is filthy rich either way. Rest assured however that the Monkey's supernatural supply of energy will always allow him to continue on to the next bigger and better journey, whatever that may be.

There are only a couple members of the zodiac family who can understand and respect the Rooster. Everyone else just despises her, labeling her such things as a "killjoy" and "uptight wench". Others actually find her to be scarier than the Snake. From the Rooster's point of view, she's merely trying to just get things right. Intolerant of anything less than perfection, she will be the first to correct that which is not tidy, or spick-and-span, or well-mannered, or ship-shape.
--Power: Command
The Rooster can be bossy. The good news is, if she's REALLY bossing you around, chances are you'll just give in without protest. Why is this, you ask? The Rooster's power of command allows her to issue commands to people that they have no choice but to obey. Don't worry though; she'll never command you to do something creepy. Unless you consider dusting the hallways creepy.

This fierce and fashion-forward dame is incredibly easy on the eyes. You'd think that with all that primping, the Tiger would be a massively air headed goodie-two-shoes. You could not be further from the truth! Rivaled only by the Bull in her physical prowess, the Tiger can whip anyone's tush at sports and very much enjoys doing so. Don't be fooled by her overflowing confidence, though. Internally, the Tiger is an extremely conflicted being who is constantly at war with herself. While she might fight with ferocious vigor for her friends and family, she sometimes cannot control the beast that lurks within.
--Power: Ferocity The Tiger's animal-like instincts are a force to be reckoned with, but they can sometimes get the best of her. There is a certain duality to this character, and while she can be extremely nurturing and mother-like one minute, she could become a bloodthirsty savage the next. When her instincts take over, the Tiger is capable of perfectly inhuman feats.

The adorable Rabbit is a natural at winning over the hearts of others, and he doesn't even need to try. Easily one of the most naturally gifted of the zodiac in terms of good looks, the Rabbit's entirely anti-hostile nature sets him apart from others and allows him to easily make friends wherever he goes. This is a double edged sword as the Rabbit can often times be a little too trusting. But whenever he finds himself in trouble (and he does have a knack for sensing when trouble is near) he sure knows how to take off, removing himself completely from that situation unless he can manage to return to safety.
--Power: Speed If the Rabbit didn't have this power he might find himself in more trouble than he's in. Speed is a two-way street; it allows the Rabbit to immerse himself into any experience almost immediately, and just the same remove himself from that experience or any other. Trouble does for whatever reason tend to follow this cute little guy but he can always make a clean getaway with his lightning fast reflexes!

Last but not least, the Bull (who does often tend to come in last in most things..) is a large brute of a man who's strong suit lies in his body and certainly not in his wit. This is one who takes order easily and who pairs best with an intelligent, commanding type (can you think of any?), for he will gladly put his iron fist to work for any who he deems trustworthy. The Bull, while not the brightest of the zodiac, has a keen sense for detecting whether someone's intentions are pure or not, and you'd best hope your intentions are pure as the white light of day if you plan on associating yourself with the Bull, otherwise you might find that massive fist in YOUR face instead of your enemies'.
--Power: Strength This rather self-explanatory ability is one that tends to be highly valued amongst some of the more physically frail members of the zodiac, and often times they will seek to exploit it by means of manipulating the Bull. That typically proves to be a mistake, however, as the Bull is not as easily fooled as one might thing. (But still, he's pretty easily fooled.)

Now that you've met the family, come on in and immerse yourself in their crazy lives. Where will the wind take us? Well, there's no way to know for sure. But maybe, if you are the sort to think this a horrific curse, just maybe you will find your way out.

Endless life, endless death; An undying cycle that never ceases to continue. Are you looking for the key to freedom? Or are you happy right where you are? There's only one way to find out!


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Character Portrait: Anthony Whipshire


Character Portrait: Anthony Whipshire
Anthony Whipshire

"Did you hear that? I'm running."


Character Portrait: Anthony Whipshire
Anthony Whipshire

"Did you hear that? I'm running."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Anthony Whipshire
Anthony Whipshire

"Did you hear that? I'm running."

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Re: Truffles

I would too as I know a bunch of people who would like this.

Re: Truffles

Sorry bud I'm fairly certain the rp is dead unless the GM wants to revive it. I'd love for it to though...

Re: Truffles

I was wondering if you would allow me to join for my first roleplay on this site. I would enjoy it as the animal for my character is actually still open! Do you mind if I join and become the dog?

Re: Truffles

I'm sorry that I haven't submitted my character yet!
It's half done in a Word document somewhere. It took the peewee to find a good picture, it's the reason it took so goddamn long. DX
I'll try to finish her tomorrow, I have no time to do it tonight. Sorry about that!

If it helps, trying posting in the Roleplayers Wanted section of the forums~

Re: Truffles

Still looking for people to join! Come on now, plenty of spots available! Get 'em while they're hot ;)

Re: Truffles

Alright if you need another made btw just tell me

Re: Truffles

Accepted ^^ Still waiting on more people to join

Re: Truffles

Finished tried to make the age relivant to the year

Re: Truffles

@Ceh: Sorry this is totally my fault I spaced on the character skelly haha, could you put what zodiac animal your character is in the profile? And then as soon as that's done I will accept Anthony :)

And same to everyone else who wants to join, please put your zodiac animal in your character skeleton somewhere ^^


Re: Truffles

Thanks Dante and Ill have my character up in a few hours at most

Re: Truffles

Done and done ;D

Re: Truffles

@ zen_ink: Ah, okay~ Cheers for clearing that up!
May I reserve Tiger please?

Re: Truffles

@Imbecile: AH! My apologies for leaving out that very key bit of information ^^ Truth be told I had only thought about it ever so briefly whilst putting together the roleplay. I'm not sure if I want them to be able to turn into animals as this is going to be taking place in a more modern time and the knowledge of magic is supposed to be kept very hush-hush from mere mortals. But I understand this is a key plot point in the Fruits Basket series and this RP is very much inspired by that ! So what I think I'll do is wait until we have more members and then we can go by popular vote, whether RP'ers think it would be more appropriate to have this element or to leave it out.

...Who am I kidding? Everyone is going to want to turn into animals >> So if that is the case, then I'll have it be something more along the lines of extremely heightened emotional state, or perhaps an overuse of supernatural ability will lead to a sort of "temporary punishment" of turning you into your zodiac animal. I should also mention here that I myself will be playing the house's Head (so the equivalent to Akito). This will mostly be for RP management purposes but I will be an active character as well. If we choose to incorporate the transformation bit, I will probably allow my character the power to force you guys into your animal form as punishment :P

Sorry for the lengthy post!

OH also DemonDante I'll put the monkey on reserve for you! :D

Re: Truffles

How do they transform to their animals? Is it similiar to Fruits Basket where if they're touched by the opposite gender they change? Or can it be done at their will?

Can they transform at all?

Re: Truffles

Holy Jesus I want the monkey! :DDDD

@ceh12: I died laughing at your avatar xD

Re: Truffles

Okay Ill try and get him up tonight if not tommorrow

Re: Truffles

Two answers

1 Yes ^_~

2 Anything is fine but I require the following at minimum:

-Appearance (description is fine, picture is fine, both is finest)
-Description: Talk about what your character's personality is like more in-depth to just what's on their zodiac description. Talk about what they do with their daily life. If they are in high school, talk about their relationship with the other zodiacs close to their age. If they are younger talk about their hobbies or if they are older talk about their job.

Age wise for your character I would highly recommend nothing below 8 years of age and nothing above 28. 8 Might also be too young lol you want your character to have a distinct personality. That is going to be all the fun of this roleplay ^^

Hope this helps!

Re: Truffles

Two questions

1 Can I reserve the Rabbit

2 Do you have a skeleton we need or is anything alright


This is the auto-generated OOC topic for the roleplay "Truffles"

-Monkey (RESERVED - DemonDante)
-Tiger (RESERVED - Imbecile)
-Rabbit (RESERVED - Ceh12)

*Once all character slots are filled in and we have a pretty good picture of the familial relationships between everyone, I will try to map out a "family tree" of sorts as best as I can for the Whipshires.

Any questions about the Roleplay feel free to ask me here ^^