anise Anastasia herondale

anise is shy and quiet when around others but around her four best friends she is the total opposite

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a character in “truth or dare, Gryffindor style”, as played by Jenniferloveshp


anise- pronounced an-eye-ese, platinum blonde hair with bangs and pastel pink and purple streaks, short, smart, nice, caring, tough, insecure, struggles with depression, dances, can sing well, likes ((whomever you choose to play)), her parents died in a battle when she was 12, self harms ((on her sides if you aren't comfortable with that just tell me)), has trust issues, bisexual, reads alot, curvey, sporty, American, her eyes are purple/violet, and she is usually very quiet and shy unless she has had alcohol but still a trouble maker.

So begins...

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