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"light is sequential to dark, and dark sequential to light, that is the way of this world, and it fascinates me beyond words"

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a character in “Tsukiakari”, as played by evolutionofshadow



light is sequential to dark, and dark sequential to light, that is the way of this world, and it fascinates me beyond words

Normal || shadows | Lindsey Stirling ||
Angry || Red Like Roses pt.2 | Jeff Williams with Casey williams ||
Emotional || Don’t Speak Her Name | Rei Kondoh ||

β™” || Name || β™”
β™” || Nickname(s) || β™”
fox, shadow
β™” || Race || β™”
β™” || Specializes In || β™”
Spirit of Twilight

β™” || Age || β™”

β™” || Gender || β™”
Genderless, but considered to be male
β™” || Sexuality || β™”
not assessable
β™” || Face Claim || β™”
John Doe | Yumeki Merry

β™” || Height || β™”
165 cm, 5’4.9”
β™” || Weight || β™”
β™” || Hair Color || β™”
not accessible

β™” || Eye Color || β™”
not assessable
β™” || Skin Tone || β™”
dark shadows, made up of an almost pitch black
β™” || Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing || β™”
his manifests into a thinner build, much leaner then an average human. He constantly covers his body with a black


β™” || Weapon || β™”
large spear with an elongated and widened tip
β™” || Abilities || β™”
Shadow form: Hiroku’s body is entirely made up of shadows, which unlike flesh is much harder to harm. Hiroku’s outer extremities, his arms and legs, are made up of a non-physical shadow extending from his torso, meaning his limbs are almost impervious to physical attacks, however his torso and head are still in great danger. This also means that he is much lighter, allowing for greater dexterity and agility in combat.
β™” || Personality || β™”
Hiruko is a different spirit. His sole goal in his existence is to make an understanding of the world around him. This affects his personality greatly as he almost always dominated by curiosity and the desire for knowledge. He is not one for interactions with others, him finding them distracting and tedious. This nature of his can become dangerous for him in combat, as he does not concentrate solely on the battle or task at hand.

β™” || Likes || β™”

β€’ The pursuit of knowledge
β€’ Solitude
β€’ The twilight

β™” || Dislikes || β™”

β€’ Disturbances to something that piques his curiosity
β€’ Disruptive and violent people

β™” || Talents || β™”a

β€’ He is, through his time studying the world, become intelligent and quick to learn
β€’ He has a talent for combat, able to objectively analyse and peruse any situation well.

β™” || Flaws || β™”

β€’ He is easily distracted at many points in time
β€’ He is smaller then most other humans or spirits, making him less intimidating

β™” || Fears || β™”

β€’ He fears dying when there is more to discover
β€’ He fears the destruction of this world and of all knowledge known to humans and spirits.


β™” || Family || β™”
β™” || Romantic Interest || β™”
not assessable
β™” || Bio || β™”
Hiruko came into this world as the existence of the twilight become more energetic, as the animals plants and humans became more engrossed the movement of light and darkness. He knows nothing of his existence prior to this, or if he existed at all. When he was born he was simply a mess of swirling darkness, unable to move or make sense of the world around him. It took many years for him to form the body he has now, however he was still disillusioned to the world around, though he could not help but to explore and try and understand it. For over one hundred and fifty years he watched the world around him, the forests, the animals, the rivers and lakes. Though one thing peaked his interest above the others, the human society. It stuck out among the rest of nature, a testament to intellect and hard struggle. The way they acted, talked, moved was an ecosystem of its own, a world within the real world, which was far more complex and intriguing to Hiruko. He spent much time studying them from a distance, rarely interacting with them. He learnt their language, their behaviour, their formalities and their rituals. Over time he interacted more with them, stealing cloths to hide his identity, and talking to people in villages he came across. His knowledge of the world of nature, of the humans and of his own increased greatly through this time. Eventually he even learned of his true nature, that of being a spirit within the world. However as he interacted more with the human world the real dangers presented itself, he was assaulted and almost killed by bandits on one his travels, they however soon fled through fear as they saw his true form through his torn and ripped clothing. He would have died then if not for human by the name of Kafiku. Kafiku dragged Hiruko to his household and nursed him back to health. Whilst going through this Hiruko learnt that Kafiku was a weapons master and asked if he would teach him to fend for himself, and Kafiku accepted. Over the next twenty years he learnt the ways of the spear, whilst helping Kafiku to earn a living and to help him survive. When the time was right, Hiruko left him, to great disdain, but his journey and pursuit for knowledge needed to continue. As he left he learnt of the plight of the demons, he decided that it was best that he needed to investigate it. It was through this that he learnt of Tsukiakari and of their exploits, which truly piqued his interest, and thus he joined them to satiate his curiosity.

So begins...

Hiruko's Story


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Demon | of | Revenge


Laying, bored as usual, in the center of the Tsukiakari shrine, Ankoku, the demon of revenge, stared stultifyingly at the tree's slowly beginning to lose their charm, blossoms, and leaves. Fall was approaching along with winter following afterwards. Not that she cared. Ankoku hardly paid attention to the seasons. In fact, she was quite apathetic about many things after all the years she's lived her dull life, 'It's always the same thing, over and over again.'
She thought tiredly to herself. Lately, the individual prayers that she had gotten were all stories about how someone's loved one was killed by a demon or another human, and she, Ankoku, had to go hunt down the killer and take care of them herself. She was named the demon of revenge for a good reason, but sometimes, she wanted a more interesting request than the same stories over and over again.

Ankoku glanced over at the donation boxes, ones where people tossed any extra money in hopes that their luck of their wishes being granted would be increased. Out of boredom, and curiosity, she got up, walking barefoot, as usual, on the smooth wooden floors of the Tsukiakari housing until she reached the front of the shrine. It was no surprise how quiet it was and how no one was in sight of the shrine. They were, even during the war, still quite unpopular.

She walked by every single demon, spirit, and their great god's boxes until she reached her own. A few coins, as expected. Ankoku was still quite a minor demon, hardly known, hardly powerful. But what told her that she was still there and remembered was when she got prayers. Of course, they were mostly from bad people. What good person would want revenge? No one.

Just as she scoffed at how poor Tsukiakari really was, she realized that she was getting another prayer, 'My brother was killed in this war. A demon killed him on the battle field, one with a large head and a tiny body. It was tall and intimidating. Please take revenge for me, Ankoku.' Ankoku frowned with annoyance at this and wiped the memory clear from her head, deciding not to take that job. As unsatisfied as she was, she'd rather be that than have to replay the same story all over again for the hundredth time.

'It's just another damn prayer. Who the hell cares if I don't take revenge for them either? Honestly... humans are so tiring... We don't have to do all their work. If they really wanted revenge, they wouldn't call on a demon to do their bidding.' Just like the gods who had unleashed hell, Ankoku, too, despised most humans.

Ankoku was orignally about to walk away, seeing as there was nothing of interest to her there until there was a chime of the bell; the bell belonging to Tsukiakari's shrine. That meant that there was a prayer for the whole entire group. The whole entire Tsukiakari group. Quickly, she ran back to the largest saisen, the donation box, which obviously was for the Tsukiakari group, and found a prayer written across the board, how they are usually written for the group.

''The demons are spreading to my village lately, and they're terrorizing everyone. It started with just a few pranks, like breaking pots or tripping the kids, but it's gotten more violent. People are dying and we can see them clearly now. They're wiping out the whole entire village. Our men, including myself, can't stop them, and the women and children are being killed. Please, Tsukiakari, help us.'

It was from an adult male villager, and this made Ankoku grow eager. Rudely, as usual, she called throughout to those who were still in the area of the shrine, "Off your asses, fools! Get over here! We finally got a prayer." She felt the excitement rush through her while she yelled. Hell, she could care less if anyone was bothered by her yelling at this point.