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Rin Fukushima

"To live in the past is to never move forward and learn from your mistakes. A foolish choice, if I am allowed to say."

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a character in “Tsukiakari”, as played by Luna Delta




I'm afraid... You're song is ending.

Normal || Goodbye, My Friend | David Fesliyan ||
Angry || Riot | Three Days Grace ||
Emotional || Love Lost | Mattia Cupelli ||

โ™” || Name || โ™”
Rin Fukushima

โ™” || Nickname(s) || โ™”
Yuki || Her skin, being the color of snow is responsible for this nickname. Otherwise, not many have given Rin a nickname.

โ™” || Race || โ™”

โ™” || Specializes In || โ™”
Human of Knowledge

โ™” || Age || โ™”
Twenty two

โ™” || Gender || โ™”

โ™” || Sexuality || โ™”

โ™” || Face Claim || โ™”
Artist || Erise
Character || Unknown

โ™” || Height || โ™”
5"3{Five feet and three inches}

โ™” || Weight || โ™”
110 lbs {One hundred and ten pounds)

โ™” || Hair Color || โ™”
Pitch black

โ™” || Eye Color || โ™”
Black as well; having a slight drawing look to it. It almost sometimes looks as if their deep, dark pools of blue. They could draw you in the longer she stares, make you intrigued, make you terrified. All depending on the inflection of her works.

โ™” || Skin Tone || โ™”
Ghostly white; porcelain even. Rin would easily blend with the snow if she didn't have such black hair.

โ™” || Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing || โ™”
A mysterious, pale beauty indeed. Her skin the color of the snow, though healthy (to a point) has yet to show if it yields any scars, though hidden behind the kimonos lay a X on her lower back. Soft, despite the occasional scratched surface, and seemingly easily bruised. Her hair travels to her waist, even a bit past that, enough to allure people into thinking she's that of a doll.

Her doll like eyes the color of coal, they draw people in due to the simple fact it looks as if she truly doesn't have a soul. It's impossible to read her emotions through her eyes life it may of once been. Of course, her eyes do have a tendency to shift to a dark pool of blue, incredibly dark, that is. Only when you stare at them for long periods do they change.

The occasional pinking or complete reddening of her face is a rare yet pleasant surprise for some, allowing them to see she does in fact have emotions. Truly, she seems flawless once again until once reaches her inner thighs and feet. Scars litter them all over from childhood and her teenage years, not to mention a few fresh ones from run ins with the occasional "scum".


โ™” || Weapon || โ™”
Rin was never one for violence, but she does worry about herself with today's... "Environment". Therefore, not only does she carry a relatively medium sized sword, barely used and small set of throwing daggers, three in total.

Just in case her weapons actually do make contact with skin of some sort they have a layer of poison freshly put on them, or soaked a night before in her own personal little mixture.

โ™” || Abilities || โ™”
None {N/A}

โ™” || Personality || โ™”
At first glance, Rin seems to be a stoic, silent women with a heart made out of stone, and to some this theory is proven true. She doesn't like to waste her time on strangers who chose to act like idiots, or simply people who act like their better then the world. These types of attitudes irritate her to no end, and her "no-annoyance" fuse begins to burn, slowly, but burns nonetheless.

Of course, to those she has begun to "warm up" too, Rin seems a bit more relaxed and "cheery" when it comes to them. She'll aid them a lot easier then she normally would, having their back even when they manage to turn the world against themselves. She's loyal, but not to a fault. Betray her and she'll leave you in the dust quicker then you can yell out help. Otherwise she doesn't mind reasonable 'adult' jokes here or there, and especially won't mind a drink when offered. Her sarcasm dully noted, Rin is just simply a complex creature, but she's begun to open up to Tsukiakari as of recently in the past week. Not to mention she's like a walking textbook on a variety of things.


โ™” || Likes || โ™”
Books || "Knowledge is power, it helps you live a thousand lives. To understand the past and not make the same mistakes the ancestors made. Is there anymore to explain?" You cannot find Rin without some sort of a book, be it one she already read or not. She prefers to make sure she doesn't miss any details the first five times of reading it.

Tea || A calming drink for an otherwise insane world never hurt anyone, did it?

Freshly fallen snow || It's peaceful, to say the least. Pure. Not to mention she likes to blend in when too annoyed to handle the others around her.

Throwing practice || She likes to be accurate when throwing her daggers, otherwise she begins to feel... Well, useless, be it she is or isn't really up for debate.

โ™” || Dislikes || โ™”
โœ˜ Irrational people || They jump to conclusion to quickly for her taste, irking her greatly. Rin would prefer people to think their actions out clearly then dive head in.

โœ˜ Illiterate people || In her belief, if you don't read you'll never learn. Those who don't even read... Well, let's just say she may not have much respect for them.

โœ˜ Spicy things || The food simply burns her tongue, leaving her unable to really taste anything for awhile.

โœ˜ Her Father || The man lied to Rin, betraying not only her, but her mother. He could rot in hell for all she would care, therefore she really ever mentions the monstrosity.

โ™” || Talents || โ™”
Climbing || Climbing was always a favorite past time in her childhood, be it on her neighbor's trees, or an actual rock cliff or something of the sort. After all, Rin's never been one to pass up a good adventure.

Accuracy || Dagger throwing comes hand to hand with accuracy, and Rin's advanced accuracy allows her to hit targets directly, unless drastically distracted.

Photographic Memory || By no means is this ability by choice, though it does come in handy for blackmail, not to mention important information. She remembers everything, however, from the time she was around one up until now.

Fast Reader || Rin is an incredibly fast reader, not to mention once she get's into a book it's only a matter of hours before she's finished and onto the next.

Researcher || Whatever Rin researches, she's extremely dedicated to it until the very end. She'll never stop short of whatever she's doing until she does happen to get the answers she needs.

Nursing || Rin spent a lot of time with her mentor, therefore learning natural remedies and such. Not only that though, she also tended to the sick whenever her mother was unable to as a little girl.

โ™” || Flaws || โ™”
>Hard to read<
>Easily annoyed<
>Has a tendency to accidently insult people<
>Doesn't like to explain herself more then once<
>Normally assumed to be uncaring; stoic<
>Prefers logic over feelings during serious matters that need emotions.<
โ™” || Fears || โ™”
Triskaidekaphobia {Fear of the number 13} || Thanatophobia {Fear of death or dying} || Aeroacrophobia {Fear of open high places} || Ouranophobia {Heaven} || Theophobia {Religion}

โ™” || Family || โ™”
All members of her family are deceased as far as Rin knows, therefore she holds no real grounded attachment to her home. She never did have any special memories to begin with.

Kyou Fukushima|| Found dead with an arrow through the heart during the winter last year, he had been missing for two years prior. Though the man couldn't keep faithful, Rin does hold love for her father, though she refuses to admit it and calls him "Scum". She doesn't know much of his life, such as occupation, but knows he was there for her during the most important parts of her life.

Nanami Fukushima|| A blacksmith and a swords-women, Rin was accustomed to her "tough" love displays. Nanami's relationship with her daughter was in her eyes perfect, as well as Rin's eyes. They respected and cared for each other and we're the loyalist of comrades during some situations. She was the reason Rin knows how to use a sword and throw daggers, both of which were made by her mother. She passed away from bleeding out during a duel with a demon when Rin was nineteen, causing Rin to simply want to kill every last one of them proven to be useless to her. She simply wants to eradicate them.

โ™” || Romantic Interest || โ™”
"Love is a complex emotion, so perhaps you can tell me what type of love you are asking for? Physically, I obviously am not attracted to anyone in particular, nor have I made a strong enough bond (though strong enough to be loyal) to love an individual and plan to spend my life with he or she."

โ™” || Bio || โ™”

โ™” || Other || โ™”

Drowning || Rin was once drowned by a bunch of kids back in her village, or more like shoved underwater until she was gasping for air in some river. She doesn't exactly what happened after that, or whom pulled her up.

Kindness || Rin's kindness is more likely to be shown by actions then words, much like her mother's behavior.

She's a lot like her mother || If you look past the whole "falling in love" with a "player" senario, Rin is a hundred and ten percent like her mother in a lot of aspects personality wise and once was going to take on her mother's profession before she passed.

So begins...

Rin Fukushima's Story


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Demon | of | Revenge


Laying, bored as usual, in the center of the Tsukiakari shrine, Ankoku, the demon of revenge, stared stultifyingly at the tree's slowly beginning to lose their charm, blossoms, and leaves. Fall was approaching along with winter following afterwards. Not that she cared. Ankoku hardly paid attention to the seasons. In fact, she was quite apathetic about many things after all the years she's lived her dull life, 'It's always the same thing, over and over again.'
She thought tiredly to herself. Lately, the individual prayers that she had gotten were all stories about how someone's loved one was killed by a demon or another human, and she, Ankoku, had to go hunt down the killer and take care of them herself. She was named the demon of revenge for a good reason, but sometimes, she wanted a more interesting request than the same stories over and over again.

Ankoku glanced over at the donation boxes, ones where people tossed any extra money in hopes that their luck of their wishes being granted would be increased. Out of boredom, and curiosity, she got up, walking barefoot, as usual, on the smooth wooden floors of the Tsukiakari housing until she reached the front of the shrine. It was no surprise how quiet it was and how no one was in sight of the shrine. They were, even during the war, still quite unpopular.

She walked by every single demon, spirit, and their great god's boxes until she reached her own. A few coins, as expected. Ankoku was still quite a minor demon, hardly known, hardly powerful. But what told her that she was still there and remembered was when she got prayers. Of course, they were mostly from bad people. What good person would want revenge? No one.

Just as she scoffed at how poor Tsukiakari really was, she realized that she was getting another prayer, 'My brother was killed in this war. A demon killed him on the battle field, one with a large head and a tiny body. It was tall and intimidating. Please take revenge for me, Ankoku.' Ankoku frowned with annoyance at this and wiped the memory clear from her head, deciding not to take that job. As unsatisfied as she was, she'd rather be that than have to replay the same story all over again for the hundredth time.

'It's just another damn prayer. Who the hell cares if I don't take revenge for them either? Honestly... humans are so tiring... We don't have to do all their work. If they really wanted revenge, they wouldn't call on a demon to do their bidding.' Just like the gods who had unleashed hell, Ankoku, too, despised most humans.

Ankoku was orignally about to walk away, seeing as there was nothing of interest to her there until there was a chime of the bell; the bell belonging to Tsukiakari's shrine. That meant that there was a prayer for the whole entire group. The whole entire Tsukiakari group. Quickly, she ran back to the largest saisen, the donation box, which obviously was for the Tsukiakari group, and found a prayer written across the board, how they are usually written for the group.

''The demons are spreading to my village lately, and they're terrorizing everyone. It started with just a few pranks, like breaking pots or tripping the kids, but it's gotten more violent. People are dying and we can see them clearly now. They're wiping out the whole entire village. Our men, including myself, can't stop them, and the women and children are being killed. Please, Tsukiakari, help us.'

It was from an adult male villager, and this made Ankoku grow eager. Rudely, as usual, she called throughout to those who were still in the area of the shrine, "Off your asses, fools! Get over here! We finally got a prayer." She felt the excitement rush through her while she yelled. Hell, she could care less if anyone was bothered by her yelling at this point.