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Balthazar E. Geroux

"The time of Terror and Darkness- of Ira Shoku shall come to an end by our hands."

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a character in “Tundra || Remaster”, as played by aarondalea




❝Do not look to me for guidance; really, I won't give any to someone whom cannot figure out their own actions themselves.❞

∞ Full name ∞
Balthazar Edgar Geroux

∞ Nickname ∞

∞ Ethnicity ∞
French 50% | Chinese 50%

∞ Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞

*∞ Sexuality ∞

∞ Role ∞
Head of Operations

∞ Ability ∞

∞ Face Claim ∞
Gilbert Nightray | Pandora Hearts

*∞ Height & Weight ∞
187 cm | 6'1
73 kg | 161 lbs

∞ Hair color ∞
"The only way to really tell that I am from the Orient."

∞ Eye color ∞
"I was born with these eyes- they frighten others, frighten me, but they are mine for the rest of my life."

*∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞
"I believe my eyes are enough for most to recognize me and...identify me in seas of people."

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞
• White Wings | Balthazar's back is covered with markings that look like huge wings, spanning from his shoulder blades down his back and to the tips of his legs. As Balthazar has grown, the wings have grown with him as well in both size and definition; when Balthazar was born, the wings themselves were barely visible on his skin. Now, they seem to glow with a white brilliance that Balthazar cannot smother with whatever cosmetic product he uses.
• Diagonal Slash | Back | Across his wings, a long diagonal slash is drawn intricately on Balthazar's back, creating a jagged discordance with Balthazar's mark. The wound itself is red, fleshy, and sticks out at some points- an indication that it was not medically treated when Balthazar incurred the wound, or when the wound was incurred on him through force.
• Scars | Across Body | Through battles and fleeing, or just through small daily mistakes, Balthazar has grown a healthy amount of scars to show on his body. Though most are small, Balthazar has a few large scars that are of notability.

∞ Physical Description ∞
Balthazar constantly appears to be the exact mixture of messiness and cleanness. His hair is always disheveled and messy, hanging in angles in light curves. The dark matted mass of his hair contrasts strikingly against the rest of his body, especially his pale complexion and bright yellow eyes that constantly draws eyes in Balthazar's direction. Tall and strong, Balthazar is not of light weight and has muscle mass that shows on his body- though this is constantly hidden amongst the layers of clothes that Balthazar loves to wear. Out of all his articles of clothes, Balthazar nearly constantly wears a long black trench coat, a coat that Balthazar obtained a least half a decade ago. By now, the black coat has faded a bit to a dark blue. Inside, Balthazar tends to dress in layers of clothes, with a dress shirt, a vest, along with a necktie; this dress up tends to be the main component as to how his appearance seems to clash against itself. The careful refinement and placement of his clothes tends to clash heavily with his hair- but he tends to loosen up his clothes during and after battles. All of Balthazar's clothes is either black, blue or white- it is hard to see him in any other color. Also, on special occasions, Balthazar ties his hair up and dons a top hat, though he rarely ever does this.

∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Coughing || Balthazar does not have any disease, but time to time he has to cough once or twice as if he were clearing his throat.
✦ Snapping Fingers || Especially when he is annoyed, Balthazar tends to unconsciously snap his fingers. This occurs mostly when he is trying to emphasize on something while he is speaking, or when he is trying to gain someone's attention. But it does happen rather sporadically here and there while he is speaking or listening to someone else.
✦ Sighing || Even when he isn't in a bad mood, Balthazar tends to sigh huge sighs that can, sometimes, stop the motions of others to look at him. These are the sighs of utter exasperation and disappointment- and, well, Balthazar cannot control these sighs either. They just slip out of him before he even realizes, and though he has made an effort to stop doing so the sighs still keep on coming.

∞ Likes ∞
♥ Snow || Though Balthazar knows that the snow is the sign of reigning darkness, Balthazar cannot help but admire the pristine whiteness of the snow that slowly falls down from the sky and blankets the ground. But he has a clear feeling that, without the snow, the world would be much more beautiful that it is right now.
♥ Food | Eating || Balthazar has a huge appetite compared to most. Especially after using his powers, Balthazar has to eat a huge feast every time to replenish his energy. He tends to just eat whatever is edible- and, well, Balthazar cannot really think of what food he likes the best. However, out of all, Balthazar loves to eat cake.
♥ Traveling || With his powers, especially, Balthazar loves to travel around in both short and long distances. He believes that standing on top of tall buildings is also a sort of "adventure" that anyone could enjoy, as they can see something they have seen many times from a completely different angle.
♥ Sunlight || Whenever there is a bit of sunlight shining and if he is free, Balthazar tends to walk out and sit down, enjoying the bright sun on his face until it disappears. He doesn't know why, but Balthazar is just drawn to the brightness that shines down from the sky. It gives him strength and makes him feel, well, good.
♥ Classical Music || Compared to anything else, Balthazar loves to listen to music and to enjoy the sounds of strings, wind instruments and the like spreading through the air and into his mind. Though not many records really do exist anymore, Balthazar loves to hunt through stores whenever he has time to see if he can land his hands on some gold piece.

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ Ira Shoku | "I believe that anyone within New Tokyo, especially those within the...Freedom Fighters will dislike Ira Shoku with their whole hearts and the entirety of their souls. Even if they cannot feel anything else...this hatred will be ever present, ever there for the greediness Ira Shoku has placed upon our heads with his own needs."
✖ His Family | Balthazar has ordered for no one to pry into his past or to refer to his past in front of him. Though he does not wish to tell them, Balthazar's past leaves him feeling nothing but disgust and anger due to their affiliation with Ira Shoku's government.
✖ Mass Media | "For all that is good, mass media could have been an outlet for human creativity! But now, it is only an outlet for Ira Shoku's twisted ideals and the corruption and rot that has embedded itself into human society."
✖ Crowded Areas | Balthazar generally dislikes contact with other people, though he can hide this dislike while with small groups of people. His upper limit is around ten to twenty people- anymore than this, Balthazar tends to grow extremely pale and tries to escape the place unless he has a mission to complete.
✖ Emotional Situations | Especially since Balthazar is not used to feeling emotions as a whole, any situation that incurs strong emotional response within Balthazar tends to worry him. Rather than opening up, Balthazar tends to shut down and move away from others, once again retreating to his position of higher status and solitude.


∞ Talents ∞
✔ Writing | Though he rarely ever does write anymore, Balthazar was extremely proficient in the ways of pen and ink. His stories tended to depict a caged person- either mentally or physically- escaping from the bonds that bound them to whatever place they were at. Of course, Balthazar loved to venture into other realms of artistic exploration, but his main theme tended to circle around this singular one. His writing was heavily influenced by the Kafka books he had managed to read as a kid, but, well, that was a long time ago.
✔ Dancing | Left-overs of his childhood training, Balthazar is still extremely proficient in the ways of dancing- especially in terms of waltz. This barely has affected Balthazar, except that he can now more effectively dodge attacks and fluidly dodge through the openings of his attackers.
✔ Fighting | "I was trained when I was younger to protect myself. It's hard to say that someone would forget everything that was beaten into their brain when they were still impressionable and, well, like sponges."
✔ Sensing the Presence of Others | "Also something I have trained since young. I cannot allow anyone to approach me from behind while I am distracted- nevermore do I wish to incur a wound due to carelessness."

∞ Fears ∞
✘ His Past | "I think it would be more appropriate to say that I…do not wish to remember the person I was back then. My origin; what I did; who I was." Out of a select few situations, only memories of his past can incur this feeling in Balthazar's heart: fear.
✘ Darkness | Balthazar cannot stay alone in the darkness. It reminds him too much of the life he was forced to live as a child growing up, and as a teenager but a few years ago. Whenever Balthazar is placed in full darkness- or even when there is a small light- Balthazar tends to shut down, unable to move until a light is shone in his face.
✘ His Powers | "How can you understand the true power of my teleportation skills? I cannot fully control it- my powers control me! Though I have brought it under my heel over the past few years…anything can happen when I am not alert."

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Apathetic | Despite the caring, cool personality that Balthazar tends to put up while around other people, it's extremely hard for Balthazar to really put himself in the shoes of others. He finds it hard to empathize with other people with their faults and problems, and he hasn't really tried to do so at all, ever. This has caused him to miscalculate many important situations Balthazar has been in in the past that has caused many plans to fail.
✘ Anger | Balthazar is extremely easy to anger. It doesn't take much to irritate the co-leader of the Freedom Fighters, and, well, Balthazar knows this. But the thing is that he embraces it fully, though he knows it's a flaw that he should overcome soon enough. It has caused Balthazar to sometimes grow distant from other Freedom Fighters, and was the main reason why he ran away from home at such a young age.

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ Past | Balthazar has managed to keep his past a secret, not allowing anyone to truly know the connections he holds and the position he once held. He refuses to communicate with anyone about past events, in fear that, with a slip of his tongue, the other Freedom Fighters would come to know the true bleak darkness of Balthazar's past.
⌛ Pleasure in Killing | This is a secret that Balthazar has tried to smother over the past few years but the defense mechanism he built during his childhood is too strong. Whenever he is killing someone, slaughtering, defending himself, Balthazar can rarely ever hold down the creeping sense of pleasure and glee that constantly rises up. He especially loves to watch his bullets dig deep in flesh, blood splattering across the air- in scenes of extreme carnage, a smile sometimes unconsciously creeps across his features, showing the true demon that many called him years ago.
⌛ Eyes | "They are the representation of a curse- a curse that was placed on the Geroux family that I now burden by myself. The brighter it glows…the closer I know I am to my demise."

∞ Weapon ∞
• Guns | Balthazar tends to hold at least five guns in his large jacket, along with a large amount of ammo to make sure that he doesn't run out. This fits Balthazar's style of long-distance attacks, and further enforces the deadliness of his transportation skills. The guns themselves are made out of specialized iron, the bullets stolen from stores across New Tokyo by Balthazar. If one looks close enough, the family crest of Balthazar's family can be seen on the butt of the guns, marking their origin and Balthazar's origin as well. The guns have a high accuracy rate and the bullets themselves are fired at extremely high speeds, allowing them to penetrate near all material whenever Balthazar aims at an appropriate distance. Through practice and sheer ingenuity, Balthazar has developed the habit of also using these guns to block attacks from swords and axes, though the guns have had no markings left on them from all the battering Balthazar puts them through.

∞ Personality ∞
An interesting person indeed, Balthazar himself does not know how to fully describe his own personality. He understands that, compared to many others, he rarely does feel much emotion at all; but at the same time, Balthazar believes that he feels much more than any other person he has ever met. Clear and calm-minded, Balthazar always tackles problems with the most holistic view he can achieve, guiding his partners through the best solution and plan possible. He rarely ever allows outside forces to cause him to waver and makes sure that he never loses the perpetual calmness that he forced upon himself ever since he was in the academy. This chilly coolness is accompanied constantly with a shy sense of superiority and an air of authority, royalty and refinement. All remnants of Balthazar’s past, he cannot shake off what defined him so much so close in the past. Due to his past as well, Balthazar is always extremely meticulous and would rather slow down his own pace rather than allow mistakes to pass through his eyes.
The one emotion Balthazar feels the most is anger. In the simplest way of speaking, Balthazar has huge anger management issues. When he is angered, Balthazar tends to go on large anger tantrums, though he can control them to a better extent than most. This also equates to an impatience he places on others though not himself- something that has caused Balthazar to leave many partners behind during missions, if he believes that they are pulling him back from success. Though he understands that he cannot expect the same amount of dedication from most, Balthazar tends to push his expectations he endows to himself on others, and tends to be unwilling to allow them to let his expectations down.
At times, Balthazar can be extremely haughty and contemptuous, a habit that Balthazar has been unable to throw off as well. However, his words tend to hide and guard the large amount of pride that resides within Balthazar. At times, Balthazar can seem extremely closed off while at others, but at other times the Head of Operations for the Freedom Fighters tends to be extremely open and friendly. This is exactly what Balthazar wishes to do: leave others in the dark.

Image∞ Romantic Interest ∞

∞ History ∞
Balthazar Geroux was born into the influential family of Geroux- a family longstanding in prominence and affluence since the elder times. On the surface, the Geroux tended to seem just, profiting off of an extremely popular clothing line, producing generation after generation of politicians, designers and other such influential figures. But this did not mean that the entire Geroux family was like this. Rather, there were two faces to the Geroux family: one that worked on the surface, the other that worked in the shadows. Balthazar, unfortunately, was born into the latter- into harsh education, stringent observation, and violent experiences. His family- the branch he was born in- held a long-standing line of extremely powerful mercenary soldiers, each with a name to him or herself. His parents were no different, each leaving behind a long river of blood before they had met, married for political reasons, and gave birth to Balthazar. It was a loveless family; each tied together through means of wealth, power and genes- nothing more. Each acted as a pawn for the family name with no real mind of their own, their mantra: power.

Thus, Balthazar grew up with barely any sight of his parents at all. At one point, his father was killed in a mission while Balthazar was 5 years old. He attended his father’s funeral, but the picture that Balthazar had held looked nothing like he remembered in his dreams and memories. It was at that moment that Balthazar fully realized how alone he was. It did not help at all that immediately afterwards, Balthazar was shoved away from his nursing mother- a woman near her seventies- to an academy that all with the name of Geroux had to attend. Once more, here, education was split between those who were of light and those who were of shadow. Within the school, cliques formed almost immediately, forcing those in lesser families’ out- unless they were of strong physique. Balthazar’s parents came to use this once. Their fame and fortune was widely known throughout the academy, and thus Balthazar was absorbed into the amorphous blob that permeated throughout the academy every day and night, as he felt his own personality slowly erode away into an infinite darkness. This life continued until he was fifteen. By then, Balthazar had lost any sort of childish naivety- he had been forced into adulthood by no other than himself. His smiles lost their sincerity; his voice lost its care. What Balthazar did gain, however, was a quick mind and an equally quick tongue. Wherever he walked, he commanded respect with every step, his yellow eyes a strict reminder of the family he was from and the power that he held. His prowess in battling class and studying classes alike were near legends within the academy, and he had received more missions than any other within the academy; his record was flawless. Until that night happened.

That night, Balthazar’s powers awakened- on the night he received his last mission order at the age of 15. Kill this target- she has gone awry from the path of the Geroux. An image had appeared before Balthazar as he had knelt on the cold ground, his eyes dull until they focused on the holographic figure that stood in front of him. His mother- Balthazar had set off immediately and his swords had been equally as quick to sever his mother’s life. But as he had dug out his own bullets from her shoulders, a pain had shot down along Balthazar’s back, causing him to double over with pain. Then it happened again and again, each time the pain increasing exponentially- until, finally it receded. But when Balthazar had opened his eyes, he stood somewhere different; a landscape that he did not recognize greeted his eyes.

“That was the moment I understood I was fully free. I did not wish to work for the government under Ira Shoku- I did not wish to be bound to the system that had shackled so many of my ancestors, my parents, to a never ending cycle of blood and carnage. So, I set off immediately, taking everything I had with me to teleport back to the academy. It did not go well at all. I was…stuck….so long…in the…the darkness…- but, I found myself. Again. In my room which I promptly emptied and left again with my powers. It does not matter how I managed to reach the Freedom Fighters, but I asked the man to allow me to enter the Freedom Fighters, and, well, I proved my prowess and my capabilities. So, here I am now. Here I am. With my two hands, I shall erase what Ira Shoku has created- erase the Geroux family- so that no such sorrow shall pass through ever again.”

So begins...

Balthazar E. Geroux's Story

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As you sleep peacefully, I watch over you from the outside I’ll be the cocoon that protects you from all the world’s emotions.

The snow drifted gently from the sky, the frigid temperatures reaching a record breaking low as the gray clouds lazily drifted through the ashen air. Everything about this day had a dreary tone to it, as though the atmosphere was suffocating from the powdery flakes and was attempting to squeeze out a final, dying breath. New Tokyo had not seen many colors since Ira took office, the greenery that used to adorn the land had whittled away to yellows and browns, eventually being overtaken by grays and blacks. The harsh, yellow, artificial lights coming from the neat row of dark houses glowed with a ferocity of lion, cutting through shadows and casting themselves over the blankets of snow. Fake wreathes and colorful lights adorned living units as the holiday season began, attempting to uplift the devastating atmosphere with little success.

Standing among these decorations, under a lamppost that was lit far too early in the day was Yui. It was her first time outside and she wasn't sure how she felt about it yet. She nervously ran her fingers over the spot where an ID chip had been embedded under her flesh. It was a fake, just so she could get in and out of places without raising suspicion but still the thought of having something so foreign inside of her was a bit daunting. The cold bit into her skin and she shivered, attempting to huddle further into the thick coat she was wearing. Yui was always cold because she was underweight, but this was not the type of chill she was used to. It was much worse and as she tread across the sidewalk that was thick with salt, her boots crunched with every step.

Yui had gotten about ten steps away when the front door to the house opened and someone came running out. "Where are you going?" They called after her, grabbing Yui and attempting to drag her back inside. "I wanted to see it," Yui replied quickly, resisting with every ounce of strength in her little body. "What are you talking about? You aren't supposed to leave the house." Yui had planted herself stubbornly on the sidewalk and the woman who had come to retrieve her sighed. "I wanted to see the world you're all working so hard to save." The woman's expression softened and she shook her head, taking Yui's hand gently and leading her back towards the gray building that looked just like all the others on the block. The only individuality were the type of decorations they put up and the FF's were minimal, only enough to not raise suspicion.

"Maybe if you ask Mitsuko-san she'll let you go shopping with Chi-kun." Yui nodded her head as the door closed, the lock automatically clicking shut behind them. She kicked off her shoes and winced as her skin began to crackle. The woman noticed the cracks forming on the surface of Yui's epidermis and ran to run the bath. Slowly Yui followed her up and when she was inside the bathroom pulled off her clothes and slipped into the porcelain tub, relief running through her body as Yui's body rehydrated. The girl closed her eyes and went under the water, her mind fluttering between thoughts. There wasn't much to think about, she had only been awake for a week and so her memory only went that far. Yui had no idea where she came from, how old she was, or what her real name was. She knew they had found a file when they rescued her, but it was only the types of drugs they had injected into her and a cryptic list of scribbled out names.

A few minutes later Yui emerged from the bathroom, she looked up at the black clock ticking away on the wall; her blue eyes widening in alarm; she was going to be late for the meeting! Quickly Yui rushed down the hall, sliding across the wooden floors on her socked feet, and slamming into the door. She bit back a cry and opened it up, glad to see that only Mitsuko was there so far. "Hi," Yui said quickly and took a seat at the table.



Some days Yato wondered when he would see the sun. Assignments were normally coming day in, day out, but lately they had trickled to a stop and he was trapped in the sub levels of the research building; resigned to wondering if he had done something wrong. Yato had been playing all of his cards right, he came when called and barked when they wanted; playing the faithful dog they were training him to be. It was awful really and Yato could hardly sleep without seeing the faces of those he was forced to kill.

The door to his room opened with a hiss! Footsteps echoed on the tiled floor, the sound of a cart being wheeled in followed. Yato stiffened, knowing all too well what time it was. "Get up," a gruff voice invaded his ears, tearing through his head and Yato obeyed, the thin blanket he had wrapped himself in falling from his body and revealing his light bearing mark. A Chinese dragon that was a brilliant white against Yato's oddly tan skin. Lately they had been trying everything they could to turn it black, to change Yato into a being of darkness, but the mark always reverted back to its original color.

He was pulled from the bed and dragged over to a chair by the wall, his wrists and ankles restrained with metal cuffs. Yato didn't bother to resist as he knew it was futile and if he tried he would be punished. They at least had the sense to wipe the injection site down with sanitizer before plunging needle after needle into his skin. Yato grit his teeth as the murky contents were emptied into his body and he instantly began to feel the affects. His chest tightened, blood trickled between Yato's lips and his body began to feel hot. His head swam and he wondered what they could possibly be injecting into him.

Just when Yato couldn't take it anymore another stabbing pain entered his arm and it began to clear. Once again Yato could breathe normally and think straight. "Get dressed, you're expected in Ira's office in twenty minutes." The cuffs were undone and Yato stood, going over to the drawers in the wall and pulling out a shirt and change of pants. Ten minutes later he was at the elevators, ascending to the place where his worst enemy stood waiting for him. The doors opened, revealing a large office, Hiashi from the sub levels, and Ira Shoku.

"Thank you for joining us Yato, take a seat." Yato did as told and sat down in the chair next to Hiashi. "It has come to my attention that these Freedom Fighters are a much bigger threat then my advisers originally thought." He cleared his throat and turned to look out the window in a dramatic manner. "From today onward, your job will be to hunt down and annihilate them." Yato remembered the raid the Freedom Fighters had pulled off last week. He had been out on a job but when he came back they were in full alert mode. "You begin tonight, both of you are dismissed."

"Yes sir," Yato stood and went back towards the elevators, excited for the hunt.