Margaret Van Bokhoven

"It doesn't matter how much I'd sacrifice to keep them safe!"

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlFCfkyuQM0 - A song she sings to herself often, so you might as well consider it her theme.


❝I am Napkin Lady! I've got face napkins, table napkins, tear napkins, mopping-up-blood napkins... which napkin did you come to me for?❞

∞ Full name ∞
Margaret Van Bokhoven

∞ Nickname ∞
Maggie/Napkin Lady/Mother

∞ Ethnicity ∞
She's a mix, but is primarily Dutch.

∞ Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞

*∞ Sexuality ∞

∞ Role ∞
The Nurse

∞ Ability ∞
Weave-a-friend//creating and controlling familiars and/or other objects.

∞ Face Claim ∞
Irisviel von Einzbern//Fate Zero

Image*∞ Height & Weight ∞
5'2'' and 114.5 lbs

∞ Hair color ∞

∞ Eye color ∞

Image*∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞
She's an albino and she likes to wear her eyeliner with the egyptian-styled fishtail thingy. (Whatever it is.)

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞
Her mark is on the back of her neck, a small silver swirling pattern that looks a bit like a plant. It's invisible but you can see it when she's using her power because it glows silver.

Image∞ Physical Description ∞
Maggie is a shorter woman, but her posture and confidence adds at least another 5 centimetres. She has a slender build and does not have much physical strength, but she does have stamina and agility when it comes to running away and evading attacks if it were ever to come to that. Also, when she's pissed off or distressed, it seems that her strength enhances.

Unfortunately, because she is an albino she has a few problems with the conditions outside. Her pale skin burns easily so she must always cover up when going outside, and during the daytime she wears sunglasses outside because her red eyes are very sensitive to the sun reflecting off the ice and snow. Maggie wears her long silvery-white hair down to cover up her neck, though she does wear it up in places where only people she trusts are - like the FF Headquarters. Her looks do turn a few heads, as it isn't everyday you see someone so pale with blood red eyes.

"Who was it..."
Habits/Quirks ∞

✦ Moving... a lot while talking || When Maggie is speaking to you, be careful not to get hit by her aggressive arm movements. Or trip over her when she spins around you. Or resist her when she grabs you to spin with her.
✦ Fixing people's clothes/hair/make-up/faces || She just can't keep her hands off people, seriously. Perhaps it's a mum thing.

∞ Likes ∞
β™₯ Penguins and other adorable little critters || But mostly penguins. She loves how they are so clumsy yet graceful at the same time.
β™₯ Anything cheesy and romantic || This includes old cheesy love songs and cliche romantic comedies.
β™₯ Whale songs || Listening and singing along to a whale's song calms her and helps her think clearly.

∞ Dislikes ∞
βœ– Her babies being hurt || Don't you dare lay a finger on her family.
βœ– People giving her advice || Maggie gives advice, but she doesn't take it. She has her own way of dealing with her problems.
βœ– Mint flavoured things || It's like eating toothpaste. Ick.

"... who hurt..."
∞ Talents ∞ βœ” Healing people || Well, duh. That's what she's here to do! Don't worry, she was a doctor. Trust her, she knows what she's doing.
βœ” Playing the piano || Everyone has something they do in their spare time.
βœ” Giving anyone a papercut || I dare you to come up behind someone and do this to them. It's bloody difficult, I'll tell you that much.

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Giving in to the other side of her power || Never again... >:)
✘ Failing to save someone || It's her job, and if she can't do her job, what is she useful for?
✘ Losing family || Namely, the Freedom Fighters.

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Her attachment to the FF || The FF are her world, her family, her babies etc. If one of the inner circle members were to get hurt or killed... you can view her gaining power through her rage as a strength, but it really is a weakness which dulls her judgement.
✘ Absent-minded || She can't focus on anything that she isn't 100% interested in. Seriously, don't make her cook or play a game of chess with her. She'll forget what she's doing.
✘ Her reluctance to listen to other people's advice || You can see how this can become a problem, right?

"... MY BABIES?!"
∞ Secrets ∞
βŒ› The other possible Her | This is a secret she guards carefully. If people were to know how fragile she is and how she is always balancing on the edge, they might become afraid of her! Just like...
βŒ› The monster || Only one person knows the truth behind what really happened in the incident 21 years ago, and she trusts that person to keep that secret until they die.
βŒ› Her unhealthy eating habits || No one must know about her secret stash of salt in her office. NO ONE.

Image∞ Weapon ∞
She has a small gun that she keeps strapped to her left thigh as she doesn't go out on missions so often and she depends on her familiars to protect her. But, if anybody were to seriously hurt any of her "children" or worse, she would borrow the heavier artillery... as you can see above.

∞ Personality ∞
Maggie is the girl that you can always count on to be your shoulder to cry on and spill all your problems out to. Her understanding and non-judgemental aura makes her the confidant of the FF. She always has a smile for people - whether it be genuine or plastered on - and has a way with cheering people up. She always shows that she cares and, if need be, can turn a little strict if it calls for it. If you upset her, you will sincerely regret it, because she will make you feel very bad about it.

When she's not wiping Chi-kun's tears from his face or plopping Yui down on her lap and listening to her worries (if she had her way, she would be doing this with everyone in the FF. If only they didn't resist sitting on her lap...), Maggie is a very energetic and enthusiastic person... though with most things she pumps her fist up in the air and shouts "Let's do it!" for... she ends up being distracted or falling asleep halfway through. (Though she cleans up after the other FF, you don't want to see her office corner. Her penguin familiars try and clean it for her but they have flippers, so, y'know.) Of course, whenever she is doing something for someone else and not for herself, it generally gets done in double time.

Funnily enough, Margaret is a very distant person despite her bubbly attitude and her caring nature. She never "bothers" others with her own problems, and if were to try and help her at all she would push you away. If you would try and give her any advice, she'd laugh and tell you that it doesn't matter what her problems are. She hides any darkness inside of her - any traces of a temper and of her fears are bottled up, not for anyone else to see. She doesn't want to be anything else other than the ideal friend and protector to her family, the Freedom Fighters.

Image∞ Romantic Interest ∞
Whoever wants her can grab her. Just have a bunch of cheesy romantic lines ready, cos she laps that stuff up.

∞ History ∞
Margaret only ever knew her mother by her voice over a phone and she never knew her real father at all. She was brought up by foster parents in New Tokyo. Her mother told her that if her occasional phone calls were not enough, Maggie could always sing her a whale song when she needed advice - because a whale's song can travel a great distance of space, and by song a mother and child can communicate to one another. Her mother also believed that the whale taught of listening to your inner voice, and following your own truth - so she told Maggie to sing her a whale song, and whatever Maggie's heart told her was her mother singing back.

Maggie was a very lonely (and admittedly weird) girl who spent her time with her foster parents and dreamed of crossing the ocean on a whale's back to be reunited with her real mother. Despite her believing that family was all she needed and all she could trust, she ended up (accidentally) befriending a young boy her own age named Hotaka Honda, who was severely bullied by his older brother's friends because of how open he was in his displeasure at living beneath Ira Shoku. Maggie hated how submissive he was at their beatings and though she was weak and small, she would always try her best to defend him - which just led to her coping a worse beating. However, Hotaka looked down on Margaret for how she would throw herself in front of his bullies even though she couldn't do anything. When Maggie complained that his actions were nothing to look up to, Hotaka shouted at her that they needed to learn to do something instead of continuing to let themselves follow with this pattern. And so, Hotaka took up martial arts training to grow stronger while Maggie tried her best... but it turned out that she was just born weak and was "not a fighter"...

... Until Maggie was 12, and she gained/realised she possessed a mark. It came as a shock to her and she revealed her powers to Hotaka in the form of a swarm of butterflies. She thought that she could trust her being a Light Bearer because of his discontempt towards Ira, but since his training her had started to have the whole Ira Shoku = GOOD thing drilled into him daily, and he was a very influential young boy. Though he freaked at first, he eventually accepted her power and promised to keep it a secret. The two of them had never been closer... until... the incident when they were of thirteen years.

All that she could remember was red. That was all she could see, that was all she could feel - red hot pain, attacking the back of her neck like it were being repeatedly stabbed by needles. When she came to, she was sitting on the snow... but the snow was no longer white. Whatever had done what she could see was not her. It was an animal. She couldn't even remember what had happened, but she knew that this was what she wanted, was it not? No. No, this wasn't.

"... No... that's enough! Stop! STOP IT!"

Margaret continued her schooling and went down the paramedic career path. Hotaka joined the law enforcers, yet he still kept his promise to never tell anyone that Maggie was a Light Bearer despite the incident. Because of Maggie's unwillingness to fight ever since the incident, she helped the Light Bearers in different ways such as making little alterations to their medical sheets ever compulsory check-up and helping wounded Light Bearers afterhours without questioning what they were doing to get hurt so badly. Because her mark remains invisible unless her powers are in use and it does not include any physical enhancements (only spiritual), she was never written off as unusual.

Maggie found herself having the same regulars (all Light Bearers) visiting her "illegal after hours clinic" so often that one time she just had to ask "Are you Freedom Fighters?" Meanwhile, the FF found themselves at Maggie's doorstep so often that one day they basically went "Screw it, get in the truck." and dragged Maggie over to HQ. Though nobody said it, it was apparent that she had been a member of the FF for a very long time, so strangely nobody even questioned her pressence except for Gorman, who had never had the need to risk life and limb to drag himself to Maggie's place to get patched up. Margaret fits in quite happily, as she had never had much of a life to begin with, and now she has something to protect again - and this time, she doesn't need to pull back on her punches. Most importantly, she has a family again.

*∞ Other ∞

First thing's first: Maggie has a thing called a Soul Chasm that she can visit when she's asleep or just out of it. Her soul takes the form of a giant whale spun of light, and it communicates to her by singing. The reason that her familiars are made of light is because her soul is pure - if she were to ever corrupt with evil thoughts and feelings, her familiars would be spun of darkness, and her mark will change to something red and harsh.

Also, Maggie can only weave things that she is familiar with, so if she were to gain access to the blueprints of a weapon and memorise it, she could probably weave it. Even if she had no idea how to work the weapon, the weapon would know how to work itself. Living cutlery, pots and pans and yo-yos and other random objects are no problem either, though exerting herself for such mundane things is not such a good idea, especially considering that she weaves this stuff from bits of her soul.

Now for her Achilles Heel. The reason that her mark goes into hiding when her powers are not in use is because her mark is her weak spot, and it's a defence mechanism. It's where her invisible threads connect her to her familiars, so if you were to sever the threads at their base (her mark, where they are weak), she would lose part of her soul and may or may not become an emotionless doll. So when she tells you to cover her back, YOU COVER HER F**KING BACK DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!

Another thing is that because she's so spiritually strong, it takes from her physical strength. Through knowledge and skill she could easily hold her own against normal people, but other Light Bearers? Not a chance. There's a reason she has her familiars to fight for her and prefers guns to keep her distance from the enemy.

Whew! That's it. Thanks for reading to the bottom!


So begins...

Margaret Van Bokhoven's Story

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"Mmm..." Margaret blinked her ruby eyes open slowly, a deep sigh escaping from her lips. Her surroundings were gradually becoming less like colourful blurs and more like her familiar office, with sheets of paper spilling over every surface and a stack teacups balancing dangerously over a stack of corny bodice rippers. Despite having only moved in to her new office recently, it was already a workplace hazard. She stretched up and yawned loudly, her arms disturbing the sparkling wind chimes hanging over her desk. "Babyface, I'm awfully sorry about that... Mum wouldn't let me go, you know how it is... so, did I take your blood already or do we just have paperwork to..." Maggie swiveled around on her chair and murmured sleepily, rubbing her eye and flashing an apologetic grin. When her vision came into focus once more, she blinked hard, discovering her visitor to no longer be visiting. The only "people" to be seen were her 5 penguin familiars, looking up at her disapprovingly.

"Ehh? Gorman's gone?" She leant back against her chair, letting one arm rest on her desk. "Geez, that's no good. These blood tests are important, so he should have woken me up. Besides, it's rude to leave a lady without saying goodbye, at least." Her shoulders sunk down and she sighed exasperatedly. "Honestly, I still need to ask about the prospect of getting a bone marrow analysis from him, and I'd rather do it sooner than later..." At this she scraped the side of her mouth to rid herself of dried spit as her other hand crept down to her bottom draw. From within it she pulled out a large packet of something and plucked out a lollipop from her pen holder, undoing its wrapper with one hand. One of her penguins had clambered up on top of her desk and was staring at her. Maggie stared back, dunking her lollipop into the packet and bringing it out covered in small white grains, then reclined suddenly. "What do you mean, Gorman's blood extraction was scheduled for tomorrow? I could have sworn he was here just... how long have I been asleep for?!"

The penguin tapped her desk, drawing her attention to what was laying in front of her. A crossword puzzle was lying open, not even half done. She smiled sheepishly at the penguin, scratching the back of her head. "Well, maybe I was asking for it - ouch!" The penguin pecked her square in the forehead and jumped down from the desk, waddling over to join the rest of its kin. "Don't you go ganging up on me..." she said, squinting her eyes and jabbing her salt-crusted lollypop at the birds accusingly. With that she swiveled back around and popped the... er... "sweet" into her mouth, sucking noisily. Even the penguins waddled backwards while watching her and one retched - after all, as pieces of her soul they could taste whatever she could. Maggie's focus was back to her crossword. She couldn't ditch the nagging feeling that she had forgotten something. Perhaps it was one of the crossword answers?

"Grahhh..." she grumbled, readjusting her lab coat in an attempt to make herself believe that she was smarter... well, at least more awake, "An arrangement with one or many to meet at a particular place or time... why, that's too easy! It's an appointment!" Maggie laughed and tried to write her answer into the squares, only to find it too long. "Whaaaaat..." she moaned and dipped her lolly back into her secret salt and licked it, disheartened. For a few seconds she was only interested in her lollypop, humming a tune to herself. It was an odd tune with strange ups and downs to the melody, at some bits high and whiney and at others deep and throaty. She continued to hum until a voice inside of her replied,

"It's 'gathering', dumbass. Read the multiple definitions and wake up already, it's the freaking afternoon. Why isn't this ringing any bells for you? You know what, screw it! I'm done here! If you haven't gotten a clue from this, I'm not even going to tell you what you've forgo-"

"Thank you, Mum~!" Maggie tapped her head with her pen and wrote in her answer. In under a minute, the rest of the crossword was filled in - even the difficult bonus crossword in the margin, which would be considered an incredible feat. Maggie's self satisfaction lasted less than 10 seconds, up till when she realized that the sense of forgetting something had not left her. Her familiars were jumping up and down, trying to remind her of something, but they wouldn't tell her anything... Maggie threw her lollipop stick into her bin, and for once it actually made its mark. "This isn't helping at allll... Chi-kun?"
A spark went off in her mind and she stood up suddenly. Her familiars, who were circling her at the time, flipped back and scrambled away from her in alarm. "Return!" Maggie's fist clenched, gathering her invisible threads up in her hand and yanking at them. Her mark glowed bright silver and her eyes shined as the glowing threads that wove her penguins unravelled and returned to her, sinking themselves back into her skin. She slipped off her lab coat and tossed it over her chair in her rush to leave her office, speed walking down the halls of HQ as she searched for the boy. "I know it... I can feel it..." She patted her skirt pocket, just to make sure that she had a napkin at the ready.

"Good morni-" When Maggie burst through the meeting room's doors, her eyes snapped straight to Hachirou, tears dripping down his cheeks. "Chi-kun!" Maggie cried out to him, whipping out her napkin and walking straight over to his side. Taking one of his hands gently, she placed the napkin in his palm and let his fingers curl around it before guiding his hand up to his cheek. She tilted her head and smiled down at him affectionately. "What's wrong, Chi-kun? Is Mitty-chan teasing you again? There's no need for tears, we both know she doesn't mean anything cruel." Maggie let go of his hand and paused to listen to anything Hachirou felt the need to blubber about, a concerned look in her eyes but a comforting smile on her lips. Eventually her mind drifted over to join the rest of the room.

"An arrangement with one or many to meet at a particular place or time..."

Maggie gasped as the realisation finally hit her and the guilt bubbled up inside her like boiling water in a kettle.

"Now? You get it freaking now?! Oh, for crying out loud, this woman..."

"I am so terribly sorry!" Maggie bowed her head down again and again in a nodding motion, "I will not make any excuses for myself, and I understand that I really am a terrible influence, but you must understand how terrible I feel for this." Looking up again, she smiled at everyone brightly. "But I'm here now, right? So, let's get this started!"

She twirled around, swinging her arms out, before pointing straight to Gorman. "Babyface, take it away!" She chimed and pulled out a chair. She patted the seat next to her as an invitation for Hachirou to join her while she looked up at the strategist, waiting for, well, a strategy.

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Hachirou was twitching nervously sitting on the ground in front of Mitty-Chan when Gorry-Chan spoke up and saved him! A light sparked up in Hachirou's eyes and he smiled happily gathering up things scattered about that had been thrown by his telekinesis. He looked to Gorry-Chan with a look of admiration, he admired the strategist, he was tough and nothing seemed to scare him!. Just then, some tears were still on his face as a woman barged in. Maggie-Chan! Hachirou loved seeing Maggie-Chan, she was always to very nice to him. As Maggie-Chan smiled at him, he was taken aback by her beauty. . .Could it be?. . . No. It's impossible.

"Ye-yeah, Mitty-Chan is ju-just stressed a-again. . . She li-lik-likes blaming me for her pr-problems. . . I don't blame her, it pro-probably is my fault somehow." Hachirou explained to Maggie-Chan as he took the seat next to her, she seemed to really like Gorry-Chan. They'd be a cute couple, Hachirou thought as he smiled and then wrote down all that had happened so far in the meeting. None of it was very important but he knew Mitty-Chan needed it. Since Hachirou wasn't much of a fighter, he was more of a coward he knew all he could really do was just write notes and go fetch things from the store. No one ever suspected him of anything, how could they? He cringed and yelped at the sound of thunder! He really wanted to be brave like the others but how could he? Sure, they tried training him how to fight. The only really good thing he could do was shoot a crossbow, so that's what they gave him to defend himself, and he doesn't usually miss because of his telekinesis.

Fighting has never been something Hachirou liked to do, he hated hurting others. So, taking all these notes, being snapped at by Mitty-Chan, it was all worth it to help the brave ones, to help those who have a chance at making a difference. With a sad little sigh he looked at Maggie-Chan, she was always so confident, so lovely. She was like his guardian, and he loved her for that. Although he'd never ever tell her that. It would remain inside of him forever, but maybe someday he could repay all the kindess she'd shown him. Yes, one day he would be her savior, but he'd tell her Gorry-Chan had saved her. They deserve each other, she doesn't need a pathetic coward like Hachirou. . .

As Hachirou sat there all these thoughts were floating around in his head but then he remembered all at once that he was supposed to be paying very close attention! He gasped a little and shook his head lightly before focusing in once again. He needed to be alert to everything around him if he was to retain any of what gets said at this meeting. Although there was one man in the room Hachirou didn't know very well at all, Mr.Yuu-Chan. He was a mystery to Hachirou, he had walked in a little before Maggie-Chan had, and all he did was nod. Hachirou wrote down everyone was late, except Yui-Chan. Mitty-Chan liked Yui-Chan a whole bunch.

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As you sleep peacefully, I watch over you from the outside I’ll be the cocoon that protects you from all the world’s emotions.

Yui was thankful for Mitsuko's sudden shift in attention, although it certainly was busy in the room now and all of the noise was making Yui's head hurt. Her mind spun and she reached up to touch the spot behind her ears where the odd feathers were, trying to make the pain go away. Things were still a bit overwhelming and she had been fighting a sensory overload since this morning. It was another reason Yui had decided to sneak outside, to attempt to get away from all the hubbub even if it was only for a few moments. Between Mitsuko's screaming and Hachirou's crying it was all growing to be a bit much and Yui moved from rubbing her temples to covering her ears. They were far too loud and Yui contemplated leaving when Yuuka, a boy who her conversations had been far and few between with, came in and slid a phone across the table. Yui's curiosity won over her headache and she decided to stay, giving a silent thanks for Gorman who told Mitsuko to stop teasing poor Hachirou and changed the topic to strategy.

Relieved at the silence, Yui uncovered her ears just as Maggie walked in. The girl retreated further into her chair, attempting to move away from the doctor; for no specific reason the woman made her uneasy. Perhaps it was because of the needles she had to chase everyone with in order to get samples of their blood? Maggie was the first one Yui had met, it was the face that had greeted her when she awoke in the med-bay of the FF headquarters and yet Yui did not trust the doctor one bit.

"Good morning sleeping beauty, finally awake are we?" A voice perforated the darkness, slicing through the comforting cocoon she had built herself so that people would stop hurting her. A cold feeling slowly snaked through her veins, jolting the female from her sleep and causing her to sit up abruptly, suddenly alert. Her blue eyes were wide and aware of the fact that she was in a rather messy office, papers skewed across the desk and teacups stacked haphazardly and far too close to the edge. "Where am I?" The child asked quietly, her voice soft and scratchy from not being used in a long time. The woman standing before her had hair as blonde as snow and bright red eyes that were as blinding as her smile, she was wearing a lab coat and holding a syringe full of blood that she quickly hid behind her back. There were penguins waddling around as well, but they were not normal looking creatures. They appeared as though they were spun from light and for a moment the girl believed she was dreaming. The child looked down at her arm to see that the cold feeling was coming from an intravenous drip that had been stuck into her arm.

"You're at the headquarters of the Freedom Fighters!" The woman spoke softly; then as a second thought added, "We should introduce ourselves. My name is Margaret Van Bokhoven, the woman who has been watching you sleep for the last week. Ah! Not creepily at all -" the doctor called Margaret smiled and scratched the back of her head. "Will you tell me your name?" The child opened her mouth to answer, then closed it, realizing she did not know. She furrowed her brow, trying to think but pain shot through her skull, causing her to cry out and clutch her head in agony. "You can take your time getting comfortable speaking to me, if you like." Dr. Margaret said and sat down in the chair beside the desk.

"I-I don't have one."

"What?! How could you not have a name?"

"I don't remember it.... I don't remember anything."

Yui's attention was brought back to the present when Maggie sat down in the seat between her and Hachirou. Yui shivered, suddenly cold and zipped up the jacket she was wearing. It was a borrowed article of clothing that was far too big and hung on her like a dress. Yui didn't mind though, the sweatshirt was well worn and comfortable. "Can I see the pictures?" Yui asked although there was no real reason for her to, she was just curious.

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Mitsuko continued to stare down the young man as he trembled underneath her gaze, a sadistic smirk placed upon her face.'What's a cutie-bug? It sounds gross...' Momentarily confused by Hachirou's unnoticed compliment, Mitsuko missed the rest of what Hachirou had to say entirely. She returned her attention to him only to notice him mentioning his notes. Mitsuko was just about to praise him for remembering, when she heard the rest of his sentence.
'Wait... When did he call me mean? Does Hachirou really think of me that way?!' Mitsuko's heart cracked a little upon the sudden realization. Now internally distraught, Mitsuko held back a tear and attempted to reply before Gorman stepped in.

"Leave the kid alone, would you? You really need to lay off him, Mitsuko." Mitsuko nearly gasped at his sudden statement. Since when had she suddenly become the bad guy? Mitsuko stood there, dumbfounded. She seemed like that of a child who couldn't understand what they had done wrong and was being pressured by an adult. She couldn't handle the fact that her subordinates and family were turning against her. 'You jerks... That hurts, you know.' Mitsuko thought, now weeping on the inside while maintaining a strong front on the outside. "H-hmph! He is a grown man, you know. If he can't handle a small beating here and there, then he won't be able to survive in this world." Mitsuko replied, not even thinking about her choice of words. Even her now guilty conscience couldn't get through that thick head of hers, allowing her to see that she was only making the situation worse.

Her moment of distress was interrupted by the arrival of Yuuka, who Mitsuko looked to with hope of good news. Mitsuko was actually quite glad to see him as his presence proved to be a nice distraction from the awkward atmosphere. She had almost entirely forgotten about persecuting the lot at this point. Almost... "Good ta see you made it, Yuu! At least you brought a decent excuse with you this time." Mitsuko remarked, all of a sudden back to a cheery mood. Scrolling through the pictures, Mitsuko smiled, content with Yuuka's findings. "Nice job, Yuu. These'll be useful for when we raid Ira's headquarters." Mitsuko stated, while subconsciously fanning the phone in his direction. Upon Yuuka mentioning that there were still absent members, Mitsuko's thoughts immediately shifted over to a particular individual, when-

"Good morni-Chi-kun!" Mitsuko's eyes lazily shifted over to Margaret's direction, as she burst through the door and rushed to Hachirou's side. 'Cruel?! I'm not cruel, am I?' Mitsuko paled a bit at the mention of the word. Margaret's arrival only helped to add to her guilt. Upon hearing Hachirou's reply, Mitsuko mentally fell to her knees in defeat. 'You jerks... I'm really gonna start crying soon.' She would have to rant to Yuuka about this later.

Shaken out of her guilt-induced daze, Mitsuko's looked to Yui who asked her if she could see the photos. Mitsuko was just about to hand her the phone without hesitation, when she remembered the real reason for this meeting. She needed to get the meeting started, pronto. And that would mean giving Gorman all necessary information pertaining to the raid, with him being the strategist and all."Sorry, Yui. Just let me take care of some business real quick. Then you can see the pictures afterwards. Just make sure to give Yuu back his phone when you're done." Reluctantly chosing not to play favorites, Mitsuko handed Yuuka's phone to Gorman, sighing a bit as she did. "Hey, Geezer~ Make sure to let Yui see this later, k?" Mitsuko asked him, with a devilish smirk creeping across her face.

Having taken care of that business, Mitsuko returned to her seat at the front of the meeting table, resituating her beret as she did to make sure it looked presentable. If any of the other members were late, then Mitsuko would just fill them in later after their initial scolding. "Alright, you lot! You'd all better be playing close attention, cause this meeting has officially started." Mitsuko exclaimed, slamming a button on the bottom right of the monitor behind her. The lighting of the simple room dimmed and the monitor behind Mitsuko glowed a bright blue with a loading screen and the words "Briefing Manager" appearing on it. 'Wow. So they really did fix the lighting effect.' Satisfied with the introduction sequence, Mitsuko sat down in her chair as the PowerPoint presentation she had prepared presented itself on the monitor.

"As you can see, during our raid last week, we successfully infiltrated and disabled Ira's communications unit. For now at least, he won't be able to call in any reinforcements and will be stuck with the men he currently has on hand. Thankfully, we didn't sustain any major casualties. However, our raiding captain is incapacitated for the time being because of a leg wound he received, which fractured his ankle." As a mild look of annoyance spread across Mitsuko's face, she made sure that everyone would hear the next part. "To ensure that this does not happen again, I will take the lead of our next raid." Making sure to use her diaphragm, Mitsuko looked to everyone in the room before continuing. She took particular notice of those who didn't seem to agree with her decision. Whatever their reasons may be, she wasn't going to change her mind on this matter.

"As you all may know, the upcoming holiday celebration is a time of year when the locals are allowed a bit more freedom. That being said, we're going to use the festival as a distraction. A distraction for what, you may ask..." Mitsuko shifted her weight onto on foot as she smirked vibrantly. "What else?! We're going straight for Ira's head!" Mitsuko beamed proudly at her exclamation, taking a moment to soak in the atmosphere. The next moment, Mitsuko was pointing at Gorman, who she could only hope had finished scrolling through the pictures by now. "Well, Mr. Strategist? Have anything to add?"

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Mitty-Chan seemed like she was sorry was yelling at Hachirou, he hated seeing her sad and he knew she was sad now inside. She covered it well by changing the subject but Hachirou knew her too well. Her entire speech Hachirou was just sitting there, thinking. He knew very well whenever Mitty-Chan got stirred up in this FF things she wanted complete attention and as such he gave it to her. To Hachirou, even though Mitty-Chan would get angry he knew she cared for him, she cared for everyone.

Hachirou liked to think of Mitty-Chan as a big sister type, looking briefly across Maggie-Chan to glimpse at Yui. She didn't seem very okay to him, she was obviously overwhelmed by all the noise. Hachirou felt like he understood her, she was scared and overwhelmed and tired. Hachirou smiled right at Yui-Chan when she was looking, he tried to seem like he was brave. The smile probably came across as a scared little thing but in his mind he looked very brave. Maggie-Chan was also paying close attention to the lecture, smiling sweetly like she always did. Hachirou liked these lectures, it made him feel like he had a big warm happy fanmily again.

Then he perked up when Mitty-Chan said she would be leading the next raid, he was worried, if she was the leader. . . Then if she got caught. . . Who would take over? What would happen to Mitty-Chan? A surge of bravery coursed through Hachirou and he stood up bracing his hands on the table.

"Mitty-Chan I can't allow you to lead the raid! You'll get hurt. . . Besides! you're the leader, they know that if you get caught. . . The rest of us are leaderless!" His bravery had fueled him, he didn't stutter and he spoke with authority, maybe even authority rivaling Mitty-Chan's. He began to feel his nerves rising up when he realized. . . All the attention was now on him.

"Mitty-Chan, you know if you lead the raid you can oversee it, and I-I" Hachirou's stuttering was coming back with a vengeance. No. . . Not until I finish!He cleared his throat but his nerves were then showing in other ways. . . Mitty-Chan's special monitor started glitching, pens and papers started floating.
"Mitty-Chan, I can't let you go and get hurt." Hachirou stared Mitty-Chan right in the eyes and realized his legs were frozen in fear from everyone's eyes trained on him. He couldn't sit so all he could do was maintain his gaze. However his bravery was running out and his face twitched slightly. On top of all of this, hachirou realized Mitty-Chan had called on Gorry-Chan and Hachirou had cut him off! Now he was even more terrified and he was sure it showed on his face . . . Pens and papers flew spastically as Hachirou fell onto the ground, on his hands and knees. His breath was coming in rapid breaths. Showing that yes, he was still very much a huge coward.

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#, as written by Mat_z6
Yuuka Fujiki


"Good ta see you made it, Yuu! At least you brought a decent excuse with you this time." Yuuka blinked at Mitsuko's cheery greeting. He was expecting more of a scolding from her but it seemed like he was getting let off the hook. Watching as the hot headed leader scrolled through his work Yuuka hoped that his findings would prove useful for this dangerous operation. "Nice job, Yuu. These'll be useful for when we raid Ira's headquarters." Relieved that those sleepless nights brought satisfactory results, Yuuka sighed and sat back in his seat giving Mitsuko a "Thank you." and a smile. Gorman, the strategist, seemed satisfied as well. It seemed the meeting was about to officially begin even with a few of the other members missing but Yuuka's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden entrance of the Freedom Fighter's head medic, Margret. A gorgeous woman for her age, Margret Van Bokhoven was the ever cheery "mother" figure of the group and Yuuka always enjoyed her company as she was always willing to listen to anything he had to say as well as give great advice and comfort when anyone needed it. Though Yuuka had recently noticed that the silver-haired beauty would talk very little about herself. To him, she was still a real mystery to him and he realized how little of Margret he actually knew.

"Good morni-Chi-kun! What's wrong, Chi-kun? Is Mitty-chan teasing you again? There's no need for tears, we both know she doesn't mean anything cruel."

Yuuka's eyes drifted to one of the newest members of the FF, Hachirou and to his confusion it seemed as if he WAS tearing up. The boy sighed. Did Mitsuko go a little far again? Hachirou was constantly the target of their leader's strict treatment but it was understandable. Though the man was a few years older than Yuuka, it felt like he was the weak younger brother figure who had a big heart but weak personality. He always tried his best at whatever he did but his meek attitude often got the better of him most of the time. Yuuka wondered what Mitsuko had said to the man before he arrived and it seemed as though everyone was rushing to Hachirou's defense, ganging up on the young leader as they often did when she got too harsh with him. Mitsuko, looking defeated and disheartened at their remarks. Well, she did bring this upon herself but he understood why she was a bit more harsh on Hachirou than the others. He needed a little... toughening up... If you could call it that. Though Mitsuko's mood instantly turned a full 180 and the "lets get down to business" look was fully apparent on her face. It was time to begin.

"Alright, you lot! You'd all better be playing close attention, cause this meeting has officially started."

Yuuka listened to Mitsuko intently as she announced that the date of the raid on Ira's HQ was nearing. Apparently it would be during the time of the holidays which was an appropriate time. It might even catch them off guard though if Ira and his men knew anything of the FF by now Yuuka's guess is that they would always be on guard. With everything they had done as of late, it wouldn't be much of a surprise. Either way, this was not going to be easy and the stakes were running extremely high. This was the enemy base they were talking about, not some small research facility or database. And to Yuuka's surprise, Mitsuko announced that she herself was to be leading the charge. The boy's excitement ran through the roof when he heard that he would be fighting beside her once again. It had been forever since she had personally led an operation and Yuuka always found it quite the rush when he fought beside her. She was quite the warrior and Yuuka had noticed how gracefully and efficiently she carried herself in a fight. It made him wonder what had she done before all this? Even from all the time they had spent together simply talking, he still had no idea who she was before the Freedom Fighters. There were times when Yuuka had even asked simple questions about her past but Mitsuko always managed to turn the conversation in a different direction, skillfully dodging his questions. Before long, he stopped asking. If she wanted to tell him then she would. There probably was a good reason she kept her past from him and whenever she was ready, he would be there to listen. Though no matter who she was before this, Yuuka knew that he was always ready to follow her. She gave him as well as the rest of the members a place where they belonged. When the world and society rejected them all, she took them in. The least they could do was to put their trust and loyalty in her for all that she had done for them. Yuuka couldn't help but smile at the young leader as she went on about the operation. Though as Mitsuko was about to hand the floor over to Gorman, Hachirou suddenly jumped in which was very unlike him.

"Mitty-Chan I can't allow you to lead the raid! You'll get hurt. . . Besides! you're the leader, they know that if you get caught. . . The rest of us are leaderless!"

Yuuka sighed once again. What a naive remark. Though again it was understandable. He had not been with them long and probably did not know of Mitsuko's great fighting prowess. The man surprised Yuuka. He was unusually passionate about his statement and this voice was strong and true. A large contrast to how he usually spoke. Hachirou continued but it seemed that his brave outburst was wavering. "Mitty-Chan, you know if you lead the raid you can oversee it, and I-I" Yuuka could tell he was struggling to finish. He was thinking too much about what he had done and was faltering in his resolve. "Mitty-Chan, I can't let you go and get hurt."

Suddenly Yuuka felt a slight heaviness in the air. It was as if the atmosphere had thickened and a heavy weight was pressing down on his shoulders. Yuuka stared at the table and began to notice that the pens and papers that was laying on the surface had begun to levitate and the digital monitor behind Mistuko was failing. This was... 'Telekinesis'. Yuuka's attention once again shot to Hachirou. What the hell was he doing? The man was suddenly on the ground on his hands and knees obviously having some sort of breakdown. Had his brave outburst been too much for him? Whatever it was Hachirou had to get his powers under control before someone got hurt. In his mind, Yuuka knew that he should do something but decided against it. Hachirou's comments were directed towards Mitsuko. Though not intended as insulting Yuuka felt as if Hachirou's words were a bit humiliating to Mitsuko's ability. Knowing full well that the man's intentions were heartfelt and kind, Yuuka couldn't help but think how wrong Hachirou was. Mitsuko, though she had the appearance of a young teen, was probably the strongest out of all of them. There was a reason WHY she was the leader of the Freedom Fighters. When it came down to it, Yuuka trusted her with his life and she was one of the people he knew would never let him down. In reality, Mitsuko was the one that needed the least protection. Hell, she had protected all of them from the hand of Ira and if it wasn't for her, they would either be dead or imprisoned, never to see the light of day again. Yuuka shot a concerned look at Mitsuko which hopefully gave her the indication that she should be the one to say something if anything to calm the man down.

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Gorman just sighed at Mitsuko trying to brush aside his comment of Hachirou, saying that he should be able to defend himself. In all honesty, he wanted to argue the point, especially because it seemed like an odd statement considering that as Freedom Fighters, they were fighting for people who couldn't fight back on their own. However, he knew getting himself flustered like that would just be a terrible idea; not to mention he would not be the only getting flustered, as he would also possible rile up Mitsuko or others more.

Yuuka's entrance had distracted her though, and Gorman just watched the phone intently as Mitsuko looked through the photos on it. The next person though to burst into the room though was Margaret, who cried out to Hachirou before quickly moving to tend to him. Just like a mother, she quickly tended to the younger man to help simmer him down. Gorman was glad she had showed up, because he really, really did not want to hear more crying from Hachirou.

He crossed his arms onto the table in front of him, lowering his head down until his face was hidden against his arms. Mitsuko would get his attention when it was his turn for the phone, as well as for when she'd begin the briefing. Until then, he was going to do what he could to relax himself and his racing mind. Then he heard Margaret's nickname for him, the moment the phrase "Babyface" came form her lips he tensed up, groaning in irritation. He didn't even bother to lift his head up when he spoke, "Margaret, why must you call me that...?"

He lifted up his head, looking at her while leaning his cheek against the palm of his hand, elbow resting on the table. "At least Mitsuko's 'Geezer' crack is a bit more accurate, though still a little exaggerated." He said while looking at the leader before back to the doctor. Still, he couldn't help but crack a small smile some. He may not be the biggest fan of nicknames in general, but the fact that they had nicknames for two very different ages, and yet both still worked, was just amusing even to him.

He then looked to Mitsuko when she held out the Yuuka's phone to him, Gorman sitting right up and quickly taking the phone. "Thank you," he said, though he glanced over at Yui, his smile becoming a frown at the request to give her the phone. He would really rather not, as he'd like to hold onto the phone as long as he could. He could just get the photos copied to his own phone for him to look at, though. Keeping his eyes on Yui for a moment, he spoke again, "Yeah, I will."

He began scrolling through the pictures, going back-and-forth through them all and carefully viewing each one, even as the lights of the room dimmed as Mitsuko began her briefing. He was listening, despite his eyes being on the phone in his hands. He did look up at the leader at her mention of leading the raid, and Gorman raised an eyebrow for a moment. It wasn't that he didn't believe her to be capable, it was just something he hadn't expected her to say. He did not look away from her, now watching though his mind was half there as plans began to swim through his mind. When she asked him for his input, Gorman's eyes narrowed as they slowly fell to look at the table in front of him. What did he have to add? Right now, there was not much he could think of that would be different than the previous raid upon the lab. At least, nothing brand new and game breaking.

The usual of cutting power, trying to attack guards during the sentry patrols to try and sneak through the building as much as possible, attack from multiple points simultaneously so as to spread the enemy forces out as much as possible, and just various tactics such as that. Truthfully though, and much to his irritation, there was little that Gorman could really add to the plans. Yuuka's pictures and some other information on the building was all he really had. He had nothing about what was inside, and what might be lying in wait for them. Not to mention that after the last raid, Ira mostly certainly was going to have beefed up his security, and Gorman could only take shots in the dark on that.

He went to speak, but instead turned his head at the sudden outburst to his side. His eyes widened in surprise when they settled on the source, a strangely articulate Hachirou. Gorman just watched and listened to the young man, mostly out of mild shock, as this was definitely a new step for Hachirou. However, his surrounding caught his attention a bit more, as he noticed the flickering of the nearby screen as well as the various small items that began to move about in sporadic fashions. He even had to bring up a hand to catch a pen that was moving quite rapidly towards his face, as though the injury would be meaningless to him, a pen in the eye would still hurt like a bitch.

Hachirou finally collapsed to his hands and knees, but it did not stop the items from moving through the air and towards whatever happened to be in their way at a rapid rate. Hachirou needed to calm down, and the worse part was that Gorman really had no idea how to do that, but he felt he at least needed to add some part or try. "Hachirou, Mitsuko is right in that we need someone to lead the raid and she is perfect for it." He had raised his voice slightly, though it was hardly a shout. It was only enough so that he could be heard. "She will be ok; she wouldn't think to die on us like that. So just...please simmer down, before I end up with a pen impaled into me." as he said the last part, he swatted aside a pen that moved towards his face again. He frowned slightly out of annoyance when he accidentally managed to stab himself on the point of the pen when he had swatted it aside. "Not to mention, we have Margaret here to patch up any injuries, so long as people come back at least alive, we'll do fine in the end." he glanced once more to Hachirou as he said it, his tone raising a bit as he tied to keep annoyance from becoming to apparent.

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Hachirou clutched his head tightly in his hands, he was unraveling and everyone knew it now. . . He had deep rooted issues and he didn't know why, he was impeding this entire meeting, everyone hated him now. He only wanted to protect his friends. . .That's all, he had never had any friends before, but now he did. But, just like that he had lost them it seemed like. He felt silent tears roll down his face, he was shivering a little, he was frozen in fear. He knew his ability was out of control and he hated himself for letting it loose but he couldn't control it. He couldn't be brave. . . Not like Gorry-chan or Yuu-chan or . . . The one he admired most, he could never be brave like Mitty-chan.

Hachirou knew full-well Mitty-chan was brave enough to handle the raid, he knew, she was the strongest. He just saw himself. . . This had been building up for a long, long time. He had realized today, he was useless. He was nothing but a nuisance, a cowardly waste of male anatomy. Mitty-chan was upset, everyone was upset at him now. He couldn't move or breathe or control his abilities.

Yuu-chan was staring daggers at him, then he looked away. Hachirou knew he had to become calm or he was going to be the reason Mitty-chan got hurt. Then from the darkness in his mind he heard a voice. . .

"Hachirou, Mitsuko is right in that we need someone to lead the raid and she is perfect for it.She will be ok; she wouldn't think to die on us like that. So just...please simmer down, before I end up with a pen impaled into me.Not to mention, we have Margaret here to patch up any injuries, so long as people come back at least alive, we'll do fine in the end."

It was Gorry-chan, from the tone of voice Hachirou knew he was upset, very annoyed at him. . . Impaled. . . Impaled?! Hachirou bolted up from the ground, clambering a bit, struggling to stand but he finally managed it. His eyes were glowing a bit and stuff was flying sporadically around in the air, more tears slid down his face as he realized he was a menace. He closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath in. The room calmed and the pens and papers all fell with thuds and clanks back onto the table and the floor. The monitor began to work again, although now it read ERROR in big red lettering across it.

Biting his lower lip trembling in fear he couldn't look up, all he could do was sit in his chair again and hope. . . No, he wanted to leave, he wanted to run away. Maybe he'd get caught, maybe he'd even be executed for breaking the strict laws and then everyone would be better off without him. Then suddenly he tasted iron in his mouth, hot liquid, he had bitten through his lip trying to stifle his crying. Now he was bleeding into his mouth, not wanting to look up or let anyone know he swallowed the pool of blood that had been forming in his mouth with a heavy shudder.

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Mitsuko was well aware that there wasn't much to change as far as tactical advantage was concerned, but was prepared to take any alteration Gorman could think of into consideration. If it came down to it, then they could just go with the same rinse and repeat method they've been using for raiding missions. Although, it would be risky to continue utilizing the exact same methods, this time. Rather than thinking of a plan of invasion, they should first focus on how exactly they were going to use the festival as a distraction. She waited silently for his reply, until it seemed that he had gathered his thoughts together. Mitsuko raised her head to listen, when suddenly Hachirou let out a burst that seemed foreign to the young man.

"Mitty-Chan I can't allow you to lead the raid! You'll get hurt. . . Besides! you're the leader, they know that if you get caught. . . The rest of us are leaderless!" Mitsuko thought for a moment to retort, but found that Yuuka summed up whatever she had to say in a simple gaze. Carefully, she began thinking about her plan of action. As she did so, Mitsuko looked from each of her subordinates to the other as they exchanged words. She took particular notice in Gorman's rising irritation, which she could tell he was fighting to suppress.

Her attention was cut off by the monitor behind her, as it suddenly started freaking out. Realizing that now was the time to strike, Mitsuko ever-silently began her decent towards Hachirou. While the others were busy either consoling or attempting to calm him down, Mitsuko was thinking up what words would be best for this situation. Ultimately, she came up short and just said fuckit. As the distance began to close, a small sliver of crimson caught Mitsuko's eye, as Gorman swatted away a pen that successfully managed to jab itself into his hand. That was the last straw. Finally reaching Hachirou, Mitsuko slightly cringed at the sight of his blood. Despite Hachirou's efforts to hide it, Mitsuko couldn't be fooled. Gritting her teeth, Mitsuko took in a deep breathe.

"YOU IDIOT!" Filling up the room with a roar that could startle a lion, Mitsuko grabbed Hachirou's shoulders, not even considering the prospect of being gentle. She jerked his body backward, forcing him to make eye contact with her. Mitsuko grimaced as a small dribble of blood escaped his lips and leaked down Hachirou's chin. Swiftly, she rose a hand above Hachirou's head, at first appearing as if she planned on hitting him. Surprisingly, she brought the hand to the back of his head and slowly pulled it in closer until his forehead was touching hers. "Not a word. Ya hear? Just focus on me." Mitsuko commanded, closing her eyes. Utilizing her control over thought, Mitsuko began combating Hachirou's negative emotions. After a few seconds, a deep sense of serenity began to overpower Hachirou's fears and doubts. Letting out a long sigh, Mitsuko let go of Hachirou and grasped her own head, signaling that she had won. 'I really hate doing that... Ow.' Going from one battle to the next, Mitsuko fought to control the headache that was now purging her brain.

Using Hachirou's shoulder for leverage, Mitsuko cautiously pulled herself up, swaying a bit as she did. "Listen here, Hachirou. Cause I'm only gonna say this once..." Opening a single eye, Mitsuko made sure to look him dead in the eye. "While I may not be the greatest of leaders or the strongest of people, I will never let my friends down. You can definitely count on me to come back. No... I'll bring all of us back alive." Mitsuko stated with a smile. As empty a promise as it may have been, Mitsuko meant it. Sure the odds of everyone making it back alive were senseless and just plain unrealistic. But if it served as a guard to keep her people's will's strong, then it was a promise Mitsuko was determined to keep.

"How touching. And you're calling us corny, eh Boss?" Whatever atmosphere Mitsuko had worked to make was utterly crushed by the appearance of Mayoi. After the monitor had switched to the error message, it seemed to activate the last signal reading Mitsuko had accessed before the meeting. "M-Mayoi?! How di-" Mitsuko began, her face turning a shade reder. "Not important. But I did wanna let you know that the mechs fixed up that old piece o' shit car you guys managed to scrap a few missions ago. Still seems like a lost cause to me." Mayoi stated, unwelcomely adding in his two cents. Mitsuko took this new information into consideration. Having a vehicle added into the plan could change a lot of things. For one, they would have a get-away ride, instead of having to escape Ira's HQ by foot. They may even be able to cause a bit of havoc at the festival with it.
"Not bad! Maybe we should move you to our communications divisions, since you're so much better at that than writing, Mayoi."
Mitsuko commented, giving the man a smirk, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Tell the mech guys that we'll be sending over a team to pick it up right away." Without giving the man a chance to respond, Mitsuko flickered off the monitor screen.

Mitsuko then spun around, once again giving off the air of a carefree individual. "Alright! I'd say that was a bit of good news. So who wants to accompany me to the delivery point?" Looking them all over, Mitsuko's eyes drifted over to Hachirou once more. Eyeing the cut on his lip, she still couldn't help but find it a little unnerving. "Oh yeah. Hey, Maggie. Can you tend to Hachirou?" Not that she really had to ask.

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As you sleep peacefully, I watch over you from the outside I’ll be the cocoon that protects you from all the world’s emotions.

Things were getting loud again as Chi-kun began sobbing his heart out over the fact that he did not want Mitsuko to lead an invasion on Ira's headquarters. Personally Yui thought it was fine, after all she had come back alive last time? Well, Yui did not really know as she hadn't been there, she had been asleep and had heard everything from Maggie. But if Maggie was dead then she would not be standing before them. Pens and papers began to fly and Yui dodged a flying apparatus that embedded itself into the wall behind her. Her eyes widened in shock but not over the fact that she had nearly been stabbed, rather she was staring at the blood coming from Gorman's wounded hand.

The sight of the liquid plasma was entrancing and for a moment Yui could do nothing but stare as it ran down his hand, bubbling up from under the pen. Yui stood from her seat and went to where Gorman was sitting; she gently took his stabbed hand in her own and pulled the pen out, watching more blood dribble down his palm. Yui's fingers twitched and the flow stopped, rolling backwards and back into the cut. Yui frowned as a feeling of dizziness overcame her and she went to sit back down. Once seated she looked at her hands, wondering how she had accomplished such a feat. "Is that what my power is?" Yui asked herself quietly as she flexed her fingers and looked up when someone burst in through the door, teasing Mitsuko and announcing that the car they had stolen was fixed and ready to be picked up.

Mitsuko sighed and asked who would like to come with her, instantly Yui's hand shot up. "I would like to go with you!" She was expecting the answer to be no of course, Yui wasn't supposed to leave because they didn't know if she had a tracking device and if she left the building they wouldn't be able to intercept any signals. Regardless Yui would try to go with her, she wanted to see the outside so badly and her sneaking out today had left her with a feeling of longing for more. There was a city beyond the skybridge and a whole world outside of the Freedom Fighters Headquarters that the small female was practically dying to see.

"I-I mean if I could of course... Never mind." Yui's hand slowly lowered and she looked at her lap, balling her hands into fists. She shouldn't get her hopes up, there was no way she could leave besides Yui would just get in the way as she had no idea what her abilities as a Light Bearer were and if something happened out there.... Well they would be at the mercy of the people and whatever witnesses were around. "I'll just stay here and organize papers or something." It was what she had been doing all week, menial labor that wasn't arduous on her body as she was still healing from the wounds that had been inflicted upon her in the medical research lab.

Speaking of which she was supposed to visit Maggie's office later to have the bandages on her wrists and leg changed. Yui made a mental note not to forget as she did not want to get an infection from wearing dirty gauze.

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Maggie lifted her head from wiping the blood from Hachirou's lip.

"What? O-oh, I'm... I'm onto that!" She stammered with a smile to Mitsuko before turning back to Hachirou with a worried expression. She let out a little puff of air and slouched in defeat. These kids honestly gave her a heart attack sometimes. The first heart attack was when Mitsuko announced that she would be leading the raid. She had wanted to stand up and shout out something like, "Not over my dead body, young lady!" but she had just bit her tongue and sat in silence. Mitsuko was their leader and a strong person - the strongest person that Maggie had ever known. She had been in the front lines of many missions before and none of them had failed. It was just how the young girl worked, and though she seemed small, Maggie knew in her heart that she made up for her lack of years with experience... from experiences that she would most likely want to forget.

The second heart attack came from Hachirou suddenly standing up and shouting right next to her. She couldn't help but smile slightly at the words that came from his mouth - not out of humor, but because she found the truth behind his words touching. That smile turned quickly into a concerned frown when Hachirou lurched over, trembling. The third heart attack came from a paper weight hitting her near the eye. After plucking pens and other stationary from the air around her to spare others from a similar accident, she was granted another heart attack by Gorman stabbing himself on a pen. Maggie had shouted out and stood up suddenly to run over to him and get him to a tap to wash the ink out of his bloodstream, but she sat down straight away and covered her mouth. He was the one person that she didn't have to worry about. She felt her face heat up from embarrassment at her outburst when another heart attack occurred as Mitsuko stormed up to Hachirou with what looked like the intent of strangulation. Thankfully, it was not.

"Oh, you kids..." Maggie murmured, to herself and to whoever else was listening, as she held a tissue against Hachirou's bloody lip, "We can't ever seem to get through one meeting without a bit of bloodshed and you expect me to see you go out and work together under life-or-death situations?" She laughed almost bitterly and bit her lip, lost in thought. When she came to, she blinked and smiled at Hachirou, patting his back.

"You'll be fine, it's only a bit of a split!" She reassured him. His bleeding had stopped now, so she began fumbling around her skirt pockets for something. "A split lip is nothing more than irritating, and the best way to get an even speedier recovery is by keeping your lips moisturized. If they get dry they'll crack and whenever you smile it'll split over and over again... and we don't want anything to ever keep you from smiling! Ah, here we go." She pulled out a small pink tube from her pocket and held it over her head triumphantly.

"I know it's a little girly," Maggie said sheepishly as she screwed off the top and smelt it, "But, it smells yummy! It doesn't taste so good though, so that'll keep you from licking it off..." she held it out for him to take it and spoke in a soft whisper, "Before I forget to tell you, never get nervous about speaking your mind to your own family. But because you were and did it anyway... it was very brave of you, Chi-kun." She finished genuinely with a bright smile. In some ways, Hachirou was braver than her, but she was the only one who would ever believe that.

When she turned back to the table, she saw Yui shooting her hand up as she offered herself up for the task. She ran her fingers through her hair and looked up at Mitsuko with a glance that said, "Can she?" She was pretty sure that the child wasn't allowed off premises, but that didn't mean that they couldn't make an acception for just this once... speaking of leaving HQ, when was the last time that Maggie stepped outside? She spent all of her time cooped up in HQ just working and taking care of the others that the thought hadn't occurred to her. She shook her head and let the thought be buried back beneath everything else she had to do that day. There were most likely others, namely Yui, who wanted to get out much, much more than her. Besides, they needed her here. They always needed her here.

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Hachirou was taken totally aback, jumping in his skin ten feet as Mitty-chan's yelling perforated the air with a loud roar. He had begun to wince away when she raised her hand. Here it is, she's really gonna do it this time! He thought to himself, but was equally shocked when all she did was hold him close to her. He knew what she was doing. He was about to stop her because he knew it took a lot out of her to do that. Especially when it was him, Hachirou's mind was always a constant flux of pain and intense fear. . . Which is why it was hard for Mitty-chan to soothe him, even with her immense abilities.

All his worries slowly faded however, and sweet happy tears escaped his eyes, very slowly. More controlled than the bawling that had previously occurred. Then a man came, bearing good news, however Hachirou was too busy with his own thoughts to pay much attention to the man or to whatever Mitty-chan said to him or even after he left. All he knew was that Yui-chan had gotten super excited, but then regretted it.

Hachirou almost wanted to go, but he decided after his violent breakdown he was in no shape to accompany anyone anywhere except maybe an asylum. Before his thoughts could return to the depressing, Maggie-chan was wiping the blood from his lips. Maggie-chan always made Hachirou so very happy. As she spoke to him, he locked eyes with her, never faltering away from her gaze. Something about her always captivated Hachirou. She made him feel important and not just a burden. Then he was snapped out of his momentary daze as she held out to him some pink lip-balm. Hachirou blinked and looked at it and then back to Maggie.

"Th-thank you Maggie-chan. I-I'll rem-remember th-that." Hachirou then graciously took the small pink tube from her, and smiled brightly. A smile he hadn't used in years and it felt great to smile genuinely again.

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Gorman watched Hachirou, seeing the fear and anxiety roiling around in him, something that was easy to see for even someone as usually thick as Gorman could be; the boy's body language spoke volumes. As he watched, he suddenly jerked his head over though when he heard a shout, his eyes settling on Margarret who was standing up in her seat. Gorman just blinked, confused as she sat down with ah and over her mouth, now wondering if the red tint on her face was because of the error message on the screen.

He didn't say anything, mostly because he was at a loss for words, and confusion only settled in his mind more when he looked over to Yui walking over next to him. He had been reaching up to pull the pen from his hand, but watched as Yui walked up and pulled the writing utensil out. Scowling, Gorman opened his mouth to scold her, as he was a bit irritated at her just doing it. No words came out of his mouth though as he watched the blood n his hand seep back into the wound, which closed a moment later as his own abilities took over. He glanced at the spot, which was free of any marks before watching a Yui walked away. "Ok then..?" as the display was a tad bit random for him.

Then he jumped slightly as another female shouted, though this time in clear words and he knew immediately who it was. He watched Mitsuko grab the still emotionally upset young Hachirou, and Gorman watched Mitsuko go to work with her own abilities. He recognized the motions she was doing, as well as the apparent discomfort she went through when she was finished. That was as much as he really understood of her powers though, other than the fact that they were nowhere near as straightfoward as his own were.

As things finally began to die down, Gorman finally just lowered his head and let it thunk onto the table. This had turned into one hell of a crazy and antic filled meeting, which in a way was nice, as it distracted a bit from the fact that he was empty right now on the strategies. He caught word of the others going to retrieve a repaired vehicle to make use of, something he had no real interest in being involved in. He heard Yui perk up, her voice a little louder than was needed; Gorman was silently thanking whatever had bestowed these powers on him that it prevented him from getting headaches, as right now he was certain his head would be pounding by now.

"Well," he began while lifting his head up to look at the others, "Unless you need me to go on this trip with you, I am going to retreat to my office and see if I can cook up...something..." he said, the last part trailing off into a tone of irritation. He stood up from his chair, looking towards Mitsuko first, "Good luck to you, squirt."] he said as he turned to leave the room.

He stopped just as he reached the door, turning to look back towards Margaret who was tending to Hachirou, who seemed to be donning a rare smile. It almost made Gorman smile himself, "If you want to get the blood, Margaret, just come and grab me." he simply stated, giving all of them one last look before he turned to leave the room and head for his office. Hopefully some smoking of his pipe would help to settle his thoughts and get his mind on track. Hopefully.