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Yato Toshi

"Don't quote me."

0 · 882 views · located in The Commonwealth of New Tokyo

a character in “Tundra || Remaster”, as played by Masquerade (Skye)




❝Happiness is an illusion.❞

∞ Full name ∞
Yato Toshi, this isn't his real name but rather an alias given to him by Ira Shoku.

∞ Nickname ∞

∞ Ethnicity ∞
50% American 50% Japanese

∞ Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞

*∞ Sexuality ∞

∞ Role ∞
Antagonist 2

∞ Ability ∞
His ability is referred to as Particle Manipulation.

∞ Face Claim ∞
Fuwa Mahiro || Zetsuen No Temptest

∞ Height & Weight ∞
6'2 180 Ibs.

∞ Hair color ∞
Honey blonde, a trait he inherited from his American father.

∞ Eye color ∞
An unnatural blood red, they were not always this color.

*∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞
People love to point out the fact that his eyes aren't typical Japanese eyes.

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞
Yato has a piercing in his left ear, it is a simple silver ring. His Light Mark is that of a dragon, it is rather large and winds around his torso.

∞ Physical Description ∞
With an exotic ambiance, everything about Yato defers from the normal New Tokyo citizen. Short blond locks adorn his head as well as unnatural blood red eyes that seem to pierce into your soul and read your every thought. His eyes were not always this color, in fact it is Ira Shoku's fault for the change. They used to be a beautiful green that appeared gentle and nearly always had smile crinkles around the edges.
The fact that he is athletic is reflected in his body type as well, with fine muscles that tend to bulge under the restricting clothing he wears. Yato has always enjoyed sports and used to be on a few teams before the accident that placed him in the sublevels of the research facility.

∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Lethargy || It seems that after the use of his ability he grows especially lethargic and has trouble moving.
✦ Toothpicks || Yato can nearly always be seen with one in his mouth. You can tell he is irritated when he bites down and splits the wooden stick in two.
✦ Stutter || When Yato grows frustrated he begins to stutter.

∞ Likes ∞
β™₯ A challenge || Yato often finds himself bored with regular citizens and torturing Freedom Fighters is often too easy, they are sometimes easier to snap than toothpicks.
β™₯ Sleeping || He enjoys a good nap after a fight, but doesn't everyone?
β™₯ Drawing || It is hard not to go crazy when you're locked up most of the time, drawing helps calm his mind.

∞ Dislikes ∞
βœ– Ira || The old coot is the reason that Yato is here in the first place, of course he despises New Tokyo's leader's guts.
βœ– Broccoli || Yato hates this vegetable with a burning passion.
βœ– Weak Willed People || He loves to see resolve in others and weak willed humans are quite the nuisance.

∞ Talents ∞
βœ” Martial Arts || One of the sports he took when he was young, it comes in use.
βœ” Drawing || He's become quite good at it.
βœ” Enhanced Senses || Thanks to the lovely research staff at the hospital, all five of his senses have been enhanced.

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Butterflies || Nasty little critters.
✘ Ira || Doesn't everyone?
✘ His Demise || He knows his life is coming to a close, how it will happen however he is unsure.

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Awful liar || Yato cannot tell a lie for his life; this is probably the reason why he is so candid.
✘ Can't swim || Despite his affinity for sports Yato never learned how to swim, he actually has a bit of a fear of the ocean.
✘ Is a bit selfish || Aren't we all? Yato's only reason for staying alive is selfish. It isn't really for himself though, it is for the sake of a little boy he wishes to see once more.

∞ Secrets ∞
βŒ› Yato's biggest secret is that when he was five years old, he killed a law enforcement officer. It was an accident, there was a scuffle in the streets and the man had dropped his gun. Being the curious little child that he was, Yato picked it up and pulled the trigger, hitting the man in the back. The only other witness was bleeding to death on the ground and Yato dropped the gun and ran. He was never caught, thankfully, but it still haunts him to this day.

Image∞ Weapon ∞
He prefers to use his ability although he does have a gun assigned to him.

∞ Personality ∞
Most believe that Yato is some kind of monster, that he is irrational and incapable of feeling sympathy. Those people are wrong; every death haunts him, every scream lingers in his nightmares and rings in his ears. Yato is human, he might posses the mark of a Light Bearer but his emotions and thoughts are that of a mortal. Yato only does what he has to in order to survive, if this entails the slaughter of innocents at the expense of his sanity, then he will do it. If not to live for himself, but to at least see him again.

Becoming a monster has taught Yato many things; lesson one is that fear trances every other emotion. It is what causes people to do irrational things and tell desperate lies; Yato uses this to his advantage and does his best to enhance the emotion in order to render his opponent useless. Many see this as a cheap and dirty trick, but once more, Yato does what he has to in order to live. There is someone he needs to see once more before he dies, someone who is waiting for him to return home from the "hospital."

When he isn't fighting, Yato is very easygoing and laid back. Scientists often find it curious as to how he hasn't gone insane and they are often playing mind games with him to see how far they can take things before he goes into a mental breakdown. While this is cruel, it is something Yato has gotten used to. He enjoys chatting with those who come to see him and finds comfort in the fact that he hasn't become a socially awkward NEET. Other then the fact that Yato is a killer, he manages to act as a normal teenage boy who is simply trying to make the most of his youth.

∞ Romantic Interest ∞
As I mentioned before, Yato is asexual. While he does seek companionship, it is not for romantic reasons.

∞ History ∞
Bound by the shackles of a fate he never wanted, Yato became a Light Bearer at the ripe age of 13. It was during one of the biggest games of the season and in front of his whole school that the ability emerged. He was going in for the winning basket when his whole body disappeared and reappeared at the end of the court. Security forces were instantly on him like white on rice, they tased the boy and cost him the last shot. Panic and confusion caused a riot in the gym and students were forced to evacuate and return home. Scared and confused, Yato was taken to the research facility where they stripped him down and discovered a rather large Light Bearing mark that wraps itself around his torso. An amazingly detailed Chinese dragon now adorned his once bare middle and it came with the ability to manipulate energy particles. He can rip his body apart and accelerate through solid objects, as well as use send small bursts of energy through things.

It was in this same building that Ira stripped Yato of his identity. He was no longer Hiiro Jonas, but was now simply Yato. It wouldn't be until he turned seventeen that he was given a new last name and the title of mercenary. First Yato had to go through extreme trials and tests, they couldn't actually keep him locked up because of the fact that Yato could phase through walls and so they tortured him to ensure that he understood that he could not escape. The thirteen year old was easily broken by the cruel scientists that tore his body apart in the name of research. It was these same people that accidentally enhanced his senses and permanently changed his eye color to red.

On his sixteenth birthday Yato began training to combat the Freedom Fighters who were causing riots across the Commonwealth. Nearly a year later he was given the alias Toshi and an ID chip as well as the opportunity to leave the Research Center for short amounts of time to cross off enemies of the country. He is never allowed to venture out alone, there are always at least two law enforcement officers that accompany him to ensure that he returns when he is finished. Of course Yato could kill them, but with the ID chip tracking his every move and the fact that he becomes lethargic after he uses his ability, he figures it is better to do as Ira wishes then risk being taken down.

∞ Other ∞
Yato is allowed to interact with the other Light Bearer's at the facility and has actually become quite familiar with a few of them.

So begins...

Yato Toshi's Story

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As you sleep peacefully, I watch over you from the outside I’ll be the cocoon that protects you from all the world’s emotions.

The snow drifted gently from the sky, the frigid temperatures reaching a record breaking low as the gray clouds lazily drifted through the ashen air. Everything about this day had a dreary tone to it, as though the atmosphere was suffocating from the powdery flakes and was attempting to squeeze out a final, dying breath. New Tokyo had not seen many colors since Ira took office, the greenery that used to adorn the land had whittled away to yellows and browns, eventually being overtaken by grays and blacks. The harsh, yellow, artificial lights coming from the neat row of dark houses glowed with a ferocity of lion, cutting through shadows and casting themselves over the blankets of snow. Fake wreathes and colorful lights adorned living units as the holiday season began, attempting to uplift the devastating atmosphere with little success.

Standing among these decorations, under a lamppost that was lit far too early in the day was Yui. It was her first time outside and she wasn't sure how she felt about it yet. She nervously ran her fingers over the spot where an ID chip had been embedded under her flesh. It was a fake, just so she could get in and out of places without raising suspicion but still the thought of having something so foreign inside of her was a bit daunting. The cold bit into her skin and she shivered, attempting to huddle further into the thick coat she was wearing. Yui was always cold because she was underweight, but this was not the type of chill she was used to. It was much worse and as she tread across the sidewalk that was thick with salt, her boots crunched with every step.

Yui had gotten about ten steps away when the front door to the house opened and someone came running out. "Where are you going?" They called after her, grabbing Yui and attempting to drag her back inside. "I wanted to see it," Yui replied quickly, resisting with every ounce of strength in her little body. "What are you talking about? You aren't supposed to leave the house." Yui had planted herself stubbornly on the sidewalk and the woman who had come to retrieve her sighed. "I wanted to see the world you're all working so hard to save." The woman's expression softened and she shook her head, taking Yui's hand gently and leading her back towards the gray building that looked just like all the others on the block. The only individuality were the type of decorations they put up and the FF's were minimal, only enough to not raise suspicion.

"Maybe if you ask Mitsuko-san she'll let you go shopping with Chi-kun." Yui nodded her head as the door closed, the lock automatically clicking shut behind them. She kicked off her shoes and winced as her skin began to crackle. The woman noticed the cracks forming on the surface of Yui's epidermis and ran to run the bath. Slowly Yui followed her up and when she was inside the bathroom pulled off her clothes and slipped into the porcelain tub, relief running through her body as Yui's body rehydrated. The girl closed her eyes and went under the water, her mind fluttering between thoughts. There wasn't much to think about, she had only been awake for a week and so her memory only went that far. Yui had no idea where she came from, how old she was, or what her real name was. She knew they had found a file when they rescued her, but it was only the types of drugs they had injected into her and a cryptic list of scribbled out names.

A few minutes later Yui emerged from the bathroom, she looked up at the black clock ticking away on the wall; her blue eyes widening in alarm; she was going to be late for the meeting! Quickly Yui rushed down the hall, sliding across the wooden floors on her socked feet, and slamming into the door. She bit back a cry and opened it up, glad to see that only Mitsuko was there so far. "Hi," Yui said quickly and took a seat at the table.



Some days Yato wondered when he would see the sun. Assignments were normally coming day in, day out, but lately they had trickled to a stop and he was trapped in the sub levels of the research building; resigned to wondering if he had done something wrong. Yato had been playing all of his cards right, he came when called and barked when they wanted; playing the faithful dog they were training him to be. It was awful really and Yato could hardly sleep without seeing the faces of those he was forced to kill.

The door to his room opened with a hiss! Footsteps echoed on the tiled floor, the sound of a cart being wheeled in followed. Yato stiffened, knowing all too well what time it was. "Get up," a gruff voice invaded his ears, tearing through his head and Yato obeyed, the thin blanket he had wrapped himself in falling from his body and revealing his light bearing mark. A Chinese dragon that was a brilliant white against Yato's oddly tan skin. Lately they had been trying everything they could to turn it black, to change Yato into a being of darkness, but the mark always reverted back to its original color.

He was pulled from the bed and dragged over to a chair by the wall, his wrists and ankles restrained with metal cuffs. Yato didn't bother to resist as he knew it was futile and if he tried he would be punished. They at least had the sense to wipe the injection site down with sanitizer before plunging needle after needle into his skin. Yato grit his teeth as the murky contents were emptied into his body and he instantly began to feel the affects. His chest tightened, blood trickled between Yato's lips and his body began to feel hot. His head swam and he wondered what they could possibly be injecting into him.

Just when Yato couldn't take it anymore another stabbing pain entered his arm and it began to clear. Once again Yato could breathe normally and think straight. "Get dressed, you're expected in Ira's office in twenty minutes." The cuffs were undone and Yato stood, going over to the drawers in the wall and pulling out a shirt and change of pants. Ten minutes later he was at the elevators, ascending to the place where his worst enemy stood waiting for him. The doors opened, revealing a large office, Hiashi from the sub levels, and Ira Shoku.

"Thank you for joining us Yato, take a seat." Yato did as told and sat down in the chair next to Hiashi. "It has come to my attention that these Freedom Fighters are a much bigger threat then my advisers originally thought." He cleared his throat and turned to look out the window in a dramatic manner. "From today onward, your job will be to hunt down and annihilate them." Yato remembered the raid the Freedom Fighters had pulled off last week. He had been out on a job but when he came back they were in full alert mode. "You begin tonight, both of you are dismissed."

"Yes sir," Yato stood and went back towards the elevators, excited for the hunt.

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Yato would not see the sun today after all as it had already set, trickles of color filtering to the blackness he was so used to. Yato touched the spot on his wrist where the ID chip had been reset to provide anything he needed for this mission. Hiashi was supposed to accompany him, but the two had agreed that it was better to do things on their own after leaving the gates of the research facility. Or at least Yato had said he was going one way and he hadn't checked to see if Hiashi followed. "Take down the Freedom Fighters? How the hell are we supposed to do that?" Granted Yato's ability could be dangerous, but they were also Light Bearers and however many against just him was going to be hard. He wouldn't fail though, not with Ira watching his every move.

Yato huddled further into his jacket to escape the chill that was creeping up his spine. His boots crunched on salt covered concrete and the medical research building grew further away. He was supposed to take the subway into the city in order to remain as inconspicuous as possible but Yato realized he had no idea where the subway was or which train to take. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket with typed up instructions and scanned the list. Yato felt like a child walking around in a world for grownups, a pawn in a game of never ending chess that could be disposed of easily to protect the queen should a knight or rook come along.

"Excuse me, how do I get to Fourth Street?" Yato asked a man who was passing by with his dog. The man looked Yato up and down and shrugged, pointing north and continuing on his way. "Ah, thank you very much!" Yato called and began to jog in that direction, hoping that the train hadn't left yet. He managed to purchase a ticket and jump onto the giant transport just before the doors closed. The metal beast began lumbering through the underground tunnels, slowly at first, then picking up speed until they were shooting through the giant maze towards New Tokyo.

Butterflies fluttered in Yato's stomach as he took a seat in the empty car close to the exit. Would they still be there? Residing in their two floored living unit close to the lake and the skybridge that took you from the suburbs to the towering skyscrapers in the main part of the city? Would he still be waiting for Yato to return from the hospital? Would he even remember his older brother that had left oh so long ago to be "treated" for an incurable illness? Yato bit down hard on his lip. He had not thought about his family in a long time. He would be so close to their home and yet was not allowed to visit them. Occasionally Yato was allowed to send them a letter on his progress but it was filled with lies. His parents had no idea he was a light bearer, they believed he was a sickly kid stricken with a rare form of cancer and was living in the research hospital for treatment. That day on the basketball court in school where all of those people had seen him use his ability; well his parents had not been among them. Only his little brother had seen it and he was not given an explanation for the flashing lights and sudden power outage.

If they knew the truth would they even want him to return home? Light bearers were seen as dangerous, they were painted as outcasts that should not belong in society with normal humans. Yato's eyelids began to drift shut, tonight he would check into one of those cube hotels where you could get a room for five hundred yen; maybe he would even purchase a bowl of ramen or two from one of those street vendors that pushed their soup carts around, calling out in nearly every language imaginable to try and appeal to those who were bustling around to finish their holiday shopping before curfew. The train came to an abrupt stop, the loud speaker announcing their arrival in New Tokyo. Yato opened his eyes, the car had a sprinkling of business men and one woman totting a child on her hip. They all stood as the doors opened and slowly, one by one, exited the car and onto the concrete pavement of the underground tunnels. Yato took his time going up the staircase, preparing himself to see the city that was no longer his; the home he had been forced to abandon.

His breath caught in his throat; it was just as he remembered. Slowly Yato turned in a circle, taking in the Christmas decorations that adorned buildings which effortlessly scraped the sky. His head began to spin and he stopped, jumping onto the sidewalk to avoid getting hit by a car. Snow began to fall from the dusk, dusting everything in a thin layer of white. Yato's breath caught in his throat; how he had missed New Tokyo and its layered beauty.

"Hiiro?" Yato stopped in his tracks, that voice, that name. He turned, hoping to God that he was wrong, that it was another Hiiro that was being called out to. But no, there stood his mother, her face stricken with surprise. She dropped her shopping bags and purse, grabbing her son before he could move.



"No!" Yato pushed her away. If they knew he had encountered his mother they would hurt her. They would punish his family for his mistakes. "I'm sorry, I can't explain anything, but you can't tell anyone I was here." His mother looked hurt, but she nodded in understanding. "I don't know what's going on but Hiiro... Come home." Tears pricked her eyes and she reached out to touch his cheek. He caught her hand and pulled her into a quick hug. "I love you." He sighed, breathing in her scent, trying to memorize the cotton candy scented perfume she always wore for good luck. "But I can't." He pulled away and began walking, wiping away the frozen tears that were biting his eyes and stinging his cheeks before she could see them.