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Jane Banks

'Rather inclined to giggle and doesn't put things away.'

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a character in “Turning Pages”, originally authored by Issa, as played by RolePlayGateway


'Magic always has a price'

Jane Mary Banks

N/A 'There isn't much you can do with Jane.'


Origin Story:
Mary Poppins
'A magical nanny descending from the clouds to turn the life of the Banks household around. Quaint and a nice idea but hardly how it actually went. You won't find dancing penguins or racing merry-go-rounds in my story.'

Jane Banks


|| Magic || Her Brother || Friends || Snow ||
|| Summer || Laughing || Fun || Cats ||
|| Sunbathing || Running || Sudoku ||

|| Witch Hunters || Black Magic || Sexism ||
|| Father's Seriousness || Death || Wasps ||
|| Discrimination || Fungi || Shellfish ||

Losing her Brother - Jane has already lost one person close to her, she fears losing her brother Michael.
Losing her powers - Jane has become so used to her magical powers that losing them now would be like losing a portion of who she is.
Wasps - For some the fear of wasps might seem silly given their size, but Jane is allergic to the insects. If stung repeatedly she could potentially die.

Practicing Magic - Practice makes perfect. Jane loves magic and wants to learn all she can.
Running - Jane enjoys running, both as a way to keep fit and a way too clear her mind when stressed.

Powers: Witchcraft
In particular Jane has been trained and shines in magic to do with healing and protection. Through the use of spells Jane can erect magical shields and protective force-fields powerful enough to stop a speeding bullet. Her healing magic also relies on spoken spells. Given enough energy she can heal someone close to death. Disease and flesh wounds are both heal-able, although the more severe the illness or injury the longer it will take to heal and the more energy required. Jane cannot bring back the dead, nor can she heal mental diseases.

She is also able to freeze objects where they stand, whether living or falling. Jane thinks of it almost as freezing time around them. If someone threatening is approaching her all she has to do is throw her hands out and they will freeze in the spot. An object thrown towards her will similarly freeze in midair. If she concentrates hard enough she is even able to freeze the contents and occupants of a whole room or small area. Of course anyone with magical immunity is, naturally, immune to this. Similarly anyone with magic more powerful than her own would be able to break free.

With the snap of her fingers she can telekinetically make objects move. although currently this magic is limited to smaller items that she would normally be able to lift anyway. Anything too heavy for her physically also appears to be too heavy for her magically.

Magic always has a price and in Jane's case her power comes from a limited source of energy inside her. If she uses too much of it too quickly she can become sapped of energy. Given time and rest it will recharge. But if she pushes even further she is in danger of using her life force. Mary Poppins, while still alive, made sure to drill in the idea to her students to never go beyond what they were capable of.

Baking - Do you want a muffin? A cake? Jane is a whiz in the kitchen and can bake up a storm from the most basic of ingredients.
Running - Jane was the star of her track team and loves running as both a leisure activity and a sport.
Puzzles - Whether word puzzles, number puzzles or even jigsaw puzzles Jane can win them all. She loves puzzles that tease the mind.

Messy - Jane is someone who leaves clothes, books, anything really on the floor. She doesn't mind mess and her room reflects that, however there are times when this means she won't be able to find things because they'll be buried underneath a pile.
Drawing - Try as she might the art of drawing is something Jane has never mastered. Pick up a pencil and the best you'll get from her is a stick figure.
Protective - Both a strength and a flaw, Jane will do anything for those she cares about. By hurting people she loves, like her brother, you are hurting Jane.

As Mary Poppins so famously put it, Jane is 'rather inclined to giggle and doesn't put things away'. As a child Jane and her brother were frequently the mischievous children who would run away from their nannies in order to have fun. In the space of four months the siblings went through six nannies. At the end of the day Jane likes to have fun, and was probably trying to get her parents' attention. That hasn't changed as she's grown older. The girl still loves to laugh, is prone to fits of giggles and is generally always ready with a friendly smile. She is a generally a happy person to be around and loves to make the most out of situations.

She isn't a tidy girl. She likes to think of it as ordered mess, but really 'mess' is probably more appropriate. Jane will frequently leave her things on the ground rather than take the extra few seconds to place them in their drawers or in their position on a shelf. Thankfully her room never gets too close to a disaster as she will often use her magic to help her clean up when things become too bad. Still, her mess does mean that she is often disorganised and it takes her slightly longer to find things in her room.

Jane is kind, caring and friendly. She will happily make small talk with strangers or approach an acquaintance for a chat. She sees no merit in shyness. On the other hand she isn't obnoxious or overly loud. She can recognise when people don't want to talk and generally will quieten down her tone. She does try to do her best by people and rarely sets out to hurt others. Of course there are time when pranks she deems harmful fun do in fact cause damage, but they are becoming less common as she grows up. As she has matured the unthinking pranks she used to pull have slowly faded, although most doubt they will ever disappear completely.

Determination is a trait that has long been apparent in Jane Banks. If there is something she wants or a goal to be reached, she is capable of working hard to complete it. Magic is one such goal. Ever since it was introduced to the girl she has been determined to learn all she can and master it.

Jane relies a lot on natural intuition. She trusts what she thinks, what she feels and what her instincts are telling her. She has always believed that listening to what your body or heart is telling you is just as important as your brain. She can be impulsive sometimes as she simply follows her instinct, while at other times her feelings can make her hesitate and carefully consider an idea before acting. It also helps when using her magic, as healing someone with her powers often requires intuitively understanding how their body works.

Jane is also protective. She loves her family and friends and will defend any of them at a moments notice. Having lost one major influence in her life Jane is determined not to let another one die. She partially blames herself for Mary Poppins death, knowing that if she had been there she might have been able to heal her.

Jane becomes naturally defensive when someone challenges her or her beliefs. She strongly believes in the equality of men and women (and other beings) and has an immense distaste for sexism. Any woman who she thinks is too submissive is automatically in her bad books. Similarly a man who believes that women are inferior becomes someone she detests. She will happily debate with anyone who thinks otherwise, although her views on many subjects are generally set in stone.

|| Friendly || Kind || Disorganised || Mischievous ||
|| Determined || Intuitive || Protective || Caring || Defensive ||

Jane Banks was born to George and Winifred Banks and spent the first portion of her life in a lovely home on 17 Cherry Tree Lane, London.
Her father was a junior officer in one of London's Banks, later promoted to partner. Before the arrival of Mary Poppins he insisted on running his family and household like a bank: orderly and efficient. Jane's mother. Winifred, was a member of the Suffragette Movement which aimed to gain equal votes for women. Her dedication to the movement often meant that she neglected her children, simply relying on the various nannies to look after them.

Growing up with both parents more concerned with their work, often meant that Jane was left under the control of a nanny. From a young age Jane and her brother would often prank their nannies which often resulted in the women leaving the household. Eventually the children ran away from the latest Nanny, Katie Nanna, who then decided to quit. George Banks, having had enough, decided that he would step in to select the next one. Feeling guilty and wanting to help Jane and Michael wrote up their own advertisement, which was promptly ripped up and thrown in the fireplace.

Then something magical happened, Mary Poppins arrived. She was everything and more that Jane had hoped for. She was beautiful, smart and there was something about her that made Jane even more curious. Naturally Mary Poppins got the job and the children showed her to her new rooms where she promptly began unpacking, much to Jane's delight. Both children were measured, Jane received "rather inclined to giggle and doesn't put things away." on the magical tape.

Mary Poppins changed Jane's life, and that of her family. Although her parents never knew that Mary taught the Banks children magic, they seemed to pick up on the happy atmosphere. The magic that Mary Poppins introduced into Jane's life was a gift that Jane has never forgotten. Mary taught her how to use spells to help people and showed Jane many other tricks. Jane learned remarkably fast and soon found that her natural skills lay in healing and protection magic.

Home life became much more pleasurable as Jane's parents began to spend more time with their children. Her father was promoted to partner, thanks to some wonderful words learned from Mary Poppins, and became a much more relaxed, caring man. Mary Poppins, having helped the family, left the household as official Nanny, but stayed nearby to continue teaching the children magic.

Quite by chance the Banks found themselves in Folksdale, then again perhaps chance isn't quite the right word when you're connected to Mary Poppins. Mary's magic was what kept the town protected from the dangerous magic users and kept them sheltered from the non-magical world. Folksdale offered a chance for Jane to truly expand her magical knowledge and meet other people with powers. It was also in Folksdale that Jane learned a valuable lesson, magic always has a price. Mary Poppins met her death at the hands of Hansel and Gretel. The witch hunters didn't discriminate between good and evil witch. Thanks to them Mary's protection spells on the town have fallen. Jane feels that it is now up to her and Michael to restore them, while at the same time she also seeks revenge.

Other: Jane is allergic to wasps.

So begins...

Jane Banks's Story


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#, as written by Issa

Time: 7.30am, Saturday
Weather: Fine, light breeze
High of 23ΒΊC (73ΒΊF)

Folksdale Morning Radio:
'Good morning Folksdale, I'm your morning host Jiminy and what an excellent morning it is. Beautiful blue sky, stunning outlook onto our fairytale town and the promise of a magical day to come. There's little to announce from the night, but today promises to be a stunner. Gepetto is having a sale on wooden figurines and Belle's Bookstore will be hosting a book signing with the award winning author of 'Lamps: 101 uses'. I've also been told to remind all our listeners to watch out for the bridge just past Spinners' Lane, it appears a troll has taken up residence beneath...'


Sunlight filtered through the white curtains, a gap in the hangings letting a single ray of golden sunlight spill into the room. It landed across Jane's eyes and acted as well as any buzzing alarm to tell the girl that it was time to rise. With a single groan of protest Jane pushed the blankets off her and sat up straight. She stretched, her arms out behind her back and then above her head. A moment later, sleep finally receding, she set her legs onto the carpeted floor and stood. A snap of her fingers flicked the light switch across the room up and the bulb turned on, illuminating the chaos of Jane's room. Clothes covered the majority of her floor, clean and dirty mixed indiscriminately. On her desk a spell book sat open surrounded by scribbled notes. Jane had been looking through the tome late last night, hoping to find any useful spells to help replace Mary Poppins' protective spells on the town.

A scratching at Jane's door alerted her to the presence of a persistent visitor. Another snap of her fingers saw the knob turn and the door opened. The visitor, the black and grey family cat, was old, tubby and probably thought that he ruled the house.
"Morning Thomas" Jane murmured as the cat wondered in. Thomas didn't deign to respond, instead he pranced over to Jane's bed, jumped up and immediately began to make himself comfortable. "Lucky for some" Jane muttered to the cat as she pulled off her pyjamas and swapped them for her running gear. Luckily the shirt, shorts and sneakers were all in a neat pile on her drawers and not amongst the mountain of clothing on her floor. Dressed, Jane left her room and wondered downstairs, dropping into the kitchen for a bottle of water and a light morning snack. Not seeing any of her family up yet Jane let herself out of the house quietly, grabbed her bike and pushed it out to the street.

The ride to Eddie's place was relatively short. Traffic was light early morning and the weather was fine. No doubt the day would prove a stunning one, even know Jane could see little sign of the weather turning fowl. The morning was bright, crisp and perfect for running, which was coincidentally what Jane was about to do. With a final pedal on her bike she cruised down the street before skidding to a stop outside Eddie's house and jumping onto the pavement. She pulled her bike up to the front of the house and let it rest beside the front door. Jane glanced at the watch on her wrist, 7.20 am exactly. Right on time. She hopped up to the front door and gave the frame a short, sharp rap. A squawk, that of an angry bird, answered followed by the sound of feet. Jane took a step back as the door opened and Eddie greeted Jane, a disgruntled parrot seated on his arm.


Eddie had been up for a few hours. His current roomate, a emerald green parrot named Murray, was a demanding fellow and required frequent assurances that everything was alright. Eddie, used to such sleepless nights, was more concerned that Murray's persistent squawks would wake the two humans that Eddie shared the house with. Eddie frequently brought sick animals home from the vets, ones that needed overnight observation. Most of them weren't quite as loud as Murray. Because of that Eddie was up and dressed before the sun rose, making breakfast for his human house mates as a way of saying sorry in case the parrot had pestered them overnight.

Bacon fried in the pan, eggs were being scrambled and Eddie had just finished buttering the toast. If the smell didn't rouse his flatmates he was sure that the sun beginning to stream through the house would. Nevertheless he had a plan B in case they couldn't pull themselves out of bed before the food went cold. Eddie placed the food on a plate and tucked it into the oven. Hopefully it would stay warm in there until they saw it, and if it was still there when Eddie came back from his run then he would just have to eat it himself. Eddie glanced at the kitchen clock, realised he had little time left and quickly scribbled a note for Sam explaining that he had left her breakfast. He even drew her a sad excuse for a dog beneath the note, knowing that she loved the animals.

A moment later, Murray hanging off one arm, Eddie answered the door to find his long time friend and running buddy waiting.
"Two secs." Eddie said before quickly dodging back into his room and gently placing Murray back in his cage. He arrived back at the front door to find Jane still in the same place,
"Something smells good." She commented as Eddie closed the front door behind him.
"Bacon and eggs." Eddie explained as the two began a gentle jog down the street, "With any luck they'll be some for us when we're done." He added.
"Definitely better than porridge." Jane giggled. Jane had always found it strange that Eddie's favourite food was porridge and she enjoyed teasing him about it. Eddie decided against replying, instead he simply pocked his tongue out and directed the pair down their usual track that would eventually lead them into and through the forest.


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Organizing a bookstore was like life--a delicate balance between beauty and functionality. On the one hand, scattered books and slightly askew shelves gave the place a sort of welcoming, lived-in look. On the other hand, an organized, spotless store was the most effective for finding exactly what a customer was looking for and appealed to those used to a bigger city way of life. Wendy preferred something in between the two, and the store owner had never objected. She organized everything, making sure to front and display especially the newer and more popular materials, but left little notes of discord everywhere. For example, the corner with a couch and several chairs, with small end tables ornamented by lamps with illustrations from children's tales, looked bare if too neat. A small but selective pile of books on each end table, made it look more welcoming, along with the pillows she plumped up for the couch.

The floor was scrupulously clean, the windows sparkling (thank goodness they had a service for that, Wendy thought, as it would drive her spare to keep the glass perfect on her own), the register perfectly balanced and ready for the day. The only thing left was to put up a few more signs for the event and arrange the table and chairs for the author's signing, which she did quickly and efficiently. This particular author had no special requests that she'd been notified of, but that could mean that either the publicist was taking care of that or that she would be surprised last minute. With an unwrinkled brow, Wendy glanced over a small black notebook that she kept behind the counter. In it was listed every service in town with a specific eye to the often eccentric needs of authors, and especially those services that delivered very quickly. It was always best to be prepared.

Wendy looked over the shop with pride. Everything in the store was exactly the way she wanted it. The only fly in the ointment was that there were going to be customers in and out all morning, disturbing her good work before the signing, but thankfully the event was in the afternoon rather than the evening. Taking a deep breath in and out, Wendy turned on the automatic tea kettle she kept hidden behind the counter and made herself a nice cup of tea. She took a delicate sip out of a delicate teacup, enjoying the flavor and the silence, as well as the organized space in front of her, before she went to turn the bookstore sign to "Open." And since it might very well be a quiet morning, she pulled out her notebook from a cupboard and continued a story she had been working on.