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Marigold Lokes

"Just call me Goldilocks, everyone does; they seem to think it's clever or something..."

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a character in “Turning Pages”, as played by PatchworkHeart



"Just call me Goldilocks, everyone does; they seem to think it's clever or something..."


Name: Marigold Bethany Lokes

Nickname: Marigold has many nicknames, although everyone seems to call her Goldilocks, Goldie for short.
"Damn I hate that name, why can't people just give me a less patronising nickname like, Marie. Or maybe you know, just call me my actual damn name, is that so difficult?"

Age: 19

Origin Story: Goldilocks and the three bears
"If you don't already, in time you'll come to realise the little Goldilocks you thought you once knew's long gone."

Character: Goldilocks

Sexuality: Heterosexual "Not to say I haven't tried anything."

|| Stealing things || Adrenaline || Flirting || Going on adventures || || Lying || Lollipops || Porridge || Fun || Her Friends || Freedom ||

|| Bad Liars || The Three Bears || Relationships || The Name Goldilocks || Cigarette Smoke || People Seeing Behind Her Façade || || Her Father Being Angry With Her ||


~Her Father Seeing The Real Her:
Butter wouldn't melt in Marigold's mouth when she's around her father, he knows nothing of her wild side and much like everyone else in the village [excluding her friends & the bears], thinks she's the sweetest girl there is.

~The Three Bears Telling On Her:
Up until this point, nobody has believed the rumours the bears have been spreading but they still worry Marigold nevertheless, she needs to find a way to silence them once and for all, before her father finds out.

~Bees & Wasps:
It's not that Marigold is allergic to them, it's just that's she completely terrified of being stung ever since she was as a child.

~Stealing items: Marigold finds it quite exciting and gives her the adrenaline rush she loves.

~Cooking: It's so weird to think that Marigold is actually an exceptional chef, she loves to cook and ironically, makes the best porridge in town.

~Painting & Drawing: While Marigold is hardly a novice painter, she still enjoys letting her imagination run wild with every paint stroke.

"Well, unless you call being an exceptional thief a power, I guess I'm just your not-so average human."


~Cooking: As mentioned before, Marigold is a great chef and loves to bake, which really is rather ill-fitting with her personality being what it is, but nevertheless, she loves it.

~Agility: As a thief, you need to move fast and silently, over the years Marigold as perfected her technique to the point she likes to refer to herself as 'The Nicking Ninja'

~Tricking people: Marigold could get almost anyone to do anything for her, Marigold's powers of persuasion have had to be increased as the scale of things she stole increased, so as to not let slip her true character.

~Flirting: While it's hardly an exceptional strength, Marigold's flirting abilities has most definitely come in handy and she often puts them to good use, not that she expects anything serious to come of it.


~Apologising: Marigold has never been the first person to apologise, ever, she either waits until the person she argued with apologises or never speaks to them again, it's stupid and childish but hey, that's Goldi.

~Compulsive liar: It started when Marigold was a little girl and has gradually increased until she just does it daily because a) she's exceptional at it and likes showing off her skills and, b) because if she didn't, everyone would find out who she really was.

~Drawing: Marigold has never been the most talented artist, especially when it comes to just simply drawing, collage she can handle, maybe even abstract painting (very abstract) but she can't just simply draw to save her life. The best work she's ever done was a stick person.

~Dancing: Honestly, the best dancing Marigold can do is jumping (like the gif), she isn't graceful enough to do ballet, gets bored with ballroom dancing and let's just say, break dancing doesn't end well either.


The sweet side to dear little Goldilocks must have ended with the story because she's nowhere to be found; in her place is left a sarcastic, carefree, curious kleptomaniac. Marigold is very snarky and has major authority issues (apart from with her father, although, she basically controls him) and despises being told what to do; if you ever try, let's just say she'll tell you where to go.

She's painfully honest and hates to sugar coat anything, believing that if you ask her something then it's your own fault if you don't like the answer. A lot of the time to a lot of people, that bluntness can be very off putting but honestly, Marigold couldn't careless - If they don't like her attitude then that's fine by her, she won't change for anyone.

If she wants to be, Marigold can be very seductive, she likes getting her own way and will do anything for it, even if it means throwing in a little flirting. This means that Marigold also loves to flirt with her friends (yes, even the females) however she doesn't expect anything to come of it, she's only playing but even if they don't, it's pretty clear that Marigold isn't and will, seemingly, never be ready for a serious relationship.

Most who know her well enough, wouldn't trust Marigold with anything of theirs that is very important to them, she's so careless that she'd probably lose her own head if it wasn't attached to her. This linking back to the not liking being told what to do, Marigold is very adventurous and goes wherever she wants, whenever she wants, enjoying visiting places she's never been to before because it makes her so curious about it, she just wants to go everywhere and see everything she can.

Marigold steals things not for any good reason, but just simply because she loves the adrenaline rush she gets from it, if you invite Marigold into your home (unless you're a close friend of hers), if you don't keep your eyes on her all the time she's there, nine times out of ten you'll find Marigolds pockets just got heavier and your twenty pound note which you know had been in your back pocket this whole time, disappear. One way to know Marigold values your opinion and has decided to become your friend is when she stops stealing from you.

However, her 'daddy' doesn't see her quite like this, to Sheriff Daniel Lokes, his little princess seems like peaches and cream, like little Marigold couldn't hurt a fly and that's how she'd like it to stay. While Marigold may have some good friends, her father is the only person she looks up to and really, truly loves, she would hate herself most definitely if he were to find out who she really was. Much like the rest of the village (aside from the three bears and her friends), everyone seems to have the same opinion of Goldi as her father, giving her such a loving nickname because she really is the towns favourite sweetheart, or at least, that's who they seem to think she is.


The stealing started when Marigold was seven, she had been to her very close friends house and while they were playing with their dolls, Marigold that her friends had a brand new singing doll she had gotten for her birthday, Marigold was so jealous that she snatched the doll up once her friend left to get some juice and stuffed it up her jumper, once her friend came back, Marigold made a quick excuse, thanked them for having her (like the 'good little girl' she was) and ran home, which really wasn't very far.

Other: Anything else you want to add.

So begins...

Marigold Lokes's Story


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#, as written by Issa

Time: 7.30am, Saturday
Weather: Fine, light breeze
High of 23ºC (73ºF)

Folksdale Morning Radio:
'Good morning Folksdale, I'm your morning host Jiminy and what an excellent morning it is. Beautiful blue sky, stunning outlook onto our fairytale town and the promise of a magical day to come. There's little to announce from the night, but today promises to be a stunner. Gepetto is having a sale on wooden figurines and Belle's Bookstore will be hosting a book signing with the award winning author of 'Lamps: 101 uses'. I've also been told to remind all our listeners to watch out for the bridge just past Spinners' Lane, it appears a troll has taken up residence beneath...'


Sunlight filtered through the white curtains, a gap in the hangings letting a single ray of golden sunlight spill into the room. It landed across Jane's eyes and acted as well as any buzzing alarm to tell the girl that it was time to rise. With a single groan of protest Jane pushed the blankets off her and sat up straight. She stretched, her arms out behind her back and then above her head. A moment later, sleep finally receding, she set her legs onto the carpeted floor and stood. A snap of her fingers flicked the light switch across the room up and the bulb turned on, illuminating the chaos of Jane's room. Clothes covered the majority of her floor, clean and dirty mixed indiscriminately. On her desk a spell book sat open surrounded by scribbled notes. Jane had been looking through the tome late last night, hoping to find any useful spells to help replace Mary Poppins' protective spells on the town.

A scratching at Jane's door alerted her to the presence of a persistent visitor. Another snap of her fingers saw the knob turn and the door opened. The visitor, the black and grey family cat, was old, tubby and probably thought that he ruled the house.
"Morning Thomas" Jane murmured as the cat wondered in. Thomas didn't deign to respond, instead he pranced over to Jane's bed, jumped up and immediately began to make himself comfortable. "Lucky for some" Jane muttered to the cat as she pulled off her pyjamas and swapped them for her running gear. Luckily the shirt, shorts and sneakers were all in a neat pile on her drawers and not amongst the mountain of clothing on her floor. Dressed, Jane left her room and wondered downstairs, dropping into the kitchen for a bottle of water and a light morning snack. Not seeing any of her family up yet Jane let herself out of the house quietly, grabbed her bike and pushed it out to the street.

The ride to Eddie's place was relatively short. Traffic was light early morning and the weather was fine. No doubt the day would prove a stunning one, even know Jane could see little sign of the weather turning fowl. The morning was bright, crisp and perfect for running, which was coincidentally what Jane was about to do. With a final pedal on her bike she cruised down the street before skidding to a stop outside Eddie's house and jumping onto the pavement. She pulled her bike up to the front of the house and let it rest beside the front door. Jane glanced at the watch on her wrist, 7.20 am exactly. Right on time. She hopped up to the front door and gave the frame a short, sharp rap. A squawk, that of an angry bird, answered followed by the sound of feet. Jane took a step back as the door opened and Eddie greeted Jane, a disgruntled parrot seated on his arm.


Eddie had been up for a few hours. His current roomate, a emerald green parrot named Murray, was a demanding fellow and required frequent assurances that everything was alright. Eddie, used to such sleepless nights, was more concerned that Murray's persistent squawks would wake the two humans that Eddie shared the house with. Eddie frequently brought sick animals home from the vets, ones that needed overnight observation. Most of them weren't quite as loud as Murray. Because of that Eddie was up and dressed before the sun rose, making breakfast for his human house mates as a way of saying sorry in case the parrot had pestered them overnight.

Bacon fried in the pan, eggs were being scrambled and Eddie had just finished buttering the toast. If the smell didn't rouse his flatmates he was sure that the sun beginning to stream through the house would. Nevertheless he had a plan B in case they couldn't pull themselves out of bed before the food went cold. Eddie placed the food on a plate and tucked it into the oven. Hopefully it would stay warm in there until they saw it, and if it was still there when Eddie came back from his run then he would just have to eat it himself. Eddie glanced at the kitchen clock, realised he had little time left and quickly scribbled a note for Sam explaining that he had left her breakfast. He even drew her a sad excuse for a dog beneath the note, knowing that she loved the animals.

A moment later, Murray hanging off one arm, Eddie answered the door to find his long time friend and running buddy waiting.
"Two secs." Eddie said before quickly dodging back into his room and gently placing Murray back in his cage. He arrived back at the front door to find Jane still in the same place,
"Something smells good." She commented as Eddie closed the front door behind him.
"Bacon and eggs." Eddie explained as the two began a gentle jog down the street, "With any luck they'll be some for us when we're done." He added.
"Definitely better than porridge." Jane giggled. Jane had always found it strange that Eddie's favourite food was porridge and she enjoyed teasing him about it. Eddie decided against replying, instead he simply pocked his tongue out and directed the pair down their usual track that would eventually lead them into and through the forest.