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T'was Just a Thought, Me Thinks..

T'was Just a Thought, Me Thinks..


Just a place for me to think and test things out for role-plays. Nothing to see here.. ^^;

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The continent of Courtmoor is inhabited by a wide variety of mythical beings, and has but only four kingdoms: The kingdom of Dracfort, which is to the West. The kingdom of Southege, which is, naturally, to the South. The kingdom of Eriborough, to the East and, lastly, the kingdom of Norhurst, to the North. These kingdoms, although on the same continent and fairly close, are vastly different.

Dracfort is ruled by House DeGray, and Dracfort is also the ruling kingdom of the whole continent. It is the biggest in number and Arlo, who was simply the Lord of house DeGray and now the King of Courtmoor, conquered the other three kingdoms nearly two decades ago. The land of Dracfort is heavily inhabited by dragons. With this being said, the DeGrays’ have heavy control over the dragon species.

Southege is ruled by House Falkov, and is actually the smallest kingdom in all of Courtmoor. Southege is sort of like the “joke” among the whole continent due to its small size. Within this kingdom many unicorns and pegasi reside, and due to this, House Falkov has bonded with them more than any other kingdom.

Eriborough is ruled under the stern hand of House Kerrigan and is the second smallest house in Courtmoor. Eriborough is the most disliked among the kingdoms due to the Lord of House Kerrigan being bitter and cruel. The beings that most inhibit Eriborough are gryphons and they are fairly close with House Kerrigan.

Norhurst is ruled by House Lacroix, the second largest kingdom in all of Courtmoor. The houses Lacroix and DeGray are fairly close, the Lords being similar in personality and views. The beings that roam most of Norhurst are dire wolves. Most are wild and untamed, besides those who are owned by the Lacroixs’.


The Plot

Although only at the age of fifty-two, King Arlo has fallen deathly ill and his eldest son, Lathan, is in line to take the throne. Lathan is unmarried and Arlo finds this to be a problem. So, to Lathan’s detest, the King is on a mission to find his son a bride, even if it (quite literally) kills him. Arlo says a King cannot rule without a Queen by his side, although Lathan does not see eye to eye with him when it comes to this. The King also wants his son marrying “royalty” since he is indeed royal. Arlo has sent letters to all three other Houses, inviting them to House DeGray for a week of festivities where Lathan can meet and get to know each of their eldest daughters. But.. Things don’t always go as planned, do they?
If you are anything but human in Courtmoor you are immediately looked down upon. Most of the mythical beings are but slaves (kept mostly as pets) by the humans. There is an uprising brewing among them, and the first plan of attack is House DeGray. Upon catching swift wind of the festivities going on, where all four houses will be together, it is the perfect plan of attack. Some of the houses beloved “pets” just might be part of the rebellion as well.
There will be betrayal. There will be forbidden romance, and there will be blood- question is… Where are you among all this?

|| This is just a small plot to go by, so all the Houses will be in one area. I want this role-play to be fairly “sandboxed.” Create amazing characters to move this story along! This is mainly character based. ||

The Creatures of Courtmoor

Nearly any mythical creature you can think of resides all across the continent of Courtmoor. However, the most prominent are the four stated above: dragons, unicorns and pegasi, gryphons, and dire wolves. There's something you must know about all the creatures within Courtmoor... They all have a human form. Yes, for some unknown reason that can only be explained as magic causes every mythical being from dragons to dire wolves to have human forms, to blend in perhaps- call it a survival feature, what have you. But, do not be fooled, they are what they are firstly. Although she may look like an ivory beauty with ruby red lips, she is still surely a fire-breathing dragon with a taste for raw meat. Nothing is what it seems in Courtmoor and it is for you to decide what you do or do not believe in.

I thought giving this "kingdomy" role-play a twist like all beings having human forms would be fun and interesting! If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask me! However, just have fun with this. I'm really open to just about anything for this role-play. :)

The Many Faces of Courtmoor

I'm not giving out any face claims, because like I said I want this role-play mainly character based and I don't want you guys feeling obliged to use a certain face claim because I picked it. So, when you go to reserve a role please give me the name of the face claim and a good-sized gif to use here on the Intro. page, please and thank you. :) (If you need help choosing a face claim you can ask me.. I have a lot of ideas!) Please be creative! I want this role-play to be interesting and unique. The skies the limit! Remember, there are all sorts of creatures in Courtmoor.. Think, think, think! You can create whatever you'd like as long as you run it by me first. However, there some already created roles that need to be filled!

Face Claim || Species || Gender || Role || Age || Status (open/Reserved/Taken)

House Degray
King Arlo

Russell Crowe || Human || Male || The King of Courtmoor, Lord of House Degray, has fallen deathly ill ||52 || NPC

Queen Evelynn

Nicole Kidman || Human || Female || The Queen of Courtmoor, Arlo’s beloved wife || 45 || NPC

Prince Lathan

Henry Cavill || Human || Male || The Eldest Prince of Courtmoor, Arlo’s eldest son and in line to be King, is being forced to marry || 23 || TAKEN by BrokenInk

Princess _______

_____ || Human || Female || The Eldest Princess of Courtmoor, Arlo’s eldest daughter || ___ || OPEN

Prince ______

____ || Human || Male || The Youngest Prince of Courtmoor, Arlo's youngest son || ___ || OPEN

Princess _______

______ || Human || Female || The Youngest Princess of Courtmoor, Arlo's youngest daughter || ___ || OPEN

House Falkov
Lord Percy Falkov

Liam Neeson || Human || Male || The Lord of House Falkov, ruler over Southege || 57 || NPC

Lady Katherine Falkov

Julianne Moore || Human (yet secretly a witch) || Female || Lady of House Falkov, Percy's "faithful" wife || Fairly younger than Percy, only 46 || NPC

Lord Falkov's Son

_____ || Human || Male || Percy and Katherine's eldest child and only son || ___ || OPEN

Lord Falkov’s Eldest Daughter

_____ || Human || Female || Percy and Katherine’s eldest daughter, going to Dracfort to be presented to Lathan || ___ || OPEN

Lord Falkov’s Youngest Daughter

_____ || Human || Female || Percy and Katherine’s youngest child/daughter || ___ || OPEN

House Kerrigan
Lord Isaac Kerrigan

William Dafoe || Human || Male || The Lord of House Kerrigan, ruler over Eriborough ||51 || NPC

Lady Sophia Kerrigan

Michelle Pfeiffer || Human || Female || Lady of House Kerrigan || 49 || NPC

Lord Kerrigan’s Eldest Daughter

Marie Avgeropoulos || Human || Female || Isaac and Sophia’s eldest child and only daughter, the one to be presented in Dracfort to Lathan || ___ || TAKEN by CaptainHooligan

Lord Kerrigan’s Eldest Son

_______ || Human || Male || Isaac and Sophia’s eldest son, next in line to be Lord over the house || ___ || OPEN

Lord Kerrigan’s Youngest Son

______ || Human || Male || Isaac and Sophia’s youngest son, born fairly later than the rest || ___ || OPEN

House Lacroix
Lord William Lacroix

Robert Downey Jr. || Human || Male || The Lord of House Lacroix, ruler of Norhurst (loved by most everyone in Norhurst, he proudly boasts) || 53 (but if you ask him he’s the best looking Lord around) || NPC

Lady Rose Lacroix

Rachel McAdams || Human || Female || Lady of House Lacroix || Maybe a little on the younger side for Lord William, but no matter: 41 || NPC

Lord Lacroix’s Son

_____ || Human || Male || William and Rose’s eldest child and only son || ___ || OPEN

Lord Lacroix’s Daughter

______ || Human || Female || William and Rose’s youngest child and only daughter, to be presented to Lathan in Dracfort || ___ || OPEN

Odds n' Ends

Here is where all the other characters will go, the ones that aren’t a “main character” in the role-play, but just as equally important and fun! This is where I’ll place all of y’alls creative work. :P So, get creative! I don’t want 1,000 dragons or unicorns running around. No more than four of the same species, ‘kay? Okay. (: Please get with others when coming up with characters. Have it connect with theirs somehow! Knights, hunters, different species, servants… Personally, I’d love for Lathan to have a pet dire wolf, possibly? Anyone up for that? Just let me know!

Lacroix’s Son's Dire Wolf

Gemma Arterton || Dire Wolf ||Female || __________________ || 22 || TAKEN by BrokenInk

DeGray’s Youngest Son’s Dragon

Emilia Clarke || Dragon || Female || Brought into the DeGray household as a hatchling and bonded with the youngest DeGray son. || ??? || TAKEN by BrokenInk

Leader of The Rebellion

Santiago Cabrera || Gryphon || Male || The leader of the Rebellion against the humans || ??? || TAKEN by CaptainHooligan

Lathan's Guard

Penn Badgley || Pegasus || Male || Guards Lathan and is his best friend || ??? || TAKEN by CaptainHooligan

House Kerrigan's Blacksmith

Charlie Hunnam || Dragon || Male || House Kerrigan's personal blacksmith, hiding is true form and living the life of a human || TAKEN by BrokenInk

The Rebellion's Messenger

Gemma Ward || Mermaid || Female || Helps the rebellion leader recruit and spies for him within the houses || TAKEN by CaptainHooligan

Updated when characters are reserved. ^^

Things to Know Before Creating Your Character

|| All mythical beings only have one name and that is their first, unless they have a nickname. Sometimes their parents will give them one, but mostly humans name the creatures of Courtmoor- it’s just how it is. Call it… Making them feel even less human and degraded. ||

|| Remember that all the mythical beings have a human form along with their “true forms,” remember to list that when describing their appearance.. Describe both! ||

|| I want these character sheets nice and pretty! I’m not giving you a coded sheet. It’s another part of really making this role-play your own. Please, make a neat and DETAILED character sheet with all the information I have listed below for you to put on it. ||

|| Be reasonable when it comes to abilities/powers the mythical beings have. Nothing too crazy! ||
|| Will Add On Shortly ||

~ The Character Sheet ~
|| Like stated above I’m not giving you a coded sheet, just a list of things that need to be on your sheet. Make sure everything I have below is listed on your sheet, but feel free to add on if you’d like to. Use plenty of gifs and pictures!!
Erase everything I have written in ( ) parenthesis.

Full Name: (First, Middle and Last unless a creature)
Nickname: (If they have any)
Age: (Be reasonable, think about their parents’ age and whatnot)
Role: (Kerrigan’s Eldest Son, House Lacroix’s Guard.. what?)
Species: (human, gryphon.. what?)
Appearance: (detailed, please! Remember to list their human and true form if a creature)
Abilities/Powers: (this is for creatures only. Remember nothing too crazy, be reasonable to their species)
Personality: (detailed, no less than three good-sized paragraphs)
Strengths: (At least three)
Weaknesses: (At LEAST three)
History: (at least three good-sized paragraphs. Tell me what made them how they are today, where they came from, things they had to face, etc. It doesn’t have to be a book!)
Other: (just add whatever else you’d like)



|| One || Please reserve all characters in the OOC. When going to reserve please give me the name of the face claim you’re using, the role (if you’re taking on one of the roles listed above) or the species, and provide me with a gif of your face claim. Also, if you are creating your own character I’d love for you to explain me their role and run it by me first, whether through PM or OOC. Reservations only last 48 hours, you must at least have a WIP submitted before then. If not, your reservation will be lost, unless you PM me and talk about an extension.

|| Two || That being said above^, if you’d like to take on more than one role, please do so. Of opposite gender would be perfect! I don’t want too many writers in this role-play, so after so many roles (I don’t know how many yet) after the given ones above are filled, I will have a cut off.

|| Three || This is a literate/advanced role-play. If you don’t know what that means, this possibly isn’t the role-play for you. No one-liners, no text talk, and please do not post once and then vanish.

|| Four || With that being said, this is also a mature role-play. If you’re not comfortable with swearing, blood and gore, and mature content (within RPG rules), then please do not join this role-play.

|| Five || Absolutely NO GM-ing. If you don’t know what that means, it means controlling someone elses’ character and making yours almighty. EVERYONE has flaws, even immortal vampires. :P Please be reasonable. If I see otherwise I will handle it.

|| Six || Please no drama in OOC or within the role-play without running it by everyone else first. Don’t be throwing random things about on your own accord! Back to the OOC drama.. If there is any please try to handle it yourselves, but if not I can act as a mediator.

|| Seven || If you have any questions please feel free to ask me either in OOC or through PM, whichever is fine. I know things could be a little confusing, so don’t worry about asking a lot of questions. Also, like stated somewhere above, this is more of a sandbox type role-play. So if you have ANY ideas please let us all know! I want this role-play to be fun and interesting. 

|| Eight || I’ll add onto these rules if I think of anything else, but lastly.. Have fun! Grow as a writer and enjoy this, guys. ^^

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