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Emmett Cullen

"Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you."

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a character in “Twilight- After Breaking Dawn”, as played by masato22


"Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you." –Emmett Cullen-


Emmett Cullen

Emmett McCarty (birth name)
Em (by the Cullens)
Monkey Man (by Rosalie Hale)



Human Age:
Born 1915; Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Perpetual Age:
Changed 1935; Created by Carlisle Cullen


Ability (If listed):

Basic vampire abilities; Advanced strength; Self-control


Emmett has no supernatural talents, but his physical strength as a human was magnified when he became a vampire, which makes him much stronger than the regular vampire. In combat, he relies on strength and would fight so fiercely that others view him as a very intimidating opponent. He is known as the physically strongest vampire in the Cullen family, but not the best fighter.


He hints that, if Edward was unable to read minds, he would be able to defeat him in combat. Edward admits, when Bella wants to be trained to fight, that Emmett knows just as much about combat as he does, and Edward is on par with the powerful and experienced Jasper. In Breaking Dawn, Bella, with her newborn strength, beats huge, strong Emmett in an arm-wrestling match. Emmett has always had a fondness for hunting bears, and enjoys the satisfaction of getting revenge for what one did to him.


Rosalie Hale


Olympic coven
Black pack
Uley pack
Denali coven





Emmett is a naturally cheerful and childish character. He loves to laugh and make jokes, and would try to lighten up tense situations with his sense of humor. In Midnight Sun, Edward angrily says: Trust Emmett to find the humor in the destruction of my life. Unlike some of his family members, he never hesitates to speak his mind, which makes Edward very comfortable to be around him. He appears to be thoughtless, impatient, reckless, makes rash decisions and allow his instincts to take over, but also optimistic and never worries about things beyond his control.


He also has a competitive nature. When Bella was being hunted by James in Twilight, Emmett is upset that he wouldn't be going with her, until she points out that he would have a better chance to fight James if he went with Edward. He also displayed no hesitation at the possibility of killing James to ensure Bella's safety after Edward revealed that James would probably hunt her relentlessly, even stating that it was "an option". Despite his tendency to fight, he would sometimes willingly miss out on such an opportunity to protect those he loves, as proven when he expressed a desire to "pick a fight" with Demetri, but willingly agreed to allow Bella become a vampire, which would prevent a fighting opportunity. The second time he proves this is when he devises a plan to gather witnesses to prove to the Volturi that his niece is not an immortal child, but also expresses a desire to fight. This also proves that he can be smarter than he usually seems.


Emmett is one of the youngest vampires in the Cullen family, which is why the scent of human blood is sometimes harder for him to resist. He does very well when things get out of hand and could resist Bella's blood when she was human. In Midnight Sun, a part of Emmett's newborn life was mentioned. As he and Edward are having lunch, he remembered somebody who appealed to him the way Bella does to his brother, though because at the time he was young and crazed, he ended up killing the girl with the sweet scent. He eventually grew out of the guilt, saying that "eternity is a long time to wallow in guilt". Despite being the most intimidating Cullen, Emmett is actually very loving and caring to his wife Rosalie Hale and the rest of his family.

During free time, he likes to play competitive sports and games, especially anything that involves a physical challenge. His favorite animal prey are bears, and would often wrestle with one before killing it.

In Midnight Sun, it is revealed that he also enjoys playing chess with complicated rules, but prefers to play with Jasper and Rosalie rather than Edward and Alice, because of their gifts to anticipate his moves. Emmett drives a red Jeep Wrangler modified for off-roading.

Early life


Emmett McCarty was born in 1915 and grew up in the small town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, as part of a large Scotch-Irish family. He had what his parents considered a wild adolescence, never one to worry about consequences and preferring to gamble, drink, and womanize. However, he was a loving child of his family who always kept them supplied with game. He worked on the railroad with his older brothers in Gatlinburg, while his younger 14 year old sister would help their mother with housework.


Emmett was changed into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen in 1935, two years after Rosalie Hale had been changed. When Rosalie came across him, Emmett was being mauled by a black bear in the mountains of Tennessee. He had nearly died from the attack, but Rosalie saved him and carried him over a hundred miles back to Carlisle. Rosalie was noted as saying that it took nearly all her strength not to kill him. She also said that she brought him to Carlisle so that he, with his stronger endurance to human blood, could save Emmett, being afraid that she would kill him instead. Emmett describes this experience as "being saved by an angel who brought him to God". Many years later, Rosalie confessed to Bella that she saved Emmett from dying because of his innocent look, dimples, and curly hair that reminded her of her best friend Vera's child, Henry, and that ever since the day she saw the baby she always wanted a child of her own just like him. While going through the change, Carlisle attempted to inject painkillers into his system to numb the pain, but the venom burned it out before it could spread.

After his painful transformation, Rosalie and Carlisle explained to Emmett that he was a vampire. This did not upset him, however, like Rosalie and Carlisle had thought it would. He put in his own words, "Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you."


As he still cared for his natural family and knew that he could no longer go back, he had Edward prepare a bag of fortune in the hope of easing their pain over losing a hardworking son and personally left it on the porch. He hadn't looked back since then. He did, however, initially have trouble adjusting to the Cullens' rule of only feeding on animals, and has tasted human blood on several occasions. The Cullens were forced to move around for this reason. He had even run into two strangers whose blood appealed to him like Bella's to Edward, causing him to lose control instantly. In 1937, while living in Forks, Emmett's family came across a pack of shape-shifters and made a treaty for a peaceful resolve; from then on, Emmett and his entire family were forbidden to ever bite humans.


Emmett married Rosalie before Alice and Jasper joined their family - and had done so repeatedly over the decades due to Rosalie's love of being the center of attention, and Emmett would give her anything to make her happy.

Emmett has attended several high schools and colleges, but never earned any particular degree, preferring instead to move quickly from one subject that interests him to the next.


So begins...

Emmett Cullen's Story

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Emmett and Carlisle Cullen

Emmett had spent a quiet morning in the forest hunting for food. There was a sign of a deer nearby and Emmett wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by, he prided himself on never letting prey get away. With great swiftness he trailed the deer that sprinted in fear. Emmett was enjoying playing with his food before actually catching it. After feeding from the deer he found a bear to wrestle, Emmett’s favorite pastime.

When Emmett returned to the Cullen house he overheard Alice’s soft voice utter something pretty grave. 'The Volturi have sent a verbal warning. They want us to stop vampires converting to vegetarians.' Alice said. Emmett’s eye grew serious as he stood at the front door listening.

Rose shot up from her seat. 'That's not our fault' she cried.

Emmett walked in the room with a smile. He was usually pretty upbeat and didn’t let bad news defeat his cheer. “Let them try to mess with us. I wanna have another rematch with Felix anyway.” Emmett said with a playful smirk. He placed his hand on Rose’s shoulder.

Carlisle was enjoying a quiet day off from work. Although, he had to admit that sometimes it was too quiet and he’d actually rather be busy at the hospital. It was his life’s purpose to help those in need. He was a vampire that could never grow tired after all, he could technically work an endless shift if he had no family at home and wouldn’t risk exposing himself. However, he would need a mental health break, so perhaps a day off wasn’t so unnecessary after all.

Carlisle as well overheard Alice, Rose, and Emmett speaking about the Volturi. He entered the room calmly and in a concerned fashion he spoke, “No matter what, we’ll be okay. I’m sure this order hadn’t come from Aro himself. It’s unlike him. Vampires relapsing from vegetarianism would cause a huge uproar. Aro is all about vampires keeping a low profile. This decision has a polar opposite motive, seemingly personal. Perhaps I should reach out to Aro?” Carlisle looked off into the sunlight dancing through the many glass windows in the Cullen house.