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Twilight- After Breaking Dawn

The twilight universe


a part of Twilight- After Breaking Dawn, by xXTimberwolfXx.


xXTimberwolfXx holds sovereignty over The twilight universe, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The twilight universe is a part of Twilight- After Breaking Dawn.

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Carlisle Cullen [2] "Carlisle was born in London, in the sixteen-forties, he believes. Time wasn't marked as accurately then, for the common people anyway."
Alice Cullen [2] I've seen it
Rosalie Hale [2] Dont Envy Me
Aro Volturi [1] "May I?"
Emmett Cullen [1] "Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you."
Garrett [1] "I came this close to biting Custer. The Indians got him first."
Jane [1] Pain
Caius [1] The Volturi dont give second chances
Jacob Black [1] Sorry I'm not the right kind of monster for you Bells

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#, as written by WowDude
(waiting to start, lol?)

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Caius sits down in his throne and looks around. He calls to Jane in the corner and she is with him instantly. 'Yes Master?' She asks. 'I... We have a task for you.' She nods and comes closer. 'We need you to deliver a message to the Cullen Clan.' She nods again a smile playing on her face. 'Tell them that if the vampires continue to convert to their way of life then we will end them.' Caius smiles. He takes a letter out of his robe and hands it to the blond vampire. 'Give this to Carlisle for me.' She nods again and disappears.


Rosalie walks downstairs the next morning to find Alice sat on the sofa twiddling her thumbs. 'Ali Cat?' she asks. Alice glances up as Rose sits beside her. 'Hey Rose' she says emotionlessly. 'Whats the matter?' Alice turns to look at her, 'The Volturi have sent a verbal warning. They want us to stop vampires converting to vegitarians.' Rose shoots up in her seat. 'That's not our fault' she cries.

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Emmett and Carlisle Cullen

Emmett had spent a quiet morning in the forest hunting for food. There was a sign of a deer nearby and Emmett wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by, he prided himself on never letting prey get away. With great swiftness he trailed the deer that sprinted in fear. Emmett was enjoying playing with his food before actually catching it. After feeding from the deer he found a bear to wrestle, Emmett’s favorite pastime.

When Emmett returned to the Cullen house he overheard Alice’s soft voice utter something pretty grave. 'The Volturi have sent a verbal warning. They want us to stop vampires converting to vegetarians.' Alice said. Emmett’s eye grew serious as he stood at the front door listening.

Rose shot up from her seat. 'That's not our fault' she cried.

Emmett walked in the room with a smile. He was usually pretty upbeat and didn’t let bad news defeat his cheer. “Let them try to mess with us. I wanna have another rematch with Felix anyway.” Emmett said with a playful smirk. He placed his hand on Rose’s shoulder.

Carlisle was enjoying a quiet day off from work. Although, he had to admit that sometimes it was too quiet and he’d actually rather be busy at the hospital. It was his life’s purpose to help those in need. He was a vampire that could never grow tired after all, he could technically work an endless shift if he had no family at home and wouldn’t risk exposing himself. However, he would need a mental health break, so perhaps a day off wasn’t so unnecessary after all.

Carlisle as well overheard Alice, Rose, and Emmett speaking about the Volturi. He entered the room calmly and in a concerned fashion he spoke, “No matter what, we’ll be okay. I’m sure this order hadn’t come from Aro himself. It’s unlike him. Vampires relapsing from vegetarianism would cause a huge uproar. Aro is all about vampires keeping a low profile. This decision has a polar opposite motive, seemingly personal. Perhaps I should reach out to Aro?” Carlisle looked off into the sunlight dancing through the many glass windows in the Cullen house.

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Alice and Rosalie

Rose slides an arm around her husbands waist and looks at Carlisle. 'They will find any way to kill us. You saw Aro's face when he left the clearing, he isn't happy with us and this is the perfect time for him to take us.' She laces her other hand on her hip and stood there as the stench of wolf drifted in, followed by Seth and Jacob. 'Hey whats up?' Jacob asks reading the looks on the Cullen's faces. 'The Volturi have sent a verbal warning, in the shape of a certain blond vampire.' Jacob glances at Rosalie, 'You mean Blondie here?' he jokes.

'Shut it mutt' she hisses, though she hated to admit it she was warming to Jacob in some weird way and deep down she knew that he was good for Renesmee. 'so what are we going to do?' Seth butts in.