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Adara Eythera

"I do what is best for my people. You can either accept that, or leave my presence."

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a character in “Twilight of the Kings”, as played by NaturalDeviant




Name: Adara Eythera

Nickname: Ara

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, wavy ginger hair sits atop her head, with intense emerald eyes and pale skin. Adara has her hair tied up low against her neck usually. She stands with perfect posture, and walks gracefully with each stride. She always wears a pendant that her parents gave to her as a child. She is well groomed and always makes sure she looks nice. She loves to wear Circlets.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 143 lbs

Oddities: Adara likes to wander in, explore, and collect things from the abandoned homes of Erihollow. She is fascinated by her hair and feels the desire to brush it often. Fascinated with Spiders, collects them when she can.

Abilities: (Unsure at this moment)

Nationality: Erihollow

Allies: Wildeshore and Woodwyn (Possible)

Enemies: Sagewick

Personality: Adara is very proper and can come off as cold though she is warm hearted. She cares about her people and their safety as her top priority. With most of the Country abandoned it makes it harder for her to keep updates on her people. Adara seems very intimidating, and for the most part is to people she is not familiar with. She see's it that her kindness is not deserved to those she doesn't trust. She is fairly innocent and naive, but does not fall for stupid stories or theories. Adara can be extremely judgmental. She likes to distance herself from others because she is afraid of growing close to them. When comfortable around others she can become a bit of an odd ball, but generally doesn't let her guard down. She doesn't allow anyone to call her by her nickname until she deems them worthy to. Though she likes to stay clean she can get dirty when needed though she prefers not to. She is very calm and collected, but certain subjects can bring forth the wrath of hell. If she finds herself losing her temper, she is quick to regain her composer and apologize if needed.

+ Jewelry
+ Animals
+ Brushes
+ Spiders
+ Control

- Arrogance
- Immaturity
- Disorder
- Dirt

x Being Alone/Forgotten
x Death
x Chaos
x Fire
x Dragons (Will eventually face this fear)

= Temper
= Controlling
= Cold
= Serious
= Judgmental
(Will work on these more when I get a better feel for her)


Bio: Adara lost her parents when the attack on Erihollow happened. Soon after she found out she was a Listener. She morns the death of her parents greatly and wishes they could help her with the burden of running the country. She was young, and tries to run Erihollow to the best of her ability, though she does not understand fully what it means to be a leader. With the tragic death of her parents, all she has left is her Grandfather to help. Since her parents death she has distanced herself from others in fear she would lose them if they got too close. She doesn't know or understand what attacked Erihollow that day, but she gained a fear of Dragons and fire. She longs to know what actually did attack Erihollow. When she found out she was a Listener, she panicked. She has tried her best to keep calm and get over her fear for the better of her people, but still is terrified of them. Adara is especially terrified that Erihollow inhabits the Biggest, most Physically powerful Dragons to speak to, and isnt sure how she must go about fulfilling her destiny as a Listener. Adara tries her best to face her fear and tells no one of it.
(Can Change if needed)

Other: Adara puts up a front of being cold and intimidating, but its just because she is trying to hide her feelings.
(If you would like me to change anything, just let me know :3)

So begins...

Adara Eythera's Story


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Adara peered over her balcony to the streets below. Not many people were out today, though she did not blame them for a storm was rolling in. She sighed as she looked over the once great and populated Erihollow, contemplating on how she was to sort out her most recent problem. Citizens of Erihollow were concerned that their security was in jeopardy to future threats. They had not had many resources to rebuild their defenses since the attack. She had only asked her Allies for help with food, water, and clothes for her people. Rebuilding, or at least some form of protection was needed in order to keep her people safe, or at least feel safe. Erihollow took heavy damage, Adara was unsure they could be as great as they once were. With the population decrease, she had few people who could make such improvements in a short amount of time. Erihollow was in bad shape, and Adara felt sorrow for her people.

"Ara? What is troubling you dear?" An aged voice found its way to her ears. With a heavy sigh, Adara spoke, "I am worried Poppy. I need to figure a way to reinforce Erihollow's defenses, but am at a loss to do so. I feel like I have drained enough of our allies resources, and would feel terrible asking for more help. They have their own countries to watch over and take care of. I fear we will be quite defenseless for a long while to come. It's feeling impossible to rebuild ourselves to our former glory." Adara turned and faced her grandfather, his time worn face gave her a slight smile for comfort. "Nothing is impossible dear. Everything may seem lost, such as hope, safety, and even time, but cities were not built in a day. Greatness comes from time, dedication, and hard work. You will make the right choices for this country. You were tossed in here too quickly, and with all the damage our country has suffered, I can only imagine how stressful this must be for you. I am here for you though, and so are your people. You will never be alone child." he spoke with wisdom, "You know, our allies are not the only ones with resources, if you ask, they may be willing to help." he added.

Adara gave out a rather displeased chuckle at her grandfather's suggestion. "So you are saying I should ask Sagewick for help then?" She shook her head at the thought of asking for their help. Her grandfather simply cocked his head and shrugged his shoulders. "Poppy, you cannot be serious. Sagewick didn't help us before, what makes you think they will now? Honestly, I don't see why Degall hasn't just raided us for what we have left." Adara exploded with anger. "Do you honestly believe he is that heartless?" Her grandfather asked. "Oh, actually, I know why he hasn't raided us. He's sitting pretty on the capital of Alona, so whether it be to raid or ignore, he has no time or interest in us. All he cares about is himself." Adara ranted with rage. "Adara, I understand your dislike of Sagewick, but holding a grudge, holding anger, will only drag you down." Her grandfather sighed deeply. "Are you telling me, you don't hold anger towards Degall and Sagewick. If he would have climbed off his high horse and helped us, Mum and Dad might still be alive!" Adara growled.

After a long pause, the old man spoke, "I do not hold a grudge against him or Sagewick. What's done is done. Sagewick is far from Erihollow dear. Even if Sagewick did come to our aide, they would have not gotten here in time." He got up and grabbed his granddaughters shoulder firmly. "Poppy, every country has dragons. He could have sent his to our aide. For all we know he could have attacked us. We do not know what attacked us, so he could be guilty." Her voice shook with tears. "Child, your rage will give you no answers, only more questions. I don't believe he would do something as cruel as attack us. Degall has his own country to rule, his own stresses, just as you do. You don't really even know the boy. Just don't judge him until you truly understand him. He might not even be as horrible as you think he is." Her grandfather gave a laugh to try and comfort her. Adara swiped his hand from her shoulder and returned to her balcony. "I judge his actions. His actions reflect who he is. I will not ask Sagewick for help. I would sooner surround myself with dragons then ask that pompous King for help." Adara snickered with disgust. With a heavy sigh, her grandfather spoke, "I will drop the subject then. I believe you just answered your question about Erihollow's protection though. I will leave you to your thoughts." With that, he left Adara.

She sighed heavily, knowing her granfather's words were right. She did answer her own question. She would have to ask the dragons for her country's protection. With doing so, they would have to remain closer to the city. She shivered at the thought of dragons being so close to her. She knew she would have to prepare to go speak with a Dragon. She was terrified, but she would do it for her people.