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Peta Wanagi

WIP Ghosts and flames, bewere of their presence.

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a character in “Twilight of the Kings”, as played by DovesLove



Name: Peta Wanagi (Translates Fire Ghost)

Age: She's young at only 20

Race: Magnus Dragon

Gender: Female

At 5' 9'' she blends into a crowd because of her average hight, but everything else about her screams different. The biggest stand out though is her ears, or are they horns? What ever they are, they look much like an elf's long pointy ears that stay close to her head all the way till they touch at the back of her head near the top, and they are incredibly hard along the top edge. Her eyes are a rich navy blue speckled with gold, and her pupils are normally round unless you piss her off, if she's mad they will become slits. Her red hair reaches mid-back, but she normally wears it braided around her horns with short strands covering her neck. When in this form she normally wears black slip on shoes, dark blue slacks, and a gold or dark red flowing shirt that has leather straps in the back holding it together.

Her dragon form stands roughly 8 ft tall at her shoulders, and 30 ft from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail along the spine, with her wing span at just under 70 ft. She has short round spines starting just above her shoulders go all the way to her tail. The end of her tail has a sharp edged diamond spade that could cut through an actual diamond like butter. At the top of her head are those ear like horns, and on her nose is a small spike. Her fangs show even when her mouth is closed, and the tips are normally covered in yellow or blue goop(beware of the blue, it's a "tad" bit poisons, the yellow's the anti venom to it). Her scales are a dark navy blue with small veins of gold and her wings are a slightly lighter blue with gold. Her underside is cream colored, as are her spines, horns, and claws. Her eyes range from dark red to light blue to gold, mostly depending on her mood.

As a human Wanagi likes to carry around a very flexible staff thats leading edge is almost as sharp as her tail, and has notches equidistant from the ends. In those notches she can put a draw string in and quickly change her staff to a very strong bow. She also lets out smoke, and sometimes flames from her nose and mouth when she's pissed, though the chance of that happening is very very very low. In her dragon form all bets are off. She frequently spews fire, while her claws, teeth, and tail typically wipe out full armies when they are attempting to put out the flames.

Abilities: (For dragons, anything not covered in your race's bio)

Nationality: Sagewick

Allies: TBA

Enemies: TBA

Personality: TBA

+ Reading
+ Learning
+ Hunting


x An invasion of spiders x
x Total Darkness x
x Touch x

= =
= =
= =

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Bio: As a hatchling of not even two years, Peta's family had been wiped out by a mage and his crew. The raid had started out with total blackness, and then when the light finely did come back, everything was covered in spiders, including the dragons. Peta had been playing hide and seek with her older siblings when it happened, so she was in a tiny crevice that the mage's crew had over looked. However, she had watched the harrowing episode, and had seen her parents and siblings fall when the mage touched their snouts. Ever sense she has feared the touch of humanoid creatures, and has lived alone in the woods surrounding Sagewick. She has never used her fire, or the poison that sometimes drips from her fangs. Actually, she doesn't even know that her bite can be lethal if she's not careful.

So begins...

Peta Wanagi's Story


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Degall sat, his eyes glazed over in the harsh light of mid day. Light poured in through a high window in the chamber as his council rambled on about the approaching dry summer. This was non of his concern though. Degall the seventeenth had seen the error in his predecessors and created a parliament to handle these affairs while he focused on more pressing matters. They had enough food and water to grow more food and pull more water from the deepcroft under the city, but the council was just arguing for argument's sake now.

The gathering of men turned to him. "Well my king?" One asked, obviously expecting an answer. "What do you anticipate we should do?"

Degall sighed and righted himself in his chair. "I believe that we have enough supplies to last us until we grow more. However, I also believe that I've created this council in an effort to limit myself to the mundane affairs and worry about the ever growing threat at my borders." He looked around the room with a weak smile. "You're all men of good minds. I trust you'll make the right decisions." His final words said, the room began slowly growing louder as the men began their discrepancies once again.

As they bickered and moaned, Degall slowly got up from his seat and snuck out of the chamber, stopping only when he reached a large balcony. With a deep breath, he whistled into the breeze, a shrill, sharp sound that cut through the spring air. Somewhere, far away, he knew that someone would hear it, an old friend of his that was keen of hearing and would come running, he was sure of it.