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Hiwari Jarii Orihama

"Let the fun begin...~"

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a character in “Twin Island”, as played by Michaelis_xXx_Elly


Hiwari Jarii Orihama

Image Eyes:A lightish brown almost orange

Hair:A lightish brown

Build: Very tall, slender, 6 pack {Works out semi a lot}




Hiwari or 'Hiwa' is a very snarky and sarcastic guy. He could care less about your feeling’s when it comes to telling you the truth, cause babe, the truth hurts. He’s labeled as a ‘Player’ and a heart-breaker when it comes to girls. Hiwa is also pretty damn smart and sneaky. He had once hacked into his school’s computer systems to get someone who wronged him suspended for 3 months. Though Hiwa’s got a soft side for cute and cuddly things. Also his little sister. If you EVER messed with his sister then you’re screwed in all sorts of ways. He’s got connections that will get you erased from the planet. He’s got a hot temper too and won’t think twice about hurling a punch your way if you mess with him.



Likes: (At least five)
~Spicy foods
~Cute things {Secretly}
~Joking and playing pranks
~Figuring out problems


Dislikes: (At least five)
*Bossy people
*Rushing things
*Having to yell
*People who even think of touching him freely
*Clingy girls

Sexuality: Straight as a Line



Hiwa’s whole life was pretty much dedicated to watching over his little sister Ruki. Because of her rare disease that there mother passed onto her before passing away, she has not been aloud to do a lot of normal activities. She faints if under to much pressure and stress. Hiwa’s bad temper doesn’t help any situation when trying to deal with things. Unlike his sister, Hiwa acts before he thinks. His life does consist of some things he has never told his dad or sister, such as him being in a gang and his acts of violence. But let’s not get into that. His personality was built on his past and actions, though he's not proud of most.


[b]Other[:/b] He is currently in his Senior year of Highschool, and has an after school job. He helps to file papers at the towns police station that his mother used to work at. He is very swift at his job and takes it very seriously- sometimes he even helps answer emergency calls. He wishes to become either a lawyer or an officer in memory of him mother. Since his sister and he moved out of their fathers care (For..reasons) he needs this job to take care of his sister and himself. As stated before, his sister is very important to him.

So begins...

Hiwari Jarii Orihama's Story


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"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be arriving at our destination, Twin Island, in five minutes. Thank you for choosing to fly with us~"

"..." Rukia, not hearing the announcement because her earphones were blasting Beethoven's Virus, kept reading her book "The Vampires Coven". She flinched and looked up when her brother, Hiwari, suddenly moved the arm that he had around the back of her seat and poked her nose to get her attention. Sighing, Rukia paused her music and took out one of her earphones. Hiwari smirked and grabbed her chin lightly before pulling it so it faced the window.

"Didn't you hear the announcement, Hime?" He asked her skeptically. Rukia shook her head as she looked out the planes window. So many clouds....

"Ah, well, we'll be arriving soon to Twin Island... are you excited?" He asked, releasing her chin and looking over at her as she went back to reading but left out her earphones. She smiled lightly and nodded. She could hear some people chattering in the back and she actually kinda wanted to greet them. She's never been good with socializing so she'd try this time. If not, then this whole trip was a waste...

"Hey. Am I the only dude here?! Seriously! Why is it always girls?"

"Be Nice. H-Hello..."

"Really, sis? You have to say Hi?"

Hiwari grunted before leaning over his sister, who leaned back just as he did, his red eye's darting to a guy with blue hair. Only guy, eh? He smirked looked diagonally across the aisle before speaking.

"Well, I wouldn't be so quick to judge man. I'm Hiwari. Hiwari Orihama. And this is my sis Rukia." Hiwari said to the guy, gesturing to Rukia who he was now resting in the lap of...great. Rukia turned her head to glance at the boy but then looked at his sister. They had...really cool blue hair. Was the first thing that popped into her head as she continued to look at the girls hair until Rukia finally gave a small wave and muttering a hello to her.


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Aito waved slightly at the other male. "I'm quick to judge. And i'm Aito. That's Aiko - The incredibly shy little girl." He grunted, nudging her. She leaned over and rested her head on his lap. "Y-Yeah. N-Nice to meet you, Hiwari." she squeaked, Aito lifting her head and pushing her over to her seat. He mouthed "I'm older!" to Hiwari. Mostly to annoy Aiko.

The two both closed their eyes as the plane came in to land.. They hated the landing with a passion. It sort of went like this. Taking off was fun, the flight was boring, and the landing was from hell. Aito stood up first, offering his sister a hand to help her stand. "Push your glasses up, sis. It'll make you look sophisticated and sexy." He grinned, which was met with a smack on the head with a book from Aiko. "Don't call me that, please." She muttered, picking up their bags, which were snatched by Aito. They walked through the airport, and eventually to glass doors. "Hehe, that door has bird crap on i-" Aito was cut short by the door closing on his arm and leg. He made a strange noise and ran over to the Limousine with their names on it, and waited for the driver to step out.

They were greeted, and as soon as the door opened Aito leaped in. Aiko kept her cool, even though it was too glamorous, and got in slowly and calmly. They both opened some light blue bottles of.. Whatever it was, and glugged away. Aiko thought it was like warm summer days that she used to spend with her mother. Short, Sweet, and incredibly awesome. Aito just thought it was a drink.

When they arrived at the Hotel, the two walked in, side by side. They went up to the front desk, and were given a key with "117" on it. The clerk said "Room 117, Girls." and Aito pursed his lips together. "Hey, Lady. I'm a dude." He grunted, and walked off. They went to their room, and Aiko unpacked everything, put it away, and neatly went to bed. Aito leaped onto his bed and snored his head off. This really was going to be a strange holiday.


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Hiwari chuckled at the two twins antics before he suddenly noticed the plane shake a bit, they were landing. He quickly put his hands over his sister's ears to relive some of the stress. Rukia smiled up at him, great-fully, before they landed and Hiwari grabbed most of their suit cases as Rukia held onto two of them with clothes in them. They followed all of they other twins out of the plane and Rukia muttered a small thank you to the plane lady before going down the steps.

" highly unexpected this was...." Hiwari muttered, glancing at all of the Limo's that had each of the set of twins names on them. Rukia's eyes widened a bit looking over at the limo with their name on it. She felt herself smile gently as Hiwari glanced down at her and saw her smile. He knew this would get her to start smiling again...he missed it. Hiwari smirked and sighed as he ran a hand threw his hair. He gently put his arm around Ruki and led her to the car. It.was.huge.

". . ." Rukia sat quietly as they were driven to the hotel. Hiwari gently reached over and rubbed her knee to get her to settle down a bit. He didn't want her stressing out to much and end up fainting as usual again. He saw her glance up at him before she grabbed a bottle of water and tossed it to him. He gave her a questioning look.

". . .Your thirsty. . .Nii-chan. . ."

Hiwari chuckled a bit before nodding and pretty much gulped the whole thing down. Man, did it come in handy when being able to do such things. The Limo came to a sudden halt as they pulled up to the Hotel...and it would be the understatement of the century tosay it was big..or was Enormous. Hiwari got out of the limo, pulling his sister by the hand along with him. The driver got out and took out all of there luggage for them and set them out onto the side walk before smiling and driving away.

Hiwari handed Rukia 2 bags and grabbed the other 3 as they walked in. He swiftly pulled out the reservation's for the hotel and walked up to the girl at the counter, winking at her.

"Hello beautiful, here'sour re-ser-va-tions~" He said, purring out the last part close to her ear as he leaned over the counter. The girl's whole face brightened up as she spluttered and clumsily tried to reach over for there room key. He reached over and grabbed her wrist gently as he placed a kiss on it.

"Do you think we can get a good room~ How about one with a view, Hmm?~" He said, as he continued to kiss her wrist. The girl was now close to fainting. Rukia stood behind her brother, ignoring what he was doing. It's a continuous cycle anyways...

"H-H-H-Here s-s-s-sir. Y-y-y-your r-r-room k-k-key!" They girl said getting weak in the knees as Hiwari pulled away tossing the keys up and catching them. He winked at the girl again.

"Why thank you...." He said then glanced down at her name tag. "Mi~zu~Ka~shi." He said teasingly, as he grabbed Rukia's hand and started toward's the elevator as he read the room number. Room 127, huh? He punched in the the floor number. Hiwari suddenly tensed.

"Rukia, are you ok?" He asked her grabbing her chin so that he can look at her face. She had a bit of tears in her eyes but she just wiped them off and turned her head sharply out of his grip.

"..N-....Nothing is wrong Nee-chan..." She said as the elevator door's dinged open. Rukia picked her bags back up and walked out of the door, as Hiwari warily followed her. he could feel that she's stressed over something. Sighing he just followed her to there door. He unlocked it and smirked as he saw a giant window at the other side of the room. Well....He at least got what he wanted for Rukia from the girl. He new it was probably wrong and sneaky of him to do things like that but he really just wanted what was best for his little Hime...who seemed to be ignoring him. Sighing he started packing there clothes away and stopped short when he held up something.

"Hey Rukia-Chan, wanna go swimming?" He asked her mischievously, holding up her cute bikini that he has secretly packed for her. Rukia bordely looked over at him to see what he wanted, but her eye's widened a bit and her whole face went a bit red at what he was holding.

"P-pervert!" She muttered loudly as she flung her book at him. She HATED bikini's! Even the thought of showing so much skin made her grimace in disgust. He swiftly dodged as he advanced towards her, pinning her to the couch she was on. He hung the bikini over her face.


{Link to bikini Cx : ... 11-002.jpg <-- The white one}