Elei'mei of Artio

Space creature, nomad of the next frontier, and the next puzzle piece in the Faction's plan

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a character in “Twisted Entities Faction”, as played by echored



Name: Elei’mei
Nickname: Elei
Age: 324
Title/s: The blood heir of the Aduro, from the distant planet Artio, exiled centuries ago from a political coup; Currently being referenced as an intellectual traveler; Habitual nomad to be more precise

Race: Aduro (I referenced the latin word for light, this race is known to set fire, burn, create stars, live long life spans, use black magic)

Gender: Elei’mei doesn’t comprise of the standard 'gender' categories that most humanoids associate themselves by, like he or she. Accurately, their race was born from seed pods of the fertile sand of Artio. To make it easier on the Twisted Entities Faction and other humans, Elei’mei allows those to use the two genders fluidly when conversing. If they wanted to refer to such as he, it would equally be okay to refer to such as she.

Height: 4’1 ft tall, about three inches taller than most of the Aduro (or what’s left of them); cause for the taller height is said to be due to the stronger blood of the field from Elei’s ruling colony- the strongest seeds grew there.

Description: Scruffy, slick blue hair, almost the color aqua, which just about reaches Elei’s chin; Eyes are a violet pink, a pale representation of the fire that burns beneath them; Lips have a fair pout to them, the color of alabaster, which gives Elei a gentler first impression to strangers; such lips cause Elei to come off more feminine to the human perception; The skin was an alabaster also, but a shade lighter due to a constant radiance off Elei’s marble outer hide, much like skin but stronger and resistant to any weather condition. Clothing: There was a time Elei flew from dimension to dimension naked, unaware of the custom to clothes like humans had. It came to be that other dimensions had certain forms of cover as well, so Elei adapted to draping garments over it’s body. The outfit in the picture was a custom outfit made for Elei designed by an Orknad admirer, a planet which is now dead, sadly to say. A jewel in Elei’s chest shines passionately red, like a glowing ruby. Wing-type energy tendrils shape the air behind Elei’s back- whether Elei needs them to fly or not is questionable; Rumor has it that Elei just likes to radiate light patterns- wings were most common.


Personality: Inquisitive and curious despite the amble amount of the universe Elei has discovered- ”There is always more to see”. An undying spunk has always stuck with Elei, which seemed necessary in order to handle the meshes of races Elei came to meet; When silent, it was clear Elei was observing the surroundings, memorizing the traits of her counterparts; She stays out of your hair, often floating aimlessly around muttering to oneself until called on or questioned. Through this all, Elei was a loyal species, and was comfortable in the presence of others- Elei stuck around beings that excited him the most, which led to the Twisted Entities Faction of six. Elei is often accidently comical, which has always made him self-conscious. Sometimes shy, sometimes loud, it really depends on the mood. Don't pester Elei too much or you might end up cripsy. Elei has no alter motive or hidden intention, which is charming to behold.


*Floating/flight: It is rare that one might catch Elei actually walking on their feet; usually Elei is seen hovering and enjoying the ability to work against gravity
*Can create burning lights (fire) even in atmospheres with zero oxygen; the fire is more like a flammable gas the appears blueish-yellow most of the time, varies by heat level: usuful in places with little to no light, such as space itself. From a distance Elei can come off as a shooting star by the speed she can reach
*Experience/history: A plethora of valuable information is stored in Elei’s memory, since childbirth; A photographic memory accompanied by centuries of history and events makes Elei the go-to for information and ancient spells/incantations; Ask and Elei will most likely know. No need to carry a map or fear of getting lost with this Aduro at your side
*Linguistics: Very intellectual and fluent in a many foreign dialects (from living for so many years and traveling from dimension to dimension). Flaw: Occasionally Elei jumbles words around and speaks in fragments, trying to remember what language the Faction liked to be spoken to with. Riddles and puzzles are a speciality.

Weapon: (The staff in the photo) The only heirloom that Elei’mei managed to smuggle out during banishment from Artio; The purple orb in the key spot of the staff holds a pool of energy that Elei can draw off of; It is holy, a priceless relic that Eleir cherishes and would give their life towards to protect; It is made of a material stonger than carbon fiber with the sheen of gold and steel. The end of the staff had always provided an extra weapon- besides magic, the end is much like a spear and can penetrate through weak skins, such as human flesh for example.


Elei’mei was banished from it’s home planet, Artio, after Elei’s elders (who ruled over the Aduro) were slaughtered by their nemesis, Nyx. Through the centures, Elei travelled to other planets in search of a settling place, but took to being a nomad after a while. One fateful day Elei ran into the Faction of six in a common dimension. Very much intrigued by the unique appearances and strength of this pack, Elei decided to tad along with them whether they truly agreed to it or not.

Elei knows of the dragons on Eshara and of the dragon wars, and how the dragons roamed the planet before the humans did. This information, and other vital information covered in the caverns of Elei’s mind, will not be learned until the faction reveals their main intent for being in this dimension.

So begins...

Elei'mei of Artio's Story