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"Sink into darkness."

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a character in “Two Steps Away From Hell”, as played by Binsetsu



Role: The Shadow

Gender: Male
Species: Demon?
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Schim | Umbra prefers to go by Schim, in order to keep his real name a secret.
The Shadow I A name from the past and the present that calls upon memories of darkness and perhaps the title Umbra is best known by.
Age: Appears to be 20 years of age.
Love Interest: N/A
Element: Shadow I Darkness.

Height: Human Form I 6”2
Shadow Form I No set height
Weight: Human Form I 132 lbs
Shadow Form I No set weight
Build: Slim I Skinny
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Golden Yellow
Description: Although some might consider him a handsome man, it is more likely he falls just short of that description. His fingers are just a little too thin and too long. His face just a little too slim. His eyes are usually squeezed together into small slits, keeping his eyes hidden and giving him a more weasel like appearance. He also never seems to stop smiling, always having some form of smile on his face, whether that smile is kind, vicious or insane in nature.

Preferred Clothing: Umbra prefers to wear suits, sticking to a tried and true black and white three piece suit with a tie. Around his waist he wears two pairs of belts and has a long silver chain leading from his belt to his pocket. He is also rarely seen without his fedora hat, an accessory he only takes off when he is about to exert himself.


The Shadow: Although Umbra prefers not to exert himself and remain in his human form, when the situation requires it, he can call upon the power of darkness and transform himself into an entity of pure shadows and darkness. In this form, he doesn’t actually have any set shape, but rather becomes a being that can change its shape at will and into whatever it desires. That said, his preferred shape is that of a large pack of shadowy wolves.

Skills: Knife fighting I Although already powerful simply because of his control over darkness, Umbra also has a unique talent when it comes to knife fighting, to the point he makes stabbing someone nearly an art form.
Genius I Umbra possesses a uniquely advanced intellect, to the point he could be considered an expert on numerous different fields, including advanced technology, biology, science and medicine.
Cunning I Besides his high intelligence, Umbra is also cunning, capable of forming and controlling numerous plots and manipulating others to ensure everything ends up benefiting him one way or another.
Precognition I Although it is questionable whether or not Umbra can truly predict the future, he does have a certain talent of seeing all the different possible outcomes and selecting the one that is most likely to come to fruition, or simply making the outcome he chose come to fruition.
Likes: + Night
+ Shadows
+ Knives
+ Weapons in general
+ Technology
+ Easily manipulated people
Dislikes: - Everything
- The sun
- People
- Daytime
- Disorderly things
- Headstrong people
Hobbies: Arranging books I A personal pastime of Umbra and one he seems to get great satisfaction out off.
Tinkering I Umbra enjoys to tinker with any form of technology he can find and has created functional pieces of technology that equals, or is perhaps even superior to technology from before the nuclear annihilation of the planet.
Phobia(s): Heliophobia I The abnormal fear of sunlight
Personality: Vicious, mad, nihilistic, narcissistic. Those are all words that might be used to accurately describe Umbra’s personality. Yet, if one were to meet his persona Schim, those are possibly some of the last words one might use to describe him. His true self hides behind the artificially created persona of Schim, who is a polite, kind and somewhat shy individual. Schim seems jovial and generally good natured, only taking part in dishonourable duties because to so is to serve a great purpose.

His true self on the other hand, is completely different. Narcissistic to a fault, Umbra only loves himself and hates everything and everyone, to the point he desires their complete destruction. Although in ordinary beings such an impulse could be dismissed as simply being the fantasies of a maniac, with the power of darkness on his side, he becomes a genuine threat to the lives of nearly every living being. He will stop at nothing to achieve his mad desires and will step over the corpses of everything and everyone to achieve his goals.

But Umbra isn’t limited to merely his mad desires. He is cruel yes, but also cunning and patient, willing to wait until the most opportune time to achieve his desires. He also suffers from a god-complex and never admits his views might be wrong or indeed, that he is in any way capable of fault. He also has a playful side and enjoys toying with the lives and minds of others. This side of him also directly affects his manipulative sides, as he prefers to manipulate others to do things that he could have easily achieved himself, only for the purposes of manipulating others.


Relationship Status: Single/In love with himself
Family: N/A
Personal History: A story once told to eight specific children, by an older man who took care of them.

“Allow me to tell you an old story. A story once told to children every day, but is now nearly forgotten, known only to a select few. It is forgotten now, perhaps because people ceased to care about ancient wisdom. But that is neither here nor now. It is a story from before the world was as we know it now, back when it was still lush and beautiful.

There once was a man, who was intelligent and wise beyond his years, a man who was said to know the future. Whether this was true or not no one knows, but what is known is that he had a good eye and knew how to capitalize on new developments quickly. This talent allowed him to gather a great amount of wealth and respect for himself. Although other, lesser men, might have grown complacent and simply savour their glory, this man never stopped. He used his power to try and build a better world for all people and one might say he succeeded. His aid to the people helped fight disease and crime and one might say, help build a more peaceful world.

But as it is with all stories, the world changed. Nations grew too large and began desiring what other nations had. Before long, these simple desires grew into plots and the world stood on the brink of war. Although the world was in shock because of these recent developments. The man had predicted that this would happen years before any signs were visible. And now, the man had a new prediction, unless the nations of the world were to change their ways, their conflict would usher in the end of society as they knew it.

Unfortunately, the man’s warnings went unheeded. And society as they knew it did end. Nuclear weapons rained down from the skies and destroyed much of the world. Society crumbled. But that is a different story altogether. What pertains to this story, is that mankind survived. And, as luck would have it, so did the man. He scolded the people for not heeding his warnings, but decided to help the survivors nonetheless, working countless hours to improve the situation, if only a little. But the survivors did not take kindly to being scolded. Shell-shocked and fearful for the future, they sought someone to blame for everything that had happened. The nations that had caused the war had all been annihilated and their leaders dead. There was no one left to blame. Except for one man. One man who predicted all of this would happen.

The survivors took to the streets, destroying everything the man had worked so hard for to build. In the end, they never caught him. Their rampage had forced the man to flee out into the wastes. At the time, possibly a more dangerous place than it is even now. He fled and to the people of that time, died somewhere in the wastes. But this story does not end there.

Allow me to move our story forward in time. Some hundred years forward. Society was beginning to rebuild, albeit slowly. New towns and cities were being made and, one might say, the people were happy, or as close to it as they could be. It was then that the man returned. The man all expected to have died a hundred years ago and was nearly forgotten, now only mentioned except for bedtime stories to scare children, had returned. But his time in the wasteland had changed him. He was no longer a human being as they knew it. He had been transformed. According to the man, he had reached a higher plane of existence.

The people were fearful of the man once more, for he held powers unlike any had ever seen. With a wave of his hand he could command the shadows to devours buildings and people whole. The man made a proclamation then. For the crimes mankind had committed against him those many years ago, he had now returned to judge and punish them. The people rose up against him, fighting tooth and nail, but their makeshift armies were no match for the man’s power. The world slowly fell into darkness and it seemed like all hope was lost.

The man pushed on until he reached the largest city of mankind, determined to annihilate the last remaining stronghold theoretically capable of stopping him. But it was there, that the man met his match. For in this city he was faced by eight youngsters, no more than twenty years of age. They fought him and together, overcame his darkness. They dispersed his evil and the man was no more. But, in his last breath, he made one final prediction. He predicted that he would one day return and punish mankind for what they did to him.

Does my story bore you? You seem sleepy. Well, there is no reason to remember this. Hopefully, this has nothing to do with any of you. Sleep well and don’t let Umbra catch you out in the darkness.”

♦ [color=choose color]OTHER[/color] ♦

So begins...

Umbra's Story