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Terrus Faural

"Strong as steel, sturdy as stone."

0 · 237 views · located in Terra Nova, Block 275

a character in “Two Steps From Hell”, as played by Questionable Object


Terrus Faural

Theme: [Mt Eden Dubstep - Escape
Image Song: Two Steps From Hell - Moving Mountains


Role: Earth Demon

Gender: Apparently Male though technically sexless.
Species: Demon
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Terry.
Age: 20
Love Interest: None.
Element: Earth.

Height: 7'2
Weight: 90 KGs
Build: Lithe yet muscular.
Hair Color: Earth brown.
Eye Color: Emerald.
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: He has the outline of a third green eye on his forehead along with stylized vine like lines coming off of the eye outline across his forehead and vine tattoos running down his arms from his shoulders to his wrists.
Description: Terrus is a tall, lean but solidly built humanoid with defined muscles all across his body, hard as the earth he loves. He has bright green eyes and a green outline of an eye on his forehead along with vine-like lines coming off of the outline. His skin is a light tan and dark green vine tattoos wind down his arms from his shoulders to his wrists. He tends to wear simple clothes, dressing to suit his current needs wether it be warmth or protection.

Preferred Clothing: Simple jeans and a shirt and the occasional jacket to keep out the cold when need be.

Oddities: He's a bit slow at times, has a tendency to just stop and watch things with an odd little smile and tends not to say much.
Skills: He has a near perfect memory and an impressive stamina as well as being able to take quite a few solid hits.
Likes: Plants, stone, fruit and most vegetables (absolutely loves fresh produce wherever he can get it), caves, any form of wooded area, the company of friends, comfortable silence.
Dislikes: Flying, swimming, he isn't overly fond of meat and processed foods but doesn't mind it too much, burnt forests, heights.
Hobbies: Stone carving, wood carving, collecting precious stones and minerals, gardening.

Phobia(s): Being any great distance from a solid body of land, whether it be out at sea or flying high, sets Terrus' nerves on edge.
Pyrophobia, Terrus is terrified of out of control infernos.
Gerontophobia, The idea of growing old or "Eroding" as he puts it unnerves him and causes him to become depressed.
Personality: Terrus is quiet and gentle, slowly absorbing his surroundings and listening to everything about him with a small smile or an odd frown. He's rather straight forward and consistant with his opinions and world views which tend to be as a rule decidedly neutral, almost always sitting on the fence on any matter. He tends not to speak very much unless he feels he really needs to contribute to the conversation, usually favoring people with a nod or shrug when addressed.
In some matters he seems to be slow and dull and rather uninteresting or even unintelligent though from time to time he'll unveil a small nugget of wisdom, showing that there's a little more to him than the simple minded lug he normally comes off as.

Relationship Status: Single.
Family: He has no known family other than his friends.
Personal History: Terrus doesn't have much in the way of a history, having no known parents or siblings he had grown up under the tutelage of The Master quietly and happily, spending most of his childhood with a simple small smile gracing his face. He tended to sit aside and watch as the other boys played and practiced fighting, happy to be apart, only really getting involved when The Master coaxed him forward where he would tend to simply stand and take whatever treatment the others had for him without so much as budging. He grew much faster and larger than his fellows becoming a giant among them even though he started his life rather small and his childhood being much shorter and stockier than the others.

Upon meeting the girls he treated them as he treated all other things, with a warm look and a quiet smile, sitting aside quietly and simply doing as he was told, barely speaking as he learned to harness his mastery over the earth. Now in his adulthood he remains a quiet monolith among the little misfit group, quietly listening to his fellows and the desolated world around him.


So begins...

Terrus Faural's Story