Morcion Vey

Go ahead, join the leagues of corpses that chose to mess with me.

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Age: 44

Species: Human

Morch is a fair-skinned male at about 5'11" and 213 pounds with a medium build. He does not have any defined muscles. He has short, unkempt brown hair that falls an inch above shaggy eyebrows. His eyes are dark with hazel irises and tend to stare at people over his small nose and a rough goatee with a piercing gaze. In terms of clothes he now wears a pair of khaki cargo pants, a white t-shirt and a Doramiyagane-lined vest, which stay hidden under a black, pocket-lined denim jacket.

Mad Morc (A relic from his younger years, used by his oldest friends)
Morchy Vee (Though people have been known to 'disappear' for using this one)


In his younger years Morch was very short-tempered, impatient and cocky, but years of experience and the responsibility of leadership have sharpened his faults into his strongest assets. He learned to hold his mouth and wait until something was necessary to say. To filter his confidence into a personality that could make tough decisions in a level-headed manner. To hold back his rage for the benefit of his "family." To unleash the fury boiling under the surface only when necessary. But, most importantly, he learned how to persuade others to the point of manipulation (although he prefers not to use this skill to that extent).

At times Morcion can seem tough, but he's never cold. His personality is too warm for that. He can laugh, he can shout, and the value of natural and artificial life does no falter in his eyes, but he's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done- whether it be to associate with people he hates, to betray some of his associates, or to sacrifice the lives of others. Any anguish he feels is fed to the furnace he holds withing, to be used to his advantage in a pinch.

Morch enjoys few things in life, but his eyes twinkle when the topic of space comes up.


Modified Cardinal-7 sidearm (10x scope, crystalline chamber)
Ranger Identification Card (Revoked)
Doramiyagane-lined vest (Very weak, can only lessen the blow of any shots he takes)

During battle, Morcion can channel his inner anger to perform feats of strength he normally couldn't. Some refer to it as a "Berserker's Rage." Once he has tapped into the anger he becomes weaker in gunfights, so he tends to switch to the gun's sword functionality until he has a chance to rest.
He is relatively skilled with a blade but can be overwhelmed by others with better skills in a long battle, so he mostly sticks to his firearm (with which he is a skilled shot).
Outside of battle he has exceptional skills of persuasion.


"Reach for the stars, no matter how hard it seems." A motto befitting an elementary school student. Few but his closest friends would expect it to be the personal mantra of Morcion Vey.

Morch was raised in the seedy underbelly of Gibbs, where the only thing of beauty he could see high above the skyscrapers was the night sky. Initially poor, he had to fight tooth and nail in order to live. Eventually his criminal career evolved from petty theft and pickpocketing into intimidation, armed robbery, and drug running (though he was smart enough to never use the stuff). His quick anger got him into trouble many times in his youth, and during his punishments he encountered other young men of his lifestyle. They bonded through the hardships of life they faced, and fate had it that Morch be the first person to gather the courage to become the leader of their informal group. Eventually they became organized into the gang of criminals known as the Dusk Runners, whose sole aim was to gather as much wealth and resources as they could.

When Morch turned 26 he decided the best plan of action would be to become a Ranger. Since he had only been caught for many minor crimes in his now distant youth he was able to get an opportunity to apply. He passed the psychological exam, which he saw as the hardest portion. He already knew how to fire a gun, was skilled physically, and knew enough about laws from his efforts to circumvent them. As his first act as Ranger he commissioned a special custom Cardinal-7 pistol and protective vest, consuming much of the gang's resources but giving him the protection he would need as the boss.

Years later, at the age of 32, Morch was heading one of the strongest gangs in his district of Gibbs. Preferring not to get his hands dirty, he decided to instead silently orchestrate the Dusk Runners' dealings from the shadows. All the extortion rackets, drug deals, robberies and other jobs done by the gang were suggested by his lieutenants but ultimately planned and condoned by him- and most jobs that went through this process ended successfully. However, many of his "friends" saw this tactic as a sign of weakness, and that he was gaining all the profit of the gang through their efforts. In the end he was set up by his closest allies to take the fall for the brutal beating of a wealth business owner. Before the police arrived Morch managed to stash his trusty pistol and vest in a safe location in his childhood home. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with possibility of parole in 10. Needless to say, he lost his Ranger status.

Morch had an opportunity to examine his lifestyle while in prison, mostly while he stared at the stars he could barely see from the bed in his cell. He had managed to succeed in a lot through his lifetime, but he'd learned he could not rely on a lifestyle that could be ended by betrayal at any given moment. After his first 10 years he convinced the parole board that he was reformed, and was subsequently released. He returned to his old neighborhood, retrieved his gear, and subsequently massacred the men who had betrayed him. He laid low for a while, and when word reached him that a new world had been open he saw an opportunity to start over new. And so he set off for Karlil, and his life truly began...

So begins...

Morcion Vey's Story