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Brontes Rook

Why do you think that you are worth my time?

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a character in “Two Worlds To Save”, as played by JEDH3


"Well we are here now. No use denying or fighting against circumstance. Let’s see where this takes us."


Full Name
Brontes Rook

Nicknames and Aliases
Most people just call him "Rook,"

Role and Powers
As the king of Ielyss, Brontes has the ability to manipulate Vectors. Meaning that he can directly change the direction of kinetic energy when he comes in contact with an object dispensing it. This ability can be used for a variety of purposes, only limited by the user's imagination of the possibilities. With much practice and control, one could theoretically affect the very air and even sound.


Sexual Orientation

A very average looking person, Brontes does not much care about appearance. As such, he normally wears whatever he finds first when getting dressed. His hair is long and messy, and he looks unkempt in general. But despite all this, he is very hygienic. His skin has a dark tan as he spends much of his time outside. Overall, there is nothing outstanding about him, either positive or negative.

Hair Color

Eye Color
Dark Red



Over his heart, there is a tattoo of a red castle



*Stubborn * Angry * Honest * Chivalrous * Lazy*

Constantly moving around throughout his childhood, Brontes grew into someone who had little patience for others. He easily grows angry at stupidity and pointlessness. He only bothers talking to someone whom he sees as worth being his time. As such he initially comes off as being rude, however he is actually quite kind and polite through his actions if not his words. If someone is having trouble, he almost always helps them and is selfless when is comes to possessions. Perhaps that is why he is selfish when it comes to his own time and who he associates with.

He also constantly gives off the impression that he is always dissatisfied with his situation, however the truth is that he does not care what happens to him anymore. He will go wherever his life leads without really caring what happens along the way. In his mind, the only thing that matters is making an impact wherever you may be.

-Brontes loves hitting things from afar, he loves how he has to take the time to think about the angles, distance, wind, and everything that would affect his aim. He shoots guns, practices archery, throws from slings, and bare handed.-

-With a knife and a chunk of wood, Brontes is always keeping his hands busy. He is not particularly talented in it, but he can make the shape he wants and he is never dissatisfied with the result.-

Popping Joints
-Brontes needs to keep his hands busy at all times so if he has nothing for them to do, he constantly cracks every joint from his fingers to his neck and from his neck to his toes. Of course this does not last long, so even after he pops every joint he can, he continues to do so vainly with no results.-

Talking to himself
-It is much easier for Brontes to organize his thoughts if he speaks them and gets everything out of his head. As such he can often be heard muttering under his breath about everything much like a madman. However he is quite sane.-


~ Birds
~ Physics
~ Nature
~ Reading
~ Silence


~Crowds of people

A quiet and thinking person, Brontes takes his time, and considers all possible choices and outcomes when making a decision.
He has a natural intuition about people, and can tell within a few minutes what sort of person they are by how they speak and hold themselves. As such he can generally tell whom he can and can not trust.
Brontes is an honest person, having no desire to deceive others for any reason, and not caring how others think of him, he will always tell the truth.
On top of his marksmanship, Brontes is also skilled when it comes to blades. Traveling around the world, he always was sure to at least get the basics of the styles of sword and/or knife fighting that spawned from that country or region.


Brontes has little stamina and is terrible at running or traveling on foot for long distances.
An especially slothful individual, Brontes will rarely do something if it does not interest him.
Brontes is prone to anger, and will often lose his temper with people.
He often takes too long to make decisions, over thinking everything. Whereas he does not care what happens that is out of his control, he is overly cautious when it comes to his actions, and by the time he does make a decision, or think of how to say what he wants, it is usually too late.


Born in Japan, Brontes grew up all over the world, rarely staying in a pace more than a year at a time. As such, he found making friends useless most of the time, and that most people were not worth the effort of getting to know. However, when he did make friends, he was sure to remember them and keep in contact as best that he was able. As he traveled around, he learned as much as he could about each place, finding the culture and history to be more fascinating than the people themselves. As such, he Is very knowledgeable about a variety of things, however he has large holes in his education of things that do not interest him.

Face Claim
Michizo Oji

So begins...

Brontes Rook's Story


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Colaira is dying. Slow, steady, unstoppable. The sickness spreads throughout the world of beauty. And not even the great Goddess Ai can stop it.

Colaira || Approximately 2:00 PM || Abandoned Temple of the Goddess Ai

Ai sat in her bedroom, staring through the tiny cliche crystal ball that sat on it's crumbled podium, watching the world of humans. She'd made it quite the habit lately. This particular watch session was dedicated to a little girl, about 4-5 years old, who was swinging at a park while her parents pushed her enthusiastically. Ai watched silently, enjoying the giddy excitement that could be seen in the child's eyes. She would have kept watching if not for the bell that rang loudly in the distance, signaling another sacrifice or prayer that had been donated to one of Ai's temples around the world. She honestly hated the sound.

Standing, Ai slowly made her way over to the mirror that sat leaning against the wall. The image inside showed the most recent 'donation'. Ai could see a young woman, praying gently for the life of her daughter, who was apparently plagued with a disease. "Why do people still ask this stuff? Don't they realize I already know she's sick and healed her half an hour ago? Seriously." She swiped the image away and went back to her crystal ball. This time she couldn't think of anything to do, anyone to watch. It didn't matter anyway, because the ball started to go berserk, flashing the faces of three people she'd only seen in books.

Three faces flashed through the ball, showing their pasts and futures. Only Ai would recognize them. And as soon as it started, the speedy slideshow was over, instead showing a video of each of them. Each one making a wish to save the world from the deadly disease that came as an effect of Colaira's dangerous war. "...well, I guess it's time. Not like I waited 10 thousand years for this or anything." And with a snap of her fingers, the videos faded. It would only be a matter of time before those unfortunate three teens would be facing something they'd never have even dreamed of.