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Leonardo King

There are some days when I think Im going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.

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a character in “Two Worlds To Save”, as played by MayKinz




"Confidence, not cockiness. Knowing who you are is confidence. Cockiness is knowing who you are and pushing it down everybody's throat."


Full Name

Leonardo King

Nicknames and Aliases

Leonardo - Most acquaintances or strangers will call him Leonardo as it is his name though he accepts it he much prefers his other nickname Leo, Leonardo always sounds so..serious.
Leo - His close friends will call him Leo and he much prefers the name often meeting it with a smile and a small laugh.

Role and Powers

To be revised


They will be centred around aura based abilities.




18 years old.

Sexual Orientation

Bisexual - Leo likes boys,girls and practically everything that moves he will tease till his heart is content often flirting to the point of making the other person considerably more uncomfortable than they felt before the conversation he also has a tendency to stare at the more fortunate looking...for a few hours or so.


Hair Color

A golden blond his short locks of hair will usually shine under the light of the sun.

Eye Color

His eyes are honey brown with a slight golden tint.







This power symbol is likened to a power switch that can be used for a wide array of purposes. Basically, though, the Reiki means that one's intention always rules over what happens. The Reiki can focus on providing power or energy to specific parts of the body. At times, one can use it as a light power switch to increase one's healing powers

Leo has this tattoo placed over his chest it is rather large in the center and is further up towards the base of his neck.


No piercing till this day.


Leo has many scars around his hands because of his abilities and some of them even scale up his arms though they are easily concealed by his choice of clothing and usually leather fingerless gloves.




{Daring, Flirty, Confident, Arrogant, Perverted}

  • Daring - Leo takes to any challenge without a second thought he will jump into the situation no matter how dangerous it may. Seem sometimes people even say that he will purposely seek out these challenges, one might even label him as reckless but Leo merely does this to test his boundaries and measure his strength. In a situation he doesn't quite understand that he places himself in fatal danger; but the more danger he comes into contact with the more he feels like he has to step up and show how strong he can really be, you could call this being an idiot but Leo likes to think himself fearless almost.

  • Flirty - This one should be fairly obvious given the reputation that proceeds him above. Leo is known to have no boundaries when it comes to teasing,flirting and romancing anyone he comes into contact with that takes his fancy, he doesn't quite seem to detect how uncomfortable people become with the situation but he does come across very charming when he finally gets into his full swing, even the most stubborn may find themselves swooning before him, it just might take a while to find out what makes them tick.

  • Confident - This is another one that might leap out to you as obvious but Leo is quite the buff when it comes to self confidence. He has taken the steps that he feels makes him the perfect person he can be at this point in time. He holds himself in such high respects he also keeps this attitude when talking to others be they friend, stranger or foe he will chat and laugh for hours with any of them just because he literally can find no fear in the social realm.

  • Arrogant - You could say that Leo is quite self assured in himself and you would be right. He will look at a mirror for hours and find no fault in himself, some may say a little arrogance can be a good thing, but when you are full to the brim with it naturally it becomes a curse. Leo will often become very naive and blinded by his own abilities and opinions, so much so that he will often hold himself in a higher regard than others, but if his friends propose and idea then he may just give it a second thought... If they are lucky.

  • Perverted - Leo has always had a fascination of people and their features. He will often stare at beautiful people and gawk very often, calling out to them and complimenting their features in rather rude ways. It would be fair to say that Leo has no fixed gender in this fascination he merely looks for beauty, but, with that said he will often act on his thoughts in a rather weird way.


- Photography.

- Teasing.

- Painting. ((Alone))

- Token collection. ((From the people he meets.))


- Scratches his head when he is nervous.

- He shifts he weight to his left ((His preferred side.)) when lying for comfort.

- He will almost always hum when he is in a good mood.


  • Beautiful things

  • Socialising

  • Attention

  • Flower crowns

  • Small cutesy animals

  • Sunlight

  • Making people laugh

  • Darkness

  • Isolation

  • When his friends are sad

  • Negativity

  • Bugs

  • Dirt

  • Scared of water

  • Strengths

    - Persuasion

    - Optimistic

    - Good stamina

    - Crafty


    - Naivety

    - Average intelligence

    - Overly trusting

    - Self control

    - Not outdoor oriented


    - ((Childhood.))
    - ((Early School life.))
    - ((Changing.))
    - ((Later school life.))
    - ((Present day.))

    --Back story being revised will be filled in ASAP.--

    Face Claim[/center]

    So begins...

    Leonardo King's Story


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    Colaira is dying. Slow, steady, unstoppable. The sickness spreads throughout the world of beauty. And not even the great Goddess Ai can stop it.

    Colaira || Approximately 2:00 PM || Abandoned Temple of the Goddess Ai

    Ai sat in her bedroom, staring through the tiny cliche crystal ball that sat on it's crumbled podium, watching the world of humans. She'd made it quite the habit lately. This particular watch session was dedicated to a little girl, about 4-5 years old, who was swinging at a park while her parents pushed her enthusiastically. Ai watched silently, enjoying the giddy excitement that could be seen in the child's eyes. She would have kept watching if not for the bell that rang loudly in the distance, signaling another sacrifice or prayer that had been donated to one of Ai's temples around the world. She honestly hated the sound.

    Standing, Ai slowly made her way over to the mirror that sat leaning against the wall. The image inside showed the most recent 'donation'. Ai could see a young woman, praying gently for the life of her daughter, who was apparently plagued with a disease. "Why do people still ask this stuff? Don't they realize I already know she's sick and healed her half an hour ago? Seriously." She swiped the image away and went back to her crystal ball. This time she couldn't think of anything to do, anyone to watch. It didn't matter anyway, because the ball started to go berserk, flashing the faces of three people she'd only seen in books.

    Three faces flashed through the ball, showing their pasts and futures. Only Ai would recognize them. And as soon as it started, the speedy slideshow was over, instead showing a video of each of them. Each one making a wish to save the world from the deadly disease that came as an effect of Colaira's dangerous war. "...well, I guess it's time. Not like I waited 10 thousand years for this or anything." And with a snap of her fingers, the videos faded. It would only be a matter of time before those unfortunate three teens would be facing something they'd never have even dreamed of.