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Tyrillia Academy

Tyrillia Academy


a part of Tyrillia Academy, by Green~Apple.


Green~Apple holds sovereignty over Tyrillia Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Tyrillia Academy is a part of Tyrillia Academy.

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Luca Martin Feygor [163] "Up until now, I've been polite. If you say anything else - one word - I. Will. Hurt. You."
Aslan Portegar [99] "When you're looking for a fight you better be ready to actually do it. . ."
Walker McMullin [91] You feeling lucky, smartass?
Samuel Yesil [81] "Oh don't worry mate, I've done this, like, two times before. I got this."
Suren Craven [80] "I'll do it for the food."
Amalthea Oprah [74] "We're all equals, it's not a family and a mound of money that will make us different from each other. . ."
Aubrey Mooreson [66] "Bren, get away from that... Oh! My apologies..."
Maya Hawthorne [56] You think your life is tough? Try living with a bond that knows all your ancestors.

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#, as written by Siryn
Erin Tyryl

He couldn't help the grin that spread across his face as Maya's voice was filled with sarcasm. She dabbed at her eyes, wiping away the blood that had been created by the banshee's scream. Erin mentally took note of his own condition and concluded that he was fine, aside from the internal injuries that were felt from Nemesis and his own weariness from all the fighting.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me," he replied softly. He leaned over and gently patted the top of her head. His gaze shifted to look out into the battlefield. Sitting near the hole that had been created was the large black dire wolf. He guarded the area intently, all of his attention -except for a small bit- was directed outside.

"We're going to have to figure something out soon, Erin," Nemesis told him.

"Yeah, I know," Erin frowned as he answered his bond mentally.

The large wolf turned his head, the yellow eyes glowing as he looked directly at the tall boy, "Be prepared to move her, you should probably start looking at what we can take with us medicine wise."

With a nod to his wolf, he turned and started looking at the supplies around them. He didn't really want to take anything as the nurses were busy working as well. However, he knew they weren't going to last for much longer with that hole in the wall. So he began to sneak around and look at the bandages and other things that he could possibly carry. As he gathered some things, he brought them back and put them on Maya's bed near her feet. Once he'd gotten all that he could think of he reached behind her and took the pillow.

"Sorry," he muttered to her and quickly took off the casing, then replaced the pillow behind her, being very gentle so as not to hurt her further. He began tossing all of the supplies in the pillow case and then tied it up and set it on the floor, slightly under the bed so that it didn't attract too much attention. His green gaze shot about the room to see if anyone had noticed, but it seemed that the nurses were all too busy to take note.

"We're not going to be staying long here, Nemesis is worried about this place being overrun and he's probably right. Don't worry," he gave her a grin, "I'm not going to leave you behind. I hope you don't mind being carried."

Rue Tyryl

As she went down the hall quickly, she listened to Luca's voice behind her. Her eyebrow came down in concentration. She'd briefly forgotten that in order for him to teleport he needed something that he'd touched before to be where he wanted it. She wondered if that talent of his had a range on it too. She gave a soft sigh as they worked their way quickly to the infirmary.

"I guess we'll just have to try our luck then..." she replied. She turned her head, tossing her white hair in the process, to look up at him. She pushed open the door to the infirmary and immediately spotted her brother talking with the black haired girl. She ignored the irritation she felt rising at the back of her mind.

"Erin," she called and walked into the room. A loud sound from above them echoed and the room shuddered violently. Everyone looked around and in the next second the room seemed to collapse in on itself. Rue was shoved backward by Ivory as the room crumbled. Her stomach twisted into knots and her chest tightened as she toppled backwards into Luca. Her heart raced in her chest, making it hurt.

"ERIN!" She screamed over the loud roaring sound of wood and concrete falling. Once the dust settled and the room stopped trembling, the only thing between her and her brother was a wall of rock and debris. Luckily Walkers bed was left untouched, a few rocks having hit it out of the way of the tumbling. Ivory moved to the young man and inspected him, her nose sniffing him from head to foot in search of unseen wounds aside from his original battered body.

"The boy is fine, but we need to leave, love," the white wolf said as she turned her head to Rue.

Her eyes stared at the rock wall, her mouth opened in shock. She couldn't stop shaking. Did she just lose her brother? She was a still statue against Luca, unable to really breath or think.


Air sucked into her lungs and she came forward gently, her hand reaching for Luca's, "Erin!"

"Are you alright?" His voice called from the other side.

"Yes, you?"

"Yeah, we're alright. Did you find the others?"

"No, we think they headed into the forest. The auditorium was broken into," she called back, her gaze flicking from side to side across the rock wall in front of her.

"Head for the forest then, hu?"


"Alright sis. Meet you there. Take care of her, Luca!"

Rue turned to the taller boy and sighed in relief. Her head fell into Luca's chest as she took in a deep breath and relaxed her strained body. Adrenaline pumped through her and at the back of her mind she was somehow exhilarated by all the events. It reminded her of when she first really spoke to Luca in class. He'd stated that perhaps she'd enjoyed fighting more than she let on. She was starting to think that was really true. Each time a fight erupted, she seemed to take on a calm demeanor that usually wasn't like herself.

"Have Luca help Walker, love. I'll lead the way," Ivory said and slipped passed the two to stand in the hallway. Rue nodded and relayed the words to Luca.

Erin Tyryl

As the room came crumbling down, he lunged forward and covered Maya with his body. His only thoughts were prayers that the heavy concrete didn't fall on them. Somehow, the only thing that kept pelting him were smaller rocks and the occasional piece of wood. Other than that, he was unharmed as he protected Maya. Lifting his head as the rumbling stopped, he looked over his shoulder at the rock wall between him and his sister. Then he yelled for her.

After their conversation he turned back to Maya and pulled the pillowcase of supplies from it's hiding spot. Giving her a wry smile he tossed the bag to Nemesis who picked it up between his teeth and jerked his large black head towards the outside. Leaning over he gently pulled Maya into his arms, one arm around her back and coming up to her shoulder, the other under her knees.

She was very light as he lifted her, "Alright, time to get moving. I'll see what I can do about your stomach once we get to a better place. Just try not to move too much," he told her and followed his wolf out into the courtyard.

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Luca M. Feygor

Standing before the doorway to the infirmary, Luca watched her locks of white hair from behind. "I guess we'll just have to try our luck then..." Rue responded to his earlier musings.

Luca’s nodded grimly, his blue eyes already falling onto the room hidden behind the entrance as her hand pressed the doors open. The tall form of Erin assisting Maya immediately fell into view as the door swung ajar. Luca filed in after Rue as she stepped forwards, calling her brother’s name immediately. "Erin," she began.

The sound of something heavy slamming against the room startled them all, causing Luca’s head to snap up at the roof in alarm even as the walls around them trembled like they were amidst an earthquake. Following the bang, a mass of rubble exploded inwards and Luca’s body lurched to pull Rue away reflexively as a deafening crash tore apart his ear drums. Rue stumbled into him as concrete chunks grated against each other, her small body as light as a feather. Only after he’d ensured she was safe did he shift his gaze to the parting dust. Rocks filled his entire vision as he coughed to clear the dirty air out of his lungs. Walker’s bed had remained intact incredibly, but Luca could already feel Rue’s desperate concern for her brother even before she screamed.


From the corner of his eyes he noticed the ball of fur that was Ivory stalking its way over to Walker’s bed. The giant wolf seemed to sniff over the comatose boy before its black tipped nose turned their way, "The boy is fine, but we need to leave, love,"

Luca held Rue steadily between his arms, not wanting to risk allowing her to steps forwards lest the roof collapse further inwards. The trembling of her doll-like frame worked its way into his arms shortly.


Half-smiling, half sighing, Luca stared at the section of the wall the other boy’s voice had come from. Erin was still alive. Rue was clearly more relieved than he was as her entire body seemed to burst into life once more. They chatted to confirm the gravity of their situation before establishing a makeshift plan. The time to move was drawing close unfortunately.

"Alright sis. Meet you there. Take care of her, Luca!"

“Take care of yourself likewise,” Luca returned gruffly, wishing the older boy the best of luck.

His head declined as Rue’s soft features found their way onto his shirt, prompting him to pull his arms around her. “Don’t get caught in anymore traps okay?” he teased her softly before leading her back into the hallway by the hand.

"Have Luca help Walker, love. I'll lead the way," Ivory suggested.

“Blue can provide a more stable platform,” Luca responded, gesturing to the hooded monstrosity. “Blue, mind carrying Walker for me?” He asked, flicking his gaze to the demon's shadowed visage. Complying without notice, Blue Horror hovered over to Walker’s bed, bending over slightly only to lift the boy between a pair of its five arms.

“Let’s move,” Luca nodded towards Ivory.

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Character Portrait: Luca Martin Feygor Character Portrait: Maya Hawthorne Character Portrait: Rue and Erin Tyryl Character Portrait: Walker McMullin
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(Hold up. I posted earlier, something must have happened to what I wrote. Let me get it taken care of before you continue.)
Walker had woken up a few seconds before the collapse, thanks to the blood Brenna had gotten in his system. He felt Brenna's lack of energy for using her luck magic, and used a few seconds of his life as the energy needed. As the ceiling had caved in, he had fired two quick shots off to both Erin and Maya, granting them survival. After the two of them had gotten "out of the wreckage, Erin was standing before the new barrier and put his hand on Erin's shoulder.
"I believe it's my turn." With that, he grabbed a small out cropped rock and it a sharp tug, enough to open a small hole for them to talk to Rue and Luca and see them. "Oh, hey!" he said with his trademark style, "Care to lend me a hand in this?" with this, he wiggled the shoulder to help the joke, the shoulder looking as if it had always been like that.

Maya blushed when Erin had picked her up, and turned her face away so she could still look snooty.
"Just watch where you put your hands, kid." This was the second time she'd ever been like this, Walker having done it first, so it felt a little awkward for her to be carried by someone in the same room as someone who had, but couldn't anymore.