Trenton Mustaine

Starfleet Officer, male age 34.

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a character in “U.S.S. Pandora - Star Trek”, as played by SamuraiMaster


Desired Rank: Second Officer
Current Rank: Chief of Security
Trenton is rather new at his rank as Lieutenant. Trenton is a man of action and a man of high discipline. He rarely makes a joke of anything and because of this is not the most popular of people around other Starfleet officers. He is fluent in the Klingon language as he is the English language, which is unsual, but he learned it because his family had taught him it. Trenton is a man of old martial arts, especially martial arts that originated in Japan during the Fuedal age. He has a big interest in the Japanese way of the warrior (Bushido) despite being German/Irish decent. Trenton is an expert swordsman, but does not always enjoy the heat of battle.


Trenton is hard. He is not one for laughing at a common joke, as he is high in his levels of discipline. You may find him in his quarters working out extremely hard. He always pushes himself to be stronger in what he does, and it pays off. He usually does not have short fuses for hot tempers, but if you push him too far, he will make you suffer. Star Fleet's rcord shows him with at least 11 brawls with other star fleet officers.


Phaser, Tricorder, Communicator, sometimes carries a retractable sword katana, and sometimes even lead weights.


Once a former helmsman, Trenton has seen a lot of action on other ships. His great grandfather served on Enterprise B. And his family has been in Star Fleet ever since. He didn't excell in every core class, but excelled in any clas in Star Fleet that required stamina, strength, and speed. He was a champion in school in martial arts.

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