Clark Kent (Superman)

Truth, Justice, and the American way

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a character in “Ultimate Justice”, as played by Superman1496


Clark Kent stands 6'3" and weighs about 225 lbs. Growing up on the farm has given him some pretty good muscle mass, which can be easily hidden behind sharp looking blazers and ties. But as of yet, this 21 year old Kryptonian hasn't donned the blue tights and red cape, nor the thick black glasses, although his wardrobe does consist of mostly bright red and blue clothes and yellow work boots. Unkept black hair and baby blue eyes give him a certain kind of corn fed charm.


Clark uses his farm boy charms to keep his identity a secret. He is smart and compassionate. There is never only one way to solve a problem to Clark, especially if it involves someone's life. He is greatly self sacrificing, and places mankind above his own needs, which can often get him into trouble.


Equipment isn't something Clark really has in his arsenal. If it can't be done with his super speed or his heat vision abilities, his incredible strength can usually solve the problem. But, with all the abilities Clark has, he has not grown into all of his super gifts.

One thing that Clark does require is the Yellow Sun that glows so brightly in the Earth sky, which is the main source of all his abilities.


Clark Kent was raised on a farm in Smallville Kansas by Martha and Jonathon Kent. But he wasn't born there, nor anywhere near there. Clark Kent was born Kal-El, from the planet Krypton. He was sent to earth as a small child right before his home world exploded, sending chunks of his home world along with him. As he got older, the Kents noticed there was something peculiar about him. He seemed to be obtaining incredible abilities. And with the wise guidance of his earthly parents, he has dedicated his life to using those abilities for good.

After high school, Clark took a trip up north where he established a Kryptonian palace, his fortress of solitude, and began training under the guidance of his deceased father's computer-self, but hasn't finished.

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