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Alex Marshall

"It's like you're hypnotized."

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a character in “Umbrase Academy”, originally authored by xxtensionxx, as played by RolePlayGateway



Alexander James Marshall

Alex or "Allie" to Lily


Framlingham, England


By doing something as simple as looking at someone, and willing them to be immobilized, Alex can push someone into a state of hypnotized sedation where they are neither able to move, or comunicate. They are also unable to think, although their mind is able to register what they see.

His "friends" dared him to sedate a family member over the summer. He did so, meaning to let them come around in a few seconds, but the minute he sedated them, his friends pulled a gun and told him to keep her under. They then proceeded to kidnap her. He let the police know and his family member was rescued before any harm could come to them. He's slow to trust as a result.

Three summers ago, when Alex was fifteen, him and a few new kids at his school, who he had recently befriended, were hanging around. HIs little sister Maggie, who was two years younger than him, arrived home from school. He'd known for a while that some of his friends fancied his sister. It made sense. She was funny, nice, and not horrible looking, but still weird for Alex. He would always be protective over her. When she arrived home, one of his friends started chatting her up. At first, he thought it was funny. But it soon became uncomfortable; his friend flirting so obviously with his little sister. He said that's enough, and his friends laughed. They said they were just messing with her, and that it'd be really cool if he showed them how his power worked.

So he did. He called his sister back into the room, had her sit down, then willed her to sedate. And she did. But the second she went under, the "friend" closest to him pulled a gun, the barrel pressed against his temple. He had to keep her under, or they'd shoot. And after they shot, they would shoot her. He kept her under as he watched them take her to the door, and at the point, the "friend" holding the gun smacked it down on his head, knocking him out.

When he woke up, he rushed over to his best friend, and neighbor's house, Lily, where she forcefully brought him to the police station, having Alex tell all of the details he could, then sending the police on the hunt. When one of the officers asked if they were joking, it was lucky Alex has been there. If not, it would be likely that along with the kidnapping, the police would have to deal with an assalt on one of the officers, from Lily.

Finally, the police did find his sister and boys, stopped at a gas station a few towns over. After getting her back, and getting yelled at by his mom for using his power, Alex closed up a bit, not trusting anyone except Lily.

- He is a great listener.
- He is really good at dancing.
- He is good at making people comfortable.
- He is nice, even to strangers.
- He is strong, and good at sports.
- He is not necessarily the smartest, but he is smart, and a very very hard worker.
- He always sticks up for others.

- He doesn't trust people easily.
- He sometimes feels awkward in large groups.
- He is rather shy.
- He doesn't like sticking up for himself.
- He doesn't fight back when trash talked.
- He is rather clumsy.

- Music
- Dancing
- Sports
- Being dragged along by his best friend, Lily
- Summer
- Swimming

- Meeting new people
- Fights
- Using his power
- Confrontations
- Being scared
- Not being able to help someone

Although not particularly shy, it would be a stretch to say Alex was comfortable around strangers. It's not that he doesn't like other people, he just doesn't trust them. He hardly trusts anyone. But if he does, at least enough to get to know you, he can be a great guy. Alex is a pretty passive guy, and he doesn't normally go out of his way to call someone out, or make a decision for a plan. But if someone is being bullied, or if someone is being a jerk, he isn't afraid to standup for, or to, them. He can't stand someone preying on someone else, because of something that is wrong with them. And, having been bullied when he was young because of being small, and because he didn't fight back, he can't stand it. He doesn't care what other people think of him. All that really matters are those close to him. Because they are the world to him.

Despite the fact that he is very passive, Alex is pretty opinionated. Not when it comes to people, but in other cases, he has an opinion, whether something is right or wrong. Other then that, the times where he is out going is when someone is nice to him. He is always nice to people, and the second someone is nice back, it's like they have done something incredible. But, because Alex has such trust issues, it is not likely that he will tell much about himself. He is pretty good at turning questions around on the asker, or just completely avoids it.

Raised by a loving mother and father, there's not much that Alex could complain about from his childhood. His mom was born and raised in America, in the South, and his father grew up in the same town he was raised it, Framlingham, England. While his mom was on a trip with her family, they met, and both said it was like love at first sight. So for Alex's childhood, he was surrounded by two people who not only loved each other, but loved him and his sister so fully. When he was 10, his father passed away in the middle of the night to a brain aneurism, and although it was sad, he didn't feel it, and the mourning period was short, as Alex was able to lean on his best friend, Lily.

Alex's mother, though she had to work to support their family, have been left a lot of money from her parents, as well as money from years of her husband being the CEO of a major corporate company. With lots of money to spare, she was able to spend a lot of time with her kids. Because of this, the whole family was closer, often going on trips together, whether it be to the other side of the world, or the other side of the town, trips as a family were always fun, ranging from picnics, to parties, to trips to the park.

The most incredible day of Alex's life, would have to be when he met his best friend. While playing out in his yard at age 5, trying to teach himself how to catch a baseball, a few boys a bit older than him passed by, then coming over to him. Not seeing them, he remained playing in his yard. The boys came over, cat calling at him. One boy punched him, but seeing that he didn't fight back, there were no more physical advancements. They just started calling him names, saying anything they could to try to aggravate him. But he didn't reply. He simple walked to his porch sitting down, putting his chin in his hands, and hung his head, taking each word like a stab. It would be hard to say for exactly how long he sat there, taking in the words, but after a few minutes or so, a girl, his neighbor, walked over, and yelled at the boys. Although it's a bit of a blur, the events that then went down consisted of the girl being made fun of once by a boy, then attacking him. There was biting, scratching, clawing, punching and kicking, and finally, the girl scared the boys away. Alex was completely surprised, looking at the girl in shock, but she just smiled at him, sitting next to him, and saying, "You don't know it yet, but we're going to be best friends."

As they years went on, the two grew closer and closer, having a sleep over as often as possible. They even had sleepovers on school nights, if Lily's mom had to work late, or even if they just wanted to. As the years went on, they were forced to sleep in different rooms, but because they spent most of the night awake playing games or talking, there wasn't much sleeping. He was always dragged into her crazy plots, and schemes, but he wasn't complaining, because without her, his life would be boring. Lily became like a sister to him; someone who knew him better then he did, and was able to sense how he felt, or how he was, without him needing to tell her.

So begins...

Alex Marshall's Story

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Rosa slid her feet into her heels and glanced in the mirror. Tonight would be her first night going out without Brendan. Well, going out was pushing it a bit. It was only the school dance, after all. But she still missed him. She missed him and all his faults. She could almost see him perching on the edge of her bed, commenting on her outfit and telling her to leave her hair down. If he came back, she was almost ready to forgive him. Everywhere she looked, everywhere she went, she saw reminders of him. Even Umbrase, somewhere he had only been once or twice, had its reminders. Even tonight. Her dress was something like the style of her dream wedding dress. She had bought her earrings on the same day as he had proposed to her. As she looked herself up and down in the mirror, she caught sight of a photo frame that she had left on her bedside table before the holidays. She turned away from the mirror and crossed over to it, looking at it. The photo inside was from their last holiday together in Hawaii. Rosa was dressed up as a hula dancer, even pulling the pose. Brendan was laughing at her, his arm around her waist. She looked at him and tried to summon up some hate for him. Instead she found only anger.

Anger at herself for allowing herself to fall for him. He had a reputation as a player, even when they had first started working together in MI6. She had known that. And she had still fallen head over heels for him. Anger at herself for not making him stay. She knew that if she would have called him, she could have used her power to get him back. But there would be nothing stopping him from leaving again. And she couldn’t go through that again.

She turned back to the mirror, casting one final glance over her outfit. Brendan would want her hair down. Her hand went to her hair, resting on a pin. She felt somebody behind her. A hand rested on hers and went to pull out the pin. This suits you much better, His voice whispered in her ear. Her hand froze and she spun around. She was alone in the room. Her hand dropped from her hair, the pin still holding it in place. She took a deep breath, holding back those few traitorous tears. There wasn’t time to redo her make-up now. She tied her mask and left the room, heading downstairs.
The hall where the dance was being held was set up perfectly, with more than enough room for dancing and yet the tables weren’t crammed together. She was due to open the ball in two minutes. She sank into a seat just beside the steps leading to the stage, allowing herself a few minutes to regain her composure.


Danny rolled over to glance at his clock. He’d needed to sleep off the exhaustion from the thirteen hour flight from Edinburgh. It felt like he’d only gotten about an hour of sleep, but his suspicions were confirmed when he saw that it was, in fact, 7.45. The dance started in fifteen minutes. He rolled his eyes and swung his legs out of bed, getting unsteadily to his feet. He stretched, before pulling off his t-shirt and tossing it across the room to the laundry basket. Thankfully, he’d had the foresight to leave his clothes on the front of his closet and didn’t have to freak out about finding everything. He pulled on his shirt and buttoned it up, before firing his jeans across the room and switching them for his smart trousers. He grabbed his mask and walked over to the mirror. He was still a little underweight. He could make out the faint shape of the scar on his right shoulder though his shirt. He sighed and tied on his mask, before pulling on his jacket. He wasn’t hungry, despite the fact that he’d missed dinner. He had only just eaten lunch before his nap, and airplane food tended to put off his appetite for a day or two anyway.

He took one last glance in the mirror, before heading downstairs. He still had to get used to the school, but thankfully there was a steady stream of people heading for the dance. Danny couldn’t deny the anxiety in the pit of his stomach. Umbrase was his last chance. If he mucked up here, he was going back to the streets of Edinburgh. Now that he was going to a boarding school, the agency that had picked him up had signed him off their housing list. While they were still trying to track down his lost files, if he messed up, it was still back to the streets. Back to being a courier. Back to being one of the invisible people.
He entered the hall and looked around. There was a huge space cleared for dancing, and a stage that the band was setting up on. The drummer looked like Pete Wentz, Danny noted as he slid into a seat at a table on the edge of the floor. He wasn’t ready to socialise just yet.


Stefan buttoned up his white shirt. The new, clean dressing on his back still felt cold, as did the bandage on his thigh. He had taken advantage of his roommate being out of the room for a little while to change them. He pulled on his trousers and winced as he stood up, pain arcing across his back and along his thigh. He half-limped across the room to where he had left his mask on the desk. He pulled it on and looked his outfit up and down. He knew most of the other guys would be probably wearing jackets. But he didn’t want to. His limp already singled him out. He felt like he should emphasise that difference. His mask completed the whole outfit, he thought.

He couldn’t ignore the pain in his back and his thigh, however. The hospital had given him painkillers, but he couldn’t remember where he had left them. He limped across the room, rooting in his bedside table. He thought he would have left the pills in there so he could get at them easily- but evidently not. He couldn’t deny that the paranoia had gotten to him since that incident. He had probably put them somewhere where someone wouldn’t look if they were searching for high-dose painkillers. But first, he’d better check the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. He opened it, wincing as the stretch pulled on his back muscles. He had been right- he hadn’t put them in there. He suddenly had a vague recollection of putting them in his desk drawer.
He went back into the main room, limping over to the drawer. He pulled it open and grinned as he pulled out the bottle, swallowing two pills with a mouthful from a bottle of water he had left on his desk. As he put them back in his drawer, he took a step back. He stumbled and put all of his weight on his injured side, crashing to the ground. He groaned, banging his head off of the carpeted floor for his foolishness. He heard the door open, but didn’t look up. The painkillers hadn’t kicked in yet, judging from the pain in his thigh, and he knew that trying to get to his feet would be excruciating.

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Alex Marshall

Checking his phone to make sure he wasn't too late, Alex brought his brisk walk to a trotting jog. After taking a quick swim, he had showered and was now ready to get ready. He had made plans with his best friend, Lily, to get prepared for the dance together, and though he knew that it wasn't a big deal, he was pretty excited for the dance. As he had explained to Lily, he had no idea what he was suposed to wear, though he had a tux, suit, and basically any form of formal clothing a boy could have, thanks to his mom. As he arrived at his dorm door, he raised his hand to knock, pausing it mid in the air, not sure of whether he was supposed to, or not, considering they shared it, and decided to just enter, though the time it took to turn his key gave his roommate more than enough time to prepare for someone entering, and hopefully not something that would upset him.

During his first year at a boarding school, Alex's roommate had been a complete freak. Along with having the most strict sleeping schedule he had ever heard of, he needed the room to be a certain temperature or he would complain to housing. He only ate foods that started with the letter F, and on Tuesdays, he liked to have two hour baths. But the most annoying, and strangest thing about that roommate had been that he hated Alex entering without knocking and waiting for him to answer, or making a doorbell noise with his phone. So in comparison, simply making noise while opening the door was a simple requirement.

Opening and entering, Alex didn't really look at his roommate, calling a simple "Hey," over his shoulder, walking to his bed and starting to go through the pile of stuff at the end of his bed, sorting it quickly, then putting it into his closet and drawers. He started looking through his closet, trying to figure out what he was suposed to wear, though coming up with nothing. Turning around to his roommate, words of desperation flowed out of his mouth. "So what exactly are we supposed to wear?" he asked, yet again checking the time, knowing that Lily was bound to be there any second to help him decide what to wear. He pulled out his dressy clothing, his pants, shirts, belts, shoes, and layed them out on his bed, running his hand nervously through his hair, and hoping Lily would hurry herself up.

Katie Waltz

Looking herself up and down in the mirror, Katie couldn't decide if she liked it. Any of it. Her dress, her hair, her makeup. But it was too late. There was not long before the dance and she had to go like this. People don't know who you are, she reminded herself, closing an eyelid and touching up the already perfect eyeshadow patted and pressed down onto it. Her yearn for perfection in how she looked was unmatched by any of her other wants, though the likely hood of her achieving this was another thing unknown to her. Looking herself back over again, her eyes landed on her hair, curled into loose large ringlets falling down near and framing her face. Her blonde hair had been something she was ashamed to say she inherited from her mom, though it was true. Her brother had gotten their fathers think and brunett hair, though when people asked, Katie used to say she dyed hers so that they were thought of as more similar.

Her eyes welling with water brought Katie back into time, and she made a mad dash to grab a tissue. Pulling one of, she lightly dabbed and brushed it under her eyes, making sure not to smudge any of her make up. She hadn't been wearing a lot other than on her eyes, though generally she didn't wear any make up, so she was sure that there would be a few people noticing the difference. She hoped so. She hoped someone noticed her, anyone at all. She tossed the tissue into the trash, standing up straight, then bending over to pick up her shoes. Her eyes scanned them, the nude heels nothing special in her opinion, though they had probably cost a fortune. Money doesn't buy happiness, she thought, convinced that was her fathers plan.

She looked at the last part of her out, the mask that was required, as it was a masquerade. She lifted it up, ready to tie it onto her head, then paused, as a knock could be heard from the door way, followed by a call from a voice she recognized. Grinning foolishly, she placed the mask back on the table, pulling out one of her many cameras, a vintage Polaroid 300, and poising it at her eye. "Come it." she called, snapping a picture as Val entered, taking it and covering it, not letting it exposed to the light. "Shawls and scarfs are hanging in the top right corner." she said, grinning at her friends dress. "And you look gorgeous, by the way."

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Stefan tried to shove himself into a rough sitting position as he heard his roommate come in, but gasped as pain arced across his back. The doctors had warned him, admittedly, that the drugs took a while to kick in. It was irritating, really. "Hey," Alex called. "So what exactly are we supposed to wear?" Stefan rolled his eyes to himself and tried once again to sit up. "Give me a hand and you'll know exactly," He called. He knew that Alex probably couldn't see him- he was on the far side of his bed, which was the bed furthest from the door. "Don't just stand around, Alex- the dance starts in five minutes." He grumbled.

The pain in his back began to fade, and he managed to shove himself into a sitting position without too much pain. Trying to stand, however, provoked too much pain. He adjusted his mask and leaned against the bed, breathing through the pain. It was moments like these he cursed the men who had caused him such agony. He waited for Alex to come over and help him up, waiting all the while for the pain to fade for good.

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Lily Rae Hope

Lily moved quickly towards the door, slipping on her shoes and securing her hair with another pin as she hurriedly made her way out the door. She had decided to take a nap an hour before she was supposed to be getting ready, assuming that she would be up long before then, but of corse woke up with fifteen minutes when she heard her roommate moving about. "Bye!" She called to the girl, as she made her way to Alex's room. Knowing him, he was probably standing there completely cluelessly. Hopefully Stefan was able to somewhat help him.

"For my sake, if either if you are naked please cover yourselves." Lily called from outside the door, before taking out the key that she wasn't supposed to have and letting herself in. Alex had said that he lost his key, got another one, then gave his old one to her. With that, she quickly closed the door behind her and grinned at her best friend. As she had expected, he was running his hand through his hair and looking through his clothes hopelessly.
"What do you think?" She asked, with a smile. She wore a deep blue dress, with her blonde curls tumbling over one shoulder, pinned to the side with a royal blue jewel rose.

When she heard Stefan asking for Alex's help, she gave Alex a chiding look. "Leaving your roommate to fend for himself? How terrible, Allie." She tsked, teasing her friend. Lily made her way over to his roommate, with a friendly smile. "Hey, Stefan!" Although she wouldn't exactly say they were really close friends, with the amount of time she spent in Allie's room with him she had gotten to know him somewhat. She slipped her arm around him, taking as much of his weight as she possibly could. Although she was short an not particularly strong, she had good balance and strong legs. "See, Allie? This is how you dress. I'd say, wear the tux with the dark blue tie. When you're changed come over here so I can fix your hair."

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Alex Marshall

Alex ran his hand through his hair again, turning around at a set of Stefan's groans of pain, biting his lip, and making way to help him up, though pausing as Lily entered the room. My my, she really did look stunning. Not that she didn't normally, but with the dress to compliment the curves and crevices of her body, there was just something about her that was amazing. Alex snapped back into reality as Lily went to help Stefan. He sighed, knowing that he was probably a horrible roommate. He gave Stefan a helpless look, then cocked his head and looked at him as Lily helped him up. "You know, the pain meds you're taking must be shit." He said, walking over and taking Stefan's other arm, helping him up more than Lily by taking a majority of his weight.

He grinned once they had him up, holding onto him for a second to balance him, then looking him up and down as Lily spoke. "Right, right," he said, walking to the other side of the room and grabbing the tux off his bed. Not really caring if they saw him changing, he turned his back to the two, stripping his pants, though leaving on his boxers, and exchanging them for the pair that was assorted with the tux. He did the same with his shirt, buttoning it quickly, then pulling on his jacket, straightening the whole outfit, and getting out the tie. He had years of practice when it came to tying ties, so it was probably no shock that it took meer seconds to get it on.

Alex walked over to Lily, watching her as she thought of how she would fix his hair, and turning to look at Stefan. "So who's the lucky lady?" he asked, a friendly grin on his face.

Katie Waltz

Katie grinned at Valerie, watching her temporary blindness wear off, as she fixed a smile on her face and headed into her closet. A lot of people would consider Katie a neat freak by looking at her closet. But that was certainly not the case if you were to look at anything else of hers. The only reason her closet was so neat was because she was worried that if she didn't keep it neat, and if some of the stuff were to go crazy in her room, that her roommate would complain and have her moved into a different room, into a single. And she couldn't have that happening, she just wouldn't. So thanks to this fear, everything in her close was either hung, folded, or pressed into a color coded order, whether it be her shawls, dresses, pants, or even her socks. It was quite a wonder that she had so many clothing anyway, considering she didn't wear much of it.

She smiled wide watching her friend's usually laid back personality turn up in a fluster as she was grabbing a shawl, but she allowed it be. If she wanted Katie to know, she would tell her. The shawl she had chosen had been one she had obtained the first time she had actually tried to run away, when she had gotten as far as the Mexican border, and bought it at a gift shop, before getting scared, and going back home. She chuckled lightly as Val spoke, shaking her head slowly, while beginning to answer. "Don't you think if I was, you would know?" She cooed, lifting the pillow case she had covered the polaroid with and checking on the picture, happy to see it was done. She pulled it out, smiling wide at the picture as she examined it closely, taking in her friends dress. "You really are gorgeous," she said, each bead in her friends dress catching the light at some degree.

Katie's eyes stopped scanning, pausing on Val's arm in the picture. Funny, it almost looked like she had stitches, or a cut of some sort. Her eyes quickly rose to Val's real body, though the shawl now covered her arm, then they went back to the picture, as she pushed the smile back onto her face. "This one's going on the wall." She said, going to a wall that was nearly half plastered in polaroids. She had another wall next to it for normal pictures, but this was just polaroids. She grinned, then turned to her friend. "And I ask the same for you? Who are you trying to impress?"

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Rosa got to her feet. She couldn't put this off for any longer. The clock had just struck eight. Drew, Ivon, and Tim were all present already. It looked like most students had arrived as well, and she was willing to guess that the rest would be along shortly. She took a deep breath and mounted the stage. A hush fell over the students as the noticed her. She stood in front of the old fashioned microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, teachers and students, I welcome you all to a new term here at Umbrase. I'm glad to see you all back. This year is to be no different than any other. But that talk is for another time. I am pleased to open tonight's masquerade ball!"

She stepped back from the microphone, leading the applause for the band as she returned to the floor. She headed for Ivon and Drew. While they were masked, she knew their habits- and she had heard Ivon's distinctive accent as he entered. She grinned at them as she approached and folded her arms. "So, gentlemen. What does a woman have to do around her to get a dance?"


Stefan grinned as Lily chided her roommate and came around to help him up. Alex appeared and took some of his weight. "You know, the pain meds you're taking must be shit." Stefan chuckled a little as Alex went into the bathroom. He'd had to tell his roommate that he'd hurt his back over the holidays as an excuse for taking the pain meds. He wasn't going to tell him he'd actually gotten shot twice. "Nah, just slow acting." He called. When his roommate emerged from the bathroom, smartly dressed, Stefan gave him a thumbs up.

As Alex went over to Lily so she could fix his hair, he asked Stefan, "So who's the lucky lady?" Stefan grinned. He went over to the door, suppressing his limp as much as he could. "Who knows? I don't!"

The old Stefan would never have said that. As he closed the door, he imagined their faces and grinned. The pain meds had finally kicked in to their full strength and his limp was barely noticeable. He entered the hall just as Ms Ferri finished speaking and the band started playing. He spotted a few people sitting by the tables and glanced in a passing mirror. He winked, confident that he wasn't going to be recognized, and headed over to them. There was one girl in a silver dress with his back to them. He wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned into her ear to whisper, "May I have this dance?"