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Drew Acuzio

"I know exactly what makes you tick."

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a character in “Umbrase Academy”, as played by Skwidge


Drew Acuzio


Full Name: Andrew Celonial Acuzio
Nicknames: Drew; Z/Mr. Z
Age: 23
Hometown:Augusta, Michigan
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Power: Omnilingualism
Andrew is able to pick up on all languages and understand as well as speak them with little to no flaw at all.
He is hyper sensitive to the twitches and shifts in others’ postures, facial expressions, emotions, etc. Drew can easily pick up on lies by the posture, twitches, eyes, and tone variations in the voice. Z is more than capable of detecting muscle tensing and stance to determine if and when someone will strike at him.


Class: Linguistics and Behavioral Analysis

Drew often times wanders around late at night after curfew for multiple reasons; he’s a bit of an insomniac because on off days, it takes him longer to reprocess his information, and walking tends to help sap the rest of his energy and provide a calm surrounding.

He seems to always ‘be there’ when unusual things are going on, and he tends to gravitate more towards more secretive situations for knowledge. He play it off easily enough, and is fairly good at being naïve.

Despite being at such a young age, there are other… more complicated reasons for him having a teacher’s position other than his high intelligence levels.


*Photographic memory: The ability to look over a bit of information and retain it almost immediately.
*Extremely Nimble: Reflexes are quick and spot on through years of training.
*Calm in stressful situations: Z’s mind works at relatively normal capacity under stress, though it depends on the situation. He prefers to analyze as best he can when doing something which requires seriousness.
*Approachable: He has a demeanor that just speaks ‘friendly’, and his personality is warm and likeable. His power also means that he’s open to talk about other’s problems.
*Can easily slip under the radar, making him difficult to locate at times.
*Quick witted and very, very keen.

*Trusts absolutely no one: Through past experiences, Drew now holds no true trust towards anyone, though he does believe in his boss. However, he easily gets attached to his students and friends despite his trust issues.
*Sometimes he pushes his students too hard or with unnecessary harshness: If he’s in a bad mood, his patience runs thin and he snaps at his students when they can’t understand something, even though he knows full well it’s unreasonable.
*Usually calm, but if pushed too hard will lash out at almost anyone.

*Sometimes he’s too sure of himself.

*When it comes to physical manipulation powers, he really has little to nothing up his sleeve for protection.

*It takes him awhile to get up and moving in the mornings.


Likes: Soccer, coffee, computers, most people, his position, outdoors, the occasional drink, food, most weather, rain, energy, jokes, cats, connecting with his students, Italian food, one on one talks with people,

Dislikes:Idiots, students that think too highly of themselves, people who can’t take jokes, anger directed at himself, threatening situations, tornadoes, hot or dry weather, spicy foods, rock music, scream-o, pop, wooden pencils,


Personality: Drew has a very easy going, fun loving attitude when outside of classes. He’s extremely easy to get along with, and he loves making japes at his students. His demeanor is always observant, though he’s extremely amiable about it and makes stupid comments to get a laugh.

Andrew’s comfortable in any setting- large crowds, few people, being on his own, one on one confrontations, business meeting, missions, out in the field, in the classroom, etc.

His abilities allow him to pick up immediately on how his students and others are feeling, and if they have a problem, he does his best to talk it out with them and try to make them feel better. Because of this, he’s easily viewed as someone to go to for comfort as a sort of friend as well as being a teacher.

Drew is highly empathetic towards others, but never allows himself to attach so far as to share pain or highly unpleasant feelings, and instead takes on a lesser level to connect with someone who has a problem.

However, in class, he takes on a whole different personality. He grows rather cocky and the difference between student and teacher is extremely apparent. He isn’t a dictator, but he does appreciate his rules. Despite this, his class is usually more laid back, and instead of reading, Drew takes a more hands-on approach to things, and actively does strange things that are not always limited to the classroom.

He leans more towards mercy when it comes to mistakes, but most of his returning students know that he is fully capable of discipline, and no one really gets out of a punishment. But he mainly makes then do completely embarrassing things or force them into awkward situations. He finds a joy in forcing people out of their comfort zones when he’s allowed to.

Overall, Andrew is a cheerful individual who fully enjoys other people, and easily connects with students and staff. Most people come to him with their problems, and all students know that he isn’t one for backing up curfew or one for yelling.


History: Andrew grew up in a very small town with a population of only 885, where everyone pretty much knew everyone, and local happenings spread quickly throughout the area. With so few people, it was easier for everyone to get along, and whenever occasional trouble stirred up, the suspect never really got far because someone somewhere always had information.

Both of his parents were rather distant people, and he didn’t really get a lot of affection. Despite this, he turned out very well in his personality and social skills.

He had a very pleasant home- a large property with a forest behind and a lake across the road. He fully enjoyed being outside and watching what was to be seen, even though the conditions weren’t always that pristine. He got into soccer at a young age and hasn’t left it since. When he moved out of the house, he remained in Michigan, and took to a slightly more urban setting.

As a small kid growing up, Drew had always had ‘quirks’ and a few weird mannerisms, that and the fact he was extremely observant and intelligent. He was always at the top of his classes, could easily test out of quite a few classes, and got along with many people smoothly because of his personality. The few people who ever had tried to bully him usually ended up outwitted and easily dodged.

In his small little town, Andrew was pretty under the radar, the only information outside sources had were that of his default information. But the deeper info must have eventually been discovered, as one day someone ended up at his doorstep covered in warm furs while he himself was wearing only shorts and a sweatshirt, having just gotten in from outside. They wanted to help mould him and grow him up in his special talents, but of course they didn’t say this outright. He was around 21 when this occurred, only further testifying to how hard it must have been to locate him, for he would have been snatched up immediately had he been discovered sooner.

He was formally invited to attend Umbrase University and then teach after training, which he accepted after quite a bit of thought. His talents were rather defined already, and weren’t unruly in any respect at all, considering what they were. He went through basic classes for discipline and rules among other things, and afterwards he began teaching as the ‘Linguistics and Behavioral Analysis Teacher’. Despite having been teaching for the past two years, Z’s still pretty new to it, and is still getting adapted to the surroundings and such.


Other: Only wears his glasses when in class or on business.

So begins...

Drew Acuzio's Story

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#, as written by Skwidge
Drew Acuzio

Faint ticking sounded in the background of Drew’s suite-like room, the man himself leaning back skillfully in a wooden chair in front of a laptop, his head tilting from side to side as his eyes flickered across the screen. He held a mechanical pencil in his right hand, the eraser side- if it had an eraser- pressed softly below his lower lip, shifting back and forth every so often to tap against his skin. “Hmm….” He muttered, taking in the information and dwelling upon each tidbit.

Z’s attention departed from the screen to the clock that was ticking almost silently on his wall. His eyes suddenly widened as he realized what time it was, and a laughing smile teased the corners of his lips upward. ’I have, what, fifteen minutes?’ He thought to himself as he shut the lid of the computer, pushing away from the desk and getting up from his chair to stride past the doorway into his bedroom. ’It’s hardly enough time for me to get ready!’ His tone of thought was mocking and amiable, and he grinned at himself, shaking his head and dropping the personal jape.

He stopped in front of his closet, and pulled out a white suit with a jet black tie, and quickly changed into it. Stooping over a small decorative table, Drew picked up a silver pocket watch and fastened it to his pants, and then grabbed his mask, securing it around the back of his head before swiping his hair out of his eyes with another grin.

As he walked back towards the door, he took a cursory glance at the mirror to make sure he looked fine, and then paused before exiting to place his black dress shoes upon his feet and tie them. Mr. Z then slipped out of his room and locked the door, walking down the halls whistling quietly to himself.

It wasn’t long before he spotted a familiar face, and a wry smile took up his features. “Hey, Beeg Gherman Guy!” He called out with what seemed to be a mischievous twinkle in his eye, imitating the man’s accent.

Ivon Adalwulf

Loud music blared through speakers strategically placed throughout the room, and slightly shuddered breaths escaped Von’s lips as he stood upside down, one hand behind his back and the other supporting him on the ground as he did a form of push-ups. “Feefty-fore, feefty-five….” His voice came out in puffs, a light sheen of sweat covering his bare torso as his muscles contracted and shifted as he put a good deal of strain on them. “Seexty, seexty-vun, seexty-two….” The music came to an end, and Ivon suddenly stopped his exercise, righting himself and stretching back his arms until he heard his spine crack softly.

Almost immediately after, an alarm clock humorously decorated as a cuckoo clock sounded, the bird announcing its namesake, and Ivon rolled his eyes, walking over to it panting a bit from the exertion of his training. He picked it up, and walked over to the trash can, but his hand wavered. ’Every seengle time. I don’t know vhy I keep this thing.’ Drew had given it to him as a gift- more of a joke than anything else. He stared down at the thing, and covered one eye with his hand, spreading his fingers slightly to look at it with a comical shame-like appearance to his facials.

Turning around, he placed it back where it was; at least once a day he would go through the almost-throwing-away ritual, simply to put it back in its place. With a small sigh, he glanced back at the time. He’d need to take a quick shower and then get dressed as soon as possible. He had maybe twenty-five minutes.

He stepped out of the shower ten minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist tightly and another in his hands and draped halfway over his head as he dried his hair. He paused in front of his closet, his eyes scanning the rack until he found what he sought.

After dressing in a simple black and white suit with tie and dress shoes, he tied his mask on, and stepped out the door, locking it and walking down the halls purposely.

However, a couple of minutes later, the unmistakable voice of Drew called out to him. “Hey, Beeg Gherman Guy!” Ivon huffed, turning to the playful tone and crossed his arms with a roll of his eyes. “Vhat do you vant?” Z wasted no time catching up to him and then grinned brightly. “Fancy-shmancy.” He commented, ignoring the comment with a brilliant smile. “I feel like an idiot.” Was the response that came from Wolf.

“Aw, is the Beeg Gherman Man not comfortable in ze tight suits? It must be quite a new trend for you, Mr. Physical Ed Teach~” A nice punch was squarely aimed at Drew’s chest, but the Analysis teacher danced away from the blow easily, and he grinned. Andrew’s tone had been good-natured despite the teasing, and Ivon was quite used to it, plus he knew that it’d be rather difficult to land anything on the man, so they both shared a quick chuckle- it was sort of a customary greeting between the two.

“You’re very annoying, you know zat right?” Drew shrugged with an innocently cheerful smile, and the two walked towards the room where the masquerade was being held. They entered through the large doors of the hall, and Drew’s eyes scanned swiftly over the scene. It had obviously not started yet, though the students would be flooding in within a few minutes. Ivon’s gaze did the same, though more for just enjoying the sites unlike Z’s critical eye. His gaze fell to Rosa, who seemed a bit rattled.

“Mozher Rosha seems a beet stressed, no?” Came Ivon’s comment, using his nickname for her without a second thought. Most people should be used to them- and he had a nickname for most everyone he knew. Drew’s line of sight stopped on Rosa with the remark, and he shrugged his shoulders with a cheery smile. “Well, she does have the whole school on her shoulders. She’s just worried about the masquerade.” ’I hope.’ It was a silent thought after his own observation, and the two then made it over to one of the walls. Drew leaned back against it, while Ivon stood centimeters away from it, and the two chatted a bit in German, waiting for the students to show up and make this night entertaining.

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Charlotte Candor

Charlotte vaguely heard a door shut behind her but wasn't paying much attention to it. She had fifteen minutes to get down to the dance and had only just now realized that she had forgotten to buy a curler. She had recently broken her own when it had burnt her and she insinctively through it at the wall. She regretted that now and stared at her reflection hopelessly. Her hair had its signature wave in it, but she knew that the waves weren't ball material. They were to...flat. That was when she got an idea.

Running into the bathroom she grabbed her teasing brush and poofed up her bangs, then she pinned them up to where they were a bump with a small black bow. She went on to tease the rest of her hair then looked in the mirror in approval. The rest of the steps to being ready were easy. She slipped on her dress and applied some eyeliner and shimmering shadow. Rummaging around her room she managed to find a good pair of black heels and her mask, which she tied on quickly, not wasting any time. Looking at her clock she saw she had to minutes to get there and her eyes went wide. She decided there was no time to fix anything else so she grabbed the travel-size bottle of vodka she kept hidden, stuffed it in her bra so it couldn't be seen, and walked as fast as she could to the ball.

When she arrived at the ball she looked around. There were quite a few people here, but she didn't see any of her own friends. Oh well, it gave her some time to grab some punch. She walked over to the punch bowl and pretended to be pushed into the table where she slipped out the vodka and popped off the cap, emptying the bottle in one swift motion. Even though she knew it was only a ball, not some top secret mission, she had found herself scoping out anybody who may or may not have been watching her for just that purpose. She had spotted the teachers Drew and Ivan a little ways across the gym but was sure she was safe. Although they were her teachers she had in her mindset that she should think of them by their first names. She said their proper names aloud, but when thinking of them, she seemed to prefer a first name better.

Scooping up some of the punch she walked over to a seat near the two teachers and sat down, enjoying a moment with her drink. She looked beside her and realized that somebody else was sitting right beside her. Charlotte didn't recognize him, then again he was wearing a mask. She may not be good at reading faces but she knew when somebody didn't want to talk to people. So she looked ahead of her and continued to sip on her punch. Hopefully something exciting would happen soon or else she would have to solve the uneventful problem herself.

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Timothy Fisher

A sound could be heard coming from the dark room. It resembled the ping of a computer when you received a message. The problem was that this pinging would just not cease. The source was an alarm on a cell phone, made so the owner of said phone would be more inclined to awake to it. The owner in question peered drowsily to the phone. Was it already time to get up and get ready? Upon plucking the phone from the side table, Tim could see that it was indeed time to get ready for the masquerade. He rubbed his face, wiping the sleep away from his eyes. He stopped at the beard that was growing thicker on his face. He should trim it at the very least, but he had no time for that triviality.

He rose from his very comfortable bed and flicked the lights on. It was much brighter now, and his room could be seen more clearly. The only part of his room that did not have some type of machinery on it was the space where his bed was. He preferred it this way, with wires littering the floor and screens at every turn.

Sighing, Tim grabbed the tux he had set aside the day before from the closet and meticulously pulled it on. He brushed his teeth and ran a hand through his hair. He had only five minutes now to get to the ballroom where the masquerade was being held. He grabbed his mask from the bedside table. HE left the room and closed and locked the door behind him and walked rather slowly to the ballroom. He was in no rush to get there. in fact, he dreaded the thought of even being seen there. He would be forced to interact with somebody, of this fact he was positive. However, seeing as it was required to be there, he didn't have much of a choice.

Upon arriving outside the room, he could see the headmaster seated on the steps with her head in her hands. She looked beautiful, of that he had no doubt, but he made no attempt to speak to her and left her to her thoughts. After entering the room, he could see a few students had arrived already and that his fellow teachers, Ivon and Drew were in a corner speaking to one another. Avoiding eye contact with them, he quickly found a seat towards the back. He was already dying for a smoke, but that would have to wait.

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Rosa got to her feet. She couldn't put this off for any longer. The clock had just struck eight. Drew, Ivon, and Tim were all present already. It looked like most students had arrived as well, and she was willing to guess that the rest would be along shortly. She took a deep breath and mounted the stage. A hush fell over the students as the noticed her. She stood in front of the old fashioned microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, teachers and students, I welcome you all to a new term here at Umbrase. I'm glad to see you all back. This year is to be no different than any other. But that talk is for another time. I am pleased to open tonight's masquerade ball!"

She stepped back from the microphone, leading the applause for the band as she returned to the floor. She headed for Ivon and Drew. While they were masked, she knew their habits- and she had heard Ivon's distinctive accent as he entered. She grinned at them as she approached and folded her arms. "So, gentlemen. What does a woman have to do around her to get a dance?"


Stefan grinned as Lily chided her roommate and came around to help him up. Alex appeared and took some of his weight. "You know, the pain meds you're taking must be shit." Stefan chuckled a little as Alex went into the bathroom. He'd had to tell his roommate that he'd hurt his back over the holidays as an excuse for taking the pain meds. He wasn't going to tell him he'd actually gotten shot twice. "Nah, just slow acting." He called. When his roommate emerged from the bathroom, smartly dressed, Stefan gave him a thumbs up.

As Alex went over to Lily so she could fix his hair, he asked Stefan, "So who's the lucky lady?" Stefan grinned. He went over to the door, suppressing his limp as much as he could. "Who knows? I don't!"

The old Stefan would never have said that. As he closed the door, he imagined their faces and grinned. The pain meds had finally kicked in to their full strength and his limp was barely noticeable. He entered the hall just as Ms Ferri finished speaking and the band started playing. He spotted a few people sitting by the tables and glanced in a passing mirror. He winked, confident that he wasn't going to be recognized, and headed over to them. There was one girl in a silver dress with his back to them. He wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned into her ear to whisper, "May I have this dance?"

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Fiona McKinney

Fiona was sprawled out on her bed, reading intently. She was oblivious to the time, and completely absorbed in her book.
The sound of doors opening and closing jerked her back to reality. Irritated, she opened the door to see who was causing all that noise, only to see a bunch of students in dresses. Oh, crap. I'm late. With a groan, she quickly went back into her room and stared begrudgingly at the dress Rosa had helped her pick out. She hated dresses. In fact, she hated most girly things that most girls loved. Having mostly grown up with just her older brothers, she haden't really been exposed to it very much.

Slowly pulling the dress off of it's hanger, she thought of how she could get out of this. An 'accidental' fall down the stairs? A sudden stomach bug? No, she had to do this. Rosa would be so disappointed if she didn't come, and anyways it couldn't be that bad.
Biting her tongue in concentration, she quickly pulled on the dress and attempted to lace up the back awkwardly without being able to see what she was doing. After at least five minutes of struggling, the dress was on. With a heavy sigh, she tied on her black mask and glanced at herself in the mirror. Her nose crinkled at her girly appearance, as she adjusted her dress uncomfortably. "This is going to be just brilliant." She muttered sarcastically, pulling on her shoes. Since nobody was going to see her feet anyways, she wore her favorite combat-style boots with black lace instead of shoelaces.

When Fi made it to the masquerade, she immediately made her way to the other teachers. "Sorry for being so late." She offered them a half smile. "Well, the two of you clean up nicely." She grinned at Drew and Ivan. "And Rosa, you look lovely! I lot more comfortable too." She chuckled.
"I look like some sort of minted lassieQuine." She muttered, standing next to Drew and readjusting her dress uncomfortably. "And this is absolutely the most uncomfortable thing I've ever worn. Well, one of them at least." With a sigh, she gave on on trying to make herself feel comfortable and glanced at Drew. "Do you mind fixing my bow? I can't do a bow when I can see it, let alone when it's behind my back." She offered him a smile, and turned to show him the sad-looking, half done scarlet bow at the base of her spine where she had laced up her dress.

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#, as written by Skwidge
Drew Acuzio

“Ich verachte tanzen, wird in dieser Nacht sein wird schrecklich.” <”I despise dancing, this night is going to be awful.”> Ivon’s voice had an irritated edge to it as a slight frown etched its way onto his facial features, leaning with his back against the wall and looked at Drew with his arms crossed. A bright smile was immediately on Z’s face as soon as the second word left the German’s mouth.
“Sie wissen nicht zu tanzen haben, können Sie einfach zurücklehnen und zusehen, wie die Schüler trampeln einander die Füße statt.” <”You don't have to dance, you could just sit back and watch the students trample one another's feet instead.”> A simple smirk flashed across Drew’s lips as he said this, his eyes departing from Ivan’s form as a few students began to enter the room. “Was, haben Sie noch nie getanzt in Ihrem Leben?” <”What, have you never danced before?”> That teasing tone pushed stronger into Drew’s voice, and he turned his playful smirk on his fellow teacher.
“Ich tanze nicht.” <”I don’t dance.”> Came Ivon’s terse response, his form tensing a bit. Z caught the body motion, but just shrugged it off for him being a stubborn individual sometimes. More and more students began to pile in, before Rosa rose from her place to step onto the stage and begin the night.

Once she concluded, the band started playing, and she made her way over to them. Drew had a genial smile on his face as she approached, and it only grew when she made her comment, though it gained the faintest trace of mischief. "So, gentlemen. What does a woman have to do around here to get a dance?" Without a second to spare, Z’s hand rested on Ivon’s shoulder with a beaming grin, “My friend here would be more than delighted to help you out there!” ’I sure couldn’t, I’d be sure to finally break and ask you what’s been up, and that’d be a definite night spoiler.’ Not a second had passed after he spoke than he immediately spun around to make a break for it before Ivan could catch him.

But he only got that far before he realized Fi was just stepping to his side, almost causing him to run straight into her; he would have as well if he didn’t have cat-like reflexes. ’Crap.’ He thought to himself while he tried to keep his cheerful smile, but nonetheless he still looked a little sheepish, returning to the German’s side. “Ow,” He hissed quietly as a soft crack sounded from his shoulder.

"Well, the two of you clean up nicely." Drew’s grin returned to his face, forgetting the pain in his shoulder as he received the compliment graciously, making a small bow to Fi. “Why thank you.” Ivan just made a face and pulled at his collar. “I feel like a brotvurst.”

"Do you mind fixing my bow? I can't do a bow when I can see it, let alone when it's behind my back." As Fiona turned around to show Drew, a loud laugh escaped his lips as he beheld the sad excuse for a decoration. “Well no wonder, you missed at least two holes when you tried lacing it up.” He smiled amiably at her despite the tease in his tone.

“Hold still, I’ll fix it.” He pulled on the strings of the bow, undoing it before pulling out a few of the laces. Luckily they were at the top, so it didn’t pose to be an awkward scene. His fingers worked nimbly at rethreading them, and then he paused to look at what was about to become a bow. “Bet ya Ivon could tie this bow into a unicorn.” Z’s eyes shut when yet another brilliant smile took residence, before opening them and looking up at Ivan. He received a look of disdain from the German, and Drew chuckled, tying the bow.

“Feel any better?” He ran a hand through his hair lightly, looking at his work. It wasn’t bad at all; it wasn’t anything spectacular, but hey, he did what was asked of him. It wasn’t like he was an expert at tying bows anyway.

Ivon Adalwulf

After speaking with Drew, Ivan’s attention was drawn to the stage as Rosa ascended the steps to speak at the microphone, introducing everyone back to another year at Umbrase, and then formally beginning the masquerade. He kept his arms crossed as he leaned back against the wall, but a very small smile of greeting flickered across his face as she reached the two of them, the band beginning to play behind her.

"So, gentlemen. What does a woman have to do around here to get a dance?" Ivon blinked two or three times, his hands dropping to his side and his mouth opening to say something, but Drew beat him to it. He felt his colleague’s hand rest on his shoulder as words started pouring out of his mouth. If Ivon didn’t have good control over his facial features, a look of terror might have begun to form on his face. "My friend here would be more than delighted to help you out there!” After Drew was finished, two words tumbled out of Ivan’s mouth. “Vait, Vhat?”

It wasn’t that he had anything against Rosa, he was actually quite fond of her, or at least appreciated her leadership, but dancing just wasn’t something he did. Ever. Nonetheless, declining it would make him look awful and possibly hurt her feelings. He sent a death glare towards Drew, but he had just begun to turn around, obviously intending to make a run for it. Luckily, Fiona had just arrived on the scene to stop him, and he turned back to the two of them.

A smirk turned up his lips softly, and he silently slapped a hand down on the man’s shoulder with a hardly noticeable strained smile, and a nice little crack sounded as he did so. ’You deserved zat one, Meester ‘I don’t haff to dance.’ The German thought to himself as Drew hissed out his discomfort quietly with a look of satisfaction on Ivon’s part.

"Well, the two of you clean up nicely." Ivon shifted his gaze to her, making a face. He appreciated the compliment, just didn’t feel it. “I feel like a brotvurst.” As Drew went to help Fiona with her dress, Ivon watched them for a little bit before turning to Rosa. "So Mozher Rosha, w-“ “Bet ya Ivon could tie this bow into a unicorn.” After the interruption, he abruptly closed his mouth to turn a disdainful look at the man before returning his focus onto Rosa.

Extending his hand and making a very small bow, Ivon requested for the dance in a rather none too elaborate way. “Shall we?” Hopefully this would be over soon and he could get back into his sweats.

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Timothy Fisher

Tim sat in his corner of the room, sipping at his punch. It tasted off, like someone had put alcohol in it, but he wasn't about to call attention to that fact. Fiona came in and he watched as all the other teachers socialized with one another, smiling and laughing and dancing. He tugged at his collar uncomfortably. He wanted to be a part of the fun, he wanted to fit in, but how would he go about even starting a conversation. He felt he had nothing worth really talking about, unless they liked computers too.

He supposed that he should at least introduce himself to his new co-workers. The phys-ed teacher, Ivon and the headmistress, Rosa had already begun dancing, so he would need to properly introduce himself to them later, but the negotiations teacher, Fiona, and the linguistics teacher, Drew were both available. Tim took a deep breath and made his way over to where they were standing.

They didn't seem like they were that deep into conversation so he cleared his throat slightly to gain their attention. "Hi, I'm T-Timothy Fi-Fisher." He said stumbling over the words. Normally he would be ok with speaking, but Fiona was there and he had never talked well in front of women. "I'll be t-teaching Decoding and Computer Analysis fr-from now on." He held his hand out for one or the other to shake, not being very particular.